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Néékö (NA)
: Not best as in the best meta choice it that's why I was downvoted in memes and games that pretty sad. I claim neeko as the best for me because my playstyle... I love messing with enemy players and having an escape tool that can be used to help other escape. Many times I've gotten people out of close situations because my clone w fooled the enemy or took the CC hit.
I thought you thought Neeko was best because _other_ reasons >-> That being said I did not dislike your choice in Champions, I chose to main Taric solely because of his V.O (This was prerework Radiance and Shatter Beefy Boy Taric) and I still main him today, support AND top so trust me when I say that your reason is far better then mine. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Néékö (NA)
: I'm sorry! I went to the dark side... played support since s2 manning enchanters Janna, Soraka, Sona. Now I'm mostly Neeko anylane usually support unless she banned.{{sticker:sg-soraka}} Theirs no saving me Neeko is best{{sticker:sg-jinx}}
I'm very sorry for the downvotes, but it would seem you're not welcome here {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: > [{quoted}](name=DuskDaUmbreon,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=L9KjAsgV,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-11-18T04:15:14.459+0000) > > *Misses, pulls the 25/2 Nasus* Pulls the full build Master Yi withing alpha strike range of your adc.
> [{quoted}](name=Crescent Dusk,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=L9KjAsgV,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-11-18T07:02:48.513+0000) > > Pulls the full build Master Yi withing alpha strike range of your adc. Was Actually the full build fully stack {{item:3041}} Neeko mid ult
: >if it wasn't for the fact a certain internet provider decided to give too little internet for too many houses Isn't that every major ISP?
Néékö (NA)
: I'm sorry! I went to the dark side... played support since s2 manning enchanters Janna, Soraka, Sona. Now I'm mostly Neeko anylane usually support unless she banned.{{sticker:sg-soraka}} Theirs no saving me Neeko is best{{sticker:sg-jinx}}
It's ok, times change, if it wasn't for the fact a certain internet provider decided to give too little internet for too many houses it would be a slightly smoother transition. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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: > [{quoted}](name=Velzard of Koz,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=XmE860TQ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-22T19:33:41.920+0000) > > **Somewhere else on the earth:** When your ADC is feeding all game, you sweat blood carrying their useless ass and after game they send you friend request. > > Yeah that seems about right lol No matter what happens I'll always be bronze at heart.
> [{quoted}](name=Laughing Fish,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=XmE860TQ,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-08-22T19:35:17.288+0000) > > Yeah that seems about right lol > > No matter what happens I'll always be bronze at heart. I'll always just be Bronze! ~~And thanks to Riot, I have to climb to it from the dirty wholes of Iron!~~
: Has anyone noticed how deathly quiet Riot has been since they announced Eternals?
Wanted to make a seperate comment since I already showed my support for a more well thought out responce, and while I doubt they'd make it free, I would prefer if they added a Blue Essence price to it, maybe like 8500 BL to buy, or if they really just want it to be pure RP, then perhaps make it so there are more unique options for stat tracking, like **Stuns landed from your Bastioned Ally** as Taric, or **Total Movement Speed During a Decisive Strike** as Garen, and make it swap able, so there are options for people who want to show off their optimal scores, while also allowing people to track more unique stats that don't completely force one to do anything absolutely trolly (Not saying some will in order to maximize the score, but as long as their careful with their choice for tracked scores, it should be kept to a bearable low)
: I'd assume (emphasizing the **assume** part here) that the team is taking their time in how they want to respond. Imo I'd rather receive a slow, but well thought out response than a quick and dirty one. Emotions tend to run high in situations like these, and no one wants to say something they might regret :)
> [{quoted}](name=Bazerka,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=eKtfBnRu,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-19T21:32:33.810+0000) > > I'd assume (emphasizing the **assume** part here) that the team is taking their time in how they want to respond. Imo I'd rather receive a slow, but well thought out response than a quick and dirty one. Emotions tend to run high in situations like these, and no one wants to say something they might regret :) +1
