: Ranked 2019 — /dev Update #1
Something I'd like to see addressed is that if a position hits 100lp/promos, because no LP gets splashed to it until you rank it up, you in a sense get "punished" for playing other roles until then. I'd like to see some banking(maybe a 20-33 max?) So I don't need to actively think about gaming the system in order to not lose out of overall LP
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 7
W/r/t pushing spell durations onto the spell icons-Could you imagine a world where these effects get pulled down off of the buff bar to help declutter sometime in the future?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 12
Will vision score be pingable?
Novalas (NA)
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 7.22
Has King Cobra grown tired of his 15 minutes of fame?
Fearless (NA)
: Runes Paths Overview
Will enemies only see keystone's right now like on live? Or is there a plan to natively show the full loadout? And importantly, can that be circumvented by api calls?
: Frequently Asked Questions About the Upcoming Leveling and Rewards Changes
Odd there is nothing in between 50k and 150k price points.
: Xin Zhao Gameplay Update - To the Arena!
Will this result in Xin no longer being considered a Diver? I'm curious if you guys see him more like a Fiora/Camille now with your emphasis on the "dueling" aspect of his kit.
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - Patch 7.14
: Vision Ping
I'm worried that the "iterations on sound effects" means "make it less annoying". Are there any plans to make sure that the ? ping and the warded ping's sound don't overlap during spam?
: In addition to this, ranked games you play during the preseason will have a *small impact* on your placement when the 2017 ranked season starts and you place for the season. Keep on getting that grind on and you should be fine, bud!
Question, On the Client it shows the last seasons ranking as Solo/Duo, and the preseasons as flex. When I do my solo/duo placements next season, which MMR does it pull from?
: > [{quoted}](name=Surf Shack Tito,realm=NA,application-id=2E4zVIwd,discussion-id=B25ts57J,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-10-21T22:37:46.151+0000) > > I've been using the client for about a week now and have a few initial thoughts. (Mind you I've never really done this before but I'm going to do my best.) > > * Overall, the client is a pretty big improvement, and is much more visually appealing. Especially that freaking one pixel off panel in the old client home screen... > lol yeah > * People have been asking for a long time, and I'm not sure if there is any old code making this impossible in the store page, but spot saving would be really, really nice when browsing the store. > agreed, the store hasn't is going through an extensive code review; no promises, but there is hope > * On player profile pages, there is a lot of unused space and looks a bit awkward. Another thing that kind of confuses me about it, is that the summoner level is still displayed next to their summoner icon, which is kind of an unnecessary thing to me. Once you hit 30, no one really cares what your summoner level is. > It doesn't hurt either. Also, some players will take up to a year to level to 30 (or even more). So, it is a good thing to have, in case you forget. > * The Esports page is well layed out, and looks good, visually. The one thing I would change, is raise the broadcast selector from the bottom, since there is enough space to do so above it. > Sounds reasonable, we constantly do research on usability; might come up, thank you for the input. > * In the collection page, Champions, spells, and runes are easy to look at, and easy to use. My issue arises with the Masteries page, the mastery icons are spaced too far apart to really see them, when writing new mastery pages, especially in lobby, clicking the icons is slow and very delayed. I would like to see the return of clicking 5 piece mastery once, and putting 5 points into it, I liked that and it made writing pages MUCH easier and quicker. > Yes, it is not as fast as it could be. There has been a lot of conversations about not being able to edit masteries fast enough right before a match. We are looking into it. > * The home page feels a little weird to use, now that you can't minimize the friends list, but I'm fairly certain that will just take some time to get used to. One thing I would like to recommend is adding the option in your friends list to hide mobile users. They're not necessarily online and take up most of the space in my friends list, I almost never interact with those on mobile and would much prefer to only see those actually logged on. > Interesting, the whole idea is to enable you to interact with your friends even when they are not in game. Hiding mobile users would beat that purpose. > * The game lobby is a bit weird to look at, considering the background is no longer animated. I'm sure those with less powerful computers are rejoicing, but for me, the animations remind me that the client is not frozen, and that I am currently searching for the game, as the timer on the right when searching isn't something that I immediately see when I check to see if I missed the queue pop. > We have already started too look into all the optimizations that we can do so that the vast majority of players can enjoy the animations. We are doing good progress in that area and as the update client matures, more users should be able to execute it at full capacity. It is not easy, but we have a lot of smart people looking into it. > Other than that the client seems nice and I like it. Will continue to test, checking for bugs, and other bothersome features/nonfeatures. Please do. This was great feedback, thanks a lot!
