: > [{quoted}](name=Guojonjaich,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=p0XkXHkU,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-03-06T20:37:15.939+0000)I don't think frustration should be banned for by Riot. I think by perma banning you are saying X behavior is unacceptable and unwanted in our game. I don't think that players caring about the game and becoming frustrated should be an unacceptable behavior. I get that you feel that way, but your opinion that "solving" toxicity is simply redefining it is just that -- your opinion. I, for example, am fine with frustration, but I'd say that taking it out on another player through insults IS an unacceptable behavior. > The illusion here is that Riot can stop toxicity whatsoever. They can't, nobody can. The goal is not to stop toxicity -- it is to reduce it by eliminating it when identified in undesirable quantities. >I don't think Riot banning them has magically made them realize the flaw in their thinking. I think Riot knows that. Again, the goal is removal -- the offer of reform is given, but the goal is "behave better (if you choose), or get banned." > The main argument here is that perma banning should be for behavior Riot wants nothing to do with as a company, and I don't think it makes sense to include vented frustration over the game in that category. Riot has made that choice -- venting frustration by insulting or belittling other players IS a behavior they want nothing to do with as a company. You may disagree, but I think you'd have to offer them some compelling evidence that this would *improve* the community for your average player before they'd consider changing that policy.
Well the point I was trying to make is that it would improve the community for the average player. I really don't think Riot banning the occasional asshole who insults their teammates all game really changes the toxicity of the game much. Great, ya got one guy. The point I Was making is that by people expecting Riot to ban for X behavior, they generally will act on X behavior themselves much less frequently. Another player would be more likely to mute for this if he didn't think Riot was watching over him waiting to ban this guy. If it pissed him off, he'd be more likely to mute if it was on him to moderate other players behavior. And I think that each player being more inclined to take action for themselves would help out a ton since realistically, Riot banning doesn't really do all that much. They make a new account and go bother somebody else, who also doesn't mute them because they're expecting Riot to solve their problem for them as well.
Jo0o (NA)
: I'm probably more likely to quit this game due to the dickheads than I am due to ragers telling me to kill myself or calling me slurs. Overt childish trolls like the sort of people who think racist humor among strangers is a good idea are easily muted, for me. They bother people, and should absolutely be taught not to act in that fashion, but shit, I'll get past them. It's the assholes who think they have a God-given right to win every game and can't figure out how to shut the fuck up when anything at all goes wrong that really piss me off. Somebody who thinks it's their duty to micromanage me and tell me every step of how to play my champ and role from the moment of my first death annoy me more than anybody spouting hate speech. But worse than that is when I get to sit idly by and watch how my match gets thrown because player A picks a pointless fight with player B, causing both players to spiral out. So, while I certainly do respect the point you're trying to make, I enthusiastically disagree with it. League is a game where one player out of five can derail the entire team if they're not kept in check, and I'm not alone in not trusting the average League player to keep it in their pants and figure out how to play nice. I'm all for Riot cracking down on the pointless bickering that makes this game so hard to play sometimes, and I think it's entirely fair to place the burden on the individual player to figure out how to color between the lines.
