iMidg3t (EUW)
: Did she get shutdown gold? How many plates did she take? Did she het 1st tower gold? How many towers she took? That can explain more gold.
She died 14 times; she obviously earned shutdown gold.
: Sorcery : Just give us back DeathFire Touch already, DPS mages are sick of having to use Half of Aery Resolve : I like your Idea, not sure who would use it though considering Conqueror seems like a better option Inspiration : You have three Mini Quests in-game that you can complete, rewarding you with minor buffs and gold 1) BloodBath : As a Team, kill 2k creeps - Reward: 600G and 5% Damage buff against Minions and monsters 2) Slayer : Score 15 takedowns - Reward: 400G and 5% Lifesteal/Spellvamp 3) Watcher : Ward 12 times - Reward: 400G, 5% MS increase, and Item CDR
Which mage is missing a keystone? Most DPS mages are using Conqueror right now.
Bârd (NA)
: It's not just Janna being taken out of the fight. You're taken out too.
Morde can throw out his abilities then ult janna, he isn't forced to ult first.
Perma CC (NA)
: I think I've figured out one of Leagues biggest problems!
I'll just point out that you called a lack of cast time on Blitz's hook a negative.
: *See response to the other person that mentioned the same two champions.
You didn't address Illaoi in the comment, just brushed her aside in order to nerf Ezreal.
Brascus (NA)
: Please go and stack attack speed and colossus so Aatrox can jungle clear and actually be a diver. To start with attack speed now you need to take adc runes that don't help you jungle just so you can get additional attack speed from secondary runes. Just because you didn't utilize the system creatively doesn't mean it wasn't there.
What is stopping you from starting in resolve and grabbing "Legend: Alacrity?" You can also get Aftershock, which is like Courage of the Colossus. [I'll even do it for you](
: I know that damage has gone up across the board... but has anyone noticed these tanks?
Jaspers (EUW)
: I literally just had a game against Teemo with Aery top, I was Nasus and thought I was against a Yasuo (who was jungle in the end). I couldn't do anything for the first few minutes and our fed botlane just wouldn't come top after they took their tower. I won that game but man it was stupid. Aery has no cool down besides going back to the user but it instantly went back to me because of Teemo's poison. So for most people and supports it would proc once then return until they did something else but for Teemo it was twice every 2 seconds, few seconds later he does it again. Comet has a cooldown, 20 seconds early. Plus I can dodge that while I can't with Aery. Little salty sure but I did not enjoy that game.
Just FYI Nasus wins the Teemo matchup pretty hard.
: Celerity vs Transcendence vs Absolute Focus
Trancendence is easily the worst rune since it does nothing until the game ia decided; level 10 takes 14-20 minutes based on role.
DaCurtis (OCE)
: How league took the fun out of variety and why the new runes suck.
Checked out your match history, and I think your main problem is not understanding how match-ups work. For example, you took press the attack into a Riven, a champion you will never get three autos on until the fight is over. If you thought about the lane and realized you needed to counter her snowball, this: [Defense Build]( to survive the lane or this: [Poke Build]( to shove her out of lane would have worked a lot better.
: Question about Unsealed Spellbook and Smite
: used to run simple pages like full blue ap runes velkoz. now my base damage on it sucks. i dont even know how to play anymore
Youre silver 4; you never knew how to play. Maybe these easy to use runes will encourage you to worry less about pregaming and more about all inning your opponent at level 2 and taking towers with your leads in lane.
: Separating League Players: Timmy, Johnny, Spike
I never liked the "Timmy, Johnny, Spike" archetypes because it basically says that big monsters and combo decks aren't allowed to be competitive, which most card games have proven to be false. It also ignores the anti-spike, who purposely gimps themselves so they can blame all their losses on "no-skill meta followers" and "netdecking." However, I like your versions for League, because it doesn't dump on the competitiveness of the non-spikes.
: Disparity Among Divers
I think one of your issues is not realizing that Riven, Fiora, and Yi are actually skirmishers.
