: LoR Interactions You'd Like to See
I can't freaking BELIEVE that Sett has no interactions with Vi.
Sharjo (EUW)
: I mean, Sivir was also not made a Shuriman originally. She got retconned in to being a Shuriman. Going from lore specifically she's stated as being from The Great Sai, which is far more geographically accessible to the rest of Runeterra than around Sai Kahleek, where Kai'Sa was born. Of course we dunno where specifically in Shurima her dad comes from, but her mum's definetly from the area around Sai Kahleek, and there's no information as to Sivir's parentage other than that she's of Azir's bloodline, but she's also 3,000 years out from Azir, which means she might have had non-Shuriman native or Targonian or Ixtalan or really had ancestors from anywhere in Shurima during that time. Going off of that, I'd say it's not a stretch narratively to seee Sivir and Kai'Sa looking different because of their heritage; they're from opposite sides of the same continent.
She was always a mercenary from Shurima ("You can't tame the desert") The retcon was that she was made into royalty... which was less a retcon and more a character reveal
EdgeLady (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=HalfTangible,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=xni4aQpG,comment-id=00070000000000010000,timestamp=2020-01-26T02:37:49.731+0000) > > Because unlike in our world there's no clear link between geography and racial identity. > > Lucian and Senna are Demacian; so are Lux, Garen, and Sylas. Ekko is from Zaun, just like Jinx and Vi. Pyke is from Bilgewater, like Miss Fortune. Sivir is Shuriman (descended from Azir) and has lived her entire life in the desert; so has Taliyah. I think you can easily probably trace some geography and genetics in Runeterra too, but the history of the spread and intermingling of those genetics is still wildly different than that of our world. Runeterra being a world created and guided by higher deities helps this. In this case, the Shuriman Empire is in question, and the consequences of their spread. It's likely that Lucian, Ekko, and Pyke (on his Valoran side) have Shuriman blood in them, but their and their families' locations are likely the result of their very far-flung empire and likely farther flung trade (Ekko is a bit of an easy-to-explain exception since Piltover and Zaun are right next to Shurima in the first place and have people from all looks and all places).
But this same idea (that people spread all over the place because Shurima was a world-spanning and trading empire) DOESN'T extend to "white people" in Shurima, becaaaaause.....?
Sharjo (EUW)
: Realistically it's important in a setting like Runeterra where travel is limited depending on where you live. You expect places like Bilgewater, Noxus or Demacia to have champions of all kinds of races because of what they are: a harbour city that attracts criminals from across the world, an empire spanning 3 continents and a kingdom founded by refugees from across the world. But Shurima's not like those places. People who live anywhere that's not near enough to the coast are unlikely to leave Shurima for their entire lives, and given how inhospitable the Shuriman deserts can be, it's doubtful people would immigrate there, which then makes Kai'Sa race important because it raises a lot of questions about her heritage. And considering what her heritage actually is, it becomes even more of a headscratcher. tl;dr it's weird because of how Runeterra works. In a general sense, what people's race are is irrelevant. In fantasy it can be because depending on culture, technology, travel methods and other factors, people are naturally gonna be divided up more in some cases.
*points at Sivir, who is stated outright to be descended from Azir and has lived her entire life in the Shuriman deserts* There's no clear link between racial identity and geographical location.
Arakadia (NA)
: Why is not important for a character to look like they are from the region the lore claims they are from?
Because unlike in our world there's no clear link between geography and racial identity. Lucian and Senna are Demacian; so are Lux, Garen, and Sylas. Ekko is from Zaun, just like Jinx and Vi. Pyke is from Bilgewater, like Miss Fortune. Sivir is Shuriman (descended from Azir) and has lived her entire life in the desert; so has Taliyah.