The point I am trying to make though is somebody saying "wow Jo0o what are you building? Are you fucking retarded" probably by itself isn't enough to get you horribly upset and want to quit. Constant nitpicking and comments such as this is the problem, but a single one really isn't a huge deal. The point I Was making is that by people expecting Riot to ban for X behavior, they generally will act on X behavior themselves much less frequently. Maybe not you in specific, but another random player would be more likely to mute for this if he didn't think Riot was watching over him waiting to ban this guy. If it pissed him off, he'd be more likely to mute if it was on him to moderate other players behavior. Along with this, while I don't care about hate speech either necessarily and if you want to tell me to kill myself I say go for it I don't care, there are others in the game who don't feel this way, and in general the no threats of suicide thing Riot put into place so that if somebody who was severely depressed heard this, there wouldn't be major consequences. The point of my argument was that "kill yourself" and hate speech are much more volatile and have much higher chances of causing serious harm than "wow dude you suck," hence why hate speech should be perma banned and wow dude you suck is fine receiving just a simple chat ban if it goes on like that for an entire game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Guojonjaich,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=p0XkXHkU,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-06T20:18:51.293+0000)Being a dick isn't the same thing as being toxic This is highly subjective. >They aren't comparable, but are punished by riot in very similar ways, with the only real difference being speed of punishment. The issue here is that you're doing the common approach -- "This is the worst behavior, so it merits the worst punishment, and we work backwards from there." Riot (and a large part of the community) feel differently, and take this approach instead: "This behavior is unacceptable, and we want it gone, so we'll ban for it. WORSE behavior is, yes, MORE unacceptable, so we ban for it faster, but both are ultimately unacceptable so both get the punishment of a ban." > As for the dickheads who's toxicity is linked to frustrations about teammate performance, I don't think they should be punished further than a chat ban. The length of this chat ban could obviously increase, or possibly become permanent... Riot tried this approach in the past. Enough players resorted to other, less obvious forms of toxicity that they discontinued the practice, as it was hurting the community in ways that were harder to detect and address. > Bans in general should be left to things that can inflict serious detriment to the community through only one message. Nobody is going to become seriously offended and want to quit the game because somebody called them bad a single time one game, but this can very realistically occur from hate speech or telling people to commit self harm. If you call someone bad one game you'll be fine. The issue here, however, is that someone who encounters one of those players in every other game may well want to quit the game, much like how I'd find a new place to get coffee if my local coffee shop keeps telling me I suck and my taste in coffee is trash. Strangely, most people don't like having to put up with insults and belittlement.
I don't think frustration should be banned for by Riot. I think by perma banning you are saying X behavior is unacceptable and unwanted in our game. I don't think that players caring about the game and becoming frustrated should be an unacceptable behavior. Hate speech is unacceptable. Threats are unacceptable, but I don't think venting frustration is unacceptable, and I don't think it should be treated in remotely similar ways. The illusion here is that Riot can stop toxicity whatsoever. They can't, nobody can. It is a fact of life whether you like it or not that people will argue, and people will become frustrated with eachother when thrown into a team environment. I would permanently IP ban players who regularly use hate speech or tell others to kill themselves. Banning players doesn't teach them not to hold X view, it teaches them not to express that view (and sometimes not even that) I doubt many players who use hate speech stop using hate speech upon the creation of another account, and for those who do, I don't think Riot banning them has magically made them realize the flaw in their thinking. All it has done is made them not express their thoughts this way. While having maybe 10% of those racists who were permabanned stop using hate speech is technically better, do you really want them to play the game at all? The main argument here is that perma banning should be for behavior Riot wants nothing to do with as a company, and I don't think it makes sense to include vented frustration over the game in that category. Chat banning them is enough, but since perma banning these players after however long this game has been around has obviously not done anything, and these toxic players are still around and haven't changed a thing, making players take control of the situation for themselves instead of waiting for Riot to ban is probably a shitty idea. Riot has very little control over toxicity and I think people should take control for themselves over what they don't like and mute accordingly.
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FlamyMind (EUNE)
: How to CURE toxicity in League or any other pvp game - - - My Idea.
[MOD EDIT: removed the inflammatory part that is unnecessary to your argument] This would never work, is too convoluted, too complex, takes way too many resources, and wastes everybody's time.
: I want to make something clear even though it doesn't matter but idc i wanna say it
To be fair, most of the people that "don't care" about ranked or are "messing around", actually do care about ranked and are just saying that as an excuse for why they're feeding their ass off and are complete trash at the game.
Sasogwa (EUW)
: A lot of people have started taking triforce on Aatrox. It grants good burst, but mostly, it is very good for mobility. CDR is really fucking good for his Q cd, attack speed is always super good on Aatrox, and so is AD and health. Sadly, his synergy with spellblade is pretty weak though. It's still a good item in my opinion, and better than PD. PD's still a good duellist item, whether or not you build additional crit (you don't build crit as Aatrox). TLDR: both are good, I think Triforce is still stronger. Alternatively, Black cleaver (+ botrk obviously) is decent.
Fair enough. The burst on the first spellblade is definitely better than it would be on PD and I may be undervaluing the CDR. I just don't see aatrox as really burst reliant. The 3rd auto seems more crucial to his damage than spellblade is. I think people are overvaluing the spellblade passive on him, and I don't think front end burst is necessarily as important on a fighter like aatrox. That being said I can see the argument for the q cdr.