Totally legit counter argument In all honesty though, there's a lot more then Ice-Born Gauntlet that makes Ezreal annoying to deal with, but removing it's ability to be used by ranged characters helps deal with a lot more then Ezreal That being said, I think the item itself is a bit outdated in concept, perhaps it'll get some minor rework, or simply be left untouched like it's less popular cousin Ohmwrecker
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: > [{quoted}](name=Gentleman Gems,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=EHU7I1jW,comment-id=001100000000,timestamp=2019-07-21T11:38:59.068+0000) Ren shrugged as he swallowed the last sip of his tea before setting his empty cup down on the table. "Very well. If you change you're mind, I'll be in room 4. It was a pleasure to meet you, Benjamin." He then stood up, taking a moment to stretch before retrieving his cane. He gave Benjamin a final bow before turning to leave. **** Siki didn't stop cleaning the table or turn to Benjamin to answer his question. "Well, I suppose you could start by taking Ren's cup back into the kitchen and cleaning it, along with all the other dishes." **** Jhin strode across his room to the bed, letting the character of Ren fade away. He knelt down beside it and reached beneath it, pulling out a medium sized black sack. He placed it gently on the bed as he sat down. He then opened the sack and reached in. He could feel the slick surface of his eel skin bodysuit, the soft fabric of his robes, and the intricate design carved into his mask. Finally, his figures brushed against cold ivory and metal, and he gently removed the object from the sack. It was Whisper, his beautiful brush. He needed to ensure that it was clean. He carefully inspected it inside and out. Still perfect, just as he suspected, but not clean. He reached back into the sack to retrieve his cleaning tools. As he wiped down Whisper with a rag and cleaned out its chambers with a brush, he could see the crimson butterfly in his mind. He no longer intended on sleeping tonight. Tonight was a performance night.
> [{quoted}](name=4 Step Cadence,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=EHU7I1jW,comment-id=0011000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-03T04:17:28.696+0000) > _Benjamin nodded, heading over to the table. He would start by stacking the plates on top of of on another in descending order by size, that way the larger plates were on the bottom and thus could support the smaller plates. He would make sure to then place the bowls on top of those, only to find that the bowls were slightly larger then the smallest of the plates, and so he would decide on getting the bowls on the second trip, moving to the back of the kitchen he'd then place the plates by the cleaning sink before heading back out to grab the bowl and silverware. As made his way to the kitchen he'd pass by Siki_ "Thank you very much mam." _He'd say quickly, using not only the elongated version of thank you, but continuing to use the honorific terms. Even though she was a worker here, her patience with both his poor grammar and poor understanding of the local currency was worthy of respect in his opinion. That and she was her Elder, which in Ionian culture ultimately meant he had to use at least the minimum level of honorifics when addressing her, which was a fact that the rice farmer definitely pounded into Benjamin's head. Entering the kitchen he'd take note of the bar of soap that lay by the bucket of water._ **Oh yes, no plumbing...** _As he made sure he had what he would need he looked around, making sure no one else was nearby, and then turned to his Left hand he'd quickly begin to take the Gauntlet off. He'd first make sure to unlock the bronze bolts that locked the gauntlet to his flesh, then he'd do the same to the primary nerve rods, and then finally take the gauntlet off only to put on a black leather glove in order to cover his charred hand, no doubt expecting anyone who saw it to react as anyone else would; shock, sympathy, offer an attempt or advice on how one could fix it. Tensho could never seem to explain to most of the people in Zaun and Piltover that his hand could never be fully healed, and that it's because once any nerve is overloaded it's dead forever and cannot recover; So attempting to explain it to an Ionian with his own weakness in their language would be impossible. As one last precaution he'd take out some water proof tape and seal off the open end of the glove to prevent any flakes of chard flesh from falling into the water, and then, taking the small towel and bar of soap he began to work on the dishes._
: Actual fiddle sticks has a strong kit with LOCKED CC which is pretty strong in this assassin meta. His R can make comeback and can make win the game. His W mechanics is unic and really funny. The champion has everything for him, his defaults are his mobility but he has CC etc... I don't think he needed a rework he has everything for him !
