: She's black and a female.......you won't win this battle.
Naa fam. If league really was owned by China then all black picks would be garbage. China's regime is racist AF man. They are the epidemy of all things toxic.
: Match making isn't based on WR but on MMR. Me for example who's currently G4 with 67% can't be paired with a S4 who's at 67% because of the MMR discrepancy, unless he is duo with a Gold 4 player who also has a similar win rate to mine, or higher, in which case yes, he will get in my game because of the duo, but otherwise he won't. For that Silver player to be matched in my game, he would have to have an MMR similar to mine, which would mean his WR would have to be close 80% or higher, in which case he deserves to be in that game regardless of the fact that he's a Silver 4 in a Gold game. Also, no offence, but I do not know from where you get your "my elo is often identified with those of platinum", I've checked your game history and you've seen as many plats in games as I've seen Master tier players, which is few, far in between and in normals where they were qued together as 4-5 man premade with other lower elo players. Your opponents are almost exclusively bellow Gold.
Lmao Dude. MMR is ELO and you can easily be paired with a silver 1-2 in your G4 games without duo's in you solos. By the way, you may have looked at this account, but I actually have another account in japan at platinum. This account is just for fun. And with all of that being said, you're admitting to the very flaw that is in most games. There are a lot of games out there that boost your MMR because of a curb stomp, but in no way does that help you in the long run. Just because you had one game with great stats doesn't mean you'll always be able to keep it. The correct way to identify ranked games is to pair same tier vs same tier and move up from there. The fact that you upkept your CS to a perfect score, kept great vision, participated in all objective control and used your champion's spike to lead shouldn't ever factor into who you are paired with or by how much more you move up. The correct way to move up the chain and paired with the right players is by winning games- nothing else. Eventually, the bad players weed themselves out from being carriable by duos. More and foremost, read this https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Elo_rating_system . This will show you that what I said was more or less simplified.
: Because they're fundamentally two different champions with two different playstyles with two different expectations for each other what for they're supposed to do?
That's a bad excuse for not balancing a champion correctly. Static stats like attack range should never grow infinitely- let alone grow at all for just existing. It is almost like making a champion being able to do more damage because they can move faster and be able to increase their speed based off of their cs and within their kit, they can absolve all forms of CC if performed right. Again, it just isn't right to have the only weakness become less apparent the longer the game goes on. Senna needs her attack range to be static and stagnated so it is fair for everyone. Otherwise, this is favoring and proof to the saying, "league has their own favorites" which is something hard to believe.
: The damage problem.
For a second, I thought you were going to bring up how malphite is forced to build AP because going tanky doesn't work well enough for him in norms.
: So, I require proof
The problem here is that people are often paired with other players who don't correctly range in other's elo. Everyone has a … "numeric value" if you will, and each of these numbers are identified by your W/L Ratio. Your elo is determined and averaged by what you did within each and every game and sadly, this applies to every single rolee and special games where your team steamrolled and also got steamrolled. The value isn't determined by what you did, but what the team did under the time limit. With this ratio being effected by your elo, you are often paired in a very bad way. What I mean by this is that, if you have a high win ratio, then the enemies you're paired up with/against will also have these same ratio- but not the same ELO. Unfortunately, this ratio is actually stacked against you with your team though. Why? Because if some low ELO fellow has the same win ratio as you (who is in silver 4), they will be paired within your game, on your team. While this works with the enemy team too, it is less likely for everyone to have the same W/L ratio. Most of the times, these low ELO players had their "assumed elo" heightened because their win streak and steamrolled about 37.655% of them. As of this point, there are youtube videos to prove that it doesn't matter how good you are if you have a win streak. My elo is often identified with those of platinum, but I'm always placed low ELO due to the teammates I must depend on to end with me. For some reason, low ELO enjoy drawing out games as long as possible, which in turn makes their lead die.
: How can this game be ruined so much?
