GigglesO (NA)
: I thoroughly enjoy tanks...
I agree that tanks aren't absolutely worthless like they have been in the recent past. Tank junglers and supports are still viable and see frequent play - tank erasure is only a big thing for top lane. It's just risky picking a tank, especially blind. Tanks are more team dependent than bruisers, especially towards their junglers. Tanks set up ganks so well but also top is the forgotten lane in many games. Its a bad combo. Theres less time to scale passed the mid game spike of enemy carries and especially this, the enemy team usually won't have a tank and so won't have these handicaps. While I agree that tank item need work I can't claim that they are bad. They tend to give lots of individual stats with useful passives the problem is that they either don't compare to what carries get or are too expensive or both. It use to be a controller to stop tanks from becoming unkillable too fast but now it's just a wall they can't break. Also, I wouldn't say mogs is a tanks staple item. I've never thought to myself "boy once I get mogs better watch out" Its just hp, sure it's a boatload but you need a big stack of resists to make hp valuable so it's a late game buy. In my books, stoneplate is the big ticket staple tank item. It boosts every aspect of your tankiness and feels good as a 3rd or 4th item.
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Parznip (NA)
: Janna Rework Concept
I don't really think she needs a gameplay update. I mean, you have decent choices on which items to get first and in what order, you have situations where you max one skill over the other due to the match up. She can maneuver and adapt - isn't flexibility and a dynamic experience the hallmark of a healthy champ? Plus you actually need to put time into the champ to truly master her. Like a good Janna gets work done but a great Janna is just a joy to play with and you don't even realize the savage shit she's doing - the flow is that good.
Zac x Me (NA)
: Ohmwrecker needs to come back
Commenting to say RIP Raptor's Cloak, you are dearly missed.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Autofill should not work on the jungle role.
I think the reason people are performing poorly in the jungle is really just an issue with never learning how to _play the map_ and the previous dependence they had on bot lane. Casual junglers and autofills are less likely to: 1. hold a lane for any reason (laner died, is roaming, basing etc) 2. invade even when it's safe 3. are hesitant to solo objectives because they don't know how fast they can take them 4. don't sponge exp when taking chickens 5. push waves after successful ganks 6. far far less likely to repeat gank (or even gank) top lane Fulfilling your role as a jungler right now means you must perform dozens of small functions in order to get the same results from seasons passed. Autofills are less likely do complete all the functions and thus face the threat of being literally half the level of the enemy (the biggest gap ive seem is lvl15 vs lvl7). If I have any advice to offer, it's that all dragons are paper now. If you're lvl5 with smite item complete you can prob burn the drake down. As well, make time for top, sitting in a lane bush for 30s-1m or in the river is **valuable,** top and jg depend on each like a symbiotic relationship. Both will benefit from the actions of the other, so long as the ganks are successful. Also, if you pick a power farmer you still need to gank. Jg gold and exp isn't enough even if you're farming them on spawn in a perfect pattern. You need exp from lanes, gold from kills and plates etc.
: Noob looking for ARAM advice
* Melee champs are good in ARAM. Don't get stuck in the auto lose mindset because you're "stuck" with a melee. Quite a few are gods in ARAM: Trundle, Maokai, Mundo and more. * Be prepared to die often as a melee. Your team needs you to engage so do it, try to engineer situations where you don't have to be a sacrificial lamb but always be prepared to die for your team. * The only champs who need CS over others are stacking champs, for everyone else its a freeforall. * KDA isn't very important so don't covet a positive one. The only thing that matters is who is alive to push and defend. * Do not wait to buy pen items. If their team has 2 tanks/tanky champs and your team is mostly AD or AP you **will need pen sooner rather than later.** Void/LW item second buy is not a waste of gold, you **need** them to break the frontline and stay relevant. * CDR is king quite often. Luden's/Zhonya's/Transcendence will cap you quickly and being a Lux/Ziggs/Xerath etc with 40% CDR allows you to own at least one side of the map permanently. * Take runes you normally wouldn't, particularly Presence of Mind. If my champ is mana hungry, regardless of type, I take PoM. Other runes that give things for free are also excellent choices. * Shaco is a bad ARAM champ, don't ever forget that. I've lost/won more ARAMs because of him being on either team than any other champ, even experienced Shaco's bring virtually nothing to the group and play selfishly all game.
: what is considered fReE dAmAgE and just plain kit implanted (normal in other words) damage?
