: Bard definitely should have his emote say "I dun goofed" at its' heart. No other champ can so thoroughly and decisively fuck over their entire team like Bard can. Barring that a "Really bruh" type emote for when your ADC picks up your W shrines before they fully charge every time without fail.
Omg, that hits me on an emotional level. JUST WAIT FOR THE HOT COCOA TO BE READY MY DUDE. *BARD INTENSIFIES*{{champion:432}}
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: Rewards for positive play
HMMMM......HHMMMMMMMM....... I don't know if I'm positive or not e3e" But I don't mind showing my chat logs lol, <Kind of curious to be honest> Potato C: ~ I don't talk much in game either LOL But oh well, I enjoy 97% of my games :D


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