True, a VGU definitely though But if they will rework him, I was thinking of making his kit have some psychological game play in it, you know, like what was done with the old Leblanc rework by having her clones do what they do, but in this case make the enemies play a Horror game where they don't if the building tension is a fiddle about to get the jump on them, or absolutely nothing at all.
: Bring back the uniqueness that old runes provided
I would support this, but there is a nagging fear in the back of my skull of what would happen if we got Kleptomancy with the Gold Generation Runes.
: > [{quoted}](name=Gentleman Gems,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=EHU7I1jW,comment-id=0011,timestamp=2019-07-09T11:46:56.240+0000) Ren tensed up a bit and tilted his head curiously as the mysterious contraption emerged from its container and seemed to wrap around Benjamin's neck. While Jhin was familiar with the technology of Piltover and Zaun, he still had much to learn about it, and was unsure as to what the autonomous creature's intentions where. "Oh, its quite alright," Ren said in a reassuring tone. He took another sip of tea and his body relaxed. After, he placed his cup down again and reached across the table and picked up one of the coins, looking at it briefly before beginning to play with it as he explained how Ionian currency worked. "Ionia tends to mostly rely on a barter system, trading goods for other goods and services. This is mostly due to the different provinces and the Vastaya. However, we developed a more formal currency for the sake of travelers and the like. There are 5 coins, 1s, 5s, 10s, 50s, and 100s. They're all the same size, but there are ways you can tell them apart." He stopped playing with the coin and held it out so Benjamin could see it. "The first and easiest way, if you can read Ionian, is the number carved into the center of the coin," he said as he pointed to it. "This one says "5". In fact, they all do." Ren then pointed out the edge of the coin. "The second way is the notches around the edge of the coin, the number of notches corresponding to the value of the coin." He then placed the coin back with the rest. "That being said, I don't think you can afford to stay here, unless you'd enjoy sleeping with the Worax out back." He paused for a moment to take another sip of tea. "Though, I suppose I could be a bit generous, if you'd be willing to let me pay for your stay." Jhin was well aware of the fact that the cabal wasn't entirely fond of him spending money on things that didn't pertain to him or his work, especially his "dates" with various women. But, he had some spare funds, and he could afford to pay for Benjamin's room, especially if it meant having an audience.
> [{quoted}](name=4 Step Cadence,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=EHU7I1jW,comment-id=00110000,timestamp=2019-07-21T10:45:51.624+0000) > _Benjamin nodded as he took the information in, and far happier to know how the currency works, as well as getting a better idea of the economics system as a whole. As for Ren's offer; Personally he didn't mind sleeping in the barn, but if he was going to stay here in an inn he'd want a better room. That being said he didn't have the money and while he was being offered to be paid for he'd really prefer to pay for himself._ "Mmmm, I thank you for your willingness to help but..." _He turned to Siki, imagining how hard it might be to be the only worker in an inn of any kind._ "I want to try working myself before that." _He would then walk over to her and ask_ "Siki, mam, do you have work I can help you with? I would like to help in order to pay for my room since I lack the money to pay for one." _He wasn't sure if it would work, and if not he suppose he'd accept Ren's offer, though he'd also try to find a way to repay the debt he would gain from it._
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usul1202 (NA)
: What's your 'it happened in a dream' skin?
That my friend, is a little skin I like to call, "Fallen Star Aurelion Sol!" Story: "First there was only Darkness, and then, came the First Star, also known as Aurelion Sol, and he would make more stars from himself. Soon though, dark forces began to attack the stars, and all things around them, and so Aurelion Sol made the Star Guardians to defend them. He would make more of them as he made more star's, but as he did he lost more and more of himself; after many millennia of this he soon grew dark within the heart, and his body began to match. The dark forces, taking notice, gathered around this fallen star, and now he leads them across the galaxy to destroy the stars he once made, and claim their light for himself once more. Truly, the Star Guardians Greatest foes, their maker is.