Regarding Hiding Mobile Users: I personally make a lot of use out of both the mobile app, and messaging people using the mobile app, and I would still prefer to have this option. I would encourage you to not to view this as "opting out of interactivity with friends" but rather recognize this as us asking for the option to remove one UI element, who's function is already being redundant in **some** scenarios, and useless in some others. I know this is a **big** ask, and something that would only happen 6+ months from now, but I think the optimal implementation of this feature would be on a "per group" basis. This way, I could hide mobile users in the "General" list, but not in my "Duo" list.
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 6.16, the Pre-Pre Worlds Patch
Thoughts on Ryze? SmashGizmo and I have been playing around with tear->rylais to great effect, but it feels like hes only 95% of the way from being a god-tier mid. Is there a Unicorn Ryze build that exists? Does Ryze just suck?
: What is this in reference to?
Living when I get ganked because his whole kit locks up and he can't use abilities
: Assassin Roster Update - Rengar Direction
I'm really disappointed by these changes. As someone who loves the random, unpredictable nature of rengar's abilities, I'm honestly quite annoyed this key mechanic is being removed from his identity.
: Pre-Worlds Early Game Update
I'm hyped to see how these updates to the juggernauts impact competitive play.
: Hey Kearndog, I don't know if this was the answer you were expecting, but I agree. There was a lot of discussion as to how we should change Volibear because there are a lot of factors at play here. 1) He's a pretty underplayed champion, both currently and historically. If Zed had his win rates, he'd be 150% pick-ban. 2) He's a "main" champion. That is, most people who play him play him because he's one of very few champions they play. As such, he has a lot of mains and mains of a champ tend to do better. 3) He's a simple - mechanically, at least - champion so he tends to optimize his results pretty easily. A lot of the skill involved in playing juggernauts is making sure to choose the *right* course of action, rather than executing it, thanks to the fact that they tend not to have dashes for escapes. With all of those in mind, we agreed that he needed a nerf. I identified four points I'd like to see changed. Note: I am not a designer. Playtesters often discuss with designers to serve as a sort of sounding board/advisor. 1. The raw power on his ultimate - Because it's such a low-impact ability, it needs to have high power to be appreciated (similar to auras). - However, it's currently pretty damn efficient, so trimming some fat there could be useful. 2. The reliability of his Q early game - It's all too-easy to catch and fling somebody through mild CC like a short stun or a medium slow - Personally I wanted to drop his Q duration to 3-4.5 seconds (the numbers are made up, but essentially a nerf early but a slight buff late) 3. The reliability of his passive - You've spelled out the main issue with your passive: you plan around it occasionally, but mostly it's just up and makes you unexpectedly tanky. 4. The damage on his bite - Particularly the health and missing health scaling, not the base value In my opinion: 1) couldn't really be done without making the ultimate feel pretty shitty. It's quite strong but you already don't feel it especially in a crowded teamfight. It's also hard to say what the impact of that would be, tbh. 2) I think is the best change from both a balance **and** feels perspective. - As a pretty heavy Volibear player (I terrorized playtests with him for awhile and he's my highest win rate main), I feel that his Q is far too good at getting onto people unless you take at least 1 major CC (Morgana Binding, for example) or 2 minor CCs. - In the laning phase, this means that your ganks are pretty damn strong for somebody whose gameplay is "I run at you". Even if you do manage to counter-gank him, his passive means you probably lose as he's just waiting for his bite. - In teamfights late game, his Q feels pretty bad against a team that tries to stop you from diving, on the other hand, so a slightly longer duration could help with that. 3) is just hard to appreciate in the playing against case. Playing against it is still frustrating, and even if it happens less often, that will mostly just force slightly safer play by a Volibear for 10-30 seconds. 4) You actually need that damage late game. It's only excessive in the midgame (which is where juggernauts tend to shine). Ultimately, the design team decided to focus on W. As you said, this shouldn't stop his dominance, but it may be the tap we need to knock him down towards the other top junglers. Given his low play rate and high main rate, it's probably ok for him to be a top jungler, just not the king. I'm not saying I think this was the best change we could have done, but I think it will get the job done? But if we have to revisit him, know that his passive is an option (although I'll personally be pushing for that Q change). It's important to note that game design is a complicated process, with a team that has a general goal, a designer that has a specific goal, a number of advisors from Playtest or Insights (our data team), and in cases like me, Rioters who main the champion or class in question. Especially for patch-to-patch changes, there are a lot of factors to consider.
