: Or better yet: Remove promos.
> [{quoted}](name=Yordletana,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zyoqQXyB,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-16T19:54:17.926+0000) > > Or better yet: Remove promos. Remove promos only after they fix LP gains/losses so you don't have people abusing 50% winrates and an excessive amount of games to climb.
: There are 24 skins that cannot be gotten through Hextech Crafting. Of those: Grey Warwick Medieval Twitch Triumphant Ryze Are still obtainable in some way. Grey WW and Medieval Twitch through Honor rewards and Triumphant Ryze by going to a local Tournament and winning Then you have your Preorder trio: Silver Kayle Black Alistair Young Ryze At no point should these skins be made available again. Due to pre-ordering's nature doing so would be a betrayal and legal nightmare. Then you have the PAX skins: Pax Twisted Fate Pax Jax Pax Sivir A lot of people say these should not be released again. There was a huge public outcry when they made Neopax Sivir. But honestly I don't see the problem. They were released at one specific event that happened over one weekend. The idea of having them be so limited do to the fact that a majority of people couldn't make it to the event or couldn't afford it. And they were free. Now I am not saying they should be buyable in the store. But Riot should consider using them as rewards for players in some way. Then you have your Special Circumstance skins: Riot Squad Singed - See my points on the PAX skins King Rammus - Beta Tester Reward. Despite my VERY strong desire to own this skin it should remain locked as the Beta Testers should have a way to show off their insanely long support for this game. UFO Corki - Released as a reward giveaway for some kind of Video Game Award that LoL won back in 2010 I think it can be added to rewards for players like the Pax skins. Judgement Kayle - Released in Season 1 for playing 10 games during the season. This one is tricky. Its a free early adopter skin so it does not have quite the same issues as the Pre-order skins since no one spent money specifically for it but it also is similar to King Rammus in a way. I have mixed ideas and impressions about how to handle this skin. Rusty Blitzcrank - This one has taken on a life of its own. It has NO REASON to be locked or rare. But because it was removed in the start of league if they were to release the skin to buy it would be a waste of money to get because as Riot's reason for removing it was that it sucks as a skin. Now its simply like having a penny with a misprint. So not to be released again but at the same time I kinda wish there was SOME way to get it. Maybe as a reward for finding and helping to correct a bug in game? Championship Riven - A lot of people had a fit like with Pax Sivir with this one and this time it is much more justified. People were told it would not be released again and it was a onetime thing and paid money for that. Because money was used with the idea that they had exclusive content they should not have released this skin again even as a reworked skin. Now to the Victorious Skins: Released once a year at end of season for Gold+ rank. Which means if the skin is a champ you hate or have no interest its kinda worthless even for the Oooh "super rare" quality. The dude's suggestion of being able to CHOOSE which skin you get if you make Gold Rank from all the past Victorious Skins means that you can get a skin for a champ in your main role that shows off that you made it to Gold+. I don't see any issue with this as long as the requirement of reaching Gold+ is maintained. It makes grinding MORE worth it in getting to Gold since you can now get some of the KICKASS previous Victorious skins you may not have been able to get before. The number of Victorious skins you can get each year would be ONE and it is still locked behind a skillwall. I think it would motivate players MORE to shoot for Gold if Riot did this. Release a new Victorious skin each year but don't force it on players let them choose from the Victorious line of skins.
First of all I don't see why people are down voting my comment when I didn't take a stance. Well w.e. anyways, the reason why Riot will not do that is because if you open up the previous victorious skins to be chosen over a set one per season you'll see an increase in the people playing for one season and a decrease in the next. It makes little sense to have an overall decrease in the population of your ranked ladder just so you people can get a skin they want. Do you see what I mean? While yes it's annoying as all hell not to be able to get the victorious skins you want, it just doesn't make sense from Riot's perspective. To be honest I'd rather they work on rewarding elos above gold and below challenger instead. Feels like you don't get much anymore for being Plat/Diamond/Masters/GM.
: You guys ever wish there was an option to pick a previous Victorious skin instead? You know, like trade the new one for an older one. I would gladly take Morg's over Aatrox. Not because I think Aatrox's is bad or something. I don't really care for Aatrox's because I don't play Aatrox. I rather have a Vic skin for a champ I'll actually play. Plus, if I really wanted a golden Aatrox skin, then I would go with Justicar.
Triumphant skins are your ranked trophies, it wouldn't be fair to the older players. I get what you mean though, if I were a newer player I might be frustrated if the one/two vict skins I had are ones I'll never use.
OmegaR7 (NA)
: Are people not understanding why a certain champ gets the Victorious skin? Aatrox literally was so prevalent in both pro play and soloq. He got reworked and was really strong in both environments. Got more nerfs than I can count and still was pick/ban. Had a mini rework and was STILL the best champ in the game and still pick/ban. Its taken them over a year and a half (give or take since he was still a massive pick in worlds 2018) to get his out of his spot and hes still being played at worlds right now. Its about the most dominant champion that season and that's him.
The people just don't want to hear the truth lol
: So to get Victorious skins it says "reach Gold+ in Summoners Rift Solo or Flex, or Twisted Treeline" which I assume means just play normal SR or TT? It doesnt SAY ranked so i guess it means normals.
Yes, just get a placement in a normal queue. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Be Victorious - 2019 Ranked Rewards
For the record, Victorious skins are planned based off of high presence champs in the spring. Early in the season.
Jabalor (NA)
: Have you guys considered maybe instead of giving the skin outright to gold players, maybe give a token they can craft into any victorious skin? I think it would reduce a lot of frustration players get every year of getting a skin/champion they dont like
Victorious skins are supposed to be like the old super rare skins that you can never get again (unless you buy an account). Think Championship riven, Black Ali, King Rammus. Announcing the Victorious skin late into the season like this makes more people play because they don't want to miss the chance of a good victorious skins.