Sharjo (EUW)
: I mean, that's not necessarily better lol, but hey to each their own
I don't feel that a character's race is what's important, especially given that there's no consistent skin color anywhere in this game But hey, "to each their own"
Sharjo (EUW)
: My Problems with Kai'Sa Narratively (And what I'd like to see Riot try and fix)
"Kai’Sa’s definitely a white lass" She looks kinda Japanese or Chinese to me =/
Frostfel (NA)
: To clarify none of the skins are canon in League of Legends lore. They are what if variants, like what if Ahri was in a modern school. But yes Sylas can absorb magic, we do not know of a limit as of now.
This is true for most of the skins in the game, but there are a few exceptions. Captain Fortune is MF's current canon form, Gangplank was Captain Gangplank in the past, and Sylas' freljord skin is indeed what he looks like right now as he's in the Freljord.
MrRainx (NA)
: So Sylas can absob magic
Technically, it's the petricite gauntlets he wears that can absorb magic. While he was imprisoned, Sylas figured out a way to draw energy out of it and use it.
Hotarµ (NA)
: What draws you to a character?
Kindred is my favorite champion from a design standpoint, and I think it's because I love partnerships and/or dual characters. When I played Dota my favorite hero was Jakiro, because he had two opposing dragon heads.
: > [{quoted}](name=HalfTangible,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=amEaEZ2q,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000000000010000,timestamp=2020-01-17T20:45:47.931+0000) > > Renekton and Aatrox are champions. > > They are the apex of their respective kind's power levels. > > Keep in mind Pantheon (who very much takes pride in being a mortal man) survived a lethal blow from Aatrox *after* the Aspect left him. Tbh Panth survived that through anime power and as much as he claims to be just a mortal man, he obvs still has some of the celestial power of the aspect in him.
"Panth survived through anime power" And Jax is as anime as they come, outside of the Star Guardian skinline. ... and MAYBE Sett, especially if you count the champion spotlight
: > [{quoted}](name=Jaspers,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=amEaEZ2q,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2020-01-17T13:04:48.439+0000) > > Have more faith in him (and less in the Ascended). Ascended like Renekton and Aatrox are Freljordian spirit god level of power. Jax can't kill that unless he has a World Rune or some shit.
Renekton and Aatrox are champions. They are the apex of their respective kind's power levels. Keep in mind Pantheon (who very much takes pride in being a mortal man) survived a lethal blow from Aatrox *after* the Aspect left him.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Scathlocke,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=amEaEZ2q,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2020-01-17T15:56:45.748+0000) > > They are non-literally gods. They are imbued with god-like power, from a mortal perspective. > > But Ascended most definitely CAN be killed. Even the champion-tier ones. > > (But not the imprisoned Darkin) "Hey... Remember those super dangerous and powerfull Ascendeds from Shurima?" "Yes, we should do something about them" "What if we turn them into super dangerous, powerfull AND immortal weapons instead?" "Sound like a good plan" Targonian logic.
I'll note, you're assuming everything went to plan. I doubt it was the Targonian's plan to, say, lose track of their phenomenally powerful star-forging dragon, either.
Jacksin (OCE)
: Jax's bio -- PERFECTION
My feelings on it are... mixed. Something about Jax that has stayed pretty consistent since his very first lore state was that he was such a colossal badass that he used a lamppost as a weapon solely to give his enemies a sporting chance. It wasn't a real weapon, it was just something he could beat you over the head with. Because he was just THAT good. The whole point of the lamppost was that it was a random piece of junk he happened to pick up; the lamp itself didn't matter. Making the lamppost important for fighting the Void is a subtle change, but not as small as it initially seems. Yeah, it's still not a "real" weapon, technically, but it's absolutely *a* weapon now; one to be used against the Void. He feels like a different (albeit very similar) character now. This isn't as egregious as deleting Shyvana's father or Varus' family from existence, but it does rub me the wrong way, ya know?
: If the diminutive promoter is actually a yordle, i guess that it must be the Yordle from Legends of Runeterra... i dont remember his name.
Karl, I think. Not sure what the card is called tho.
