: Worlds Pick’em is Coming!
Definitely seems unfortunate for people who have the skins. Maybe come out with a special chroma or something for just the pick 'ems.
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: It's actually fucking astonishing
god forbid if you even stand up for yourselves against trolls. Riot is quick to ban anybody who speaks at all. According to the support team, there is a limit on how many characters you can type in a game. lol
: "PvE game modes cost too many resources"
I mean they probably have to pay off some of their lawyers for all the sexually harassment that supposedly goes on constantly
BurNìng (NA)
: Riot's discipline system too harsh? (push)
yeah the way they don't care about actual trolls is disgusting. You can get trolled all game and still receive a ban because "they don't want you defending yourself" LOL make a report and ask. They will tell you not to defend yourself
JoyFired (NA)
: SUCH BS! I was waiting in the room for an hour before I "was able to purchase my tickets". I got in when basically all of the sections were open, however when I tried purchasing my tickets, I got the message that "No seats were found for the selected number of tickets and price levels", even after switching to only one ticket and best seats at any price. I then tried to order of of the phone, and I always got hung up on after they were supposed to connect me to someone, on all of their phone lines I could find. I had been waiting three hours to finally get my tickets to Worlds, and I don't have the luxury of driving to the box office all the way down just to get them. The entire system is screwed up and Now I have to pay 100+ dollars just to get tickets from scalpers
This describes my experience perfectly. Cannot get ahold of AXS on any line, had to call staples and they sent me to a different number which led to no help whatsoever. The customer service was disgusting.
: How many tickets can you buy together at one time?
: Worlds 2016 - Finals tickets
Absolutely garbage. That waiting list was a scam. It forced most of us to wait 40 minutes to an hour just to be told there aren't any more tickets. If they can't tell us that during the wait list whats the point of waiting around? Never use AXS again. Quite disappointed altogether
: I agree with Riot's decision to remove Graves' Cigar...
Worst idea ever, as those are the worst invention ever. Make it a jointski and you've got my vote{{champion:17}}
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: Building Butcher’s Bridge: the Bilgewater event
I like the idea of a new map, but I don't think you should take Howling Abyss away. I like what someone suggested about randomizing which map you land on, just to make things interesting for the gameplay. Or just make it optional which map to play on in general. Love the idea!

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