: riot free legendary omegalul
I got dark cosmic Jhin what an absolute sht skin all I want is a graves skin.
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CurS1VE (NA)
: The Most TIlting thing about the Forums
Imagine getting tilted over what people say on the internet and imagine even thinking Riot cares what people suggest on the boards lol.
: So, tomorrow's "legendary skin" gift..
Gosh thank you Riot I have 4k oe I need something to spend on Instead of giving me a legendary skin just give me a Graves skin ty.
dreen (NA)
: Making skins rentable to wear for a few games with blue essence (be)
I think its a pretty good idea since you get to feel the skin and see how it feels for like a game at least then you will most likely buy it compared to if you never got to play it if you like it.
: I hate the fact that we cant do animation cancel combos on graves anymore but riven and lee get to have them.
Yep its fking stupid they removed his knockback cancel. You should make a thread I bet itd get upvotes.
: Thats not true!negative and toxic game play is always gonna be there.Eliminate chat so there isn't cause for extra toxicity and reason for distraction.You just agreed with me saying it would push toxicity out of chat and then made no sense saying it would make a more toxic game if it would push the toxicity out of chat...............?????
If they removed chat I would int/afk and troll instead of flame which is far worse for the game rather than calling someone shit but still continuing to try.
: League of Bugs yet again. Riot come on
Same got killed by a yas last game it was e knockup when his nado wasnt even visible
: Why do I have to carry every game
Your using an outdated build. Looks at my games and just copy or go on Graves subreddit. Warrior-Reaver-IE-PD is always better or if you want more sustain go warrior-dd-pd-like a maw or bc depending on comp just situational items pretty much. I can carry shters with him just fine Just 1 trick him if you want to climb He got me to p2 fast with gpood mmr banned acc thho Black cleaver is pretty useless on him tbh unless they have like 2 or 3 tanks or your behind. You dont have to build full maw item either just mr portion always go either mercs or tabis aswell and if you like a little atpk speed like me you can just get an early dagger but ont build into anything until you have ur 2 main items Never get atk speed boots only ever tabs or mercs
: > [{quoted}](name=GladysmTcO,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OutFBF9Q,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-10-24T23:16:23.995+0000) > > You realize they would still have the ability to hear and type right? It would still be perceived as a disadvantage. Not to mention that currently, one can play the game with no audio at all, and not really be hindered.
None of your counter-arguments are valid LOL. All I see are opinions as if premades dont already have advantages over other players not in one you ever hear of duo abuser????? Voice coms would not affect the negatively in any way other than possible toxicity. But hey you can just mute right? Most toxicity whiners are to low iq to use a simple in game feature tho soo...
Profirix (NA)
: Riot is finally taking jungler advice and upping camp spawn rate...farmers rejoice!
Id love for them to add voice chat it would make it easier to make new friends and chit. I would only use it for solo queue as I don't play league with other people.
: What you just described, is why we don't have them. It's an unfair disadvantage if a team has players without mics.
You realize they would still have the ability to hear and type right?
: got banned
You probably got hacked bro. Its not uncommon My friend didnt play league for like 6 months came back and said he was banned for games he didnt even play send in a ticket Im sure they can help you out. Only good thing about riot is their support and design team
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: Muting all my in game sounds causes me to play much more consistently better
: Considering how long it took for players on the east coast of NA to get servers closer to them for better ping, don't hold your breath.
Yes now west coast gets chit ping and east is ungrateful and bad anyway LOL.
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: I only jungle so I dont really care And I only care about Graves sooo. But I think Ima keep qiyana and trist skin Just because their epics and I can probs sell my acc for more later...JK...
OK so I got skt t1 vayne Im pretty sad rn oh well
: Um battle boss q and omega trist are so much better tho >.> But do what you want. You might get something better.
I only jungle so I dont really care And I only care about Graves sooo. But I think Ima keep qiyana and trist skin Just because their epics and I can probs sell my acc for more later...JK...
Ebyssa (NA)
: Toxic People in Ranked
Never take a junglers scuttle I hope you learned your lesson.
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: Tencent doesn't force its companies to do anything. That game was MADE by them this is not. Also doing that is against rules in the play store. So I don't think they will do anything like that. Like its illegal in china to do that to I think so I really don't think riot would not include china.
: Support: what to do with a bad ADC.
Hard to say as its situation-dependent its best to just not rely on anyone on your team to make plays tho unless it's very obvious they will follow up
: I got dc-ed from a game but my internet was working fine
This was just happening to me my last game it happened twice but my internet wasnt going down so it was the game. After the 2nd time it stopped and I ended up carrying my bad teammates.
: This sounds believable, and you have my sympathy. It does seem like a disproportionate penalty. One illogical implementation of honour is that any penalty is harsher if it is given later in the season. Get a chat restriction in the first week, and it will hardly affect you. Keep yourself clean all year and mess up in the last week and you lost everything. (When it should be the opposite, right? All of your prior good behaviour affords no credit to insulate your account from a single mishap.) It is considered on these boards that one is not punished for a first minor offense, unless a "zero-tolerance" infraction. This is not true; any offense, in any match, may result in loss of honour, even if there has been no prior report on the account. (Which, I think that they should give you one free "strike". A chat restriction based on a single match, without "zero-tolerance" phrases, ought to be reversible, first offense, etc...) At least you still have enough time to farm back up to Honour 2 or 3, perhaps even higher.
Lol wrong it takes hundreds of games of good behavior to even go up one notch out of the 3 needed to get to 1 LOL TRASH SYSTEM
Kenwrath (NA)
: Why is there a seeming lack of punishment for excessive bming, and otherwise negative chat behavior?
I have 10 permabans I can confirm you're wrong if anything Riot should be more lenient.
: Thank you for my placement matches
I had the same shit happen to me legit dogs i had in my 8 hames i had an afk within 5 min in at least 4 games and the rest were just hard inters or trolls that admitted to it lmao.
: Jax And Renekton with Spear Of shojin to op
Riot should just remove Jax from the game while they're at it.
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Weexazys (NA)
: The loading screen tip should always be the same one!
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: Garen is in DESPERATE need of a hotfix.
Garen has always been op Im glad people are finally starting to cry about him. Nerf him into the ground riot ty
: u won last 6 games in a row bro
Im talking about games before them right now if u look i still get bad teammates im just getting even worse enemys. but games before where i lose i get bad teammates and even better enemies quite sad how riot forces 50 percent w/r
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: Your low iq comment made no sense you still haven't proved how those games are my fault.
I cant stop my teammates from dying over and over again no matter how many times I kill their laner for them or how many times I give them the kill.
: > [{quoted}](name=GladysmTcO,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gUGR0uEr,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-10-17T02:02:22.523+0000) > > How about u look at the matches instead of talking out of ur ass "Out of ur Ass" means you made it up or are not informed but what I said is 100% true.
Your low iq comment made no sense you still haven't proved how those games are my fault.
: There's one common factor between all 5 of those losses.
How about u look at the matches instead of talking out of ur ass. Also if you say "oh but you have high deaths" I had low deaths throughout the entire game my deaths start rising as i start trying to deal with the 8/2 enemy teammates while my teammates are all 10/1
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