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: LP
If you just placed it is low. If you have like 50 games in ranked and have around a 50-60% winrate recently it is right around average
Meep Man (NA)
: Im saying people are being dumb when they complain about it given it's weaknesses. I'm not saying go and make a comp that doesn't have an ADC or similar champion, I'm saying this is what people have been asking for for a while.
Yeah banner doesn't weaken adc's or their role at all. All it does in my opinion is give another buff to tanks who already get free damage cuz of high base damages, and now you buy this and can take turrets while being a giant meatball standing in front protecting it. It is more of a buff to tanks than a nerf to adc/reliance on adcs.
: As I said already, I really hope they are not giving him any skin because they think he needs to be reworked once again. A man can hope...
I'd love a shen revert honestly. Feel like he was stronger beforehand with the old spammable q.
Meep Man (NA)
: Riot Provides Another Option For Non-ADCs to Quickly Kill Towers
Ummm. What. It's strong when you get baron because the turret isn't in range to hit it. Are you suggesting you can run a teamcomp around not getting a turret until 20 minutes when baron spawns, and taking a high risk play of trying to secure a 20 minute baron. Or waiting longer. All of this without having sustained damage from the safety of range. I'm confused.
: They are already working on it. > Jungle items - Two potential changes. First is changing sustain so it's more missing health/mana based. Goal there is to make early ganks a bit riskier like they used to be a couple of seasons back (not ganking at or close to full health, so more chance of a turn around). Would also potentially help out those unable to clear at present because they're so mana limited. Second change is lowering early clear speed a bit as well, push first gank times back a bit later in the game again. [Source](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/Kiy5ZMuR-quick-gameplay-thoughts-march-3)
: Hey @Kateykhaos, any news on Shen?
Idk about "resident top lane ninja." He's been a support for quite a while now. The first change i would want is moving him back to viability top lane instead of a skin.
: Oh no, I can't deny kills anymore by pressing a button :((
Don't forget it gave a free 600 gold towards either GA or zhonyas as well.
: I apologize but i want to try and stay away from toxicity and toxic people, I am sure he is a good player but i looked at the stream and it is not my taste, again thanks for the advice
Fair enough. I don't care either way, not my stream and not my gameplay im trying to improve. But the advice is the same regardless, watch dravens better than you. Not highlight clips those are useless, but watch entire games and see how they play around leveling up, how they use e in trades, when they greed for shit etc...
5050BS (NA)
: Stopwatch timer change was a bad move Riot
Shitpost of the day. Stopwatch was ridiculous with the 6 minute timer and shut down basically all aggressive play. As for zed, he's sitting at a 50% winrate. He's fine. And while he is strong when he gets duskblade if he can proc it during ult, the problem is duskblade, not zed. Regardless stopwatch was ridiculous and needed the nerf. When everybody in the game takes inspiration for the soul purpose of getting access to stopwatch, you know there's a problem. Also you play fizz and are complaining about zed. lol.
: Brand is currently considered a subpar midlaner and a top tier Support.
Well, because what is currently making brand strong is his passive. It has limited AP scaling so the AP from his items and xp from levels he'd build mid don't really make it any more powerful. His passive is the OP part of his kit, and it doesn't get any stronger or weaker with AP or levels, so the extra gold and xp you get by going mid is generally unnecessary on him. If he went mid, he'd just be a sub par mage with a good passive. By going support, he requires much less resources and can still apply his passive to enemies, which is basically the only redeeming part of his kit. I hope this makes sense lol.
: 3 afks in 10 games in the past 2 days
Riot's punishment system is just asinine in general. They take players who don't care about the game at all and literally ruin it by making it unwinnablelike people who troll/afk, and place them in low priority queues as their punishment, and then take toxic players who presumably care a lot about the game and sure are annoying, but still try and play the game, and perma ban them. It doesn't really make much sense, and is fairly backwards, but it positions them as a company that cares about the feelings of their customers so I mean it's working out for them. Anything with player behavior/enforecement basically you can just assume that Riot is inept and handling it the incorrect way (like chat banning a toxic player makes them focus on the game more/be less toxic. Every single chat banned player ive seen in my games seems to just fume and respond 2 minutes later about something that happened 2 minutes ago, which most likely means they've been thinking about it the entire time and not focusing on the game, or htey just steal my jungle camps when they can't type back), but that's just the way things are so ya gotta live with it and try and enjoy the game regardless.