: I literally lose every game because i lane against people who are far better than me it's actual fucking cancer
If you lose every game, you're mmr will drop until you get to your skill level.
: You would think that you would be able to transform so much faster through the hectic pvp nature of nexus siege Doesn't he normally transform around 7 minutes anyways?
You aim to transform at 10, when a kill takes you from 0 to full. A 7 minute transform would require smurf in bronze level kills. 8:30 is considered an early transform, possible after a three kill camp (gank, tele, walking back) and then a 4th kill.
Quepha (NA)
: Someone who doesn't actually play the game and instead just spams chat with opinions would not be a very popular role, much less popular than support. The rare person who would be willing to do that role would probably be an insufferable armchair quarterback who doesn't actually know what they're talking about but would throw an epic fit if you disobeyed them. I'd probably mute them every game like I do with most shotcaller types I currently encounter.
Please, that's the most popular role in the game, auto-fill would just give you a random role besides "commander"
: > [{quoted}](name=Tenth Leper,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZsOfrLE3,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-09-26T21:31:20.047+0000) > If Kat wants damage why not electrocute? Pay attention I said nothing about Electrocute since it's a damage and this is what i want ok? What i say is that some Runes is too much focused on utility/lifesteal Orb (Shield), Manaflow (Mana refund), Ultimate (CDR) - 0 damage Ult cdr probably good but what if i just want damage. All 3 of those give no damage In Domination Hunters: Ravenous, Ingenious, Relentless - no damage Domination is a bit too much vampirism Understand? There are group of runes that give no damage. Each group tier should offer at least 1 damage option
The ability to reach a target and a shorter ult CD are more important than flat damage nearly every time though. Nevermind that you only play Yi, whose only nondamage runs grants bonus gold...
ChuShoe (NA)
: if you're beating anybody with the shadow assassin form of kayne, then I think you're not seeing it because of the skill level of the people you're going up against.
I just hit plat with basically just SA Kayn, it carries hard. Most kills with it are WQaa.
: Man, I fucking hate this meta. I like playing utility ADCs like Ashe and Varus and now I'm stuck with Twitch and Xayah. I can't even play my main role, top lane, because it's in such a shitty place. Tanks are unkillable my anyone who isn't a marksmen (with few exceptions). ADCs melt me if I play any bruiser. Supports are so ungodly overpowered and it's unreal; how do you dive an ADC when a support has 2.5 seconds of CC in every kit plus a 500-1000k shield. Don't even get me started on the number of broken top laners. On top of that, most of my champions I like were nerfed. Kayn was nerfed without a reaosn other than "unintended" and was never compensated for it. Aatrox got reworked and then Riot just gave up on him; then Riot executed Order 66, Bramble Vest so I can't even play him at all. Warwick got Bramble'd. Riot could easily fix this fucking meta if they just nerfed the CC and tankiness of tanks, the damage output and lifesteal of ADCs, and take off some of the peeling of supports. (Keep in mind, ADCs only lose some lifesteal to counter-balance the fact that supports have been buffed, making the situation more net-zero.) Then again, Riot has a huge hate for bruisers, which is why after powercreeping EVERY CLASS BUT BRUISERS they cancel their class update for the 3rd or 4th time. Then of course introduces Bramble Vest so the healing and attack speed, which bruisers are balanced around, no longer matters effectively making them all troll picks. I think people should face consequences for such terrible, bias balance, but since a Rioter has said they're fine with all this, that isn't going to happen.
Yenn (NA)
: Sejuani is 6-2-4 and is able to dive my 3-2-7 Vel'koz from 100% health under a turret
A Shadow Assassin Kayn could WQ you at that score, count yourself lucky you got to react at all.
Ahris (NA)
: His ultimate calls for botlane though
Time to replace the ADC.
: Only the largest shield applies at a time.
Im not high elo or anything, but that just feels bad for champs whose sustain comes from shields. What if enchanters couldn't spam heal/shield thrmselves ( like how raka W works) or ult themselves back to full? Sure it hurts lane enchanters, but that seems like a plus.