> [{quoted}](name=WoonStruck,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=oNEgVEdM,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-12-20T08:31:05.694+0000) > To lane against Garen you have to opt out of magical footwear and buy boots->wisp. In general, Garen spends the majority of lane zoning you, no the other way around. And you're kinda grasping for straws with the Garen argument considering most champions, even melee, outrange everything of Garen's unless they're auto attacking. What crazy world do you live in where you think Garen has the natural advantage? I mained Garen for about 2 years and Vlad was a popular pick into me and this situation you described is a best case scenario and certainly not the norm. It was far easier dealing with Vlad pre-rework as you could take Phase Rush and outpace him. You can still do this but It comes with a heavy price - Garen was redesigned to function with conq. The only times I ever rolled over a Vlad were cases where a player was just learning him or were I was clearly more skilled. In these types of match ups I absolutely controlled the lane - could zone from any distance and had kill pressure any time my ult and ignite were up. The norm however, was being pushed off my minions because I could not compete with his damage and hadn't the speed to overcome both his "slight" movespeed boost and the slow he placed on me if I attempted a trade. It might be hard to see how free his Q is when you're on the inside looking out. I found it funny how you mentioned Kat Q as some sort of comparison. They're both free abilities, there is no consequence in using them and you are in fact guided to use them as often as possible.
: Need Help From Someone Experienced
If there are some melee champs you really want to play, then play them. You need to learn how to play a losing match up and the fear of facing Darius is preventing you from exploring new champs. That said, Darius is far from the only challenging opponent you'll face top. There are at least a dozen champs that are designed to simply pile drive the lane and usually without regard to what you pick. My biggest piece of advice is to just learn how to deal with losing your lane. Before his rework Garen ate shit most games and always came back for seconds, from this experience I learned a few key things about coping with and flourishing in match ups you typically lose. * Accept that you will lose creeps. You will lose creeps. Accept it. Remain in exp range and just give them up, entice the enemy to push by standing near your minions so that they use aoe spells. Learn how to cs under tower, manage your spells and autos so that you get the majority of last hits. These two things are imperative - concede cs when it's too risky and learn to cs at your tower while under pressure. * Learn what items you need to build in order to survive. If you're a bruiser pick up 2 ruby crystals on your first back. Defense will only serve you, it will not hinder you. All those "tank" components eventually build into juggernaut items so you are merely taking a necessary detour. Matching items with Darius (or any lane bully) doesn't work because they are designed to win early and their stats reflect this, they always have more and often have a steroid on top. Know which specific defense items you need to overcome early weakness and then worry about building damage. * Learn your own base damages until they are second nature. Since you will be building moderate defense you will be relying heavily on your bases until about level 9. For most bruisers, and especially tanks, you can safely trade on just base damage - tanks are actually designed with high base damage because they aren't building ad/ap. Your defense items will either provide you with burst mitigation (hp) or sustained damage mitigation (resists) and you may end up having the advantage through tankiness. This is when you'll need to know how much damage you do naturally, in order to secure kills. * Search for specific strategies you can use to gain an advantage. Prerework Garen I would take Phase Rush into Darius to have small trades that I controlled. Another example is taking Predator into ranged or immobile match ups that are too dangerous to normally approach. If the champs you like have keystone options, explore them all until you find something that works. * Above all else do not buckle under the pressure and tilt. Stay calm, concede cs, prioritize defense components over offense, call for ganks, roam If you can, and just get through the lane phase. Good luck dude, top lane is a harsh place these days but will always be my favorite lane. Don't let the enemy affect your mood - just chill out and take whatever they let you. Whether that be 1 minion or their life, let them make the mistakes and punish them for it.
: why is my kda good but my winrate sucks
In games that I'm losing when people bring up their kda I always say the same thing: Will your x/x/x kda win the game for us? Its different in that its a per game kda and not a player average but the sentiment is still the same. Having a great score means nothing if your entire team, besides you, is paralyzed and unable to earn gold or take objectives safely. You need to pinpoint why you're losing _per game_ because your behaviors are obviously having an impact if you aren't able to elevate your team when you're fed. Are you split pushing instead of team fighting? Are you never roaming when you have lane priority? Are you waiting to build important threshold items (% resistance pen, grievous wounds, situational defense from GA, Zhonya's etc)? Are you ignoring objectives? Are you taking towers too fast or too slow? The most important thing you must learn to do when fed is to affect the map with your lead. If you're the jungler just keep dog piling whatever lane is winning. If you're a solo laner, push and roam. If you're support coordinate with your jungler to take objectives, invade, and gank. If you're sitting in lane with a 3/0/2 kda and not pushing down towers, taking drakes and Shelly, and not roaming you're effectively wasting your lead and letting the enemy catch up. Map play is how you win, that's why pro games are 24/7 dog pile in their winning lanes. Get a numbers advantage, get a kill, get an objective. Spam your pings if you need to, type to your allies. If no one else will lead or at least suggest a direction to go in then you do it.
