: Honestly speaking, have you tried playing normals? If you've been the same rank for those many games perhaps you're just just holding the team behind, refuse to improve, and if people are repeatedly being toxic to you then you're probably playing incredibly bad. Bad enough to tick your teammates off on a constant basis.
The flame is not always directed toward me, but whether it is or isn't doesn't make it okay.
: The moral highground does not exist in this situation. The best possible course of action is to mute and play out the game normally. Don't type to them at all especially if you are the person being flamed because you're playing bad, because it literally will solve nothing. You arent going to suddenly play better because they are flaming you so just mute them. Don't try to control them, you can control only yourself. If you don't want to mute them, then just tell them you muted them then never type back.
The moral highground does exist in this situation. Flaming someone and telling them to kill themselves is not morally acceptable regardless of the situation. While muting a toxic player is an option, it also hurts the person muting their teammates because that is one less person they can communicate with. Also, because everyone can control themselves, then they should not flame others, especially since it is morally unacceptable to tell someone to kill themselves. A morally acceptable way of criticising a player is constructive criticism. Muting toxic players does not fix the issue, it ignores it.
: I would never listen to a gold players shotcalls. Also don't try to take moral highground in this situation, you or someone obviously escalated the situation to that point.
So would you agree that the moral highground is not flaming people regardless of what they say or do? If that's what the moral highground is, I will work toward it. All I said to Vi was that "flaming someone is not going to make then want to play better." And if two different people were making the game worse for each other (whether one person was me or not) they are doing something wrong, and they should work toward being non-toxic.
: I mean he's not technically wrong, negative winrate, been silver / gold for 6 seasons, playing tristana despite only having three games of her played. Like the other guy said just mute. However I know you won't. You don't actually think the things he's saying are hurtful. It's the fact that they ARE TRUE which is making them hurtful. I think that rather than raging on the forums about what internet people say, you should be trying to actually get better at the game. Thats just my two cents, but if you don't care about getting better maybe ranked isnt for you.
The reason I don't mute people is because I would like to communicate with my team. Even if someone is angry they can call a good shot. However, people should not spam chat with "ur garbage kill yourself" it doesn't help anyone. It also doesn't matter who the flame is directed toward, whether it's me, my teammates, or the enemy team; that kind of attitude toward others isn't okay. Also, I happen to find ranked a better place to practice than normals, since I am typically put with people closer to my skill level. This does not mean that I don't know what I'm doing while practicing. If I didn't, I would play normals. I wouldn't want to ruin someone else's ranked game because I can't play my role. For example, there is a good reason that I will not actively try to play top in ranked unless autofilled, and even then I try to trade roles.
iMidg3t (EUW)
: Did this guy typed this at you or some1 else?
He was flaming both me and the diana. He was mad at diana in the early game and mad at me in the late game.
Ph03n1xb1rd (EUNE)
: ***
The problem I have with muting people is that communication ***is*** important. I don't want to have to handicap myself by not knowing what my team is saying just because someone is too mad to say anything nice. As I said earlier, I don't care if someone says something salty one or two times. The problem is repeated flame.
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: Champion update: Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer
"That interaction can turn into a mindgame with the opposing champ" lol, Rito doesn't know how to spell "minigame"


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