HeresyHorus (EUNE)
: the only way he could have done that with 1 spell + auto is if he had scored a crit, and i think that was his crit auto animation were he dunked his scythe on the ground. {{item:3031}} on top of all AD builds can net crazy numbers on autos, and thats not {{champion:141}} problem it is Crit problem.
Been playing a lot of Kayn recently: you can do that with a lethality build if the enemy is a little behind, and W Q can kill a late game squishy if they dont have a shield or a GA, but they usually have both.
Raoul (EUW)
: Having Kayns Transformation depend on which enemy type he damaged last is kinda problematic ingame..
I'm sorry a bad player ruined your game. For any Kayn players, if you get a kill at 10 minutes, that champ will evolve you to their form basically every time, so gank whatever you want until then.
: Okay. I can't be the only one that thinks SA is better. Sure, Rhaast's insane healing by pressing R is busted as fuck (literately healed 80% of his health by pressing R on a Nasus), but the massive range and lack of lockdown on your Q (w? E? Whatever the long slice is), as well as the _insane_ MS buff for your W (e?. The wall thingy) makes him so much nicer. Sure, your passive and ult aren't as strong, but you can hit the enemy backline _while standing next to your ADC_ and ult to them. The simple value of that is highly underrated.
70% winrate on Kayn, I certainly evolve Shadow assassin more than Rhaast. It's absolutely disgusting to kill a mage or ADC with just wq. Even if SA is behind, you can dive in and kill whatever you want if your ult is up.
: ok if its not intended then its a bug ... so like i said if they correct this issue they could have a better idea how to balance him give him help where its needed instead of this masking a strength thats not intended
Yep, never before has Riot or any other game company turned a bug into a main feature after the players like it. Never ever. Ever.
: Hey everyone, I do want to start this response with acknowledging a couple of things. WE do read these posts, we do think about it and we do talk about them with each other. It can take some time for us to gather what we want to say about each topic which is why it may feel like we are silent, sometimes. There are many ways a single response can be taken, so we like to have everything in line before we talk so that we can communicate our intentions clearly. Rengar is clearly on a lot of people's minds right now. PLEASE do not think you are throwing feedback down an abyss. Please do not think we are ignoring players about Rengar. We are not, as we do love this game and are players as well. While we don't have any plans to touch Rengar currently I want to stress that these conversations between players can help us build ideas in the future. So thank you for taking the time to respond and make posts about things that you care about. -Ranger XIV
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Ranger XIV,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=A9beyBe7,comment-id=0017,timestamp=2017-06-12T23:02:03.572+0000) > > Hey everyone, > > I do want to start this response with acknowledging a couple of things. WE do read these posts, we do think about it and we do talk about them with each other. > -Ranger XIV Nice meme.
Danjeng (NA)
: Heh, that's a pretty funny catch. I could say Zac is utter trash and claim he has only a 2% win rate for all my games by purposely losing them. I suppose those people who said Yasuo would be 100% banned aren't wrong for their games.
I think the problem was Lol king not properly taking double bans into account when the system was first introduced, so Zac and Yasuo displayed 102% ban rates
: I have to admit that certainly is one of the more frustrating feelings League has to offer. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} That said I'm not 'entirely' sure that Surrendering effects your grade, directly that is. There have been a few raaare cases in memory that I snagged an S-rank from a surrender. It's not easy though. I think the primary problem with the grade/surrender is that the grading system works purely off numerical stats. Kills, wards dropped, wards killed, objectives taken, ect. So when the enemy surrenders you don't have as much time to 'farm up' your grading stats. Personally I've always like the idea that, if you've done well enough to force your enemy to surrender, the grading system should grant you 'half a grade' bonus to your standard grade. In that way you still have to perform well but it's not longer a race against the 15 minute marker, requiring you to make some terribly risky choices in order to snag that coveted S.
Well, if you force a 15 minute surrender, and have to compete against the stats of people who are knocking on the nexus at 15 minutes, you're going to have less cs, towers, generally missing a teamfight, etc.
