Azca33 (NA)
: Broxah - A top tier jungler or a EU player looking to NA for retirement?
Xmithie was a good objective jungler but not mechanically barring a decent amount of great mechanics to steal dragons like at MSI 2016 with {{champion:203}} when he was on CLG. Xmithie has been quoted as being a " Tracker" jungler and it's far from the truth with him. He reacts but never initiates. Every game I saw him play on the International stage for the past 3 years has him walking and forth when fights are happening: if you aren't going to help fight.......just literally walk away and do something else but nope, he'll literally just stand like. The thing about NA and NA teams is that we need/trying to have players be carries on their own and have them do their own thing. AKA "Revis Island" is what I call it. Impact was literally left alone when he was on Cloud 9 and he carried them to Finals, Worlds, Quarters etc. Ruin on CLG was the same thing in which CLG left him to do what felt was right and CLG benefited from such. Broxah will more than likely do his usual help D-Lift in lane so he can get his usual ego and such but overall, he'll be an **aggressive** jungler and that's what NA **NEEDS** to be if NA wants to actually grow as a region and that's be aggressive when push comes to show. I will say Broxah leaving EU for NA is just for the $ and nothing else. NA's $ V is too delicious to just walk away soon NA be EU's little brother ~~BEOCH~~
datfatguy (OCE)
: Are you trying to say that WWE isn’t rigged? lol what that shit’s known for being fake and scripted
: Svenskeren and Zeyzal to Evil Geniuses.
Blaber may be better in the early game and all but overall I honestly think he's a C- player at best. We've been at this fast paced style of League for the last 2-3 years and that's been the span of Blaber's career.....if league EVER(won't) returns to a slower paced game I don't see Blaber being nearly as good as people think of him now. Sneaky and Licorice will both NEED to step up and actually become carries for Cloud 9 if they want to be contenders. Zeyzal is 50/50 considering we've seen enough out of Sneaky to know what X support can and can't get out of him. I will say Diamond their backup support kinda sucks. Svenskeren on the other hand is a huge blow to C9 as he's been with the team for 2 years and experience and chemistry goes a long way for teams in general. Svenskeren is only 23 and has loads of experience for EG but also, he's also now an NA resident! Evil G's roster could be lethal with 2 potential import slots. The interesting thing about Cloud 9's jungle situation is if Reignover returns or not. Cloud 9 already took a hit with Jensen but now Sven and Zeyzal.......... Talks is EG will be a Cloud 9 2.0 with Kumo(Top), Svenskeren(Jungle), Deftly(ADC) and Zeyzal(Support) but Froggen returning to his ole' org.
17171 (EUW)
: Lets sum up the final and get a look at why it seemed rigged.
Next you are going to tell me the NBA, NHL, NFL and WWE are rigged of sorts? You acting like $ makes the world go round or something. LOL
: But 3 - 1 = 2 G2 The script is G2 the entire time.
What about the music video "Rise _Phoenix_ FunPlus **Phoenix**?
: I Have Been to the Future (Spoilers Beware)
Dumb! Everyone knows G2 will sub out their whole roster for a full roster of NA players just so NA can take pride at reaching past the semifinals for the first time.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Should Jakeylove have been suspended based on previous cases?
Inting and AFK is ok but if you say ANYTHING.... your a$$ is GRASS
MakJuice (NA)
If G2 wins Worlds NA fans will be like ' The West won' LOL
: Korea and NA
G2 and EU are carrying the West(NA) on their backs.
WinDoos (EUNE)
: (unpopular opinion) Sneaky perfectly explains why NA can't compete
Look at TSM 2016 and NA in general at a point that NA was in my opinion the most competitive it ever was up to that point. 2017 was also competitive with Best of 3's and what not. 2016 TSM spent close to a year( 2016 Spring they had to fight just to make the Playoffs 9-9 and even then they had to face 3 Seed Cloud 9, 1 Seed Immortals and eventually the 2 Seed CLG). So even in Spring they more than likely practiced hard. That Summer TSM literally didn't stream and was again, at the time the best NA team "ever".......they went 3-3 and eliminated in the group stage......D-Lift the most veteran player at the time in North America was so exhausted he literally took a split off(his intention until he came back and joined TL for some games). NA players can't handle what the Asian teams put themselves through to win. NA can't compete... after 10 years I think it's a telltale bet to say NA just doesn't have what it takes. D-Lift was also still streaming 2 days before his Worlds match started and didn't really seem all that interested. So yes, it's an NA situation and not just a single player(Sneaky) but again, you can't fix something that doesn't want to be fixed. The NA players don't give a flying f$ck about winning Worlds! It's all about making quick $ and even foreign players know such and how desperate NA is( Arrow, Huni, Reignover, Impact, PowerofEvil, Crown) they didn't come over to help NA( NA honestly need them as much as it sucks) NA will never compete with the rest of the world GET OVER IT!