: I'm 100% sure Fiddlesticks lore will boil down to "FIDDLESTICKS an evil primordial thingy and that thingy is now set loose and is being all evil and primordial all over the place, BUT NOBODY KNOWS WHAT IT IS AND WHERE IT CAME FROM" Like Nautilus Amumu and Rammus maintaining a sense of mystery is probably way better than anything else they can come up with.
Yeah, I figure that too, see my disclaimer. But I find the "nobody knows where it came from" to be... well... begging for headcanon, let's say. It immediately makes me curious as to what the original origin story might've been, even if that legend has been lost to history by the time we check back in with the cast.
: [Spoilers!] Zed Issue Nr 3. Discussion
I assumed 'Order of the Shadow' was a translation of 'Yanlei' or something along those lines. Re:Akali's contradictory behavior: It's clear she's frustrated with Shen's attitude and choice to cling to tradition over ending the threat Zed poses. However, it's also clear that despite that she still has respect for Shen as a warrior and her master. She disagrees vehemently with him, but she'll still follow him. For the moment. Also, I don't recall if we've seen the dragon tattoo she has in the lore after leaving the Kinkou. This comic could very well end with Akali going off on her own and it seems to be leading into Kayn turning on Zed.
Comentários de Rioters
: 1: Why does Kai'sa look like Ahri? 2: Why didn't Garen spin to win?
: They subdued him before imprisoning him so they could have uncoupled his legs or atleast unloaded his ammunition. Wouldn't make for a very interesting cinematic i suppose if urgot falls out of his cell as a giant human nugget with no arms or legs...
Urgot's implants all come from someone who needed it to live. It's arguable he wired them into himself so he requires them to live, as well. Which still begs the question of why he has AMMO, but still
: The League Universe in 2019 - A recap
Apparently, Evelynn is getting some lore in 2020. I'm so excited and I just can't hide it~
darkdill (NA)
: With the mage hunts going on in Demacia, you'd think Noxus would use the opportunity to strike
This might've been a good argument before Sylas broke out and started his rebellion proper, but now that he's out and wrecking shop the mages can't simply be ignored.
: How evil is Veigar? Well...
He goes to the fridge and drinks milk straight out of the bottle.
: I don't understand why people are constantly imagining Shyvana in armor. I mean, GOD! She is a dragon! She doesn't NEED one! To give you a comparison, Skaarl (Kled's mount as a reminder) is a Drakalop, a dragon subspecie and he is nearly INVINCIBLE! Why would a PURE dragon wear armor? It doesn't make sense! I'm not saying she should be naked, just saying she doesn't NEED an armor. She's already badass WITHOUT it. My second point is: WHY THE GAUNTLETS?! AND WHY ARE THEY SO IMPRACTICAL!? Just imagine trying to hit someone with this kind of battle gauntlet! The plates would fly away and you can't catch someone with these! they are just over-sized "Shields"! If you want to give her gauntlets, fine! But make it so it's practical! Give her a real battle gauntlet, something closer to Issei's Boosted Gear from Highschool DxD! A real goddamn Battle gauntlet! And not some weird, impractical "battle shield"!
Garen wields a sword as tall as he is and he regularly spins around to use it. Practicality is not the point.
: Kayle x Pantheon
........ huh. Ya know This one wasn't *immediately* obvious, but it is immediately *interesting* now that you've brought it up
: That story was written before the map existed, and before they had set locations for the regions, because Yasuo tells Taliyah to use the mountains of the Freljord to get to Shurima. Even though Damacia/Noxus territory, and then Piltover/Zuan is between the two. That story is not a good point of reference to use for location.
It was written before the map was RELEASED. They still had one internally for years before that point. He meant for her to use the mountains to go around Noxus, then head south through the unclaimed territories between Demacia and Noxus. It's not like this was pre-IOW retcon, the lore was well-established in most areas by this point
: is there mentioned who Sett dad is?