: What im i doing wrong
You're playing a champion with 1 ability pre6 that does any damage to champions lol. Ganking mid as nunu will probably never work cuz it is a short lane and unless they're really far pushed it's fairly difficult to provide anything more than a movespeed slow on the gank. If you're going to gank, go either bot or top when they are pushed in, and make sure your top laner is close enough that they can assist since you do 0 damage yourself. Regardless though, ganking isn't really one of nunu's strongpoints. He's mainly just really good for objective control like soloing dragon/rift herald, and just being a pain in the ass for the enemy jungler since he can steal enemy jungle camps so easily and has his bloodlust to move through jungle quickly. For the most part way you're gonna wanna play nunu is getting objectives for your team, showing up for counterganks instead of just starting ganks off, and stealing the enemy jungler's camps when they show up on the other side of the map. AP nunu sucks, if you want a tank jungler that does more damage play something like olaf or jax or something similar. Although they aren't as useful later on in the gmae when they just get outscaled. But if you enjoy ganking, nunu is not the champ for you.
: > [{quoted}](name=Guojonjaich,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yRpQgjox,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-03-06T16:39:26.135+0000) > > I'd disagree and say that you can just as likely actually average half a division lower depending on how intelligently ff. If you're smart about games you ff, you get into winnable games instead of wasting 10-20 minutes playing a game that is already a loss. Eh, that's only if you belong higher. You're not going to climb higher than where you belong. Plus it generally doesn't take more than 50 to 100 games to get to around where you belong and almost everybody plays at least that many games during a season. So the NEVER SURRENDER! strategy does have a very teensy tiny positive effect on your rank. It's just not worth the sanity lost in order to obtain it IMO.
Ah ok. To be fair I'm a toxic piece of shit, and my skill level is like mid master tier, so I normally get an account perma banned before the 100-200 game mark. So I don't really have all that much experience with the "where you belong part" Although my last account I got to master like 200 lp in around 100 games ish from unranked, so I guess that makes sense. So it's entirely possible this is correct, I just don't have the experience with staying at my rank for a long time since well I normally get banned before I can do that lol. And the worse my winrate the faster I get banned so yeah. Take this account for example. Perma'd already.
5050BS (NA)
: Yes I understand that, but if they run on the same math and are the same system (Im soloQ and it has bans) they why can I climb to and go toe to toe with Plat Diamonds but in Ranked Im constantly matched with feeders and afkers any time I get near a Promo.
Because nobody tries in normals and you can't compare the two. You're silver becuase you're silver, not because you're unlucky with teams/afks.
: thanks for the input, i will keep it in mind.
I do what I can. in all seriousness though, if you want to see how to play draven watch my friend. Not trying to advertise a stream but the guy is actually really good, duo'd with him and partially carried his ass to master earlier this season but still. He's toxic as shit and doesn't stream all that often, but if he's ever on watch it and you'll probably learn some shit. Also he's new so he's a suck up and tries to interact with chat a bunch so u can just ask him whatever. Doesn't stream often and unsure if he'll be back, but personally the best draven ive ever played with, and ive played with basically every adc main in league at some point or another. https://www.twitch.tv/ashgodhd
: Please help me out, I am at my breaking point
If you have a sample size of over 20-30 games, it's not your teams it is you. You're the only common factor in all the losses, you're just bad, or at least playing badly. (there is a difference) As for what to do about it, it's pretty simple. Stop playing janna in silver. Just don't play her ever until you get wayyyyy higher elo. If you want to know the super secret overpowered way to gain elo and be at least plat within like 2 weeks, here it is. Play support. Pick thresh. LEVEL 2 ALL IN EVERY SINGLE FUCKING GAME. People just don't respect level 2 at all. 1. Clear first wave by the time second wave gets there, not too fast so it is still in the middle of the lane, and your minions don't push under/near their tower (you want as much space between the wave and their turret as possible) 2. The second you see the second minion wave, start beating the living shit out of the 3 melee minions in the wave. Just spam auto attack those bitches. If you take/mess up a cs or two this is fine it really doesn't matter (may help to tell your adc to push second wave beforehand so he doesn't get all pissy like low elo adc's normally do when they lose 1 cs) 3. When the 3rd minion gets to around half health, walk up past it, auto attack it once, walk into the face of their adc/support (go for the support if they are playing like janna lulu nami since they have such low health) At this point your adc will last hit the minion and you'll be level 2. 