Schuit (NA)
: ***
Just don't flame and you won't get chat restricted. Increase your honor level and you'll still be able to get it.
: So I got the pass because I want to try to grind to get the prestige skin and the 100 points. I'm wondering what is the most efficient way to get tokens? Should I grind ARAM's or Summoner's? Or even TFT?
ARAM games are shorter than SR games obviously, but because of the random champions you really have no way of consistently getting results even if you're playing above your standard. You're looking at an avg of 6 points for ARAM vs 9 points avg for SR. However, you can try hard and spam your best champions in SR for a higher winrate. So purely off of grinding to 2000, SR should be better than ARAM unless you cannot get a 50%+ winrate on SR. Of course, the fastest way to get 2000 tokens is through a premade of smurfs on SR, but you didn't hear that from me. I'm going to be doing SR grinding personally. I wish you luck! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Antifa (NA)
: Mouse and Keyboard randomly stop working for 5-10 seconds (Can still type)
This also happens to me. Seems to be within the last patch or two. It's only league for me as well. There should be a fix soon I hope.
: I loved watching Doublelift last year in this event, but I think it is strange to vote in someone who is taking a hiatus. Would rather see a player who is going to continue playing in the next split.
They voted in YellowStar who full on retired (Even though he declined...)
: Maybe because bengi has 3x more world titles than peanut? just a guess{{champion:64}} {{champion:60}} (fill in 3rd champion with SKT bengi skin here)
SKT {{champion:76}} :^)
: Except that in a couple of years, all people will remember is that apart from season 1 (which doesn't really count) NA has never made it to the semis whereas EU has made it 4 out of 5 times.
NA just can't play on big stages lol. But I think that the NA team this year is so overly stacked... I'm very excited. 750/750 {{item:3070}}
Straley (NA)
: Not all premades share the same tag.
You can check it on [Region].op.gg
: The wonder above
Heh Ao Shin Kappa.
Risurin (NA)
: its max hp instead of bonus hp. your bonus hp at lvl 1 is like something around 100 at best ? max hp is easly around 600+ so the shield is slightly better at lvl 1, and later on as you buy tank items, you get more and more shield. at 3k hp, wihch isnt a lot for nautilus, you have like 650+ shield its a nerf if you played like full ap nautilus i guess ? lol
Good thing they are taking tank ap/ad out right? #DFGRip
: Galio is OP. And Vel'Koz is in relatively good shape too. The only one who's necessarily bad is Anivia. Don't know about Karthus though.
Galio is ok because of his shield which allows him to sustain the burst, all because of his nice ulti. Velkoz mid? No one does that besides Sp4zie, he's always a support lol. Karthus is still pretty good but just not in the meta right now and isn't all that effective. Anivia is strong right now but just takes time to learn. Positioning and limitations etc.
: Now here's my question: if {{champion:222}} ,{{champion:161}} , and{{champion:201}} are all getting new skins, why doesn't {{champion:154}} have another one yet?
Jinx is competitive worthy and was a high priority pick at one point, same as Braum. Many players enjoy Velkoz support and mid at any elo making him a decent pick for any elo any game type. Zac isn't very popular, he doesn't get competitive play, and no one would really care for one. Edit: The Majority wouldn't really care
: Oh god they nerfed {{champion:37}} ....again...
Probably to stop people from going AP sona and completely eliminating an ADC in the late game with an R - LichBane - Q - Power Chord.
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
Didn't even know I played toplane... #{{champion:27}}
: The 6 Best Song Parodies from the League Community
No Popushi Q-Q Popushiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ._.{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
Bastien (NA)
: Soccer IS a big sport in US. Maybe not to you, but there's a reason why it's the most watched/most popular sport in the world. It's also the NA server, which means Canada, US and Mexico, so I guess we all deserve something right?{{summoner:13}}
Uhmmm... It is big... but not big in comparison to other sports played in the US... That's what everyone means... And also you say when soccer IS a big sport in the US, and that there's a reason for why it is the biggest and most popular sport in the world... they are not related at all. The world and the US are different. There's a reason why America is so weird and the rest of the world is the actual world... =D
: Who put {{champion:29}} at high difficulty.....seriously?
Hes difficult because of his stealth nerf and also because he is all about positioning... also has no instant escapes or dashes...
Iccirrus (NA)
: And yet most of the high school athletes I know of were morons who couldn't tell the difference between gravity and a potato,and were so self absorbed that they thought they were gods among men.Well until they graduated with shit GPA's of course. They fit the general stereotype of high school athletes, and stereotypes exist for a reason. That being said, most of these people don't deserve spots at universities because they usually don't give a damn about anything except sports and take up valuable slots that would be better used for somebody who actually cared about their education instead of somebody hoping to get drafted into professional sports and become the Million Dollar ~~Man~~ Moron.
Well in the end when people go to a college for something like a sport or a major achievement in their life, it is so that the colleges get credit for it... they get bragging rights to say that we have such in such players or such and such people. They have them to make them look better... This isn't true in all cases but it sure is true in some of them ._. also being an athlete has nothing to do with being smart or dumb!
: Garen, Darius, Katarina and in the back Renekton, Ahri, Riven. Leona, Nidalee, Yorick and probably Syndra with the white hair.
Actually it isn't Nidalee but Xin Zhao. Also Nidalee is actually in there but in cougar form very far back in the forest. In the Pic she would be right above Leona. P.S. Teemo, Twitch, Eve, Kha, and Rengar are all in the picture... Don't you see?


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