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: I don't have riots system so all I got is a guess. I feel the most likely culprit for this would be K factor slowdown. This would be the adjustment for an account changing so after X games your K variable gets lower. K is a variable that multiplies the MMR stake of a match. Thus having a Higher K = More MMR gains and losses. So if there was a slow down and If your losses > Wins when it lowers it takes additional wins to break even that's off how ever much K Riot shaved of. Thankfully the exact opposite is true for wins into losses. There's also the bit where most MMR stakes are off system expectations vs actual results. Its compensation for uneven/unfair games when matchmaker give up and builds to be faster. Even with no slowdown if your luck sucked and the system made constant incorrect assumptions about your teams odds then youd be below your starting MMR, Could be something completely different. I don't have riots system, I can honestly only make guess. Now for a lot of functional MMR systems I can say that you can be below average tier with a 50% rate. You can above with a 50% rate. Yet you cant expect to see a dramatic climb or fall if you always averaged 50%.
And that I think is the issue. Dramatic falls are taking place and no gains at all. I would much rather be stagnant at 50% than losing progress where two wins are negated by one loss. The system as it stands right now is far too punitive to make the climb even remotely enjoyable. It is quite frustrating. If MMR is basically controlling where you even are or should be in the first place, why even have a progressive ranking system since it fights so hard to keep you progressing?
: Team oriented game with no sort of true means of enforcing accountability for teammates. Sure if a teammate is super toxic you can report them, but that doesn't help that you lost LP due to that. It doesn't help when your teammate 1st times a champion (somehow that isn't reportable) and feeds 10 times in 8 mins. Much of it really is similar to hearthstone..some luck BS lol.
Part of the issue is team performance dictates individual ranking. I don’t really understand why when team composition is random. With all the stats they have and other ways to rate your play I don’t know why they simply won’t use this to create a more fair and maybe more individual based ranked system. It’s just not fair to get penalized for bad team composition. It seems this problem is throughout the tiers because it happens in the low levels where I am too.
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: Each game adjusts your MMR. Your starting MMR on a fresh account with 0 games is the same starting MMR as all other fresh accounts. Old accounts starting MMR value related to prior season and the soft reset. You can also make some pretty dramatic changes to your starting MMR during preseason. End result your at first non placement game, your at your accounts "base" value for MMR. There is wiggle room, it might be high, might be low. Regardless you don't have to care about that. Instead You can make a rule of thumb now for your total MMR gains and losses by tracking the net result of your accounts matches in a que. Each win will add to your Base. Each loss will decrease from it. The exact amounts are variable because mmr is a variable system. If your win streak does not counterbalance the # of losses on an account your not climbing, your returning to the starting value you had for your first game that season. As LP changes are slower then MMR adjusments if your win% starts bad your going to only be below your current Tier. If you start the season with a loss streak or run into some bad luck you have to recoup the MMR by matching it with wins. To climb you need to ultimately put more MMR on your account then is subtracted. The nice thing about MMR systems is this can be done with anything over 50% wins. The down side is its gonna eat a lot of your time to make small %s matter. Riots system will thankfully play catchup if the MMR to Tier gap gets to large. So you personally had a pretty nasty looking debt from the season start. Your currently sitting at basicaly 50% overall. You had a nice 10 game streak, you can see the impact from this on the average MMR for teams in your games. Prior to the streak you got placed in Division 2 and division 3 matches. After the streak your div 2 and div 1 average matches. If you keep playing {{champion:21}} with your current win % your gonna be climbing pretty fast. Your record right now stands at 60W 59L. To put this in perspective, if MMR Was a Static number of say 30. your net gain in MMR from every single match played this season is 30 MMR more then your Base value. Right now you should have no expectation to have climbed because your effectively only looking at a single wins worth of MMR. (honestly its probably less cuz many MMR systems for games like lol have the K factor in the MMR adjustment decrease with # of matches played with directly lowers the total MMR gains/losses per match.)
Thank you kindly for your explanation. However, even with this explanation I find it still does not explain the existing gap between LP won and lost with each match. According to what you said, presently, I shouldn’t expect there to be much of a gap at all in LP even if it doesn’t allow for climbing. However, my LP differential continues to be negative by a fairly wide margin despite the changes in my MMR and having a 50% win record. Many people say ignore LP but LP is the single most important factor to progression as without gaining enough you stay stuck! It is incredibly frustrating to play games and win 14LP and then lose one game and lose 20LP. The cycle of promotion and demotion is real and unlike some suggest its not about just winning more. Perhaps if they did away with LP and made MMR transparent there would be less frustration but right now it doesn’t make sense.
: Basically, your hidden MMR is what's important in the long run. It determines where Rito wants you to be rank-wise (which is why dodging troll games in Ranked helps you in the long run even though it's guaranteed LP loss). There are several "feel" mechanics in Rito's rank system which cause your hidden MMR and your rank to diverge. If your hidden MMR is higher than the "intendned MMR" for your current rank, then you gain more LP in wins than you lose in losses; if your hidden MMR is lower than the "intended MMR" for your current rank, then you lose more LP in losses than you gain in wins. Essentially, based on your hidden MMR, Rito doesn't think you deserve your current rank. Your LP gain/loss will level out when: 1) You fall back to a rank more commensurate with your hidden MMR. 2) You prove Rito wrong by improving your hidden MMR (or, as you say, **WIN MORE**). {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
I understand this mechanism but I have gone on extended win streaks only to see my LP win/loss gain rate remain the same or get worse. Whatever goes into MMR is certainly NOT just winning or losing and if it is then it's definitely not working as it should.
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: What’s New in Ranked 2019
I like the position ranked changes but I truly wish that more than just winning or losing was considered in your ranking. Being on a good team is completely random especially at lower levels. Feeders also play a huge role in whether you win or lose in the lower levels. Therefore, I wish there was a way to also include individual performance in your ranking points per game. Maybe the position ranking is a step towards this. It shouldn't be that difficult. Riot already has so many individual stats that you can see and already gives you a grade for your in game gameplay. Just one more step...
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