4. Don't lead with hook, that's stupid. Flay them backwards and then hook them when they're slowed. If they get to around 30% HP drop ignite since this is when most people heal, and you want grievous wounds to lower the heal. 5. You get a free kill. congrats. 6. It's low elo, depending on who you kill, the adc/support will stay in lane becuase they're complete morons. Flash hook/flash flay the idiot, and get another free kill. Then push the wave in and back. 7. If you have enough for mobi boots, buy them instantly and roam either top or mid or both and get them a free kill, and you've basically won the game. congrats. do this literally every single game, it is the easiest shit ever. To be fair my main is master like 200 lp, but it should bejust as easy for you. I did this when I was trash as well and it got me to gold in season 3 and then plat 1 in season 4. If you have any questions, add me on moooose5 or im still toxic. They're low level accounts cuz every single one of my other accounts has been banned, but I can answer any questions you have on them, or spectate one of your games, or when i unlock thresh you can spectate me and ill just show u what to do. Hope this helps ALSO if you don't want to play support like this, let me know and ill add advice for a different role/playstyle as well. but this is probably the easiest given your mmr and role.
: Support is the hardest role to climb with imho but its still doable, I had a similar problem last season where I thought because I was "good at adc", I had to play adc, and I dropped from bronze 1 to bronze 3 on a 20 game losing streak, finally I just gave up and played what I thought sounded fun and I felt I could play well with, being Quinn top and within a month I went from bronze 3 to silver 3. So dont feel you have to play support, your shyvana looks good and overall you seem good at jungle so just mess around with that.
Yeah not true even remotely. You jst need to know how to support. Up to like plat if you abuse champs like thresh etc, and just pressure around lvl 2 all in, you win every game. People are stupid and don't back off. After plat, it's just as easy but you need to predict a flash with your hook. Do that all the way until diamond 3, where after that just play champs like janna lulu since your adc is most likely not a boosted ape. Support is literally the easiest role in the world to carry with up until plat. Main is master to be fair, but ill get accounts from silver to plat with like a 90% winrate just spamming thresh. People just don't respect the level 2 all in.
: 1. Focus on 1-3 champions, learn everything about them inside and out 2. Watch pro players, streamers, high elo players: they explain a lot of their decision making and you should do some analysis yourself 3. League isn’t about memorizing cool downs and jungle routes, that isn’t something you focus on learning, that knowledge will come naturally to you 4. Focus on your main roles and how they impact the game and how you can make an impact for your team 5. Focus on the strengths of the champion you are playing 6. Practice vision control 7. Keep playing the game. Lose or win doesn’t matter. Always learn something from every game. Play a lot if you want to improve quickly
Ignore everything but number 2 and 7, you'll learn literally everything through them. Play the game, watch people better than you. GG
: I am going to become a Draven main
: You'll average _maybe_ half a _division_ higher by playing out every 10-30 stompfest where your team is AFK farming the jungle so they can get out of the lost game that you won't let them leave. Is that really worth it?
I'd disagree and say that you can just as likely actually average half a division lower depending on how intelligently ff. If you're smart about games you ff, you get into winnable games instead of wasting 10-20 minutes playing a game that is already a loss.
: PSA: Don't surrender in ranked
PSA: some games can't be won, and losing lp to get out of a game 10 to 20 minutes faster adds up, do that once or twice and you've already added an extra winnable game or two. FF'ing is actually smart and efficient if climbing is the overall goal. The problem is with people ffing games that are far from being decided.
5050BS (NA)
: Why am I in Plat-Diamond games in SoloQ Draft but Silver in SoloQ Ranked?
They have different mmr's associated with the queues. Draft mmr isn't the same as solo/duo queue ranked mmr.
: elo boosting
Unsure if you could've made a post more based on bullshit assumption than this one.
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: So is this the intended Volibear?
Unsure if it's intended, but the game does this with most loss of control things on jungle camps, if they haven't hit you first. (Same thing happens with ahri charm etc..)