Chillee (NA)
: More GOD ___ Skins
_**God Bush Ivern**_
: How the fuck are you supposed to play jungle without feeding and be actually able to enjoy the game?
Some junglers can take a few deaths and still be on a good path to mid game. Being 3/3/1 Yi, Jax, Shyv (maybe idk lol) isn't that bad. The only deaths that matter are ones that stop you from hitting major milestones, or first clear deaths. But yeah, camp top. If you're still learning and having trouble yanking the other lanes, just farm top. 2 deaths top is a game over a lot of the time because common picked top champs thrive so hard with a lead. Just keep going back every 2 mins, rip his tower up, grab Shelly, kill him again, take t2. It won't always be as simple as this but as a former top main, I can tell you that top is the easiest to roll over when you aren't confident in ganking bot (you'll win faster getting your bot fed tho).
declouxa (NA)
: Petition to Bring Dominion Back
Riot pls {{champion:107}} {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:6}} {{item:1036}} {{item:1036}} {{item:1036}} {{item:1036}} {{item:1036}} {{item:1001}} Bring back the glory days
: I'm not sure where people are getting this from my post, but I'm not like, crying about toxicity in-game. I posted this to ask people who do this kind of stuff why they do it, and to point out that from someone coming from other competitive games, even team-based ones, it seems very odd. I find this "you're just too sensitive for league" thing so odd. Like, obviously if I was actually bummed out about it, I wouldn't play the game. What's weird to me is that people unironically type this and don't see anything askew with their life priorities. Like okay, you love LoL. You're good at LoL. But if that turns you into a foaming at the mouth lunatic in the chat, don't you think it's, you know, probably bad for you? Don't you think that it kind of says something about you as a person?
> [{quoted}](name=MeesterMo,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=AHQdlrwU,comment-id=000f0000,timestamp=2019-11-01T22:15:12.585+0000) >I posted this to ask people who do this kind of stuff why they do it, and to point out that from someone coming from other competitive games, even team-based ones, it seems very odd. > The people who wildly rage in chat aren't likely to read this, those that do will not "explain" themselves. You know this to be true. The last 2 competitive multiplayer games I was a part of (wow and tf2) also had incomprehensible ragers but they were a tiny minority, feels the same in League. >What's weird to me is that people unironically type this and don't see anything askew with their life priorities. Between the whirlwind patch updates and the vocal part of the player base/community, some people literally _are_ too sensitive for League. Slapping "unironically" on it doesn't change that it's a valid, true statement about the game. >But if that turns you into a foaming at the mouth lunatic in the chat I honestly cannot remember the last time this happened. Like, Your description is so extreme.. maybe a few years ago I would see this periodically but now people just play quietly with a few arguments that don't last long. Does your mute button work? I find that players still try decently well even if they're tilted, just mute them and continue playing.
: New to League and have Some Thoughts
Your experience isn't likely to change. You'll grow use to it. Find friends to play with. Also: > PS maybe youre just too sensitive for league.
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: Join Us Oct. 15th to Celebrate 10 Years of League
That logo is ugly, the floating "of" is so distracting.
