You can't play a mage mid period. The entire lane is dominated by 0 counterplay assassins or assassins which idiots think are mages because they build AP like Zoe or Ahri Doesn't help that every AD champion in the game now can hourglass, which makes mages, who rely on their ults, even more pointless
DW Diana (NA)
: Remember when Malzahar was a carry?
Remember when Malzahar could be played in the jungle as AD summon based champion. Remember when this simple champion had literally 2 unique playstyles. Then remember when they decided to give riot repetoir, this adc player who worked at riot for a year, full control of every class rework in the game, and then proceeded to ruin every champion he reworked (they've all been reverted BUT malz). Riot games everybody, sexual harassment not even once.
: Sick and fucking tired of people being allowed to first time champions in ranked.
Difference between eatsports and real sports, real sports don't exist to solely to make some chinese mega corp one more dollar.
: Well since, like Riot, we're buffing/nerfing for no complete reason now
Comentários de Rioters
: Optional opinion: I don't think laning against Zoe is the problem
It's cause zoe mains don't think at all The fact that zoe can clear waves starting at lvl 1 with a 0 mana cost Q is a problem, a problem too subtle for the likes of meddler ardent isn't overtuned or repeturd lets make rengars q a melee skillshot
: Daily reminder, Ignite now does 505 damage at level 18, 300 or so at level 12
Point and click is bad ok that's why Malz can't be allowed to just stun you while stunning himself Meanwhile every fucking assassin + electrocute + ignite is fine right meddler repeturd ghostcrapper
Iamgeyer (NA)
: Serious question, how do you deal with yasuo as a mage?
Yasuo teaches a master class in game design, because you literally have 0 agency as a mage player vs yasuo You ever want to go into game design kids, learn from certainlyT and never do what he does
: I know because hes a mage im going to get downvoted for this
veigar isn't a mage veigar is an assassin with an aoe stun he's also total garbage right now because he loses to both assassins and real long range mages, who are the only mages that are even remotely playable mid (not really)
: So Riot is planning on compensation buffs for Electrocute users
Hahahahaha this guy got promoted ahahahaha If they picked a banana peel out of the garbage can and made that lead designer, I'd be more hopeful for the future of the game - Meddler "ardent censor isn't overtuned"
: So now that damage and game length is getting looked at, can we please look at mobility.
it's not gonna happen just go on reddit right now you see reddit just jerking themselves off over how an akali slapped her face on all her buttons while being perma invis while irelia slapped her face on all her buttons but wasn't perma invis so she lost OMG SO OUTPLAY POTANTIAL OMGURR EPIX like chimps and now you have meddler "ardent censor is undertuned" and repetderp "i still have a job after all my reworks for a year got reverted" are in charge, it's done
: Nerf Akali's W
counterplay is for old champions bro new champions need to be broken i mean fun
: Can we make Duskblade melee only and Stormrazor ranged only?
are we pretending stormrazors is balanced on ranged and duskblade on melee
Yenn (NA)
: Only roughly 50 / 141 champions are viable if you want to climb to/above Diamond
It's not about viability, it's about the fact that non meta champs require 10 times the skill to achieve the same thing. You can play velkoz mid to diamond. You just need to be 10 times better than the fizz or leblanc or zed or whatever.
: So where is the explanation for buffing Yasuo
Say one thing do another, the meddler special
koshkyra (NA)
: I miss buying guardian angel on AP carries
Remember when they gave hourglass to AD champions and told AP champions to go suck a dick. Good times.
: Getting tired of seeing Brand every other game
If you climbed to diamond you wouldn't see brand anymore.
: The dust has settled for the Aatrox rework. Here are my thoughts as an Aatrox main.
New Aatrox is literally just pantheon, aka he's a stat check, aka the entire reason he was reworked in the first place. Amazing.
: Why Even Play Anymore?
I mean I've been playing {{champion:90}} since season 1. Then repetoir, this guy who's been with riot for less time, plays adcs and generally knows nothing, gets given full reign to rework him. Pretty good. I mean I wasted my time learning your game and your champions and you just change it willy nilly with no thought or effort at all. You know, it's not enough your greed stole my hard earned rune pages and gave me 1/10th their ip value, it's not enough, you have to literally delete my time put into this game as well. What a legacy meddler will leave behind when he flees like we all know he soon will from this sinking ship.
