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: So a dude randomly said, out of the blue, that he would off himself? To bunch of random strangers? I might be an ass for saying this but i think he's just saying it for attention and shock value. It might be true tho, but since people nowadays will say/do anything for attention and based on what you described it just looks like a troll.
I'm always going to lean on the "better safe, than sorry" side when it comes to something like this. The way the person was typing didn't give me reason to think that they were trolling though.
: I can't think of anything. Unless Riot could somehow give information on where the person's computer is. I hope it all works out. Good job being available and acting on the side of caution.
Okay, thanks. I've been playing League a while and haven't ever encountered a situation like this. I didn't want to look at their match history in a few days or weeks and see that they haven't played anymore after this evening. I've been in dark places like that myself and just knowing that some random person on the internet took enough time to look into my wellbeing would have helped.
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