: The "Ban words" system should be aware of location specific meanings
> [{quoted}](name=rujitra,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=GMo5yu5Y,comment-id=0003000100000000000000000001,timestamp=2019-08-27T18:31:43.031+0000) > > Riot did not misunderstand the situation. > > Riot is not obligated to recognize any argument based on the usage of a non-supported language. >Riot does not support the Danish language in ANY region of League of Legends. >As such, it does not MATTER. I can say that my native language of Hooplah uses the "n/f" words to mean something different. That doesn't mean it's acceptable in League. >If you are using a non-supported language that conflicts with the supported languages, that's your own problem. This reads like a horrible post from a racist twitter account. Like, why didn't he get unbanned? Principle? All an employee had to do was a basic Google search or reach out to any of the Danish pros/casters/affiliates etc. to find this information. The context of the sentence makes it bizarre to assume this person meant to say "kys" as in "kill yourself." I really think it is the principle, combined with laziness. Riot can't rescind a judgment that's gone public because they'd somehow lose face and their employees can't pick up these problems before they become an issue. They must be too busy with all the sexual harassment and LAN parties during working hours to monitor their systems. Can't wait for Eternals tho
: Ok Garen lost the on hits on E
The on hits were way too much. At first I was really excited because the meme builds were showing Garen totally mowing down everything but honestly, if he were shipped with them he would have gotten nerfed into the dirt. I was also worried that on hit builds would push more tank builds into obscurity because why buy DMP/Visage/etc when you can pick up a Wit's End and Guinsoos. I'm glad the ult and passive will be universally reliable. I'm glad we won't miss as much CS when using spin early. I'm glad Garen is changing for the better and the only sacrifice we have to make is 20 MR/AR, the damage and CC reduction aren't even being touched. I will however, be ecstatic if we can move into the rework and have the option to stack conq. That alone will help tremendously in some match ups and will be a welcome change from taking Phase Rush/Predator in tough match ups and praying that I make it to level 11 without too much trouble.
: Remember when you could actually run out of energy on energy based champs?
The only energy champ I have a problem with is {{champion:84}} Getting hit by 2 Q's for having the audacity to be in the general range of your _caster_ minions without have the option to retaliate is awful. When the frustration finally kicks in or you advance passed your _caster_ minions, she becomes untargetable which enables her to dump more Q's and E's into you. They can nerf her numbers all they want, what makes her frustrating to play against is the agency she takes away from anyone fighting her.
Böljy (EUNE)
: True damage is ruining the game for tanks
I think the issue is a complex spiral of **high damage + evasion/dashes + true damage + high uptime of spells + no way to shut off enemy true damage** It really struck home how bad the problem is when a Flora ran me down and I had literally no answer. I was Garen, cleaver/steraks into full tank with phase rush. 4k hp, 200+ armor/mr, 0.75s of 60% damage reduction and 4s of 30% damage reduction. She had done more than half my hp in true damage and had in fact done more damage to me than I had hp. I mitigated about 2k damage with W and (I presume) Steraks, can't remember the build only remember that I mitigated a huge number. And there was nothing I could do. Fighting meant dying and running meant dying. There was no way to run due to her superior mobility and no way to shut off her true damage because its both innate and as an activated steroid that refreshes itself through damage. And it healed her. Imagine being an adc or mage having to deal with this, or any melee without multiple dashes or long cc. The problem is you can't fight true damage champs, its difficult running from them, they have active heals and mitigation spells, and they have burst and sustain. Whatever weaknesses they previously had have been erased by conq, items, and buffs.
: [Spoilers] Lux: Issue Nr. 4 - Feedback, Discussion and Questions
Ive only ready the first issue. Just tell me before I read, do these comics imply a romance between Sylas and Lux? Cuz just no thanks on all of that.
: We made Eternals system instead of...
Youre all acting like it was a great feat even creating the Eternals system in the first place rather than a few people sitting down for a couple of days and writing it by hand or creating an auto-generator to spit them out. The man power spent on the Eternals was likely slim so even if they redirected efforts from this project to different one it wouldn't be major.
: Garen mini-rework? Thoughts?
I like these changes and I'm a little surprised that people are so vehemently opposed to them. Everyone is losing it over the W changes and honestly, if they were going to buff Garen then logically W is where they'd make the compensation nerfs. I will apparently be the first to admit it but Courage was really, really strong - and people will cry about removing skill expression by nerfing W but the damage reduction elements are unchanged so you can still make great plays with the 0.25s window so idk. The loss of 20 arm/mr on a champ who has natural tank scaling and is inclined to build additional resistances isn't *that* big of a hit in my books. I'm incredibly excited at the direction this is going. Garen can already utilize a huge amount of keystones compared to other champs but if we can start taking conq I'll be thrilled and if the addition of on-hits to Judgment go through, Garen will just simply be much more powerful. His ult dealing relevant damage to all targets will give him such an improvement in the lvl6 fights and his passive scaling per lvl will definitely help to remedy the "just get to lvl11" power through Garen experiences. It's unlikely these changes will ship as is but I really like the look of them. People are complaining that Riot is killing Garen's current core build but I really doubt the Cleaver/Steraks build is going to die - the items aren't changing and Garen's ability to utilize them is remaining the same. His natural attack speed growth will likely compensate for the loss of damage which means nothing is changing radically but now we have the **choice** of putting more strength into Judgment via building other items.