: Can we change NA soloq culture by rejecting hate speech
Quáx (NA)
: Whats been going on this year with EU and NA's fanbase
: It's getting annoying af to see nothing but Xayah & Kai'Sa in literally every game in Worlds
Riot is in a pickle to feed the masses of female (E-Girls) of/for female skins. Have you noticed everything is female based for the past year!? Cinematics have lately just been the 'Power of Females' Ever since Rito got into trouble with the farting in faces and such it's been so. To ask Riot to nerf {{champion:145}} {{champion:498}} is to: 1. Be sexist 2. Riot doesn't nerf damage! LOL If anything they'll just "nerf" them by buffing them in some way. -7 AD at levels 1-2 but +90 at level 5 will most likely be done by Rito.
MakJuice (NA)
: If Invictus Gaming wins it all again, what does that mean to NA and Team Liquid?
In a seriousness TL was in a tough group but frankly we've been saying ' Oh well X NA team is in a difficult group' year after year after year and at some point we gotta say "You're locked in here with me" instead of the other way around. Every group can looked at difficult from an NA point of view because we(NA) are just an inch away from LMS/Wildcard tier. I agree 100% with what Chompy said in his post. We sent the "Back to back to back to back" LCS Champions and the "Best team NA has ever sent to Worlds" with an All-Star level talent and we got the average D-Lift special 3 wins..... no excuses.
Jewemy (NA)
: Worlds Format Ideas
I think changing the name of the schedule would honestly help NA(the only "major" region that needs help at this point) have week one but change ~~week two~~ to **week one*** Also, give all NA teams a 1-0 record right from the start.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Who was more glad with the group results? (poll)
I think NA is happier so holiday break could be longer.
: Legit question: Why? Time after time we as a region have failed when our brothers in the EU have succeeded. At this point I know that whatever I watch at the LCS is just child's play compared to areas like Korea or China where at least it feels like there's competition there. I've been giving NA a chance for so long, but I'm just tired of it all. I won't even leave a "Hope LCS does better next year" cuz at this point we all know they won't. They haven't proved it yet to be worth that wishful thinking.
There's honestly numerous reasons on why NA just can't get over the hill: 1.) Talent NA doesn't have the #'s to find and scout players like these other regions do. 2.) It's not a "career" or "Sport" Playing videogames around older people is frowned upon. D-Lift's parents(RIP his mother) didn't want him to playgames as a career because they didn't think it was one. 2-3 years ago) they changed their mind on the amtter because he was making money and had a stable career. As long as you are making $ and it's a stable career to many Asian families they'll let you do such as a career. For European it's more of less the same thing. Here in the States tho, you gotta follow the status quo or be looked down upon. Drop the "Redbulls" and "Monsters" pick up a good ole' BEER and tackle some guy while wearing short-shorts and dont' forget to slap your "B" every now and then.....Now that's a "REAL SPORT" right THEREE' American is fixed on it's own Monopoly of sports, system and propaganda. _If you don't support the military for justice(oil) invading other countries, watching sports(Football/Basketball) and eating to fill NA belly YOU ARE A TERRORIST_ Anything that's "different" or goes against the normal way of life in America is going against America and we just can't have that. 3.) It's easier to stream Don't really need to elaborate. 4.) We buy talent This goes with #1 but looking at it with another glimpse is that NA tends to pick up players that helps NA in the short term but not long term. Team Liquid's coach Cain for example, his English has improved but notto the point where the best NA team that has "Ever produced" can understand him without a translator...for 2 years now. Having players that not only has the mechanics but you can actually understand them goes a long way in my opinion. Anyone can literally buy talent but team chemistry is much better. Look at EU and how many of the teams that had Korean imports did well and all but compared to the all European teams it was better for the players all to be around the C+ tier but understand each other compared to having a overall B- tier as a team but carried by those Korean members. 