: Bye league of legends thank your balance team
: > [{quoted}](name=Guojonjaich,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GimgaEER,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-02-11T22:53:15.656+0000) > > _<Removed>_ _<Removed by Moderation>_ Seriously, my dude, stop rank calling in discussions. It's non-productive.
You're right this is definitely my main account :D good job {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Lux Auto Animation?
How do you know what lux's crit animation looks like is the better question....
: well... to be fair there is a lot you can do to counterplay a sion. If you predict and go facetank his ulti when he tried to leave you can usually kill him after that. It's not the best escape tool.
Chermorg (NA)
: I would argue that your statistics are quite incorrect regarding the LP win at certain MMRs. Your LP win is based on whether you "should" win the game or not - if the enemy team is a lot stronger than you, you'll gain more LP for a win, and lose less for a loss. If your MMR is well above your current division, the same will occur, so the system can put you where you belong. Once you're around players of the same skill, your LP gain/loss will very quickly revert to the standard 20/20 or so. Riot doesn't do anything special to help people climb randomly. The people who are helped climb are those whose skill level is greatly above the tier/division they're currently in. For example, I ended last season Silver 5, and got placed in Bronze 5. Over the past 2 days I've won 28 LP per game or so. Now that people are climbing back into Diamond, Master, and Challenger tiers, there's room in Silver 5 that the system can bump me back up to. Riot is trying to get me out of an MMR that is lower skill than me (i.e. low bronze MMR) and put me back in the MMR with players that are of similar skill. Once I get to a skill level around mine, my LP gain/loss will quickly revert to 20/20 or so.
I would assume you've never started a new account/smurf before. You keep your winrate as long as possible and it carries you an extra division to 3 depending on how well u can keep it. Sadly this stops working around like high diamond which is where I normally sit, but when I was trash I did this to get myself from gold 3 to plat 5
: It's hilarious when you do it with Garen though: Free hp regeneration based on maximum health Auto attack reset Said reset cleanses slows Said reset makes him faster Said reset silences enemies hit Passively gains armor/mr for CSing 60% tenacity on-demand 80% damage reduction on-demand, turns to 30% damage reduction afterwords AoE damage that allows him to ghost through units AoE damage will shred armor of enemies Point-and-click nuke damage based on missing hp Said nuke includes a passive that picks one enemy, now everything you do deals bonus true damage to them
OMG HE'S INSANE HIS KIT BASICALLY HAS EVERYTHING. And then you look at him in game and realize he's just a more mobile rift herald who can leave baron pit....
Chermorg (NA)
: The thing is, most of us only see a player in one, maybe two games. We aren't equipped with the data to determine if they're "bad" or not. They may very well *look* bad in statistics, but somehow they have a 50% winrate. They obviously aren't getting hard carried *every single game* - they're helping somewhere. The shield between divisions (i.e. Bronze 2 0LP to Bronze 3) is only 3-4 games, and only right after promoting. After 3-4 games after promoting, a loss at 0LP will demote you. The shield from Silver 5 to Bronze 1 (the tier shield) requires your MMR (matchmaking rating/skill level) to be lower than that of others in Silver 5 to be demoted.
The first part is very true, but I would argue that the overall winrate is a very misleading statistic. Most players start much lower than they ended in the previous season, and riot does this intentionally. The problem with this is that by doing so, players get very high winrates towards the start of the season, and can start skipping divisions etc, if they keep around a 70% winrate which isn't hard at all to do. Once this winrate settles down, they still are getting like +28 lp per win and climb much more than they should, until their winrate goes back to 50%. Their winrate in their current division is very far from 50%, most likely like 40%, but because of the huge winrate they had at the beginning of the season, their winrate seems to be around 50%. As for the shield, yes it is correct that it only goes after promotion, and with the division 5 shields, it is seriously hard to get demoted from division 5 of any tier. I tilted ridiculously hard earlier this season, all the way from d3 to d5. At d5, I lost literally 12 games in a row at 0 LP, had around plat2/3 mmr, and still wasn't demoted. It used to be you needed plat5 mmr to get demoted from diamond5 (like in season 5/6)and I think they improved upon that, but it is much harder to demote than getting lower mmr than the average player in your division. At least in d5/p5/etc.. Riot wants you to climb, and they put in measures to help this along. They inflate mmr in placements, have giant demotion shields, and give you a free win if you fail promos and then get back in. They want you to climb, and this on top of it being a team game leads to many players who are much worse than the elo that they are in. To be fair this is a very small majority, and we have only one or 2 games to base somebody's skill off of, so not every "bad player" is actually a horrible player like you said. But there are still a lot of them. Plus people get boosted etc.. But yes it is unfair to say every person who plays badly in one of your games is a bad player who doesn't deserve their elo, but these people certainly exist.
