: Experimental "Max Cast Range" Changes Coming to PBE!
d4 mf main with like 500+ games over many accounts. i smart cast all abilities and would prefer this change. most of the time i have to spam E if they are on the edge of the range since my mouse might be slightly beyond the range.
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: Looking forward to reading the 2nd part of your post where you substantiate all your assertion, so the thread becomes worth reading.
Average game time is down about 6 minutes since season 5. this is due to removal of comeback mechanics and increasing snowball mechanics. lets see, laser turrets removed, turret first blood, turret global gold, global kill gold, changes to kill/bounty gold, tier 2 turret shield removed, rift herald added/buffed, passive gold gen increased, minion gold changes, turret kills buff minions, many dragon/baron changes, new rune system is more snowbally than old flat stats, probably even more stuff im forgetting about.
Loboshl (NA)
: Not to be toxic or anything but you seem like a big sook. You don't get your way and you come to the forums to complain just like you use too 2 years ago about everything down to vlads new e being "worse" than his last lol. Try analyzing your last 16 games and see why they didnt make it to an elder, i also agree the balancing may not be perfect but instead of complaining adapt.
they did not make it to elder dragon because one of the teams snowballed hard enough to close out the game significantly before then. as mentioned, games snowball too quickly and there are not enough comeback mechanics in the game. riot has deliberately removed these to decrease game time since game time peaked in season 5. not sure how what i posted on the forums 2 years ago has to do with anything.
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Kirschu (NA)
: Looking for HIGH SILVER-Gold ADC MAIN*************** MAIN******
: LF a G2 or G1 Jungle Main for Dynamic
grag, lee, rumble, cho I have decent mechanics and map awareness I dont really shot call
NoPaxt (NA)
: It's range and utility is too good. You cannot use a minion shield like you can with Morg/Blitz/Thresh. Translation, the spell is too safe for the results. Low risk with a high reward.
I will take azir or viktor any day of the week over lux. There is no reason to nerf this champion.
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: Ranked 5s team. Gold elo or higher.
ign global huff, gold 1 100 lp. play all non support roles
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: Not only that but its super telegraphed to the opponent when you're charging it... the slow is also useless because it slows YOU as well (which is ridiculous)
Vlad already got kited pretty hard, now he just gets kited even harder.
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: Nobody has ever been happy at the state of the game.
There's always been annoying/OP bullshit. But right now the game is in a pretty bad state compared to 3 months into most seasons. Riot is trying to do too much and the balance of the game is suffering as a consequence. You cant release several champion reworks and item changes every couple months and keep the game reasonably balanced.
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It will be released around the same time as their replay system.
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: So what you're telling me is that you in no way read what they were doing with dynamic queue? Let's go over your points 1: playing solo against a five man isn't fair and how is that accurate to skill Answer: That won't happen, if you read their multiple posts about dynamic queue you would have discovered that, much like the normal matchmaking system before dynamic queue, pre-mades get matched with similar numbered premades, and solos get matched with other solos and maybe a duo here and there. Example: you're solo. you find that the enemy team is a pre made 5. That means you're with a pre made 4 and matchmaking couldn't find a similar elo pre made 5 for that team to face. And 2, If 3 silvers and 2 diamonds queue, that's not fair and ruins the ranked system cuz they'll end up platinum Answer: Could silvers and diamonds duo in the old queuing system? No? But wait I guess you thought that would suddenly change. Just like you couldn't invite your diamond friend to duo with you to get you through your bronze 1 promo before because the invite option for them would either be greyed out or non-existant, so would be the same with dynamic queue. Example: you and your three friends are bronze 1, silver 1 and silver 4, and you try to invite your diamond friends to help you win. you can't, so you'll have to invite other bronze/silvers to queue, as nobody can be more than 1 tier apart from one another (I.E that gold friend of yours can't come either because bronzes are around) In other words: Dynamic queue isn't logically impossible to blend into the ranked system and replace the old queue system. However, I previously thought it impossible that someone would post on the forums without reading any of the multiple articles posted explaining, notifying, keeping updated on, etc, this new dynamic queue. Please, next time you're going to criticize Riot for something, do your reading first
1. It will and has happened. Look on reddit. Even if it NEVER happened, what is the point of ranking teams and pugs on the same ladder????? 2. I have 4 level 30 smurf accounts I use to play with lower ranked friends. Not to boost them, but because my only other option is normal queue which is a complete joke. The difference is now you can do this with multiple people making it even more unfair. There is no point in blending pugs and organized teams together in the same ladder if they aren't even supposed to be matched vs each other in the first place.
: Im 31 and don't feel alienated in the least...also have money. you dont need 5 friends in any q, just picking on your math for a second, but Riot said the system is supposed to match you against a similar grouped team so it isnt 1+1+1+1+1 vs 5 man squads. Whether its working correctly TODAY i dont know, but that is what they are going to work towards.
If 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 is not going to get matched up frequently vs 3+ man squads....then why not create a separate ladder for that????
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: And yet at least 75% of players think they deserve a higher rank than where they currently are..
I think ranked match making is fine. The problem is in normal queue when you get 2 plat players and 3 bronze players as a group of 5. It places you against a bunch of silver-diamond players and you get spanked because you cant 2v5.
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: For how mobile lee sin is i can't believe
Lee sin has one of the lowest win rates in the game for bronze-plat. QQ more.
: Mordekaiser toxicity is just a result of the ADC meta
Shouldn't a melee champion with no mobility or crowd control be countered by ranged/poke champions? Melee champions can't poke ranged champions? Yes, obviously? Ranged champions kite/poke melee champions. Melee champions have mobility/cc and generally stronger damage/tankyness to overcome this. This is like gaming 101. There is a reason almost every melee champion in the game has a gap closer and/or CC. Morde essentially has neither. Of course his kit is going to have to be massively overloaded and gimmicky to overcome this and deal with ranged champions. Having a melee champion with no cc or mobility is just a stupid idea, it's like having an ADC with 300 auto attack range.
: Mordekaiser just shows just how much random shit a melee champion needs in order to compete with ADCs.
I wouldn't really call it competing when he is far better than any of them almost 100% pick ban.
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