Bârd (NA)
: A big part of damage creep isn't just the raw numbers, it's the items people buy early on.
_is reminded of {{item:3153}} on {{champion:238}} _ _cries in 40%+ ban rate since S6_
toravi (NA)
: I had the same issue until I did this and got trough. If you have automatic sign in, after the loading screen and before the error loads, click the X and choose sign out. Sign in like normal and you should get through.
Bruh send me your address Imma suck you off
: MAJOR BUG for all Stuns and Roots OCCURRING EVERY GAME!
idk if I have seen it happen because I don't really know what it looks like. Does anyone have a clip of it happening?
: reported this bug on lol reddit literally the first day 9.16 came out. got downvoted into abyss and one guy wrote "youre cute when you sound stupid". so yeah. wont be fixed in the near future. as riot d suc... i mean lol reddit apparently supports riot once again even with such a weird bug
Could you give me a link to your post? I wanna see if the Reddit stories are true :]
Cazy (NA)
: LF TOP/JNG and MID Silver-Gold Clash Team Both Days
I'm interested! I've sent a friend request.
: LF Silver-Gold Mid and Top Lane Player for Clash
Gold 2 Mid Laner here, sent a friend request.
Levıathan (EUNE)
: How Riot can make a cash grab that people can actually enjoy.
Custom map skins would be lit. Ya know, since they've already turned their backs on the custom skin community.
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: When you see Yasuo Winrates grow after a patch
I logged into my account at work just to upvote this because it's a Supernatural meme.
: Instead of buffing weak champions can we start nerfing strong ones
Wuks (NA)
: For YOUR eyes only owo
I knew the NSA was onto me.
: let us draw stuff in MS paint
https://i.imgur.com/DT61SV2.png tEh UnSeAn BlAd iS dE dEdLiEsT
: Petition to let Evelynn call everyone in game a skank and not just Ahri
: Does anyone feel like Riot...doesn't really make new skinlines anymore?
I don't see anything wrong with expanding the PROJECT line my friend
: I complimented a Zed on some fancy footwork he used to outplay me.
Honestly I didn't believe Zed mains were as arrogant as most of them actually are. Probably because I am a Zed main myself. I have seen enough of my kin be complete asses before though so I can confirm a vast majority is pretty obnoxious.
La Bello (NA)
: These Refund numbers are DISGUSTING
Yeah that isn't anywhere near what is fair but it's better than nothing at all.
: Runes
Flat AD runes can be found under all types of runes. (Marks, Quints, Seals, and Glyphs.) Try searching "Attack Damage" in the "Runes" section under "Gameplay."
: Dear Riot, I ask again, what happened to Irelias new splash art?
I quite like the current one, actually. A lot better than the original one for sure.
: Am I the only one who finds the irony that evolved out of Kayn?
I've been waiting so long for Zed to be included in lore and this is what I get :[
: You have not used the Practice Tool properly. Not until...
: If Jhin's Knee told jokes...
: Zed mains are a funny bunch
Not all Zed mains are like that. The other 5% like me just sit in the shadows and watch other people torn each other apart.
Doozku (NA)
: This game is way too snowbally.
Fucking 100% man. Rito is instead nerfing poor Ivern and not looking into the real problems smh
: Remember the tank meta? I miss that.
You okay buddy? (RIP Team Builder :[)
D4vidfx (EUW)
: Twisted Fate or Teemo
If you ask me, I'd say TF. In my opinion he brings more to the table in teamfights. I guess Teemo too with his shrooms and blinds, but TF is a bit more reliable. Although, when it comes to laning phase, I'd say Teemo if you play top lane, because he outranges and counters most champions. Twisted Fate on the other hand has a relatively poor laning phase, and has to farm it out most of the time. Also, there are a lot of mid laners that usually do well against Twisted Fate. This all pays off later in the game because he has insane damage and has tools that make him extremely useful, such as AoE slows and a stun. His ult is also great for helping out other lanes, backdooring, escaping, and pretty much everything. So, I would recommend Twisted Fate. Regardless, it does depend on your playstyle.
FeeNeeX (NA)
: Science proves that.....
{{champion:84}} will always be bae. She's like a female version of Zed. (Not gameplay-wise obviously.) If Zed were a female I'd hit that too.