Manxxom (NA)
: EVERYTHING fills you with determination.
_Recognizing the fact that anything can fill you with determination_ _well..._ _Fills you with Determination_
: A Lethal Masquerade((Ask Jhin))
> [{quoted}](name=4 Step Cadence,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=EHU7I1jW,comment-id=000a0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-09T05:11:44.989+0000) > Oh no... _Benjamin noted how Ren kept eyeing the Siki, once more his instincts beginning to blare out danger, but this time G.A.S joined in, slipping out of it's confines and slithering up Benjamin's back. It'd then wrap itself around his shirt collar and begin tugging, letting out a gurgling whine as it tried to get his attention. While successful Benjamin would take the small creature off him and scolded him in Piltovian_ "G.A.S, I told you to stay in the container while we were inside, I don't want your curiosity getting me in trouble." _He'd put G.A.S back in the medium sized cylinder that it came from before turning back to Ren, not completely ignoring G.A.S's panic, though unsure where it was directed. He would take a moment to switch back to Ionian before apologizing_ "I am sorry about that, he tends to get excited around new people and objects" _While this was a general explanation as well as a fib, Benjamin wasn't going to even try to explain the anomaly that was G.A.S, especially with his meager understanding of the Ionian language._ "To answer your question, I would like to stay here tonight, though I am unsure if I can afford it." _Pulling out his bag and gently pouring the Ionian coins onto the table, he would add_ "I still do not know how much I have... I'm not good with this money." _He'd hoped he managed to convey his lack of understanding of Ionian Currency, and not money as a whole since he was actually very good as saving and spending money back in Piltover._
: {{champion:67}} Am I a joke to you? No, but the players aiming your Condemn are. {{champion:67}} Oh, okay. Carry on.
Lordk0z (NA)
: Vormigaunt: The Iron Chef (Noxian Support)
The third one For his ultimate seems nice, but instead of a knocking them up or aside, it can mark them with; get this, "Very Delicious!" for a short time, Very Delicious working like Delicious but also reducing there MR and Armor by a Percentage.
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: Cho'Gath VGU Concept #2: The Great Maw
Silence and Nearsighted? Well if the theme is massive terrifying nightmare fuel, then you've nailed it.
: Tbh, they need to remove that from Renekton, and consider making it into an item. Like, there's very rarely any time that shield breaker is going to be relevant, except into very specific matchups. As in, Kench, Janna, Sion or Kled. Sometimes Kai'Sa. And into those *very specific* matchups, there should be a very specific way to go about it. In TFT, Sword Breaker builds out of two defensive it's an item that if they were to put into actual LoL, would probably give average or mediocre Armor/MR, and a passive to allow you to disarm. Since *Disarm* is honestly a horribly unfun mechanic on the rift, Why not make a Shield Breaker item with an active that allows your basic attacks to break shields for 5s on use, and lets say a 75s cooldown on end of effect? People complain that tanky champions do too much damage anyway...why not make a defensive item that gives them a short burst of shield-smashing power, in exchange for picking up an item with mediocre defensive stats and no *actual* damage increases? inb4 "lel assassins", I doubt ADCs/Assassins would want to pick up a tank/bruiser item with bad defensive stats and no AD, even if the active lets them ignore some defense, and since it's a niche item, it's something that'd only really see play in those very shield heavy matchups.
Wait, is Skaarl considered a shield, and does that mean Renekton can one shot Skaarl?
