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Reqone (EUNE)
: the best role for former main support?
What supports did you play? I went from caster supports to caster mids. Its going pretty well, but I can't cs for the life of me. {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
: Annoyed with Riot...
I'm not particularly fond with Riot and how they handle problems, but they did make a game that I can play for several hours a day without losing interest. Soooo {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: this game is like africa, rich in mines but under poor laws and government. I was playing last day some one banned my yasuo that i was already showing , I picked nunu and inted 0/8 and i got banned. i mean im not going to play the game when im getting punished for being trolled, should i dodge and get 25min queue ban because i got trolled ? or should i get banned ? f*** ur game and ur rules that is why this game is being shit to hell. yea i wil say my friends come play this sh1t togother, grab ur game to toilet. that is so easy to punish someone for banning another one champ but it seems it is ok for them, but not for me
Diversify, if someone bans your preferred champ, play one of the 100+ other champions in the game. Try your best no matter what. No one is guaranteed their preferred role or champ.
gbvbv (NA)
: I don't know how hard to play xayah but i'm try to get an s on xayah
Denten (NA)
: {{champion:53}} Gotcha {{champion:131}} hit by Q = DEATH {{champion:236}} Korea loves drive-by's {{champion:54}} Rammus's fraternal twin {{champion:75}} Still bad against ranged champs {{champion:497}} GOTTA GO FAST {{champion:45}} HOW DID YOU ONE SHOT AT HALF HEALTH WTF {{champion:254}} commin for dat booty {{champion:498}} Wow shes all alone, this is easy. (0.5 seconds later) WTF MY HEALTH {{champion:5}} Needs 0 items to burst you
"Gotcha" Exactly why he's my first choice ban.


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