Lmao. "Tank meta" hasn't been a thing for awhile now. While you make a lot of points I personally can agree with, tanks aren't really a role any more. They've been removed and transferred into different things now. Tanks are now identified as vanguard or warden. Malphite, Maokai, & Sion and the only vanguard you'll see top lane as to where Shen and Poppy are the only top lane Wardens. Juggernauts on the other hand... they're a beast that no one wants to go up against because the have a single source that is a main factor to countering them. For example, Darius is nothing but healing so if you get an offensive "bleed item" they'll have a much harder time trying to beat out sustain trades. Overall, they have more items that counter them than any other role out there mainly because they are so diverse and yet so simplified they have a linear path of their own.
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Rewt (NA)
: I mean. People like to say its "Riot's Changes" That have made the game more linear, but in reality its the nature of any game. The longer it goes on the less variation there will be because people will min max harder and harder. There are more options than ever for itemization. But you see everyone use the same build every game. Why? Well it's not because there aren't enough options. It's because people have figured out the best option. Even if it's barely better than something else because we have min-maxed the fuck out of League. Everyone uses the 1 build.
Hold up. No. Although it may be true that time tends to limit stuff, having the "best option" is not right at all. if you pick a character that specializes in high health, tell me how many useful items there are? Well, everyone has to use up 1 item slot for their beginning item, and boots is another slot that is entirely unnecessary. Now you have only 4 item slots and there are 3{{item:3053}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3083}} items that specialize when it comes to growing HP. The rest of armor items are useless when 25%-35% of it can be ignored, and that goes for Magic resist items too. These "other" items are quite literally bought only for passive statuses. The rest doesn't help when your job is to out sustain short trade fights. It is not OR anymore. It is ONLY. To have Or would mean that there are 2 items that are just as useful and depends of enemy team comp. Or would mean that sacrifice isn't happening. Or wouldn't mean that 1 is better than the other. Or would mean situational- not objectively. For example: 200 hp item with magic resist OR armor with relative resistances at the same price. At the moment, lets also just exclude the passives and actives. Or would mean that you could take more than just 1 specific rune on a specific champion and relatively work just as effectively and efficiently. Or would mean that the item's value is just as important as your champion. Or would mean that building a different item is just as efficient due to an enemy's team comp rather than what's best for 1v1 stats- yet we see none of that playing part since patch 7.
Zertryx (NA)
: Name 1 champ that isn't cancer
Technically, if you really think about it- champions with lowest playrate and winrate aren't too cancer in their own role actually.
: Which is more hated?
Hmmm... A champion who's only weakness is their range (which is grown over time) or someone who gets 100% of their crit with only 2 items. Oh so hard to choose from... -.-
: It might not actually be coded as infinite... just a value larger than the map.
Technically, they never do this. So it would be stupid and confusing for them to start now.
: This meme is gold
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HalexUwU (NA)
: If we're making more junglers...
If he's going to be in the jungle, then he needs to take reduced damage by a whole lot or have the ability to kite more efficiently. Not buff q blind time.
: Please do something about The Resolve Tree, it's so bad.
Imagine being a tank on this this current time period. … Oh yeah, that's no longer a solid concept anymore. For tanks, you're either an offensive vanguard or defensive warden and neither of these roles can utilize the Resolve tree efficiently. What about divers and juggernauts? Oh don't you worry. They have grasp and often trade that out for a much more effective rune only because it trades better at all times and poking as a high HP choice isn't really a mechanism any more seeing how the soft lock is in place, slows are super hard, gap closers are very often, and combos work 5,000 times more efficiently than a champion who works best when treating each of them as individual use only.
: I wish they'd buff Grasp, but that's about it. I don't feel like resolve has any unfairness with what you can take. Everything feels evenly spaced out for maximum customization to me. Unflinching feels geeeewwwwwwd on champs like Shyvana and Yi jungle that get chain CC'd and use Smite constantly to proc it. I get that Tenacity stacks multiplicative and not straight stacking, but it's noticeable.