: You're assuming a lot. The reason that intentional feeding and trolling is less frequently banned and punished is because it's incredibly hard to prove. Oh yes, it's easy to prove on an individual basis quite a few times, but Riot can't handle every single trolling report manually. It's simply not possible given the size of the community. So the automated system has to do most of the heavy lifting, and Riot wants to make sure that the automated system is tuned so that even the worst player in the world wont be banned for playing poorly unintentionally. So we are left with intentional feeding being much harder to detect than poor behavior. To at least slightly make up for that Riot's first punishment for intentional feeding is only one step away from being permanently banned. There is **very** little slack given to those who intentionally feed.
While this is true, I still think that if Riot actually cared about inting etc, they could create a much better system that actually punishes and finds people like this. If you have a player who sells all of their items and buys mobi boots raptor cloak and that 850 gold ap/movement speed item, and runs into the enemy team, they're probably trolling. Just a guess. Most people also announce that they're trolling. "Alright im feeding now f u." It is much harder to detect, I will give you that. And yes my post was filled with a ton of assumptions, but I still believe it is undeiable that Riot cares more about toxicity than they do trolls, and I think this should change. Trolls make the game so much more frustrating than any toxic player ever could. While it's harder to punish, if they actually wanted and tried to, I think you would see results quite quickly.
: The amount of things that Yasuo can do is stupid
You can do this for literally any champion lol. They all have a ton of things in their kit... {{champion:14}} OMG what an insane champion. He has a q that acts as a slow/knockup and has an insane ad ratio!! His W is a giant aoe burst damage that also gives him passive health whenever he kills a minion just letting him get even tankier. HOW RIDICULOUS His e is a giant slow that gives him decent waveclear and insane poke damage in the early game, on a relatively low cd and low mana cost. His ult allows him to escape, engage, or set up ganks since he can use it from so far away and run into a lane. And if it hits a squishy target they're basically 100% dead. How insane Riot, how did you think this was a good idea. And to top it off his passive lets him COME BACK TO LIFE. Are you kidding me? As if killing him once was hard enough. Yeah it's almost like every single champ in the game has 4 abilities and a passive, where most of them can be used for multiple things. Yasuo is fine, he's sitting at around a 50% winrate which is great. He's not broken, he's not busted. He's just a champion that punishes stupidity and unskilled players very well, since he is snowbally and does AOE. Actually know when/where/how to fight him, and he's a pretty meh champion. He's not overloaded at all, he's completely fine.
greekvandaL (EUNE)
: Do remind me.