: garen is such an annoyance to deal with. Guy is tanky, deals damage, heals as if he has warmogs or mundo's ult for free once he hits a certain level after going out of combat for a few seconds. Garen in season 3 was never this crazy but they've been just giving garen buff after buff from the insane regen buff, to the true damage on basically everything garen has against a villain, then the armor shred. Garen is kinda overloaded and I just kinda sit back and laugh as I watch and anticipate what riot will do next to buff garen. Apparently he is still the underdog.
> [{quoted}](name=overpoweredscrub,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PJoNIVrE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-14T20:24:47.680+0000) > >Guy is tanky, deals damage, heals as if he has warmogs or mundo's ult for free once he hits a certain level after going out of combat for a few seconds So Garen is overtuned compared to to Renekton, Fiora, Camille, Irelia and the other fighters? Let's run through the list of what they have: 1. Becoming tanky through the virtue of bruiser items being so good, in addition to their own defensive steroid. This is something Garen shares with his class except he can only properly utilize BC and Steraks. All the other bruiser items aren't suitable and in the case of Death's Dance, you usually can only purchase this when you're massive ahead. 2. Most fighters have some combination of true damage, armour bypass, healing, or crowd control and you'll often find a combination of some such effects. Garen has incredibly limited access to the backbone of the fighter class. He has only 2 in-combat steroids, his armour shred and the villain passive, and there are cases where neither can be in effect. I've played some slow games where, at times, there just simply was no Villain and while this is rare it does have a precedent. 3. Garen has the worst healing mechanic out of all the fighters lol. Other champs can utilize their massive healing mechanics _in combat_ which is the biggest difference. With one empowered Q, Renek will heal more than Garen ever could dream to _and it will still take Garen 9s to heal the same amount,** out of combat.**_ This applies to most other fighters as they tend to have healing attached to their spells and have chances to empower their healing even further. Garen is an underdog compared to modern champs. That isn't to say he can't do well, especially in situations where people don't respect his damage because he's a simple champ. Though, I will concede that the new changes will probably make him even stronger in low skill environments. It's going to be glorious.
: I struggle to lane against Zed as Vel'Koz
People have already said it but rush your Seeker's and finish it first. The majority of people who have trouble against Zed (in a relatively equal skill match up) are the people who don't rush a Seeker's and don't optimize their runes. Also, you should be using Zhonya's as soon as he appears from his ult. So he casts on you, the X appears, then Zed appears - cast right when he appears after the X because that's when he begins stacking his damage on you. His ult lasts for 3s and Zhonya's lasts for 2.5s, you will mitigate FAR more damage using Zhonya's this way, instead of using it for the pop and additionally, Zed will have no energy/cooldowns. The ult will still deal damage but you will avoid more of it this way.
Eyesack (NA)
: Whats with ezreal and kaisa being in every single game?
Just chiming in to agree that Ezreal is busted OP. I ban him a lot and I don't play bot - I don't want to deal with permakite when it's finally time to emigrate from top lane but more than that, I don't want my duo to have to deal with that shit. His hybrid build makes him just *too* good against squishies, which in this meta, is basically everyone.
Manxxom (NA)
: The pantheon rework actually does look balanced to me.
Honestly, he *does* look a little overtuned. Let's remember though, that the PBE videos aren't really showing even match ups. There's usually a large skill gap between the streamer and their opponent and on top of that the streamers are only uploading the games they win/stomp so we don't see new Panth when he's behind or getting destroyed. As much as his kit seems overtuned, it still looks like Pantheon. He has huge power early and wants to make the same plays, use the same tactics, and build the same items. This rework really feels like a success to me - they preserved the feeling of Pantheon while giving him modern spells so that he can compete with new champs. I'll say that I'm tentatively impressed with their work on him. I won't know for real until I face the new Panth but honestly, the way you play against him seems to be unchanged. I really hope that if my bae Garen ever gets a rework they do it in the same manner as this - no radical changes just a modernization of his current kit.
: Seriously, is yi ever gonna get a nerf?