If anything, this tree needs help for tanks. You can almost never proc grasp the way it needs to be and aftershock requires you to keep up with an opponent because it takes too long to proc after the use of CC.
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: Damage directly leads to shorter game times. Baron buff, elder drake buff, tower gold increased, bounties increased, scuttle/new dragons added, to reduce game times. It also leads to more action and more action means more adrenaline and more food for our 10 second attention spans to consume. League's competitive scene devolved into a fuckfest of shitty gameplay that just dumbs down to the most basic of League because there isn't much else to it and the short attention span dumbasses eat that shit up. 90% of the changes to league are to reduce game times for the chinese demographic (which is a large chunk of the money Riot make) who don't own personal computers and instead go to things like internet cafes. It's why mobile games are so extremely popular and massive for companies in China. Riot doesn't give a single fuck about NA, EU, or any other region, only China. Also (just speculation), Tencent, who own 100% of Riot games and just use Riot as a name to hide behind and trick the masses, are based in China.
It sounds like you could go for a game that likes trying to invent new ideas around the same concept. I understand. This is why I've been trying to develop a game to beat league in its own game …and screw selling out btw. I believe that a game's origin should matter because most of the time, the game's player base is what makes it good and ignoring that player base only to listen to an entirely separate one completely forgets why it was good in the first place.
: Botlane is support vs support nowadays.
I miss the days with both roles were individually revered because you had to respect one another due to their damage.
: Please bring back Nexus Blitz!
Actually, I am. I even modeled the inhibitor.
: My favorite thing about this game is the enemy team being all AD
I feel like League needs to devolve in order to evolve. There are so many bad mechanics that are 1 sided and the only way you can identify them is by starting from the beginning. Nonetheless, there are a lot of good mechanics too though.
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: I mean if you think it is hard because of those busted champions why not try playing them? Also, I'd disagree that all games are hard. Some games you are against boosted iron players and it is easy af and sometimes you are thr boosted iron player and it is hard af
> [{quoted}](name=Three One Four,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=4unVOrU9,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-02-13T04:28:33.322+0000) > > I mean if you think it is hard because of those busted champions why not try playing them? Also, I'd disagree that all games are hard. Some games you are against boosted iron players and it is easy af and sometimes you are thr boosted iron player and it is hard af Because you can't ban all of the top meta or busted champions and either we don't like playing them because they're either boring or simply unfair which basically sponsors poor sportsmanship. Respecting your opponent means that you studied them and know to stay away from dehydrated picks. The perspective is valid here.
: Remembering Favorite "Unwritten Rules" from RGMs
Cheese first blood+ with bait to tri bush in 6v6 & all for 1.
: Who actually created Sett?
It does have to stand though, you have to stick with CC and poke picks due to being the definition of ANTI burst. If anything, it would be nice to see his grit fall faster because deaths dance allows his grit to stay up for a little too long.
: Working at Riot
Please don't. Working for them is like throwing your career away. You have better options elsewhere. ATM they're facing https://www.latimes.com/business/technology/story/2020-01-28/riot-games-and-the-lawyers-suing-them-take-aim-at-a-common-enemy-state-regulators
What it sounds like is that you're too stubborn to give up the tower (which, everyone should but not until it is too late) and rotate while your team can't seem to comprehend/understand what rotating is for.
Swosh (NA)
: Jungle creeps evolving
I think this would be a great idea, but maybe instead, the camps become a threat if ignored long enough. Like, if you ignore gromp, the buff it can grant is quite large.
: Americans
I have to be honest, you might be calling out the wrong kind of people. I know a ton of people living in EU, China, Russia, Korea and Brazil playing on NA's servers. I've seen a lot of good legit Americans and legit NA users on League that hit gold and higher. It is just unfortunate that people think this game is something that helps to relive stress when in fact is to induce stress. Now a days, people play this when high or drunk because of what is has become and sadly this is coming from a couple of my friends who were platnum3, diamond 1, and challenger within the past. They quit a long time ago.
