: Which support champions do you hate having on your team the most ?
I hate {{champion:432}} , and sometimes {{champion:12}} . they think they can leave u 1v2 all game and its ok. and they can both troll really hard if they want to
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: Honestly I don't think it's okay. :(
of course you don't, now you have to spend 1300 RP to change your name
: Just make it adapt to what you need. Weigh it towards champ shards if you don't have champions and towards skins if you have more champs. I have had every champion for the past year and a half or longer and have more BE than I would ever want. There is zero reason for me to ever buy chests or any loot system for that matter when there is a chance I'll get something that is absolutely useless. If anything a more constant influx of skin shards would make me buy more boxes because the conversion rate for skin shards is STILL complete ass.
they made masterwork chests that contain no champion shards.
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Proxy345 (NA)
: Players from 2013 already knew what the game would be like in 2018.
This man is on to something lol. One thing I've noticed is that everybody's ults are up like all the time. Zed, talon, yasuo etc.. I swear I feel like their ults are always up. Ive seen a zed ult twice in a teamfight… not sure if that is common or not, but I don't remember that happening back in the day.
: I played everything untill i get 5 mastery on almost every midlaner and after that i realized im not getting bored only with lux zoe and ziggs so i main them
That actually sounds like a great idea, I might consider doing that
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Zachiemon (EUW)
: Skin Shard Rerolls - A change is needed
just reroll 520s, that's my new rule and ive been satisfied because ive gotten a legendary and a few epics for skins I wouldn't want otherwise
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: If someone understands this, please explain it to me
he wants to ban essence reaver, the new version is kind of strong on certain champs
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: I need a good name
Bay B (NA)
: My shop?
I wish theyd say something to these posts, im trying to buy some RP and if myshop is up I need to know before I do.
: "your shop" vanished when i reloaded the client
me too. probably an accident on riots part
: Your Shop not loading?
: "Your shop" Eternally loading
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Apollo99 (NA)
: Current Meta Champs?
Depends what role you are asking about. I'll stick to 2 each. Jungle- Graves, Khazix Adc- Ezreal, Kai'Sa Mid- Zed, Leblanc/Talon Top- Irelia, Camille Support- Rakan, Janna
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