: Shes been an issue since the beginning of the year. Dont even go there.
If i keep running into a wall, is the wall the problem <_>
: the state of riven
Imagine complaining about riven when theres so much worse things in the game, zzz
: ***
I said leave acc name here... this acc is banned dnt have access to it, leave ur acc nam ehere lol
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: How to fix Riven
THese r terrible, and look at other champs like Yasuo, Lux, or Renekton before you even look at riven, shes fine
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Ifneth (NA)
: Why Gold is Elo Heaven
find it opposite, never seen worse players then ppl in high gold
: I have been playing since 2011, so know your pain. Games are too short, there isn't strategy anymore, teamwork is not required since 1 fed player is enough to win the game. Game is just evolving to cater to the younger crowd now. Younger crowd does not want to think. They want bright colors, big damage, and rewards for everyone (even those losing which is why catch up exp exists). My issue is that I can't talk shit anymore without getting banned. That's what happened to this account, and now I'm perma'd. So I guess the moral of my post is, if you don't like league anymore just get perma'd!
Same, and punishments are absurd
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