... How old would this make Draven, if that were the case? Probably a heck of a lot older than he is
: Freljord is a decent distance away from Ionia. Even if you were to go east to get there, we have no idea how far a distance that is, especially using the ice caps to the north to see, the edges at the map don't match up, so there could be more distance. https://i.imgur.com/iYQirkx.jpg
At the end of Taliyah's story with Yasuo he sends her to the Freljord like it'd be easier to go there than, say, to Piltover/Zaun to get to Shurima. It's not like they're neighbors, no, but it's *nearby*
Riot Pls (NA)
: It’s the year of the husbandos, friends I’m here for the boy band but I’m holding out for KDA Teemo personally
... Come to think of it Teemo in a boy band fits... *disturbingly* well ._.
Shmeeve (NA)
: Mainly because Udyr is in the Freijord while Sett is in Ionia, which are on COMPLETELY opposite sides of the whole map. While Sett is being a boss of the battle-pit, Udyr is off smacking demon-bears.
There are a ton of voice lines between characters that have never met or have no reason to meet. Also the Freljord is not that far from Ionia.
: More like giant monster wolf batman! He's the hero Zaun needs but doesn't deserve.
"You either die a hero-" {{champion:19}} : "Heroes always die!"
: Technically he's Chimera but he does have the characteristics of a wolf but with other animals such as having bat ears and a fox tail
So he IS a giant monster wolf/bat dude! :P
Varuset (NA)
: I was so excited for super buff giant monster bat/wolf dude and then I saw him and was like {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} What makes it worse is that Wukong and Rengar are vastayan so they literally could have done this.
"giant monster wolf dude" {{champion:19}} : Am I a joke to you?
Jacksin (OCE)
: You very much stretched it with the males there. Taric is the ONLY one I can accept.
Garen the Demacian patriot boy scout who never shuts up about justice is old, dark and edgy? Draven the egomaniac is old and dark (i could MAYBE see edgy, maybe)? Teemo is devilish in the community and his Omega Squad skin is edgy AF but his base? He's cute and sweet and fun. Galio is bright, enthusiastic and fights for justice. Ivern is about as dark as the f$#@ing SUN. There are others, too. Braum, Ezreal, Ornn? Your complaint is patently *false*.
: I am not sure If the joke is "What did you say, bitch?" or "Oh so you want to take my spells... I still have a knife, bitch!"
Jacksin (OCE)
: I'm just so frustrating with Riot's refusal to push past gender stereo types.
>All we get are old edgy dark males with the girly colorful females Illaoi, Taliyah, Rek'sai, Katarina, Diana, Leona, Kayle, Morgana, Tristana, Sivir, Sejuani for darker/less girly ladies Garen, Draven, Teemo, Galio, Ivern, Fizz, Taric, Zac for colorful/less-edgy guys Off the top of my head There are over 140 champions in this game, across every archetype from lonely little girls (Annie) to grimdark old warlocks (Swain) to prettyboi tomb raider/Indiana Jones (Ezreal) to angels, fallen or otherwise (Kayle, Morgana, maybe even Soraka kinda) to Star-forging dragon (Aurelion Sol) to Slaanesh on its day off (Evelynn) to a child on his very own Where The Wild Things Are adventure (Nunu and Willump). If you can't find something that appeals to you throughout this line-up, then frankly I don't know what to tell you. Riot has a lot of faults but to claim they have TOO FEW CHAMPIONS is ludicrous.
: Where do black people like Lucian, Ekko, Pyke and Senna originate from on Runeterra?
This isn't very important, but if someone put a gun to my head and demanded I guess... My guess would be the southern part of Shurima. Skin color came about in our world because of climate; darker skin colors came from closer to the equator (where the sun would be hottest and brightest during the summer). We don't know exactly where the equator would be on Runeterra, but we know that Qiyana is part of a long-lived royal line in Ixtal, meaning she's the most likely to have a skin tone indicative of her homeland. Her skin tone is Arab/Indian, perhaps mesoamerican (in fact that's probably what she's meant to be given Ixtal's aesthetic). Meaning that she'd be near (but not quite AT) the center. Go further south (I sincerely doubt that it's further north, where you go into mostly white territory before you hit the Freljord) and you get southern Shurima.