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: Kayn West>Qiyanu Reeves
> [{quoted}](name=DuskDaUmbreon,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=FEga4buc,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-30T10:32:20.190+0000) > > Rakanye West>Qiyanu Reeves FIFY
: > [{quoted}](name=Gentleman Gems,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=EHU7I1jW,comment-id=000a0000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-15T15:50:09.312+0000) Ren leaned back in his chair, his eyes closed, humming thoughtfully. "Interesting..." He sat upright again, readjusting himself to be more comfortable. "There are many here who possess innate magical properties, I myself being among them. Though, the Vastaya in particular are intriguing, but I would advise you avoid them. They can be... Hostile to outsiders." Ren perked up at Benjamin's question on artists. Or, more so, Jhin did. "Oh yes. Many Ionian artists travel, though they tend to stay local, traveling from village to village, festival to festival. My home province of Zhyun is particularly known for its traveling operas. I've simply expanded my operations to a more global scale." Suddenly, his eyes shifted over to the kitchen. Siki was approaching them, a small tray in her hands with a steaming bowl of rice and a cup of tea on it. He could see her wings errupting from her back in an explosion of blood and rose petals. He shook his head to rid himself of the vision and his eyes came to rest on the table. "Here you are, boys," Siki said as she placed the bowl of rice in front of Benjamin and the tea in front of Ren. Ren nodded to show his thanks to her. She then offered chopsticks to Benjamin. "If you don't know how to use these, I can get you a fork or something," she said with a kind smile.
> [{quoted}](name=4 Step Cadence,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=EHU7I1jW,comment-id=000a00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-29T01:45:48.841+0000) > _Benjamin nodded at the answer, noting the particular engagement Ren had as he explained his works_ **Well artist's tend to be quite prideful of what they do.** _Still, something seemed unnerving, at almost a primal level, as Ren talked about his works. He brushed it off as he turned to Siki who laid down his supper before him. Taking the chop sticks he respectfully declined the offer_ "Thank you, but no thank you, I know how to use the chop sticks." _He did in fact know how to use them, but he wasn't particularly good at it. It took him a few moments to get his fingers in the right position, and even after he did he would have to readjust every two or three bites. In between his meal he looked back to Ren_ "I'm aware of the Vastayan's, innate, hostility. That being said, have you heard of a tribe called the Oovi-Kat?" _He took another bite before adding_ "I met one, their actually quite passive compared to most Vastayans, and not against letting non Vastayans join their clan. Though as of right now they seem to be in a bit of a crisis as they have lost many of there numbers." _Even now Benjamin was still sorting through the memories Neeko shared with him, they were far more visual then his own memories, relying on colors, shapes, and emotions, more then his own memories, which relied more on auditory components. This was no doubt due to Neeko's more primal nature._
: Given he's the closest thing to a Kaiju league has I think it might be a safe bet that he could be hiding in the ocean and he's in some form of hibernation. Imagine being a citizen of Piltover and you look out of your window one morning and see Cho'Gath approaching... that would be an incredible bit of lore. Or it's possible he's in the void and there's not portal big enough to let him through, cos the Icathian and Freljord rifts are sealed. The Xer'Sai seem to be building a massive void construct, maybe it's a portal to let him through
{{champion:31}} Vs {{champion:3}} {{champion:86}}: We need to destroy them, now! {{champion:517}}: No.... let them fight.
: Im not disagreeing with what you put, its just how extreme the word is that made it funny to me.
Well the word is defined as an action or event that is seen as wrong by the general public and resulting in a, typically large, public outrage. So ya, it's meant to be extreme
: This makes me very uncomfortable Riot...