5.) Being strict - Respect There's a reason why many Asian teams are better than Western teams(NA) they actually have schedules. Yes, NA has scrim blocks and X block and Mon-Sun blocks etc etc "It’s not the hours you put in your work that counts, it’s the work you put in the hours". – Sam Ewing CLG had Montecristo as a coach in 2014 and there was rumors/stories in Link's "donezo manifesto" that when Monte would be talking(Via Skype) the players wouldn't even be listening but instead be on the internet, playing games etc. Team Liquid back in Season 6/7(Dardoch) would disrespect their coach(Loco) to the point where Piglet( The Korean player) disliked Loco but found it to be wrong and overall rude to disrespect their coach. After each LCS loss do you think the players and team sit down and actually watch and study their material to learn from such? I don't. Nope, they more than likely just play solo Q and that's really about it. And my god, I honestly believe solo Q is overrated. Solo Q is important but not THAT important. Isn't solo Q like 2-3 patches BEHIND or AHEAD of the meta/patch that is being played on the LCS stage? 6.) This one is tough because $ and views plays a factor into such but that would be returning to a **Best of** instead of a BO1 format. " Switch to bo3’s and increase broadcast days per week to 4. More games on stage = more valuable stage experience for players. This also allows teams to take more risks on giving rookies time to develop on stage. - MonteCristo Twitter feed. ' oh but the players fatigue' OK! So they can't play 2-3 games on stage minimum (4 games ) - max( 6 games) a week but they can play 20 or so solo Q games per day? _K_ Developing rookies in the Academy stage is OK but if **meh** is facing **meh**how are they going to develop or get better with that talent level? With Best of 3's it allows teams to sub in their role players to try different strategies and such. Hard to do so when it's a short (season) of 18 games and starting off 0-4 is pretty much a death sentence AKA 100 Thieves. 7.) Erase this Spring/Summer splits and combine them! Whatever record you and your team ended with at the end of the (Spring split -14-18 games) is what you start out with at the start of the ( Summer split). No clean slates, no team that kinda overperforms in the spring but sucks in the summer but still be able to make Worlds because of ( Points) AKA FlyQuest. ** Cut some wires of the safety net and the players will focus more on not falling off. ** The Winner of the ~~Split~~ **Season** is the #1st Seed - The Runner up is the #2nd Seed The winner between the 3rd place matchup is the #3rd Seed for NA - OR have a group of the final 4 teams similar to Worlds. Either way, the whole NA ~~Splits~~ is dumb because it semi rewards teams that are good for half of the time of the year and not the whole year. These are just some reasons and solutions and such but personally **at this time** I don't care.
: What I'm thinking is that it was a bad year in general outside of TL pulling an upset over IG to get to MSI Finals. Domestically, teams were giving promise but no absolution. Anyone who watches as much pro League as I do could see the writing in the sand; that this was a possibility. That's why I'm calm as a cucumber for the most part while it's fans like you who are blowing up yet again and at a greater magnitude than ever. You call it glass half full mentality. I call it being neutral while having a bit of fun here and there. I say it all the time: I'm a fan of the competition as a whole. At least my mentality remains stable. I mean my god, look back at everything you keep saying! At this point it's easier for you to just insult NA the various ways that you have and bandwagon in these defeatist speeches and ideals from yourself, and others such as MarkZ. You take any bright spot and smear it in negativity to the point its deluded. You hug to history and that's the baseline to everything you bear passion for as a fan. **I do not care about that history!** I'm not influenced by history to be some belligerent meme whore as you and several others act like! Often irrational. Unable to be reasoned with. That right there is the pathetic part of so called "NA fans." Major Region. Wildcard. Those labels sicken me. One's used for prestige and the other is used as an insult; an identification of demotion; irrelevant. You want NA to be successful but you also want to reduce the chances of that being possible. Like what kind of logic is that?! You're already sitting on this arrogant changeless attitude. What next: they only get 2 teams and both teams fail, give them 1? That 1 team goes and fails again, delete the region? I've seen that thought process! And here I am just wondering to myself. I don't care if I'm alone on the way I think things out. I don't care how next year turns out. At least I can make for wholesome discussion in the now without being a pessimist who has to whine **ENDLESSLY** about the past and let that influence the future perception. Lastly I don't really care what you or anyone does. But I will tell you straight up: if it sucks and it's so hard to bear, give up. I've been avid to this scene and boards for years. I'm not tired of NA. I'm tired of ridiculous fans who have lost their passion and keep using **only** Worlds as a sponge to suck up what hopes they had. Just....whatever...