What if, and this may be so crazy I get perma'd on the boards, but what if you scrapped his current passive and moved his ult to it? Obviously the actual damage per auto would have to go way down, but that would fix so many problems with his kit. Thunderbear really isn't being fulfilled in his kit(In fact I think in total Olaf uses more lightning than he does) and by giving him perma push, you can give him an ult that empowers the "charge in and bite people" goal, instead of the "bear slap people to death" goal.
Meddler (NA)
: A few gameplay updates
@meddler is there a world where cloud gets permanently slain? On a scale of 1 to "C9 giving both supports equal playing time" how committed are you to having 4 different drags?
: Huh. Interesting. May I ask what was in the second imgur link? It seems to have been deleted. :P
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: > [{quoted}](name=TheMightySamson,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=tgiRvPG6,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-06-14T02:01:01.548+0000) > > Thank you for the respone. Keep up the good work!!!! You're welcome! The changes are fairly significant - we want to make sure we're addressing your feedback, as opposed to just whipping up something with small changes and basically re-releasing the same skins you saw before. :)
> [{quoted}](name=Riot KateyKhaos,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=tgiRvPG6,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-06-16T17:37:42.553+0000) > > You're welcome! The changes are fairly significant - we want to make sure we're addressing your feedback, as opposed to just whipping up something with small changes and basically re-releasing the same skins you saw before. :) smh just announce that they're all 3250 and will be revealed live at worlds when SKT comes onto the stage cosplaying them We all know thats whats happening, might as well make it official now
Meddler (NA)
: That's one of the big risk points, yeah. We wouldn't want to discourage early aggression by reducing the rewards for those sort of plays. Might need to compensate in other ways if going down that route (increased bonus gold for first blood?).
So is the goal with the assist XP system change designed to help supports but impacts everyone, or is a change for everyone that just so happens to help supports?
Meddler (NA)
: Still exploring some options. Possibilities include: * XP for ward kills (those disproportionately go to supports) * Changing how XP from nearby champ deaths works when you're dead to not require an assist (supports that fall behind a bit die early and fall further behind more than other classes come team fights, especially since the sacrifice play's sometimes correct) * Adjusting XP from lane minions for champions who are significantly behind average level
On point 2, would this in any way be more punishing for 1-1 towerdive trades? Not that this would be a bad thing, just wondering if thats included.
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Statikk (NA)
: Champion Subclass List
What olaf main was able to convince you guys hes not a diver?
RiotBok (NA)
: To be honest, this is the first time I've heard of this kind of client lag from clubs. Did you ever have issues or lag whenever you tried to start a chat/join a normal chatroom? Also, does the lag only occur within the League client or do you notice the lag happening for your entire PC? To help rule out some common causes we usually see (in this case potentially issues with the connection between your network and our chat servers), can you run through the steps in the [Connection Troubleshooting guide](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752664)? Best case scenario, the issue is fixed. Worst case scenario, we know it's not a network issue and can more quickly isolate the cause.
I'd like to chime in here to say that I too experience this exact same lag. Although lag is a really bad term to use,because really its frame dropping.
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Ququroon (NA)
: Yup, I think the team did a pretty good job.
: More time = better skin. There's lots of work between saying a skin is going to happen and it being completed. Sure we could hammer one out quickly, but would you really want a bad Diana skin? Here's all the parts a skin has to go through before it's complete - Concepting Modeling Rigging Texturing Animation Visual FX Sound FX And then all of these different pieces need to come together and not have any bugs in game. Each one of these things can take a number of weeks depending on the scope of the skin, and some things can not happen until other disciplines complete their work. Be patient. It's coming, and it's also pretty badass.
Indirect leak the skin will have custom textures/sfx?
: Upcoming Event Finder Tool Changes
I'm suprised it took this long. These tournaments were just RP farms whenever I played them. I'm not sad my triumphant Ryze is becoming more uncommon, tho.
Meddler (NA)
: Taric won't be in patch 6.7 sorry.
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Zyra Direction
>entrenched Something similar to old xerath ult?
: I don't actually think they need more power. Just satisfaction. I still like picking them up on Janna.
