: Streamers are a big reason of why community is toxic
No the community is this way because more and more people are playing the game who have no idea how to play that skill level. Back in Season 2 people dropped real hard and it was a lot easier to carry if you got fed, now you can't if the game goes past 30 mins. Think they should just remove bounties from the game and catch up mechanics. Most teams now are, "End in 25 mins or we just win because we got out items and got lucky kills on your team for bounties. Rank shouldn't have any catch up mechanics and punish players for making bad plays or decisions. Also this catering to people who can't grow a thick skin and report people because their feelings got hurt is sad. Only in League do they reward the feeders/bad players.
: Two Toxic teammates
Was it ranked? And how to players confuse a single bad game; with not knowing the champions or the actual game. People can have a bad lane, but and feed over 2-3 kills but when you die 7 times you pretty much throw the game out of the window for other people.
: How about “Jade” for the tier between platinum and diamond? It’s shinier than platinum and more green. I wouldn’t mind telling people I’m “Jade 2”.
Jade would be somewhere near silver/gold, if we are going by worth.
: Has a video showing {{champion:23}} killing the most useless champ in the game like that is suppose to make him look strong.
Yeah{{champion:266}} having 1st win % on games over 40 mins and number 8 on top laner win % is useless, I forgot that.
Hemppy (NA)
: Ranked : Iron
Silver is just an extension of bronze.
: Patch Chat with Playtest - Patch 6.3
Now that Corki has been nerf to trash, only Kalista and Lucian remain. He literally does almost no damage with his combo.
: I wish i was good at SMITE
She's a robit, you can't have babies with a robit.
: Where is the new dynamic Q?
Blame Vietnam for the Dynamic Que being taken down. > from yesterday’s failed test in Vietnam
: Champion Reveal: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
Pretty sure it's ult says ALL meaning ALL. Not just allies.
Lyless (NA)
: Still no duo or help at all! What a game this is.
I haven't read much but I can guess what is happening, watching videos will improve your game play it goes to say though that you still need to practice whatever you're trying to do. Watching a higher ranked player can give you an idea of what's good in certain situations (i.e items builds, runes, masteries, and what skills you should level up/max out first). Things watching videos wont help you with would be like CS farming, skill usage/shots and mana efficiency. In bronze you literally have to tell people what they need to do and what to build. Most people do not take into account the other teams build which could be crucial in fight and also know when to fight and when to back off which pro-teams and the commentators do a good job of showing. Once you get past S3 you'll start to notice that people have a decent idea on what to do and you can just focus on you game play. But I would recommending finding hard carry champs and playing those till you get out of bronze, it doesn't always work but trolls, bad players and AFKer/leavers run rampant through Bronze- Gold. Hope this help and good luck. P.S. This season is going to be x5 harder to get out of bronze because of the influx of people that the game has brought in.
tenpin30 (NA)
: LF Duo (Bronze-Silver)
If you need help climbing I can help ya, was S3 last season before I stopped. Looking to get gold border this season. I main Jung/Mid and Top, Mid being my comfort role.
Blastumz (NA)
: I think I have dodged away something like 700ip this season
You'll probably get "People who work together win 70% more of their matches" or some of the bull that they use.
: Is it just bad luck or what? Riot ever going to do anything about 20% of the team screwing 80% ?
This is what happens when you monopolize a game, and 70% of the people under diamond do not care to look for tips or help to improve themselves. I wish they would implement a system for ranked so that only people who are trying to improve can play, like having prerequisite matches before your prelims and having people already in the ranked latter judge performance. But they'll never do that and just keep telling us that people who help their teammates win 70% more of their matches. You also have to look on how much the game has grown, less than 10% of players are diamond + and everyone else gets shoved into hell trying to dodge trolls, afkers, rangers and people that just feed.
I'll help ya Was S4 last season, but seems like more horrible players keep joining rank and getting dumped into bronze
: 2015 World Championship venues
They going EU cuz they have the feels from the last year.
: Sorry but it isn't Riot's fault. It's the player-base. The community banned your friend, not Riot. If you wanna complain at someone, complain at the Tribunal, who are consisted of level 30 players.
Tribunal has been dead for a long time, like the public chat.
: 30 days later - bullies not banned, the victims 2-week bans, gg Riot
This makes me laugh, the system bans people how are repeatedly reported in a short amount of time. So either your friend keep feeding in other games and got reported or Riot found that the report was justifiable and banned themselves. Everyone has been reported by people and 3 does issue a 2 week banned so you are probably leaving out some key thing that made them ban-able.
: Ask The Pros: Cloud9's Balls
Who does their editing, for the love of god
: "Placements now have less effect on your seeding" ... BULL!!!
All i have to say is I went to an 80% win rate from placements to 80% lose rate in Bronze. But I must be playing with people of my MMR because Riot ranking system is godlike
: Get ready for the 2015 ranked season!
I went 8-2 in placements and got B2 then lose 6 straight games after. Thanks what I always wated
devilily (NA)
: So for people being upset about being ranked lower than you were last season... it's because they had a soft reset which makes your mmr go a bit lower. Shouldn't be that hard to climb up anyway, if you're good enough you'll go up eventually.