No Yi player would ever consider building a QSS before their core items which would either be a Rageblade or an IE/Shiv depending on which sort of Yi you're fighting. You usually get these items at 12-15 mins if your ganks are successful and your farming uninterrupted, which means you're already failing to play properly against Yi. Also, whatever sort of tank you play, when you're looking to buy Thornmail just buy the Bramble Vest and sit on it while you buy other items. Bramble Vest does it's job well enough on its own and you'd benefit more from finishing a DMP/Randuins/whatever first. But yeah,the ultimate counter play is the fact that the majority of Yi players won't build any defense stats so hes walking around with less than 2000hp. Dump everything on top of him if he engages with alpha or wait it out while kiting and layering your cc. Picking counter pick champs works well too, or getting an early Zhonya's. Deny him a Q reset and he's toast until he can stack up attack speed items.
: Remember when AP Ezreal's ult did more damage than AD Ez??
Sometimes you see Ezreal casting it, sometimes a ward give you a heads up. Sometimes an ally pings it, sometimes your mobility spell is available and you're able to dodge. But sometimes, despite all the methods I've listed, you just get by it. From the lowest rank to the highest people get hit by his ult even if they're aware it's coming and attempt to dodge it. The conversation isn't about someone's ability to dodge it. I actually agree that it does more damage than necessary for how strong his new kit is, especially considering it's aoe and has no penalties any more. Add back the % damage reduction per unit hit and it would make him feel a lot better to fight against.
: RIOT Supports Bigotry!
You have to walk within the line Riot defines as acceptable, which arbitrarily changes on a case by case basis, or you get punished as though you actually did something worth punishing. Unfortunately for us, the mob follows Riots holy dictates and you won't find many people to commiserate with here. Even when you have situations like this, where the only question left to ask is _what the fuck _
: Let’s look at why tanks are currently not of high value
So tanks are king in ARAM. If you build them properly with tank items, take the appropriate keystone, and most importantly don't become negative because you rolled a "bad" ARAM champ you'll usually do well. Against a balanced enemy team of course, if the enemy is 5 heavy poke champs with massive disengage its likely you and you allies will tilt off the planet. Anyway. Tanks are tanky as hell in ARAM. If facing 2 tanks, or even just 1 real tank and a bruiser you are **required **to build every pen item there is or you won't even scratch them. Tanks like Maokai and Mundo are immortal until grievous wounds and even then they are a challenge to kill. Considering ARAM is the definition of fast paced meta why are they able to thrive in ARAM? Gold flow. Unlike top lane, where they're denied farm and where junglers never deign to visit, tanks in ARAM have increased access to gold. The passive gain and the frequent kills keep their gold relatively even which helps them purchase their very expensive items at a similar pace to carries. On the rift, a tank will complete one item with boots when a carry has one item, boots, and a component so when the enemy dps is spiking, the tank is dipping. Especially the case vs AP and assassins who spec into early pen because it's universally good for them, unlike ADC's who need their crit and attack speed first. So yeah, increase the cost of carry items or decrease the cost of tank items before we go around buffing things. I think that's a step in the right direction.
: Offense>Defense because offense scales multiplicatively
Yeah. Only bruisers/juggernauts can safely fill the role of tank. A real tank will start a fight and be stuck because once they commit its ride or die for them and they get melted without proper ally response. Juggs and bruisers usually have escape mechanics and on top of that, they're usually designed with at least one superpowered defense utility, which is what allows them to build hybrid dps/tank and do both jobs well.
: Nothing feels worse than loving a champion who isn't on Riot's favorite list
Garen's been getting a lot of nice skins lately but he's still never touched. "buffing him would make him a low elo monster" "there's 1.5 high elo garen players, no one is complaining" "ryze needs more reworks first" {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:1006}}
: If you get 5 Stack Bleed, you are at fault. When you play everything other than a Tank, there is almost no way Darius will get that 5 Stacks on you, except you don't know how to trade vs him. Also, you know that his Damage doesn't come from his R, but the AD he gets from his passive, which adds up with ALL his Spells.
