: should be. if riot warned you through email, then they knew about it. if you have evidence that you recieved it, and then proceeded to try and fix the issue, then they should overturn it.
It was not an email, it was just the notification from the client
: Looking at this from a skeptical point of view it definitely looks like your account used scripts and your account is your responsibility. If you have evidence to the contrary, then present it in a support ticket to Riot. Permabans based on behavior are NEVER overturned, but a permaban based on scripting "may" be overturned with proper evidence to the contrary.
would a screenshot of the "Your account has been logged in to from another computer" thing be enough, I mean there is no proof that it is even my account that I took the screen shot of that notification from
: did he at least send a ticket explaining it?
How do I do that? I am kind of new to getting perma banned
: RIP my best friend, never did anything wrong, then got his account hacked into. good luck getting it back
The hacking was done on my account, banning it was not the wrong choice, but at the same time none of this is my fault, I never shared my account information.
Cadynn (EUW)
: kekw too bad riot doesn't care about you
:( rip level 136 account
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