: Intellectual Nasus:
Intellectual Mord:
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: > [{quoted}](name=Gentleman Gems,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=EHU7I1jW,comment-id=000a00000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-07T12:00:49.901+0000) Ren shook his head. "Its no trouble at all, really. Being a traveler myself, I found learning new languages to be quite difficult, but well worth the effort." In truth, it didn't take Jhin much time at all to learn other languages. He was taught the basics after he was freed, and learned the rest himself through study and experience. He could see the blood rushing into the man's face from seeming embarrassment. It was... Odd. Normally, Jhin liked the rosy hue blush left on the skin's surface, but on Benjamin, it didn't quite fit. He tapped his left foot 4 times against the wooden floor, thinking. _Perhaps it is because I'm so used to making women blush that a man's seems so... Uninspiring._ He was pulled back from his thoughts by Benjamin's question. He spread his arms with a flourish, as if to present himself to the young man. "I am an actor, a poet, a writer... An _artist_." The word artist was spoken with great emphasis, because at the end of the day, that's all he was: An artist. Nothing else ever really mattered to him. He folded his hands back together on the table. In the kitchen, he could barely hear Siki talking to the chef. "So, Benjamin, may I ask, what _exactly_ brings you here to Ionia? Not every day a Piltovian scientist shows up, after all." Jhin had no real interest in the man's purpose in being here, only a mild curiosity. After all, he could understand why a scientist would want to come here. Ionia was a land full of curiosities. Talking dragons, sentient stone creatures, the Vastaya in general. For a non-native, especially a scientist, it must all seem so... Overwhelming. One could spend a lifetime trying to study it all, but Benjamin seemed to have his mind set on something in particular.
> [{quoted}](name=4 Step Cadence,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=EHU7I1jW,comment-id=000a000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-15T14:52:47.816+0000) > _Benjamin nodded, taking a moment to translate the answer._ **Artist, nice.** _Not really anyone that could help him with his research but Ionian art always had such life but into it, it was almost as if the painting itself would jump up and give you it's entire auto-biography, or something akin to that_ "Well, I'm here collecting, information, studying." _He took a few more moments to translate the rest of his thoughts, though he was wondering how a native human would react_ "I have an idea that magic, spirits, things that, scientists, tend to believe are outside the studies of science, are actually in the studies of science, and that scientists have only failed to understand what magic really is." _He breathed as he took another pause to see if there was anything else he could say_ "Ionia is believed by many, to, be the place where magic comes from, so I came here." _Looking around the area and pausing only slightly when staring at Siki and the Chef on his way back around, he then added_ "Though, Ionia is also a good reason to travel to Ionia is it not, it's art, it's food, it's people, all of these good reasons." _He could almost bite his teeth on that last one, some how talking to a native for an extended period made him sound worse, and Siki, well it didn't help that Ionian female attire either fit the standard Piltovian dress code, or completely threw it to the wind, like a certain Zaunite he knew_ **Mind on the now, once all this is done, then we can look back a bit** "So, do all Artists travel around like this in Ionia?" _The artists of Zaun and Piltover tend not to travel much unless on vacation, and so what paintings are made are usually less about the substance and visuals, and more about the underling meanings and implications, and most paintings are done by Zaunites since the Piltovians prefer Operatic and Literary arts._
: Riot dropping the ball on recent splash art, can we PLEASE talk about this??
Seriously guys, Seriously, we ask for more diverse female design, and then Riot gives us a design with a 3 foot long snake neck; and THIS, is how we thank them?!
: "We don't pick favorites for skins"
But they don't pick favorites We do, and they build off it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Gentleman Gems,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=MFfvF9xI,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-06-10T13:21:11.412+0000) > > _Snap, snap, snap, snap_ > > aaah, let me guess, the 5 man Mantheon Leap? nopes
Rek'Sai ult but missing the Dark Harvest Proc?
: In an action packed fight, things are quite tense. My vision is tunneled, and I've lost all my sense. The enemy is grouped, and their health is so low. But if only I had waited for the red light to go. It would seem I'm surrounded by a vengeful team. A murderous gleam as I land with a thud. A frightening truth says they wish for my blood. It appears in the end, my ult was a dud.
_Snap, snap, snap, snap_ aaah, let me guess, the 5 man Mantheon Leap?
: {{champion:131}} Common mistake is players either forget to mark their enemies before ulting them to get that sweet ult refresh or they miss and ult anyway because they fat finger their combo.
: Hhmmm... Using w on {{champion:7}} before q so you end up losing your mobility? Old Kat and old Akali could do this too
: Sorcery?