Comentários de Rioters
: I was thinking maybe assassin running down mid cause you killed their mage counters
Malzahar doesn't counter assassins. That's from back when he had actual damage (to punish mistakes), armor/MR runes (so he didn't die in a hit) and no electrocute/duskblade/literally everything since meddler got hired (again so he could actually, you know, trade). Even the best Malz player NA thinks Zed is one of Malz's hardest counters. There's no nuance in this game anymore. You all in and that's it. Malz can't all in because he has no fucking base damage. They're all in the low 200s max'd and he has garbage AP ratios. So he just pushes. But it turns out assassins all have wave clear, so that doesn't even matter.
koshkyra (NA)
: (repost) Can we stop nerfing stuff like quinn and wukong and just remove duskblade
Meddler: no Literally everybody: but why meddler Expecting an answer? Lmao don't kid yourself. Maybe in 6 months he'll release a gameplay farts where he explains ghostcrawler is working on something in 8 months.
: Whats the point of reworking Arch Angels staff just to gut it back to a state of awful to use?
: Petition to have to hit 4 damaging abilities to apply Electrocute
Yeah but somehow Zed's shadow is going to register as an AoE ability and he procs it anyways.
: electrocute needs to disappear
More and more high elo players are realizing that entire champions can be played around one level 3 - 4 electrocute proc for a kill and snowball. It's fucking retarded, but meddler isn't going to do anything. It took him 6 months to even acknowledge ardent was a problem, these people who can't admit when they're wrong even when they have nothing to lose don't deserve to lead shit.
: Does anyone even buy Frozen Heart?
You do realize conqueror literally removes all value from armor items.
: The game no longer has any strategic elements.
But I clicked E and Q on wukong. I chose to do that. What else would you call that but strategy - literally meddler.
: Maybe instead of throwing salt and flame at them, maybe get the Malzahar playerbase as a whole together, and make a list of what they should do to fix him. Doing what you are doing now will get you and others who support malz needing help in a rough spot in terms of asking and suggesting buffs. But dont suggest anything that should make him idk, godlike and oppressive? I currently see mixed results from Malz players.
People have been doing that for years for meddler to ignore, stop being a sheep.
: You do not gain support for something by obviously exaggerating shit. Stop making the OG Malz mains look bad.
I'm not exaggerating shit. You want to bury your head in the sand that's your choice, don't fucking speak for me.
Comentários de Rioters
: I thought you wanted Fizz to NOT be an Ult bot
They wanted Malz to not be an ult bot. Now he does no damage, he literally exists to press R. Btw I love the idea that you want counterplay, and reworked a million old champions because MUH COUNTERPLAY. But then assassins like Fizz who literally do nothing but point and click you cont to exist. Btw electrocute Riot. Hurr durr we want runes to change the way you play, that's why every assassin rotation now has an extra 500 damage tacked on. Changing the way you play, one cancer cell at a time - Meddler
: Stop being indecisive with Stormrazor.
It's not being indecisive, it's they have no idea what they're doing.
: What do you think about Wukong this patch?
I think it's hilarious Riot destroyed and refuses to fix {{champion:90}} because he can point and click Meanwhile electrocute and {{champion:62}}
: Kassadin is a joke now and i miss him
You're late, kassadin is back with electrocute. Go google the kass subreddit and watch that one chinese streamer play into every AD match up in the game and win lane (yeah it includes Talon and Pantheon because electrocute is that well designed).
: Can we give turrets usefulness?
Meddler already stated on his gameplay farts that they're not going to address turrets, even when he wanted to address snowballing the first thing he said was turrets aren't the issue (yeah it was as fucking stupid as it sounds) Btw he thinks snowballing is fixed too What a God. I'm a pagan buddhist, and I can assure you meddler must've been a saint in his previous life. Has no experience working on video games, gets hired by pure luck into riot games which itself was lucked into mass success and expanded too quickly with terrible management terrible hiring practices terrible corporate structure that can't get a single thing done (go on reddit, the where are challenger golden recalls thread is hilarious), doesn't know how to do anything, never improves himself never improves the game continues to just wing it like a headless chicken, maintains high paying job.
: What this game needs for longtime returning players... @Riot
I remember when getting to plat the first time with Malz. Then diamond. But nah bro, rather than not being degenerates and changing the game and champions every month so my time playing this stupid game been completely pointless, just have some tabs in your client bro, that's what returning players need. Not that they would ever get off their asses to move that wiki info into their client, but you know that's what we really need. A notepad file.