"No, these ridiculous damage numbers aren't the fault of bad game balance but in fact your fault for playing League of Legends." Yeh sure
Wyrin (NA)
: Queue Dodge Timers
> [{quoted}](name=Hoosier1,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=LR92MEA9,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-01T12:11:05.429+0000) > > Apparently you don't and that is your opinion. I think the dodge rules should be tougher. You're in luck, Riot tends to cater towards your sort :)
Stone766 (NA)
: Riot, please DON'T remove Qiyana's jungling capabilities
> [{quoted}](name=Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=tx6M4P2P,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-30T15:35:12.589+0000) > Also, consider her kit in its entirety. She has one ability that helps her roam, plus she has a lot of terrain scaling. I would compare her to Talon in that sense. Would you waste that potential Top? I imagine it's people simply preemptively taking her top because she's performing poorly on release, and needs buffs or tweaks. All wasted potential moves to top eventually, these people just don't want to wait.
Hoosier1 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rownan,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=LR92MEA9,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-30T00:49:33.830+0000) > > Stop auto filling me to roles I don't want to play. You know the rules. If you don't like the rules then don't play the game. If you play the game under these rules and break them then you deserve what you get.
> [{quoted}](name=Hoosier1,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=LR92MEA9,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-30T11:04:30.487+0000) > > You know the rules. If you don't like the rules then don't play the game. If you play the game under these rules and break them then you deserve what you get. We all understand the rules. That doesn't change the fact that they're heavy handed and self-righteous.
: Is hecarim ever going to get counterplay to his E
Damage still goes through. Even when you "outskill" the Hecarim he's still rewarded for pressing E near you. Make it like Jayce Q in hammer form. Jayce gets a powerful reward when he uses it correctly but there's still the option to dodge it.
: Their still nerfing Tahm support LMFAO
All of his stupid fish stacks should fall off immediately after spitting out an enemy if there are no allies nearby TK. He is bananas in top lane. So far I've seen him with Aery, Lethal Tempo, and Hail of Blades and each time my poor top laner got his shit pushed in. The TK with Aery was fighting a Darius and still destroyed him. I really have no idea how they could nerf him for top without hurting his support role either, but at this point I kind of don't care
: Stop "balancing" ARAM
The only time a Nid is OP in ARAM in when someone who knows how to play her is using her. All the others rush a Seraph's, bring clarity, don't ever use cougar and can't lead targets for their Q. But yeah, I haven't noticed a huge dip when I get poke champs. I still enjoy playing Ziggs, Vel, Lux etc etc and it feels _a lot_ better when I get melee champs. Most of my fav champs in the game are melee and it's really nice not having to instantly reroll them because now they have a chance. Though I agree, why exactly was Maokai buffed lol. Super tanks are god tier in ARAM if they're allowed to get their items and idk, it just feels super bad clowning on a team until Maokai or Trundle or Mundo gets 3 items and suddenly they're unkillable.
Jøkèr (NA)
: New Champion Teaser!
Shes an assassin, so Im really hyped to see which moves they stole from Tira and put onto her. +100 to plagiarism if Qiyana switches between stances _Fire, Earth, Water, **JOLLY, GLOOMY**_
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: What i hate about Darius
I'm so _sick_ of fighting Darius, I usually ban Aatrox cuz he's even more nope and it's a blessing when someone else bans him. It's not that I cant do the match up its just that Im so done with it. I'm a Garen main and the times people pick Darius just for the hurr durr Noxus vs Demacia match up is infuriating. It's even worse when they pick Darius and don't have the God-King skin :p But yeah, the match up is entirely dependent on the Darius. A bad one is a free bag of gold and a good one means you get little farm and could be dove 24/7. If the champs you main can use Phase Rush, I recommend it. Rush a Bami's Cinder, do some quick trades, be patient and scale. A lot of the time the safe play frustrates a Darius and he'd make mistakes he otherwise wouldnt.
: Why is there only 1 AD Support Champion?
