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Julevi (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=IØIØI,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=sA60QM4U,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2019-11-30T12:06:31.008+0000) > > so ur implying that friendly banter is bannable now? how is this community so goddamn hypocritical. Kinda ironic how you mocked someone in the comments, indirectly implying that they might be stupid, for the wrong usage of your/you're and now making the same mistake 🙃
"ur" is an abbreviation for "you're/your/you are", i didn't get "your/you're" mixed up sherlock
: What makes friendly banter is the intent. "You can't milk those!" Is friendly banter. "You fucking suck bronze noob, and your mom's a whore." Is not. Additionally, the vast majority of people we see here complaining about their punishments flamed their own teams. Work with your teams, save the banter for your opponents.
Is "gg ez" friendly banter?{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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: You were banned for unsportmanlike. Saying "gg ez" is unsportmanlike which triggered the system and its obvious you trying to piss off someone else in chat. Also you only showed us Game 3? What happened to Game 1 & 2 chatlogs?
i take full responsibility of my first 2 games, only posted the 3rd because i felt like this game should not be filed into my chat restriction. and ur "gg ez" comment is completely irrelevant, riot made an emote that you can spam throughout game, is that bannable?
: > [{quoted}](name=IØIØI,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=sA60QM4U,comment-id=00070001,timestamp=2019-11-30T12:02:46.402+0000) > > I didn't know calling someone a boomer over and over again was considered "misbehavior." holy shit, im actually laughing at how sensitive people are nowadays First off it was "Ez" which triggered the ban not " boomer" also what do you mean by " talking shit all game not allowed" ?
riot literally made a emote that has "ez" in it. which is something that you can spam continuously throughout game. so should i get banned for spamming an "ez" emote too? lmfao
: its funny you focus on the "ok boomer" part and not all the other passive aggressive comments. nothing nice to say? dont say anything at all.
im not flaming anyone, passive-aggressive comments are not bannable as riot themselves promoted friendly banter. but at the end of the day, the company itself and the community is just full of hypocritical people.
: I mean...deserved. U were provoking and laughing at them, which is considered to be, lets call it - "toxic" and it looks like u were spamming a little bit. Im sure u havn't been banned for "boomer", but for the rest. It's just chat restriction tho. Take a lesson from this one :)
so ur implying that friendly banter is bannable now? how is this community so goddamn hypocritical.
: More the fact you talked shit all game. Also, post screenshots. Literally you cutpaste starts with “Game 3” - why are you hiding Game 1 & 2 that also triggered the ban?
and talking shit all game is not allowed? didnt riot promote friendly banter like 2 years ago? i'm focusing on game 3 specifically because i do not know why it was included in the chat restriction, i take full responsibility for the other 2 games
: So, it has come to this: someone displayed misbehavior in a LoL match in flagrant disregard for the game's rules, ToS, EULA, and Summoner's Code. That's unfortunate, and I'm sorry you had to deal with it. If this misbehavior happened in chat (including emotes or ping) and they don't respond positively to a _single, courteous, constructive request to focus on the game_, your best option is to mute that player. Submit a report after the match. This is equivalent to dealing with a noisy person in a library by asking them to keep it down and then notifying library staff and moving to another area. _Do not respond with misbehavior of your own!_ If you do that, your teammates may report _you_, and those reports would be valid. This is equivalent to dealing with a noisy person in a library by getting into a shouting match with them. Just because someone else started it doesn't justify you in continuing it. I'm sure you're familiar with the "s/he started it" trope, where two children get into an argument or fight and then try to claim innocence of any wrongdoing by claiming that they didn't instigate it. As any parent, teacher, or other supervisor of children will tell you, that excuse doesn't fly. When Dad is trying to drive you to Disneyland and your annoying brother starts making faces at you as he's previously been told not to, you should calmly ask him to stop, and then, if that doesn't work, calmly notify your parents of the problem. Making faces at him or shouting at him has never been a good way to get him to stop, and it makes you just as guilty of that as he. Riot doesn't care who started it. Someone else's misbehavior does not justify your own. From [Riot's support knowledgebase]( > * Simply speaking, retaliation is not an acceptable or justifiable behavior. An argument between two players can easily create a negative experience for the rest of the players in the game with you. Regardless of the other player’s actions, this does not justify your own behavior. You alone are responsible for your actions within the game.If you encounter a toxic player like this, the best option is to simply report their behavior and move on. > * Reports are a vital piece to the puzzle. If you are not sure of what sort of behavior is reportable take a look at the [Reporting a Player FAQ]( If you misbehave but a teammate or opponent does or says something even worse, you should definitely report them after the match, just as someone reported you for your own misbehavior. Yes, that's certainly possible. Reports are not a limited resource. Any time someone believes that another player violated LoL's behavioral standards, they can report that player. Punishments are similarly not limited: if more than one player in a game merits a punishment, they can both get a punishment. This can happen even if the players in question were antagonizing each other. The IFS doesn't need to weigh the severity of all reported players' actions and then "award" the "winner" with a punishment; it's not a contest. Think of it like dealing with a noisy person in a library: ask them to keep it down, and then notify library staff and move to another area if that doesn't work. If you get into a shouting match with them, you're just as likely to be removed, even if you weren't shouting _quite_ as loudly as they were. The goal is a quiet library.
I didn't know calling someone a boomer over and over again was considered "misbehavior." holy shit, im actually laughing at how sensitive people are nowadays
: Probably the "gg ez" at the end of the game might triggered the punishment. I know, riot's ban system is trash but i dont think that the word "boomer" is considered toxic enough to trigger a chat restriction lmao
we lost spectacularly tho, it was a 4v5 in favor of the enemy. the gg ez was just meant as a troll.
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