Comentários de Rioters
: @Maple Nectar, Thank you for ACTUALLY communicating with us.
Yeah "soon" Wow, that communication. Funny how all their communication is like this. We're looking into it. it's not my department let me get back to you. And that's from the stuff they hand pick reply too, so you know it's all soft ball shit. It's worthless garbage but hey keep letting them get away with it and pretending like they haven't ruined the game in it's entirety and then just disappear for months on end to meme on reddit where the mods there literally work for riot and delete 99% of the everything that isn't just LCS trash (I don't give a fuck about tyler1's bald head, I don't give a fuck about your worthless streamer drama, I don't give a fuck about which shit LCS team that will never win worlds is playing against which other shit LCS team that will never win worlds). Yeah I remember your name now, repetoir. Where the fuck you at. You hiding, kids gone again after another 6 months of ruining league. First every class rework where everything you've done has been reverted except malz, then they let you into the balance team so you can give us the ardent meta. Where you at now buddy, give us a good laugh.
: This is why Rioters don't post here anymore
Hey look it's the contrarian. I don't give a fuck if they post or not, when the only thing they're capable of posting is trash. Of course the difference is entirely lost on kids like you.
Iręlía (NA)
: Youre out of your Gourd if you think im paying that much....
riot needs to milk the whales for as much as they can because they know everyone else left and the whales will leave soon enough
: You're spot on. This exact task is actually on our board to do at some point in the future. We're a bit preoccupied with other things right now, but shifting some of the base damage on his passive into ap scaling is definitely a thing we're talking about in the interest of helping out his mid without making his support overbearing.
Why are you pretending like you do anything all day? Go take a look at your own patch notes, there are like 5 minor changes. Take 20 damage there +5 ad there. You're not occupied with shit, stop fucking lying.
: More armor for mages
Mages should've gotten 9 flat armor and 5 extra MR with the pre season update. Instead we got nothing but some hp/lvl, because that matters when you die instantly to any assassin with electrocute at lvl 3 But hey meddler and ghostcrapper who don't play their own game knows best. Keep buffing jinx meddler, you'll crawl out of gold eventually.
Jaspers (EUW)
: The cursors were probably done by 1 art guy replacing assets. I'm not sure his time is best spent fixing Aurelion Sol bugs. There is a 'Legacy pointer' option in Interface menu.
who are you kidding, this fucking company hasn't been able to accomplish anything at all this year, they probably have their entire company working on this worthless cursor because getting clash to work is beyond them
Comentários de Rioters
Rexxiee (NA)
: Can we please tone down the ap damage to towers
Tryndameres are going AP because AP gives way more CDR than Crit. Tryndameres are going AP because once you hit level 9 you can start doing things, unlike crit tryndamere which doesn't do anything if he isn't fed or has 3 items. Tryndameres are going AP because there's so much fucking mobility creep in the game the only way for him to compete is to get 45% CDR E max and just have a flash on a 3 second cooldown like every other champion in the fucking game. How about Riot actually start doing their jobs and fix the million things in this game that's fucking broken. How about that. How about they fix literally anything at all, instead of buffing Garen to sell skins. But we all know meddler isn't going to do shit but release a season 8 was an astounding success we learned valuable lessons shit post in 3 months and then go on christmas break for another 3 months, so why ask.
GigglesO (NA)
: Nerf Damage, or Buff Defense
Go watch a game from last season. Literally all the nuance of trading is fucking gone thanks to meddler and ghostcrapper. Every game mid right now is just slapping your face on your keyboard to proc electrocute and boom, 60% of their hp is gone, just like that. Don't even have to land abilites, just 2 autos, it's retarded, who the fuck has fun playing this way.
Hayaishi (NA)
: Time for more "grounded" debuff Riot.
It's funny because the 2 champions who have grounded are historically 2 of the most cancer champions in the game turns out the only thing grounded punishes is immobile champions even more
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: If you're reverting crit, Revert Yasuo and ADC buffs
Good joke, ghostcrapper and meddler aren't going to revert shit, they never do
Quinzley (EUNE)
: State of the Game
what do you mean don't you enjoy being clicked on by talon and losing 90% of your hp from electrocute alone
HàrrowR (EUW)
: Can CertainlyT rework all the adcs too while he's at it
i dunno what you're talking about kaisa and lucian dash infinitely and they're the only adcs that matter
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