: Selling Champion Shards
*You have 100+ shards?!*
: And yet every noxian still pales in comparison to the one true noxian Patriot. {{champion:240}}
{{champion:122}} "Well he might be if he stopped killing every Noxian he sees!" {{champion:240}} "THEY CAME ONTA *MY* PROPETY! THEY DESERVED IT!!!" {{champion:122}} "Half of your titles come from your OWN commanders!" {{champion:240}} "Oh yeh? How'd YOU get your first command again?" {{champion:122}} "I... but... you..." {{champion:119}} "He's not *technically* wrong." {{champion:122}} "I know and I hate it."
Jacksin (OCE)
: I love that Darius is disgusted by Noxian people who use their power against the powerless.
Morality is a fun topic to explore in fiction precisely BECAUSE it leads to characters like Darius: it's hard to call him a "bad" guy, other than the fact he works for the ostensibly evil faction of Noxus. But his presence and his own ideals call this "fact" into question in a way that most other Noxian characters simply don't. Draven is a self-aggrandizing glory hound, Vladimir is a corrupt aristocrat, Leblanc is a liar and manipulator, Swain made a deal with the devil (almost literally), etc etc. But Darius? He is the same general character as Garen, but through the lense of Noxus and aged several decades. Big, strong, dedicated and loyal warrior who fights for the ideals of his nation. The major difference is in what those ideals are. Darius fights for Noxus not for his own gain or because he wants anything the nation can give him; if anything it seems he LOSES a lot by staying true to his nation ("No daughters, only soldiers"). He does so because he genuinely believes in what Noxus stands for: strength above all else. Your merit determines your worth, both as an ally and as an enemy to kill. Fighting a strong enemy is the right thing to do because it pushes you to new heights and keeps your own skills sharp. Killing a weak enemy is wrong because it doesn't show your strength, it just shows you're an opportunist. (Hence his disgust for those who prey on the weak, as you noted) So much of his nation falls short of those ideals, partially by necessity. Noxus employs assassins like Katarina or Talon, liars and tricksters like Leblanc and Swain, or even dishonorable sociopaths like Singed to get what they want. People like Draven are undeniably strong but they lose sight of what matters to a "true" Noxian, turning his strength from a fact into a showy spectacle. Kled is completely insane but is also responsible for some of Noxus' greatest victories. He's not BLIND to these facts, which partially puts his commitment to such a flawed nation on his shoulders, but at the same time he calls out such cowardice and weakness for what it is. So you end up with a character whose circumstances make him evil, rather than the man himself.
Ormylar (NA)
: Elder Dragon buff is unfun?
I like the new dragon buff execute. It is CRAZY fun in game. 20% seems kinda high, but I'm not too deep into the math side of League so I'm not sure if it's too high. Also I haven't had many games with the new buff.
: I don't play support, so what is the difference between the new support items and the old ones? I thought that the execute thing was still there? Is that not the main thing? I am genuinely curious. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
The execute thing was only one part of relic shield; it also healed the user and the ally it gave the gold to (your adc most of the time). That heal is gone. Spellthief's had a lot more poking power that's been removed. The Ancient Coin line is entirely gone (it was the one that made minions drop coins the support could pick up for gold and mana)
: they also removed kleptomancy for supports so that they can't be relevant in the game anymore with lack of gold even with the little gold gained from the relic items.. and they only did this due to plebs complaining about ezreal being too strong with it and now they give him even more power with the new bs rune prototype omnistone... i mean was it too hard for you idiots sitting there in riot games to just make a 4'th rune set for inspiration like the domination tree or precision tree... i mean at least with klepto i had the chance of getting mana pots to help me in lane with the high mana cost of abilities.....
They also removed most of the gold cost in support items It was previously 500 to upgrade from Spellthief to Frostfang, and another 550 to upgrade from Frostfang to the Relic of the Watchers, iirc (too lazy to look it up and Support was my secondary). That's an extra 1050 gold to play with in the early game. You don't need klepto on top of that and most supports didn't take it anyway.