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: There's already a Marcus in lore and its Katarina's Father
> [{quoted}](name=CaptainAntiHeroz,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Qg2qE5zI,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-02-12T13:52:07.479+0000) > > There's already a Marcus in lore and its Katarina's Father Then name him differently so it isn't. That's a simple implement.
The bots need to chill. This is pretty good. Kench is useful for his ability to be a support, not anything else. If you screw the part that makes a support good- then you push them as a better alternative elsewhere.
HideSide (EUNE)
: Little change from negativity
Look, no one is properly balanced and to be fair, the only reason why snowballing happens so easily is because of exactly that. AND ONCE THEY ARE BALANCED, they're gutted to the ground because higher ELO abuses TF out of them to tilt the balance in their favor. This is sort of why everyone needs to be gutted. At least at that point, no one doing damage will mean that smarter plays must happen in the long run and snowballing won't be so prevalent.
: I mean why shouldn't they, the community frequenting the boards is a cesspool of toxicity.
The whole point of the boards was for RIOT to commune with their player base. Them removing it will quite literally and officially prove what the player base has said within the past, "They don't listen to us". Now, if they do remove it- they don't have proof to follow up that remark. Lets be serious for a moment. They never did listen to their community after season 4 because they have testers. Honestly, IDK who they're even talking about when they use the "ROYAL WE". Higher tier never even speaks about what is necessary anymore, which is why they attuned their ear to a lower elo of GOLD rather than PLATNUM 3+ due to having more players in that area- just like why they lowered the requirements for a PBE account.
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Great Lad (EUNE)
: I'm an Ekko abuser in 2 elos: predicted the nerfs and they do nothing.
Well for one, his R could have a further travel distance yet heal for less since it is barely used as a damage mechanic now a days. Since he is more or less an assassin allowing him 2 gap closers, Stacked CC and an easy poke mechanic, he needs to be a squishier target just like an assassin would only because his items make him relatively bulky. Other than increasing the CDR on each item's active Ekko is always going to be a problematic champion because League is too stubborn to admit that they're wrong or the truth.
Crashyy (EUW)
: So what's the counter play to Sett?
Kite, Kite, Kite. That MOFO can't do anything against champs who Kite and do it well... or move fast in general. Simple displacement champions like volibear, riven, and singed easily outmatch this foe too.
: So you want to win games of league of legends?
Do you even know what A and S tier are? xD
Warmas (EUW)
: Cost efficiency of items
LMAO, that moment when only 1 item was listed for a support and gets called gold efficient for the wrong champs. You're not wrong though. Before it used to be crit marksmen items that were the most cost efficient mainly for them. Lately that has not been the case seeing how they're relatively weak later on in the game due to not having either MortalReminder/LastWhisper or B.O.R.K. While their DPS may be high, their positioning is beyond being infinitesimally crucial leaving them with 0 room to kite without being completely obliterated. Compared to others, the marksmen still takes the longest to output relative damage rather than the most damage being the latest and more or less gold inefficient later on.
Zyniya (NA)
: But they never rotate to help in low elo FeelsBad for us scrubs :(
Have you ever thought about why they can't rotate? Half of the times my jungler is making a bad call on dragon due to the enemy jungler or mid lanner, lack of vision, bad positioning to get there, and even simple sustain problems- while the other half is because of my minion wave being pushed in rather than pushed out or frozen. Having your bot lane miss out on CS because you're too stubborn to invade or provide pressure to help open up the option to is a little more than inconvenient, selfish and rude if you ask me. They're sacrificing too much already seeing how they will always have the lower level comparatively and mid lane should always also be the ones helping seeing how their DPS is actually higher (mid, early, and late game) depending on who you play.
