: new support items
Don't think your opinion is irrelevant because youre gold. You play the game as well, your opinion is valid. Ya, new support items suck dick. Theyre all.... the same item. It's really stupid.
: New Spellthief item is useless
I agree. I used to main Janna. She was a poking monster, I'd spam the ever living HELL out of my Zephyr on botlane and force them out of lane singlehandedly, WHILE making great gold for a support. Now.... I'm just wasting mana if I play like that. It sucks
: Yeah I will agree I think it is pretty brainless.
Just sucks, cuz I was plat last season and now, if I don't build one of two builds, I will autolose and be hardstuck bronze
: Can we talk about Rumble?
Rumble is pretty good though. He counters a lot of the more popular toplane picks, and his ult is far from useless. It's extremely impactful in teamfights. Sure he has bad matchups, such as Urgot. Morder is probably worse than Rumble tbh, he gets kited far easier than Rumble does. And Rumble has kite in his kit, so hes got both parts of the coin. He's not BAD, but he definitely needs an update
: preds glacial and summoners
ehhhh I rarely see summoners, and glacial isn't that bad with all the dodge chance stuff in the game now. Summoners and glacials both get slapped by pred and mages
: Confused.
It's stupid, but fear not: the dude will just make an alt and keep being a fuckhead.
: Can Dawnbringer get the Dawnbringer skin(s)?
First mistake, you said youd buy them anyways, so nah they wont give them to you. You aren't gonna get a free ride unless you are a streamer, which brings income to them on a daily basis. Its ALL about money, not enjoyment. You silly goose.
: its the exact opposite of what you are complaining about here man. Its all about unit synergies and having more options, and less RNG dependency on specific champs and items. I had a game where i only got one bow, no dmg items and still wrecked with 6 light and 4 mystics. an another game where i had 2 bows one rod for an item and went 3 sum, 3 mage, 2 ocean and 2 warden. its easier to work around now and make better comps. more units have 3 options to making the game all the more flexible.
nah, buy ocean mages or poison predators and its instant at LEAST top 3
: so just to clarify, what's this chatlog for? a chat restriction or a semiban/permaban?
chat restrict, for calling the enemy team monkies in my team chat, because they fed like 3 kills within the first minute. It was a premade of 4 that I was playing with, so once I disagreed with mid, it was destined that I got a ban of some kind. They just gotta suck each other off cuz you know, that's how it be Edit: wait no, I called the toxic ornn "stupid" :(((( Im such a toxic asshole, oh no
: > [{quoted}](name=Gamma Sector,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=a8x6xf1F,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-14T07:58:53.233+0000) > > long term toxic players seem to never be punished. Do you even had proof of this ? I wont lie i was toxic in the past and i always got punisht for it my last punishment was in september of 2018 and i have being clean ever sins heck im honor lvl 5 now. My point is toxic people DO GET PUNISHT the system just not always let you know this and by seeing your logs you actually give proof toxic people do get punisht though.
how exactly was I toxic, and if you could see their chat logs you would see that compared to them, I was about as toxic as some taco bell compared to a nuclear bomb. They were calling me a r%%%%% and every other slur under the moon, but they get nothing when I get this, because they were a 4 man premade lmao.
: so just to clarify, what's this chatlog for? a chat restriction or a semiban/permaban?
chat restrict, for calling the enemy team monkies in my team chat, because they fed like 3 kills within the first minute. It was a premade of 4 that I was playing with, so once I disagreed with mid, it was destined that I got a ban of some kind. They just gotta suck each other off cuz you know, that's how it be
: Now? lol, you don't need the word now in that sentence.
It was great before. Had a heavy emphasis on learning how to manage your money, and using what you're given to squeak out wins. Now its... get ocean mages or poison predators. That's it, that's the entirety of TFT now
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: its actually slightly easier still a shit rng and if you get items you win but ...somewhat better still think it doesnt DESERVE a ranked its not hard to constantly get 4th and get to gold and OHHH i get a free skin for barely even thinking? neat wtf did i get to plat for its insulting
Yaaaa I got to plat by forcing one of two comps every game, because people STILL barely understood econ even at plat. Which just goes to show how easy that game mode was lol.
