GenWaltz (NA)
: Anyway to view the old forums
Was found, lost in GD tho. Must find a way for riot to see this
: I think the forum is archived and available for public viewing, I just can't be arsed to go fetch a link for you lol. Go google it or something.
> [{quoted}](name=Ashe mage AD,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ww2WGzit,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-12-12T09:18:32.447+0000) > > I think the forum is archived and available for public viewing, I just can't be arsed to go fetch a link for you lol. Go google it or something. Thanks, about 25 ish pages in, looking for it now
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GenWaltz (NA)
: So a Bronze I is using Scripts
I love that i'm getting downvoted, it's not a new account. Its an account with history, who went from an avg cs score of 4.2 to almost 10, and i was testing in game if it was a script If you were going to hit him with a skillshot, at any range, point blank or not, windwall would be used no matter what skillshot it was If you intentionally MISSED your skillshot, he never used it, standing on top of him and using shyv's flame breath the other way? Never once used it. Played long enough to know scripts vs just getting stomped, i'm not exactly good at the game and I know this, but i also know when someone is pulling miracles out of their ass
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: Can we have an AP Jungle Item for Fid, Karth, Brand etc?
Simple solution, new magus enchant gives +7% damage to jungle/neutral monsters per spell cast, lasting 10 seconds (max stacks 5), upon kill of epic monster gives 5% max mana per stack Make it super OP so you never see lee, rek ect in the jungle again? All spells on cd are reduced by 50% for Epic monster kills
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: Fnatic just lost to SKT because of a bug.
Its funny though, as no one said anything when bang did the exact same thing earlier trying to e over the baron wall and got flung back. which caused him the walk all the way around to get to baron that had started w/o him
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Cansema (NA)
: Requesting new ultimate that can bounce off walls.
I had an idea for a champion awhile back, never could come up with a full kit, more of a gunslinger with a single pistol he'd quickdraw, ult was a directional shot, that would pierce if it hit a champion and bounce if it hit a wall, gaining projectile speed and damage per pierce/bounce Q was a reaction shot, if an enemy used a skill near him while it was active, he would instantly react and shoot/silence them W was tactical retreat, faces a direction like lucian ult, and backs up quickly constantly laying fire between him and the original spot could never settle on something for E, i had revolvers end, fully emptying his pistol on a single spot, didn't want it to be a point and click = instant hit ability, where he'd plant his feet and unload 6 shots on a single spot or had it spray in a fan style but in an area like anivia's wall rather than a full cone. and you already saw the ult i had planned...had no clue what to use for a passive....but this was ages ago when i had created a few champions before the boards changed
: Jungle entitlement.
Here's what usually happens, jungler gets invaded and pings, and god forbid if everyone on your team doesn't come to their help, cause they usually rage, claim they'll never gank any lane and just farm the rest of the game right after they're done calling the entire team shit. You get dove under your turret top lane while jungler is right there clearing his gromp/golems camp, but he'll refuse to break off and help, they usually finish their camp, call you out for feeding, then proceed to move to your lane and push it out just enough the wave ends up freezing on the other turret so you get absolutely nothing even when you get back. Happens more times than I'm willing to admit, and it's very frustrating no matter what.
Zarxis (NA)
: Guinsoo is supposedly working on her, but I don't think I've heard any news about that rework in several months. Same deal with Yorick's rework. We're in the dark, and for all we know, Riot's forgotten them again.
Hasn't it been close to a year now, if not more since Guinsoo said he was picking up the project?
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: Well, thats odd. How did you get to 28? Looking at your match history it seems like you've only played 10 games in the past couple months, and most of them are aram. If you go on a stomping spree early in your normals career (particularly if you say you're an expert at mobas in the account creation thing) then you can end up with plat/diamond ish mmr quite quickly. It's also possible to make pretty big leaps in mmr if you happen to end up in a group of plat+ people and win, which can either happen because you're a premade, but also occasionally happen just because the opposing team has a group of high elo players premade with a low-ish elo person, and the matchmaking can potentially grab a random solo low-ish mmr person to make it 'fair' (although lowish mmr people queuing with diamonds are typically smurfs). Still, if you're not up to playing at that level it'll fix itself before too long; people usually feel they have the opposite problem and can't get their mmr to where they believe it belongs.
I don't really play that much, on and off lately, aram queues were faster so thats what i did for awhile. And lets be honest, teammates aren't forgiving when you're lvl 28 vs a plat/diamond in lane who has full runes and 1000 games on that champion alone. Seems most people I've come across have 1500-3k wins while i have less than 130
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MrSc0tty (NA)
: Anyone want to help me think up possible duos to replace a ranged ADC?
Fiora/Pantheon does fairly well, both are able to shrug off some harass, targons on panth, and fiora heals while csing. All ins every trade would be terrifying, and at 6 its usually an easy kill on the adc


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