Skýcrow (EUW)
: Unpopular Opinion: Swap drakes with rift heralds position
I said the same thing like 3 days ago, but by also saying to never have the spawn and respawn areas constant. Sometimes rift will be there, other times dragon will.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hazardus ducees,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zMYj6cJ6,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2020-01-30T12:22:45.161+0000) > > As a game developer, I would really like to do this actually. I have a lot of time on my hands but not a team. If we get enough support, I'm willing to create a discord, do this for free just as well and implement ideas by the players who grew the game, not the ones who dominate it. I know JavaScript. Hire me and let's make the next best MOBA.
Boomer (OCE)
: You said: > but it is a poor excuse to nerf **a champion who's only good as a support** She's not only good as a support, it's not even her best role right now, which is why she's getting nerfed.
Dude, I can take anyone who is meant to be a support and solo lane with them top lane. Solo potential is just too powerful, but does that mean that the support champion is OP? No. But they're all good choices as something else other than the supporting role. Heck, I've even beaten Yasuo top lane as Yummi multiple times for crying out loud. Just because you can focus on a champion's secondary role, does not mean they don't do best as a support. ...And the only reason why Sona doesn't do best comparatively is purely because of gold itemization and solo XP; The very 2 things bot lane needs most- not just gold.
Ana Grubin (EUNE)
: There is not many solutions how to fix this game since China ruled it
As a game developer, I would really like to do this actually. I have a lot of time on my hands but not a team. If we get enough support, I'm willing to create a discord, do this for free just as well and implement ideas by the players who grew the game, not the ones who dominate it.
Boomer (OCE)
: She's not OP as support. She's a strong support, but is OP in mid and top. She's roaming and funneling to great success.
Nowhere in that comment did I say that she's an OP support. I just said that nerfing her for high elo is a poor excuse due to the player base typically being the ones who fix it in the first place.
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Boomer (OCE)
: Sona is busted at high elo.
She may be busted for high elo, but it is a poor excuse to nerf a champion who's only good as a support where someone like singed doesn't really have a lane at all. High ELO do stupid things all the time anyways. And so I don't sound toxic saying this, what I mean by that is that the High ELO does what they can do to get ahead no matter what kind of sacrifice it is if it gets them the control and win then they'll abuse it until league does something about it. … And if league knew anything about how the world of Ranked works, any change to the champion doesn't matter when it comes to moving up or the next meta shift. They'll always be problematic and the player base always finds a way to cope with it.
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Tokugawa3 (EUNE)
: Aye, since they decanonized summoners, institute of war, summoners rift... The game Is just not a Canon anymore from i believe yasuo launch
> [{quoted}](name=Tokugawa3,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Ei0Q2MOE,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2020-01-29T08:45:08.799+0000) > > Aye, since they decanonized summoners, institute of war, summoners rift... The game Is just not a Canon anymore from i believe yasuo launch The real question is, if Braum is the heart of the Freljord, then why isn't he mentioned more often in other Freljord legends?
: Too much for low elo? Nothing is too much for low elo because you just need to get a little better and then you are no longer low elo. Can we just stop with the low elo arguments? And no I actually don't trust the words of some egocentric players who think low elo is whatever is BELOW THEIR OWN RANK. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} But to get back on topic and low elo. You can't actually make accurate predictions or balance the game around the LACK of skill and knowledge. Champion performance becomes predictable the closer you come towards perfection. For every champion and situation there is 1 or more correct plays, but you can't seriously expect Riot to balance the game for players who always do the wrong thing. You also can't expect Riot to balance around something that is unpredictable and chaotic. The amount of possible misplays and poor decisions that bad players could potentially make in 1 game is endless. TL;DR stop making elaborate excuses, stop trying to blame champions, get better
LMAO. Everything about you is quite literally a red flag. How many games do you even have under your belt to speak of such toxicity, Mr level 45? … So I'm guessing that this is just a troll account to BM with? Oh how tough that must be. Enjoy getting anything out of that kind of harassment, you're not getting anything else out of me.
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