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Dayar (NA)
: I need your complaints about solo Q junglers
Quáx (NA)
: NA ping is so frustrating to play
simple reason for it having the worst ping: America's landmass. Korea is TINY. Europe is pretty small as well. Other regions don't really matter but... America is HUGE. There is a lot more distance between each player than there is in Korea, and that slows down connection speeds. And NA doesn't have enough ranked players to split NA into regions like east/west to potentially solve that problem. So, ya
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: > [{quoted}](name=Hazardus ducees,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2xETuzj3,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2019-10-29T09:26:15.311+0000) > > Quite honestly, jhin was always this powerful even with rotations and in norms. While I do believe that jhin shouldn't be allowed to move at the speed of sound, I'd have to put out there that these people don't make the game fun for anyone... unless he goes ap. XD I have a blast at doing that. See if they'd made it so that he didn't move faster than most players can click him, you might have a point with going AP over AD. But if you can build him normally (you can) and have him run from bot lane to top lane in 4 seconds (you can), while having lane-long FREE poke and wave clear (you do), that's not "fun", which was the supposed purpose of URF mode, that's "intensely broken and unfun to play against".
how can he run from bot to top that fast? His movespeed only lasts a short time and he has to hit things to get the movespeed
: the problem is that they dont chat or be toxic they splitpush the entire game after telling us they gave up or split even if their team is in the base already, other thing is they start taking cs on all lanes as a support like on purpsoe so what im getting at is if i reprot them and get no feedback about it how do i know it matters im just gonna be jaded by ths game if this keeps hapenning, tbh at this point i think i dont love myself enough by comming back to play a game in ranked where everyone is tryng to get you mad, people spaming easy in all chat flexing ranks trolling you cause they are smurfing and dont care about their own lp... and things like that i send tickets and everything and ask them to tellme if they did something and they flip me off telling me they cant do that... wtf can you imagine if you get asaulted in the street and the police tellyou yeh you cant know what happen to the guy.... and then you randomly see him again next day smiling at you cause he knows they cant do anything about it... it feels exactly that way
1. "stealing" cs is extremely relative. CS is technically fair game, its just META to give it to the ADC. A support stealing CS isn't inherently reportable. It's annoying, and obviously not very helpful to the game, but its not REPORTABLE. 2. Why do you use all chat at all if it tilts you? use /mute all. 3. ….. Ya, youre right about the Smurfs part. Smurfs genuinely ruin the game. There is no reason these youtubers and diamond players should be going in low elo games just to stomp. It's not promoting getting better. That would be like an MMA fighter beating the shit out of a toddler and saying "you see, you have to get stronger" Ya. No fucking shit. That's not the way to do it.
: Where i can find the rules for this game?
Rule number one: Don't be a prick. That's it. That's pretty much it.
: Shaco is broken, plz nerf
He's really not that easy, and he needed the buffs lol. He's been dog shit for SO LONG. I don't play Shaco, but... his traps are hard to set up. It's pretty hard to predict precise locations that people will actually walk without avoiding the traps. Also, sweepers exist, just saying. He got better at his tricky assassin niche, but he's still primarily what he was before: a SUPER strong splitpusher and objective securer. If he isn't using his clone to take 2 towers before your team can respond, or solo dragon at level 6, then he isn't using his kit
Gloob (NA)
: Can you demote from plat 4 to gold 1?
At T4 you have to lose SO MANY games to demote that its insane. In fact, you have to lose I think 400LP to demote? It's a crazy strong demotion shield. You have to lose an entire rank color's worth of LP to fall back a rank
Terozu (NA)
: Riot, how is your game even coded that it's possible to not crit with 100% crit chance?
It's not possible. Give the EXACT situation, and I'll tell you the math behind it lol. Like someone here said, there ARE instances where due to kits having some crit in it naturally, it can mess with precise values. A 99.5% crit chance will tell you you have 100% crit chance, and you pretty much do. But eventually, you'll get that one in 150 something chance that you WONT crit. Not that it matters much, your basic attacks will deal enough damage without crits at that point that the damage for ONE auto not critting is negligible
: How do I push a lane advantage?