Change it to +10% to allied champions moving in the same direction. Then shorten the range a bit. This wouldn't change too much gameplay wise it would just make it feel buyable on people who it currently isn't/
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: Can you please describe to me a place that does "casual browsing" well?
https://na.merch.riotgames.com/en/ I think the term 'casual browsing' is disingenuous. Its really an issue with the visual clutter. Splasharts for skins/champs are bright. On top of the black background, they tend to be really 'obnoxious' I guess(I'm trying to avoid the Make It Pop terminology, but alas). I'm not going to pretend my idea would look better, but maybe a bluer background instead of black would satisfy what this guys looking for.
: Patch Chat with Playtest - Patch 6.4
What are yall's thoughts on the new tank Akali top thats popping up? Unrelated, but whats the plan for Nidalee? Shes dumpstering high elo/competitive play when put in the hands of a competent(Read:Korean) player, and there hasn't been any nerfs to compensate for her early game.
: New Champ Select Timers Live
Pick intent feels about 5 seconds too fast, due to the fact that you can load into champ select with the timer ticking, so it felt closer to 10 seconds than 15.
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Malzahar Direction
Without seeing the kit theres really not much to discuss.
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: League returns to PAX East
"This show is mobile baby" Just announce you're going to Prime already
: Patch Chat with Playtest - Patch 6.3
Are we watching the same CJ games? Untara's {{champion:111}} is not what I'd be citing as proof he works top.
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: Champion Gameplay Values 2016
>Burden on other players to participate Can we get some more examples of what you feel is ok/not ok? You mention Draven, but I'm not sure how you actually feel about him. Generally, at what point is the burden too much?
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Reav3 (NA)
: We wanted to get a wide variety for the first update. There isn't one singular reason for each champion being chosen. While there are many reasons that went into these 3, I can try and break down the primary reasons real quick. **Trundle ** - Highest disparity between current skin splash and current in-game model **Nidalee** - We already have a majority of her skin splash are 80%-90% complete **Tristana** - This is the champion we teach new players how skins work (through the riot girl Tristana facebook give away) As for the reasoning behind Sion being high priority. Sion currently has the lowest skin usage in the entire game. This means that people use skins on Sion less then any other champions. Not sure if this has to do with the models or that Sion has 0 high quality skin splash art. I personally love the new Hextech Sion Model, but the current splash art doesn't really reflect how awesome it is imo. This isn't to say we will do Sion next as we haven't talked about who we will tackle after we get through the 3 mentioned above.
> [{quoted}](name=Reav3,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Iss0zpAe,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2016-01-28T17:28:01.206+0000) > As for the reasoning behind Sion being high priority. Sion currently has the lowest skin usage in the entire game. This means that people use skins on Sion less then any other champions. Not sure if this has to do with the models or that Sion has 0 high quality skin splash art. I personally love the new Hextech Sion Model, but the current splash art doesn't really reflect how awesome it is imo. This very well could just be me, but the biggest thing thats preventing me from using/buying skins for Sion, is that his Base is SOOOOOO good, like SGU levels of good. I just have no desire to play with a skin, when I love the look of the base model.
Lyte (NA)
: The 2016 Ranked Season: Updates on Dynamic Ranked and your feedback
Will the Solo only queue use the old champion select system, or the dynamic version of people still only queuing for 2 roles?
Lyte (NA)
: Let’s talk about dynamic queues and ranked play
Do you feel like the addition of clubs will help with some of the *perceived* problems, and if so to what degree?
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: Interesting. Sounds okay to me at first pass, but we used to have shields granted by tier 2 turrets and removed that, so I'm guessing that there's some good reasons why granting defensive bonuses to defending teams isn't great. The other downside is that there is a lack of clarity there - it's hard to appreciate that your opponents suddenly are way tankier than they were before they ran under a tower. I understand that you're just generally saying "buff defending champs under towers when no enemy minions are present", so I'm not just dismissing the concept. Can't speak for the team that works on this, but based on the removal of turret shields, I'm guessing it's not something they are going to go for. Could be different as a "no minions present" vs. "hit the tower to get rid of this" kind of buff though.
I think there needs to be an important distinction between what makes a 'dive' and what makes an extended siege. When the line gets blurred, you end up with the tower shields, where tier 2s are harder to take down in general, regardless of the situation around them. How you make the distinction I have no idea, but IMO its way too easy to accidently nerf one when targeting the other.
AD Yuumi (NA)
: [INTRO] August "gypsylord" Browning, Champion Designer
>competitive TF2 Since those look like HL classes to me, what was your highest UGC rank?
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