Elikain (EUNE)
: Here we go again boys... After Ziggs took over botlane, people were absolutely not afraid to tell Riot to kindly screw off from attempting to nerf him to force him mid. That was never their intention. If Ziggs's playstyle bot was healthy and it didn't warp the botlane meta around him, Riot didn't see the need to intervene to reduce his viability outside mid lane. But hey! As soon as a Marksman becomes viable in some other roles, the dumpster fire is imminent to happen at some point and the community starts rioting for Riot to cut off the head of the said champion, because how dare he be versatile! Let me say this again: if Lucian is warping the meta of both mid and top lane as a result of his viability, he will be nerfed appropriately. If he isn't doing that, there's no reason to chain him to the bot lane with a support. If a Mage was being played instead of a Marksman at a time and the community praised it as INNOVATION, you can't now turn 180 and talk shit when a Marksman takes a position of a mid lane mage just because it's not "meta".
The thing is, Marksman are supposed to be these late game hard carry champs (and don't tell me Lucian isn't, he is) so they shouldn't be allowed to go mid and stat check all the mages. If Lucian was going mid and dodging skillshots and barely winning engages after multiple hits of unanswered max range q's that would be one thing, but Lucian is running down champs like Orianna through the minion wave and winning through sheer numbers.
: Yasuo, the Unforgiven (Rework Idea)
In what situations is this new Yasuo playable? After dumpstering his damage and passive shield, he no longer has the stats to fight, but his 3q stayed, so he still wants to fight. This version either runs over people with base stats and becomes tank Elko 2.0, or he's useless as a skirmisher.
Elikain (EUNE)
: Hmm, and i guess your picks are the only ones who require skill to play?
Why is it ok for ADC to go mid and beat anyone in lane when they do all the damage to towers and all the damage in teamfights? An adc that goes mid should get crushed off of base stats alone. But Lucian gets to statcheck everyone from Orianna to Zed at all stages of the game.
Eedat (NA)
: If DD is "disgustingly broken"
So, not that I think Deaths Dance is broken op, since, looking at Lolalytics it appears to be an item purchased by summoners who are snowballing and looking to pick up a win more item to solidify their lead, but when Dark Seal was released, high elo Yorick main and LoL theorycrafter InvertedComposer said that it was mathematically op to stack them with corrupting potion. It took a few months for singed players to catch on, and it still isn't dominating solo lanes where ring abuse is rampant and the gold efficiency of seals should be better; if the PBE nerfs to ring go through, I would expect dark seal to show up in pro play. Also, in legacy formats of card games, the meta decks of the past are rarely the meta decks currently used, so it stands to reason similar things could happen in League.
: The utility of it, being a gap closer should be it's own reward however Rek Sai's CC rely's on her being underground and then popping up under them. This ult doesn't help that, the ult feels inconsistent with the rest of her kit as it is, doesn't really set up anything, it can fail as a damage dealer. I vote for if the ult misses that rek sai lands underground and has her borrow ability refreshed so it can at least be used to travel distances or get to targets. Though personally it shouldn't miss it does have a huge scaling but given the nature of the champion building up to it it's is on risk the ult should be the reward at least.
The problem with this line of thinking is the ult doesn't even take you into auto range when it misses, it takes you into the perfect range to get kited to death.
Meep Man (NA)
: > Runes: Honestly these sound terrible. I'm not looking forward to the free power these new keystone runes are going to provide. I remember when keystone masteries were introduced and how suddenly every champion in the game was one-shotting each other. I think the rune system definitely needs an overhaul, sure (buying runes and pages for IP really really sucks) but I'm not looking forward to these pseudo-masteries and the inevitable damage creep that will occur when they create Thunderlord's Decree Mk. II, Rune Edition. Isn't it just the same as we have right now, but with the Runes and Masteries combined into one single power level?
A lot of people don't realize we are going from 60 runes and mysteries to about 8 runes, they just see "wtf lol 60% atk speed masteries only gove 5% now thats insane Rito wtf are you smokingg xxdd. Also nerf yasuo lolz"
Tarzeus (NA)
: No. Unlock your camera if you're having a problem using his ultimate, I rarely if ever have a problem and only playing from the top side. I believe his ult is fine the way it is, jhins ult for example throws me off when it zooms out as I would rather unlock.