Depends, what champ do you play? On a dedicated splitpusher like Tryndamere, Jax, Yasuo (kinda) Fiora, Nasus, etc, you want to farm, freeze the lane when you can and force your laner off of the minions. Let the wave build, then shove, and threaten a tower dive or roam to take herald if your jungler is up for it (they should be, you now have superior lane pressure). If you cant just 2 shot them under their tower, or take herald, then steal every bit of the enemies JG camps that you can before the wave hits middle of the lane again. Rinse and repeat. Look for TP plays (usually bot) Or, if youre SUPER ahead, and your team mates are absolute monkies, IGNORE ALL OF THAT ADVICE. If your team mates are dog shit, then take your lane advantage, use the first bits of advice to make your laner hate their life and blame their JG for not ganking, and then proceed to run it down top for the entire game.
: Hold up who was the absolute moron who okayed Jhin in URF??
Why? Because it's URF. It takes the normal mechanics, and amplifies them. I just played a duo as Kayle with a Morgana, and we fucking DEMOLISHED the game. They went in on me? I ate everything and shredded their faces cuz Morg shield. They went in on Morg? She Zhonyas after I ult her, they all die, and I shred the rest of the survivors. URF is meant to be ridiculous. If you aren't having fun, then play another mode
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: A toxic player get hurt from another toxic player?
Nobody reports faster than an incredibly toxic player that was told to shut the fuck up
: Lol NOW its an issue.
They never even addressed the fact that half of NA couldn't play for like 2 hours the other day lmao. Theyre falling apart. Not sure how Riot is able to fuck up this badly when they only have one game to worry about
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5050BS (NA)
: Everyone is talking about Garen win% but nothing about Pyke and Shaco?
Shaco NEEDED a buff so fucking badly, I don't even want to hear it. He has been so shitty for so long. It's about god damn time they gave him something to work with.
Vanra (NA)
: Defense against Rengar
youavoid letting him get fed in the first place. Same as ANY fed champ, naturally theyre gonna tear you a new asshole. He's the same as zed but with more leeway. You have to stun zed as SOON as he comes out of his ult, but with rengar you don't have to worry about him teleporting away. Hell, if i'm on Ahri, I can charm him while he's visible mid-jump 80% of the time before he ever even lands on me.
: I really feel like mordekaiser has a very limited window of weakness
Morde really isn't that great. He rofl stomps in low elos because of one major thing: People are too stupid to predict skillshots. If you dodge his E, and his Q, he is free for like 20 seconds. He really relies on landing his E+Q combo, then getting his auto and sticking to you. If you dodge E and Q, you nullify basically all of his threat. Plus his ult can just be QSS'd, so it's a pretty shitty ult. Good in lane, bad if the enemy team has an inkling of thought in their builds
Yääto (NA)
: Idk why people still think Riven is a spear abuser... that item is mediocre at best on her as she's one of the few champions out of most abusers who doesn't have auto reset mechanics. Lmao.
Doesn't her q reset autos? And I thought her stun did as well? Idk, not a riven main, but that's how it seemed the few times I've played her
: > [{quoted}](name=BongMage420,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=43AiIwkP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-07T14:26:06.139+0000) > > You're supposed to pivot your comp based on what you're getting. Getting nothing but tears? Look for someone like Akali, Kennen, Karthus, etc. Don't force a comp you don't have items for and then blame the game when you start losing. > > Getting tons of gold isn't even bad. You must be severely undervaluing how important economy is if you complain about getting a bunch of gold. That lets you hit higher levels earlier than others, and get access to 4 and 5 stars earlier. I do that sometimes. but I like to have abit more items in general so that not only one champ has full build when im lvl 9 which gets stunned, pulled or assasinated then gg
that's where positioning comes in. There's really no excuse to lose a game of tft (or at least not get top 4)
: Fix your fucking client
multi billion dollar company, but they can't even manage their own SINGLE game. They legit just have one game to worry about, and they cant even do that right. It's fucking baffling
CaeIus (NA)
: Terrible server
I guarantee you wont be reported, because everyone else disconnected too. The server is fucked, and Riot still hasn't made any announcement or changed server status. Don't worry, it's not just you.Seems like half of NA is having issues right now
Blizzca (NA)
: System Notification Before Match
NA server has taken a shit as of about 10 minutes ago. Everyone in game was disconnected, and anyone not in a game that tries to join one is unable to connect. It's just one of those fine Riot moments.