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Naalith (NA)
: I expect the boards will be filled with large amounts of civil Qiyana discussion.
Look all I care about is if she can quash my head between those THIQ, thighs ~~Yes, Thiq, not Thicc, Thiq~~
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: > [{quoted}](name=Gentleman Gems,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=EHU7I1jW,comment-id=000a000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-04-11T01:05:31.543+0000) "Very well. I'll be with you both shortly," Siki said as she turned and walked away. Jhin's eyes followed her for a brief moment, taking the time to admire her figure. She was slim, though curvy where it counted. Her waist-length ebony hair was tied up into a bun this evening. He could see clearly on the stage of his imagination what she would become; A crimson butterfly. After he was done, his eyes returned to Benjamin. He extended his hand across the table. "Ren Hotaru. It is a pleasure to meet you, Benjamin." He said those words in clear Piltovian. His line of work required him to travel to distant lands, and learn many different languages. It took some time, but he was well versed in both Piltovian and Demacian, as well as picking up some Shuriman as well. After he and Benjamin shook hands, he folded his hands on the table. "I have a feeling you meant to say "scientist", right?" The word "scientist" was said in Ionian so that the young man could learn it. He then yawned, rubbing his eyes before returning them to their folded position.
> [{quoted}](name=4 Step Cadence,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=EHU7I1jW,comment-id=000a0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-06T05:36:58.344+0000) > _Benjamin's eye's followed Ren's causing him to take more notice to Siki's figure. Though he stopped looking before Ren did, a little embarrassed by his actions as_ **Keep, it, PROFESSIONAL** _He scolded himself in his own thoughts, before turning back to Ren who had his hand extended. His introduction in the Piltovian Language was by far the most relieving thing he had heard today, and would be met very warmly, if not for the correction he was given._ "Oh, well, thank you... Ren." _He responded, still in Ionian though as he would rather deal with the face blushing embarrassment that is being corrected then have to deal with being wrong all the way. Seeing the man could speak Piltovian better then Benjamin could speak Ionian he decided it would be best to explain himself in a more comfortable language, in order to avoid any more mistakes_ "I apologize for my poor speech, no doubt I butchered more then a few words, but I feel that being in a different land I shouldn't assume everyone speaks my language," **Unlike some individuals I know** "plus having multiple linguistic studies helps keep the mind flexible." _He then remembered to add, this time swapping back to Ionian_ "And, I greatly thank you for correcting my mistake, yes I am a Scientist." _He wasn't going to ask why, no doubt his attire as well as his gadgets gave it away_ "What do you do, for work?"
: To all Volibear and Fiddlesticks Enthusiasts
Will do, also an idea for his kit, perhaps his ult could fear people who are in the initial radius when he jump scares on in, with a super scary song playing to those nearby where he's going to land like how Pyke's invisible works, perhaps condescending the moment he spoops on in?
: Both of these on the LCS eSports home page when you just **scroll down**. That's not "research on 3rd party sites" mate, that's proper usage of a website that's the primary source.
> [{quoted}](name=Wilk Rycerz,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=2OIabMXE,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-06-01T17:29:33.708+0000) > > > > > > Both of these on the LCS eSports home page when you just **scroll down**. > > That's not "research on 3rd party sites" mate, that's proper usage of a website that's the primary source. Wow, people get angery when they're wrong. But thanks for the links.
Sir Gusi (EUW)
: XD I would say some support champs would be hard to kill 1v1 in 7 secs though I feel like I can avoid him with {{champion:40}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:267}} but these guys are fucked {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:350}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:99}} other supports are meh depends...
As a Taric main I find it my duty to slay this monster in his own ult, to remind him that Diamonds are Unbreakable.
Ahrimansiah (EUNE)
: Finishing Trial missions, it says i got 15 token but my tokens are not updated
Well the 15 token rewards for doing a 2 or more man premade has disappeared for me, anyone else?
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