: Intentional feeders and most trolls are unlikely to post about their punishments because they know that they were in the wrong, why attempt to argue against something only to have their ass roasted by community members? But some people will still do it so there are examples to disprove your statement of "never"; https://www.google.com/search?q=banned+for+intentional+feeding+site:boards.na.leagueoflegends.com&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi_x8rw-J7ZAhUBxGMKHWPwAL8QrQIIMygEMAA&biw=2560&bih=974
Fine. A very small majority of people that afk, troll, or int are punished, because Riot doesn't have the same no tolerance policy against these thigns as they do for toxicity. If you call somebody a %%%, Riot will ban you straight up. If you afk troll or int, you can be anything short of a serial offender and little to no punishment will be taken against your account. I would much rather be called a %%% than have my entire game ruined by one person, and there's no mute button equivalent for trolls. So if Riot is actually serious about punishing this behavior, they shouldn't let you afk 3 games in a row before you get leaver buster and placed in a low priority queue (WHERE YOU'RE STILL ALLOWED TO PLAY), and they should actually ban people for ruining games by inting or trolling. As the system is currently, none of these things happen, hence why I said Riot doesn't care about trolls. Because it is undeiable that Riot cares exponentially less about trolls afk's and feeders than they do toxicity. And I'm fairly sure more people get pissed off about somebody running it down mid and actually ruining their game, than somebody being mean to them when they can just mute. Toxic people suck, I'm not denying that. But who honestly cares more about somebody saying you're bad at the game, than they do about somebody who makes a game completely unwinnable. Riot punishes toxicity because they want to seem like a family friendly, open community to all of the kids/no lives that play this game. And I have nothing against these people, if you have no life, are sensitive, or are a child good for you, I hope you have fun playing the game. But you can't honestly say Riot cares about trolls a fraction of the amount they care about toxicity. There isn't a set group of people associated with trolling that Riot gains political/social favor for condemning. It's just "those damn trolls. People who afk" etc... With toxic people, it's a much more well defined group that nobody likes. Assholes, racists, homophobes, etc. Riot bans for toxicity and not for trolling because they don't gain anything from banning trolls. With banning toxicity, they align themselves with the rest of the PC nation and seem like a stand up company that is trying to stifle out bigotry. This is a completely fine route to take, they are a company and should do what is best for making them money, but still. Riot just cares at least 20 times more about toxicity than they do trolling. (To be fair there are the people who tell others to kill themselves which obviously is ban worthy of toxicity because well that's just horrible, but still.)
Chermorg (NA)
: >Takes barrier instead of exhaust This is a viable strategy. >gets back from his first recall with a Doran's ring and an Amplifying Tome. So they wanted to have more AP? >Comes back from his second having sold his gold item. There is no requirement for anyone to buy or keep a particular item. >Meanwhile he keeps stealing cs like it was nothing There is no concept of stealing cs as nobody owns any CS in the game. >feeds the enemy laners by ridiculously and unnecessarily overextending for no reason. So he's a bad player and made some mistakes. That is not punishable. I'm going to give up because after this sentence you repeat the same things over and over again. You had a bad support. They're bad at the game, sure. That is not punishable, nor is it trolling.
I think it's more about Riot's ladder system being too forgiving in lower elos, and making it too hard for bad players to actually demote all that much. The way the system is made now, bad players don't demote, tilted players demote. They both should... Up until plat, the 0 lp shield you get after promoting, and the free win in promos, along with having people just get carried all the time, makes it way too easy for people to stay in the same elo even if they don't deserve it. Bad players shouldn't be reported for trolling, but the ranked system should make it so that they actually lose elo and can't just sit in diamond 5 or whatever rank it is for the entirety of the season, because Riot makes it so hard to demote.
Elohaven (NA)
: Yes, because setting a freeze, pushing the lane out, and finding your tower gone is alright. 1.5 waves of minions is enough to delete a tower too while you have two incoming waves that only focus a cannon or melee minion while the enemy waves focus the tower with two people who only have starter items taking the tower's health to 0 without jungler help. I would understand in two waves super waves but one which the tower cant even defend itself against early game with ally minions is horrid.
You very much can not take a turret from 100 health to 0 with 1.5 minion waves _<Removed by Moderation>_. If you're shoved under your turret the entire game and the turret gets put to 66% HP, and they get a wave and a half and then another wave coming in to finish it off, yes they're gonna take it. Don't back randomly when the wave is pushing in. Wave control and back timings are important _<Removed by Moderation>_
: When will Riot, or the Riot employee admit their idiotic mistake of ruining the game with stopwatch?
They normally admit they make things too strong if you read patch notes. "We realize we may have overtuned ___ a bit" you can see that all the time. But yeah it still needs to get nerfed in my opinion. I think it's a fine item in the game, if you're willing to pay 600 gold for a 1 time use item I mean go for it. But getting it for free, where there's not really any other viable options in that tree, is kind of ridiculous. Push it back to 8 or 10 minutes, or make it only purchasable in the shop.
Elohaven (NA)
: Towers are shit tier
It's almost like in the early game, back timings and wave control are actually important to the game or something. Who woulda guessed.
: >And this guy will never be punished, because Riot whole heartedly condones this behavior. When did they do this? I could use some actual proof here instead of individual trolls that have not been detected by the system.
Riot only cares about toxic players that hurt your feelings. Trolls never get punished...
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