I am tired of people posting this, I didn't climb out of the feeders to be put back into it
: The 2015 ranked season is here!
> your first ten ranked games will result in your tier and division placement Horseshit
: Follow this 1 simple tip to reduce your stress in ranked! Trolls hate it!
You're right, I did start playing league because it was fun, that is why I played normal's and other games mode. I play ranked because I want to advance in the standings. You honestly think playing 5/10 games with feeders or trolls is fun when you're try to move up?
Knalxz (NA)
: Shouldn't people in their promos/provisionals be paired with others in them too?
Riot doesn't care about lower ranked people advancing, why they don't have the Tribunal anymore and why they did a soft reset instead of wiping MMRs. Anyone under gold pretty much gets shit on and no one under gold cares about improving.
: "Placements now have less effect on your seeding" ... BULL!!!
Can't even win a game anymore since placements, went 8-2 in placements got placed into B2 and lost 6 straight fuckig games because of feeders and trolls. People who actually do decent in placements get shit on wile other people do mediocre and get bump a division. Seems perfectly reasonable. I wouldn't give a fuck if only the same division people played each other. But now I have to attempt to carry teams again why hoping a lane doesn't feed a carry. That is why most people are pissed, not because I got knocked a tier, because now I have to climb out people who don't what they are doing, once again.
: Skarner see's play for a week NERFED
Skarner was nerfed because he could fight people with little risk and take out high priority targets from teamfights. He was made to be a tank who had zoning and chase down skills. Which is kind of what he is now, back then he could literally run into a team and get out without dying while taking a champion with him.
: "Kassadin was nerfed because his ability to get into and out of a fight was low risk high reward"
Rew711 (NA)
: "Oy, This is Trundle..."
A troll and a flippy bear, Great
: why is Udyr jungling in the picture? I feel quite offended. {{champion:60}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:154}}
Wait {{champion:14}} jungles?
Inzania (NA)
: k imma just smite people now{{summoner:11}}
{{summoner:11}} The {{champion:17}} Fun new game mode
quija (NA)
: Hey man I totally feel your pain. I really hate playing on purple side as an ADC or support. However I have heard a lot of mixed opinion on this. A lot of people still prefer purple side. My girlfriend is one of them. Although I don't agree with her I have even heard of a lot of jg players prefer purple as well. I also think it would make things a lot more even when it comes to lane advantage, but I also know that is a TON of additional programming to add to the game design. That would probably be one of the biggest patches we will see. I myself have my fingers crossed that it will happen but I also know that a big portion of players out there will be disappointed. I'm glad i'm not the only one that feels this way.
People like purple because it's easier to ward, contest objectives, and jungle pathing is better.
: TBH I'm pretty upset with the re-release of all of these skins that were supposed to be rare and mean something. and to the people saying "Riot is going to compensate you" when, where, and how? cause I sure don't see it... I haven't received anything lol. No special Summoner Icons, or banners. all those skins "meant" something to the players I know they do to me. But now it isnt special at all. now its just something you pick up when the holidays come around. I mean wtf they bring the champ thresh skin? why not let me purchase champ riven then... I mean hell honestly. whats the difference at this point.
Well lets see here, were to start. The Riven skin was Season 2 and J4 was season 1 they only go 1 season back for the championship skins, so you'll never likely to see her again. And for the legacy skins, a lot of them are retired forever. So if you're mad about that then you'll just have to deal with it. Coming on forums and posting stuff you did little to no research on is stupid, check yourself fool.
Cyraken (NA)
: thighs & arms not so important tho, not like we need those for moving or anything, nah females use mystical power to move things, not legs or arms
The power of the Vajayjay
: Now that {{champion:14}} and his new rework have been finished. Can we show {{champion:6}} some love. The potato spider needs some more love...
But I like my mutant potato spider :(
: what if we had a double upset and a rematch of tsm v c9{{champion:115}} mind blown
What if we had Unicorns farting golden rainbows from the sea? Mind more blown
: It didn't help that Alliance lost to the powerhouse Kabum E-Sports!
: next wil be malz to follow with the purple color scheme
"Malzhar's Ultimate no longer stuns." Watch It'll happen, and the whole point of an assassin is to obliterate a champions without them having a say.
Jynx (NA)
: Arcade community creations roundup
Arcade this guy {{champion:36}} He can throw game consoles at people.
: End of Season Rewards and the new Master Tier
: Lists of Legends: 10 Themed Team Comps to Try in Team Builder
: But where was that actually posted? I was browsing through the LoL Wikia and stumbled upon it there.
: Yogi Bear
Instead of Flippy Bear of doom flipping Champions to their doom, he could flip picnic tables. Riot make this happen.
: Canadian Dollars are worth less than US Dollars, so practically everyone treats them as less.
Lol, It's funny because it's true.
: ...Really? REALLY?
Or you could write it in a computer program e.g (Word, Note pad) then copy and paste. That way you'll have it even if something unfortunate happens. Just don't forget to save often.
: Ikr
Because they have to get authorization from the teams, be dumb to only have 1 LPL icon
: Patch 4.13 notes
{{champion:120}} Death horse of Doom returns to melt faces off
: Gnar Reveal
Seems more likely to go mid then top{{champion:238}}

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