I mean, your 42% velkoz winrate despite 80 games says otherwise, but you may be losing due to your poor builds, hard to tell.
: I didnt think aboht that. I dont have a pc mic right now and even if I get one I dont always want to chat with team but then I have to worry about the the other team all chatting and having much smoother cooridination. This actually worries me a little
You don't need a Mic to listen to calls.
: Why can Garen's E crit when every crit item except IE is inherently shit on him?
When Garen was updated, players on Reddit asked for crit scaling instead of an E that was actually good,so...
: Wasn't done in LCS yet. Also dragon was the only major objective back then , so having a duo bot would've benefit having dragon control. Mid lane usually was roaming every now and then while a Marksman would need some time to farm up, thus putting them bot instead of mid.
It was done competitively though. Notably, some scrub team sent Karthas bot lane and a duo lane against Faker's LeBlanc. The casters, as it slowly failed, showed that the long lane is needed to someone the 1v2 off of EXP and last hits. They also noted that the same outcome happened in a few other games.
: I've always used four fingers... people use three fingers...? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
So I just went to YouTube, and can confirm that a high elo Lee sin named Heizman and a lesser known pro player who goes by Faker use 3 fingers. 4 if you count using the thumb to level abilities and self cast.
: I prefer single champion updates like Rek'Sai/Shyvana/etc. to class updates
The problem, in Riot's eyes, is probably that most players don't understand why they pick certain champs, and the class updates are read more often than dev diaries. I mean, people think Mundo, Xin Zhao, Malphite, and Braum are all tanks and all have the same purpose in a teamcomp. Until Riot stops balancing for bad (read: never) the class updates will happen for every class, and Juggs probably get hit again.
: Extreme mobility with burst
Who are you asking? {{champion:22}} ?{{champion:136}} ?{{champion:164}} ?{{champion:111}} ?{{champion:83}} ?
Runesnag (NA)
: When you won't trade roles.
If your plan is to only farm until teamfights start, why not go Graves or Yi? Seems weird to pick a champ that needs to maximize ult usage prior to teamfights.
: > I mean the dude has been strong since release Didn't everyone say ivern was a joke of a champ at release with a 30% winrate?
Go build Runic Echoes into protobelt with thunderlords and see how well you do with the current ivern. That's how he was played on release, shows how bad the average player is.
: He wasn't...or rather, he wasn't and his environment was just horrible. His win rate coming out was like the 30s. Like HORRIBLY low iirc.
Because people were going thunderlords Echo protobelt on him. His current winrate with that build is about what it was on launch.
: What I think the next preseason class rework should be.
I feel a basic knowledge of every subclass should be prerequisite to posting about balance, this post being a prime example why.
Glîtchy (NA)
: How am I supposed to climb?
1. Go top lane. 2. Lock in the Croc. 3. Kill your lane opponent. 4. Don't miss CS. 5. When the jungler shows up, kill them. 6. At 25 minutes, you should have at least 15 kills and 300 CS. 7. A 5 item Renekton at level 16 1v5's the enemy team.
: Camille is Diver Yasuo is Skirmisher Lee Sin is Fighter Ahri is Mage not really similar IMO, all have different kinds of mobility. Lee Sin, has near unlimited mobility depending on whether he has wards or not and/or can use Q to travel away or to. Yasuo requires no skill to dash In lane, but significant skill to dash through the JG. Ahri, well... I'll leave up to everyone else.. All 4 have CC that are "strong". Also, the only thing close to burst on this list is Ahri so?? Neither Lee Sin or Yasuo can just burst someone else they are half build (yasuo) and/or fed(yasuo and lee). However they can both get broken sustain with life steal.
: Riven E is broken
Windwall, Counterstrike, Skarll, Meditate, Riposte, Undying Rage, Parallel Convergence. Out of all the skirmishers, Riven is the least defensive, as she brings the most crowd control and the most AoE.
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