: increase items abundance in the game
You're supposed to pivot your comp based on what you're getting. Getting nothing but tears? Look for someone like Akali, Kennen, Karthus, etc. Don't force a comp you don't have items for and then blame the game when you start losing. Getting tons of gold isn't even bad. You must be severely undervaluing how important economy is if you complain about getting a bunch of gold. That lets you hit higher levels earlier than others, and get access to 4 and 5 stars earlier.
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: i just got dced from my ranked tft match.....
same, luckily I was already in top 4
: Hextech is way too strong
well your first mistake is using Tristana lol. Pretty much any gunslinger is better than her except graves (with normal carry items at least. He's far better than her if hes stacked right) Hextech isn't that bad till 4 units. 2 units, it should only be hitting ONE unit with items on it. If it hits more than one, it's your own fault for not positioning right. You can literally slap a fuckin negatron cloak on a random unit and it'll have a good chance to draw the hextech debuff.
: yes dude, you tell the masters player how it should be{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Let's be real, in this season, plat and low diamond players are hitting masters. Ranked is a joke this season. Either way, I'm still right, there is no way a griefing Kha can do that much damage unless his team was making stupid decisions or had a team full of nothing but squishies. Which, in that case, it's their own fault
: I agree they should also give additional gold for being ready earlier than the given time frame.
….what? In what world is that deserving of free gold? That would be stupid, and inflate the gold amount more than the last 2 patches already has.
: i just demoted to diamond playing against a khazix that griefed early game, he still came back and 1 shotted my team, good game balance
do you not have any cc or tanks? There is literally no way that should happen unless you LET it happen.
: > [{quoted}](name=BongMage420,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=na9Es6TA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-02T01:06:10.649+0000) > > but kha is the same as any other early game champ. Either he pops off early due to (believe it or not) actually well thought out ganks, or he is near useless all game long. Best he can do if he doesn't pop off, is splitpush. Cuz he wont be worth a fuck for anything else. Idk about ekko, because I never see him in the jungle. And when I do, I just counterjungle the shit out of him, because his clear is pretty weak Kha'zix has a horrendously weak early, these idiots are probably not picking up a nocturne/udyr/warwick/xin zhao/olaf and invading the crap out of him. His only strong point early is lv2 if he invades you healthy while you're doing buff. In which case ward well so when you see him coming, reset the buff, let him start it, and fuck him up. By lv3 any good duelist will make his life hell, and he really relies on a squishy comp on the enemy team to get kills early as he cannot duel tanky junglers at all and gets blown up if the enemy bot lane has a rakan/alistair/blitzcrank. He's great by mid game if he didn't get invaded to hell and late he assassinates pretty well but the moment the ADC builds GA he becomes useless. Kha'zix is just a better Rengar, and both are rarely seen in recent LCS for a reason. CC+strong early junglers rule organized play.
I definitely wouldn't say hes THAT weak. He still outputs some decent damage early, on top of having a small heal and being safe with his jump. He just gets a significant powerspike at 6, with his q refund on isolation
: im masters tier, and in every single game if i dont ban ekko or kha one of them will be played almost guaranteed because of how meta they are and they are completely broken
I'm hard pressed to say theyre flat out broken. I agree with a small AD nerf, it would make his early game a lot weaker. After 6 he's still gonna shred anyone with the audacity to step foot out of lane. Then again, I haven't really played against Ekko jg enough to make a judgment on that. I feel that his bubble would make a stupid good gank tool, and I've always hated his ult. They need to make it heal based on whatever hp he had 5 seconds before he ulted. If he had low hp before, he shoukd STILL have low hp when he ults.
: That doesn't make sense considering he can 1v1 the large majority of champions in the jungle, his clear really ISN'T that weak if done right, and he has a massive pick AND win rate. He's literally the best jungler right now, followed by ekko.
just because he's a bit safer to play than most other early game champs, and a lot of the early game jgs have been gutted lol. Of course he's gonna be "good", hes the last one standing that hasn't been nerfed to shit
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