: So, BotRK?
I started building it on Zed again after the buff. Works pretty well, but I don't really use it on other champions other than maybe some attack speed junglers like Yi and Nocturne. It's a good item overall, just not as effective for most of my champions because they are assassins.
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: Dear Riot; Please I beg... give Fiora her Blade Waltz and Double Lunge back.
Downvoted for not having a "Fiora is fine right now" option. (Jk, I don't downvote.)
: @Assassin mains, can you guys like... Chill?
To be honest it's kind of annoying that a few bad apples spoil the bunch. (Both in assassin mains and reworks.) On reworks side, yeah, people are afraid of them because of reworks after a few of them hit the live servers. (I'm looking at you, Mordekaiser after rework.) Hell I was even afraid of how they were gonna give Fizz, but they actually made good decisions on most champions. (I love Talon's new kit, but his E does seem kind of overpowered.) I'm an assassin main of sorts. Main my man Zed, mained Akali, Fizz, LeBlanc, and of course, Kat and Talon. I'm extremely excited for the reworks to be released on the preseason. The only thing I am pissed about is that my boy Talon is probably gonna be a perma ban/pick until he gets a nerf. Other than that, I'm even excited to learn how to play the new Katarina and the cool plays you can do with LeBlanc. They may not be perfect reworks, but Rito sure did a hell of a good job overall.
: Talon rework thoughts?
But he does have a gap closer. His Q has both a ranged and melee aspect to it. In melee range it crits, outside of melee range Talon leaps to his target instead. Maybe it isn't as good as his old E. (Because you don't just blink, but actually dash to the target.) In my opinion I think Talon is still quite similar to how he was before. His Q is the same except for the lack of bleeding effect (Inset AC Reference) and the new ranged version. His W is also still the same to an extend, except of course now it was a delay on its way back but deals more damage. (Like Ekko, yeah.) His ult is still quite the same except now it can retract onto an enemy's face if you auto them, which is bloody amazing. Overall the biggest change is his passive and E really, but Talon is kinda still the same, except he now has this amazing leaping ability. Don't see a big problem with his gameplay really.
: TBF, how can Taric be a star guardian if we already know he is first star?
Star King? Star Commander Taric? I can't settle for Armor of the Fifth Age Taric after seeing this.
: riot you missed a big money making idea
Star Guardian Taric, Gragas and Braum. I'd buy the shit out of those.
: Why is there no League movie/anime yet?
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: Who is harder? Zed or akali?
Mechanically, Zed is a lot harder than Akali and is harder to master. Akali however, is a bit harder to get used to, as her laning phase (Pre-6) is pretty bad and you get poked hard by a lot of mid laners.
: 5 Things I hate about League of Legends ! DRAMA ALERT :D
Avienal (NA)
: PROJECT Cache (Yasuo's) not showing up in store?
I was getting worried I was the only one it was happening to.
FukWhoKnows (EUNE)
: Help please!I`ll delete the topic when i`ll manage to understand the problem!
The border is exclusively for the champion you unlocked it for, in this case, Ekko. Darius or any other champion won't get a border.
: Zed Rework
: Why is Shaco more Zed than Zed?
zhades (NA)
: Un mas taco por favor!
*serves him an empty tortilla with a spicy meme in it* Here you go senor.
zhades (NA)
So many paragraphs written in the comments. I just came here to say I sell tacos.
: In all the talk about Zed/Malzahar folks have forgotten about the most OP champ of all
Rivuo (NA)
: TSM loses a game. ''It was the meta change! ''
Nah man they lost on purpose to make Dyrus shave his head. Kappa.
: Ofertas del Duelo de Campeones
@Riot! You were on the wrong boards when posting this!
: Vision based Champion concept
I like the concept. Sounds very interesting.
: What do you call it when Viktor kills Lucian and Eve in 1 vs 2 ?
: > [{quoted}](name=Tony39350,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=k4QssUaP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-07-15T17:19:09.251+0000) > > I love URF just as much as the next guy, but I'm also pretty excited for the new gamemode. We haven't had a new one in a long time. And your wait continues. They said back to back weekends starting today......and what do you know.....no surprise....... we get no game mode at all.
It always comes out at a specific time. Normally in about 30 minutes. (2 PM where I live.)
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