: Games will barely last 20 minutes in s10, it's gonna be even more of a clown fiesta then it is now....2 fucking rift haralds? gimme a break baron wont be needed.
The bigger issue for me is the changes to dragons and the elemental rift. I like the change to Elder, but the rest? Just... *why*?
: Goodbye Season 9 and Good Riddance
..... um I liked S9. Maybe this is because I played most of it in a low elo (Iron and Bronze), but I didn't feel like the games were that awful. At least before the end of the season, where I get someone trolling in basically every ranked game ("Why is Syndra picking up our team's red buff and throwing it into the dragon pit?!" "Apparently so Anivia can wall us off from it." "Zac support is flaming the adc for being terrible, YOU DIDN'T EVEN GET A SUPPORT ITEM! ... ACT LIKE A TEAM?! YOU'VE BEEN FLAMING THE ADC SINCE BEFORE THE 8 MINUTE MARK" "ALWAYS IN MY PROMOS!!!"). But I don't think you can blame the game itself on people intentionally feeding or just being terrible. It's still absolutely possible to carry a game. And in the pro scene? We had more champions at this Worlds than any previous. We didn't have the same Aatrox top lane, we didn't have Janna/Lulu shooting for Ardent Censer in the bot lane, and the less said about the Juggernaut meta the better. I actually heard the casters talking about what *these particular teams* were good at. Sure, there were some definite favorites (cough Qiyana cough Garen/Yuumi bot lane cough) but they weren't the sole champs in their respective roles.
: ZED #1
I do not like the art. Not at all. Seems to be building to a good story tho.
: Why is Riven called the Exile when she is not actually an exile?
: > [{quoted}](name=HalfTangible,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=P0fJeEKi,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2019-11-20T00:01:35.481+0000) > > The impression I got was that the mage rebellion is still ongoing. Sylas left to gather allies because he's smart enough to know his people aren't going to last as just randos in a rebellion. > > It's also worth noting that he didn't think the trip would be as dangerous as it ended up being; this wasn't as much of a desperate move as it seems in hindsight. Oh the rebellion is still going. I never said it's over, merely that it feels like a defeat. Its a battle vs war comparison. And probably, but I still think his choice will have more long-term consequences which might actually end up with his death at the very end of the conclusions. Honestly, the way this lore is going I see it only ending in 2 ways. Either sylas has a full on victory or he dies. Demacia will definetly NOT imprison him again considering he's the single one type of mage who can't be restrained by petricite.
I can think of a few different ways the mage civil war might go (a lot of it comes down to what happens to the Mageseekers by the end of the war) but I didn't even consider Sylas allying with Sejuani. In hindsight, it makes perfect sense, given that we've seen the Freljord tribes interact with Demacia on multiple occasions. And Sylas' views on Demacia being full of fat, self-indulgent "swine" would certainly appeal to the raiders of the Claw. Sylas is definitely too far gone re:Demacia for him to do anything but win or die, true. Although perhaps not; he could perhaps become the figurehead of a new mage rebellion in the future. Or he could have an interaction with one of the more obscure champions.
Selfiry (EUW)
: i think thorva lied because she believed the gods wanted him to survive. she just made sure that vrynna wont kill him by telling he dreamed fo the 3. and not only because he is a cutie :3{{sticker:sg-lux}}
Sylas and Thorva sittin' in a tree~ "Wait, why is there a tree in the middle of this icefield?" "Shhhh... make outs."
GreenLore (EUW)
: Sejuani is definitely not gonna be killed, she wasn't even featured extensively in any lore so far.
Probably not, no (Sej has been featured in a few major lore bits but she's too connected to the Freljord's overarching plot to die yet) But it'd be interesting to see the two fight, at least And if that fight comes at the end of a long alliance, that would presumably count as featuring her extensively in the lore.
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