> [{quoted}](name=Neekophile,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PKvpl4Le,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2019-06-05T08:01:22.907+0000) > How I tired to make it NOT Appealing to adc > 1. You dash Melee Range if you try to right click target your target is hitting) *nightmares of melee form Tristana* Anyway, I think it could work thematically but it would fall apart in game. There's plenty of inspiration for abilities: P: Allies in a cone behind you take (think MF Q) x% less damage, scaling with ranks in R up to x% Q: Low CD Shield Bash, auto attack reset, each time it's used it applies stacking armour shred up to 15% W: Rally or war cry skill, give your allies move speed/shield/whatever E: Long range dash with a mini-stun at the end (range like Thresh Q lol), if it connects with an enemy grants a shield/damage reduction/move speed/whatever R: Redirect x% damage to allies unto yourself, up to x% additionally gain a shield for each ally nearby, 100 per ally increased by hp/armour/whatever. At the end of the effect, gain move speed based on how much damage you've mitigated 10% per 300 damage mitigated or something. There, we have a crusader or champion or whatever you'd prefer to call it. A kit made in 10 seconds that could, with lots of tweaks, be that of a support champs. Scale all of his damage off AD and scale his utility off a combination of AD and HP _or_ armour. Cool. He would still build full tank, regardless of having AD scalings, maybe a Steraks or Cleaver for the HP shield and additional armour shred. The problem with AD supports is that they can go 2 ways only - the Pyke route of being an assassin, in which case they needed to be heavily gated by CD's or mana costs etc etc or else they become too unbalanced against traditional bot lanes. The other route is Leona/Braum/Taric types who have a great kit of engaging and staying in the fight but don't care about damage, they just want to survive. They all have kits that synergize with their autos and spells that empower said autos but none of them build AD items, except trashcans building IBG and Titanic. Any AD supp would be an assassin or a champ who, while they might scale off AD, don't care because their kit is designed to support others and a Duskblade just doesn't fit that bill.
: Can we allow losing bot to make comebacks already? Every game is a coin flip
> [{quoted}](name=LordGeovanni,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nVMEaWE0,comment-id=00010003,timestamp=2019-06-05T01:44:29.028+0000) > unless you were going for this anyway none of those are a good score anyway except top laner all that shows is you didnt feed but who knows what you gave up to not feed 70% of your farm, Drake, Red buff. With one kill and seven assists a jungler is rich lol. But yeah, it was a joke. A true to life joke but still made in good fun, though I imagine it's hard for AD/supp mains to find it funny since everything in League is super serious. > [{quoted}](name=LordGeovanni,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nVMEaWE0,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-06-05T01:47:41.653+0000) > > If your bot lane is losing get the the hell out of bot lane and let them bully another lane with their ranged advantage and another champion babysitting them. You may cry that you have to baby sit them but then again you also want to win the game Or more likely surrender because you dont know the win conditions. This basically says "_We made a big mess down here and it's not our fault, someone else has to clean it up and we're just going to leave and if you don't like it, fuck you._"
: I tihnk i may quite playing toplane honesly. This role suck
I play top or ARAM, almost exclusively though I don't play ranked. I imagine people are abusing ranged champs far more frequently there than in normal games though I still see my fair share of awful ranged tops like {{champion:85}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:6}} And jungle ganks are a toss up as well. I rarely, if _ever_ am the victim of a lane gank nor does my jungler set them up. If you ward diligently you're quite safe and instead of sitting in vision while you're pushed up, sit in the far bush instead. Jump out to grab the CS and then go back out of vision, if they can't see they can't assume they know where you are - it's better than just sitting under the enemy turret like a duck. Alternately, if you're pushed in ward the flank leading up to your turret and just back the hell away if you see someone coming, like to your t2 turret. The real issue, in my games, is that conq is so wildly OP compared to other keystones and bruiser itemization is just bananas. A 1v1 between two bruisers is almost entirely dictated by who can use conq (or who can proc is faster) and which items they buy.
: Can we allow losing bot to make comebacks already? Every game is a coin flip
_6/2/2 Top Laner_ _1/1/7 Jungler_ _1/1/2 Mid_ "Good game, everyone is doing pretty good. We're probably going to win" [What's going on bot lan--](
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: Fix the fucking minion agro please
Speaking of minion aggro grievances.. It would be lovely if my melee minions stopped randomly switch aggro to the caster minions that aren't even hitting them, or just randomly switching aggro entirely for some unknown reason. I can't tell you how many times Ive had to give up minions because the melees decided to switch their aggro, without even trading on an enemy and having them flip onto a champion. Top lane is hard enough without having to deal with RNG minion wars.
Taikobou (NA)
: When is the next temporary mode coming?
RIP Dominion {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Can we just kill AP Shaco already
Kill AP Shaco so people stop keeping him in ARAM. It's almost a guaranteed loss when you have one in your team because 1 out of every 50 actually know what they're doing and 1 out of every 100 can convert their skill into a victory.
: If you're autofilled
Learning a role and being good at it are different. Long time players (and no-lifers) can play every role if need be, they can understand winning and losing match ups, itemization, strategies etc etc It doesn't make it any less of a detriment to their team when they get autofilled even when they know how to play a role.
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