So you knew in the back of your mind, ' ok, NA will most likely suck balls(yet again) at Worlds, right? I have no faith as I know they'll underperform cause it's "NA" what else is new, eh? How is NA much competition? If you are a fan of "competition" why not have 1 out the 3 NA seeds be vacated for another EU team that can take games off LCK and eliminate the LPL favorites by name value(RNG yet again) or have an LCK team that deserved to be a Worlds(KZD) or LPL for that matter(Top Esports). Yes, I want NA to do well on the International stage but hoping and being realistic are 2 different things. Ok so NA isn't a wildcard or major/minor region nope, they are just a region that means nothing on the International stage...better? We are just......there Anyone can say **NEXT YEAR** over and over and over and over and over and over..... congratulations. The future is the present in due time and later becomes the past- 2020 NA fails yet again( but you'll already think so and know so) you'll be " Next year" " Get with the Present" I've been on the boards for 5+ years also but it's been more of the same. Have a good one
: 10 years but it's 9 competitive seasons and only the previous 6 of those 9 etched out this pessimistic narrative.
So what are you thinking? NA will just put their hands together and everything will be better? Give it another 6-9 years and maybe well have 2 teams make it to semi-finals? Best of 3's? Been there done that More Eu, LCK, LPL, LMS(Hell, anywhere but NA for talent)? Yep What? It's been 6 - 9 years Gemi! Wake up! You keep thinking about NA with a glass half full mentality but each year another region takes that glass and drinks NA's "milkshake" " **I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE**!" Are we suppose to just continue to cheer when in doubt even the teams from NA don't even seem to care that much either? Look at some of these pros (D-Lift and Sneaky) were still streaming like 2-3 before the tournament( the start of Main-event) started. Maybe if people stopped supporting the "Never Advance League of Challenged Stars" they'll get a wake up call and actually improve. We've been cheering for such... and that hasn't mattered. Should we Drew Carey it and be super-duper proud of our "anomaly" semi birth and hope we won't be dog s$it for 20 years following like the Browns? _To anyone who doubted us and our semi birth can shut the hell up! _ - Following year 5-13( the worst NA record at Worlds) _Oh! Well uh.... continue to support the NA LCS because ah........ have faith....ah........ we could win or be competitive within the next ah..... GG! Go next decade_ People who talk about " NA just had a bad year" what about the years prior to 2014? What about 2015 where all 3 NA teams were eliminated in groups? Besides 2014 only 1 team has made it out of groups for NA(Cloud 9) great, awesome. Hell skip the NALCS and just call such " The Cloud 9 invitational" Talks about how last year with Korea falling off was an anomaly. Does that make NA advancement to Semi-finals an anomaly also? Is NA a major region? Why does NA have 3 seeds if NA isn't a major region? And if you think at this point NA is a major region... my god. You are literally alone on that matter, friend. MarkZ who has stood up for NA for years has said NA isn't even a major region. I love NA{{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} but at this point I don't see the point in watching or caring for it anymore. Not asking NA to win Worlds but show consistency and more than just 1 team making it to the bracket stage. After the 2020 Worlds and all 3 NA teams are eliminated in groups again I'm sure you'll be saying much of what you've been saying for the past 4-5 years with no substance from NA's showings.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Let's stop the EU vs NA trash talk for now
Quáx (NA)
: What were your pickems?
Xerxe and Splyce will make Faker kneel at their feet. ' There will be no glory in your sacrifice. I will erase even the memory of Korea from the histories. Every piece of Korean parchment shall be burned, and every Korean historian and every scribe shall have their eyes put out and their tongues cut from their mouths! Why, uttering the very name of Korea or Faker will be punishable by death! The world will never know you existed at all!'
: For as much flack as he got for it at the time, it makes me realize Reaperd was right when he benched basically his entire team last year. If the players don’t care about the product they are putting on stage, why should the fans? If the players don’t want to do their jobs, sit their behinds on the bench till they decide they want to put in the effort. It might have damaged their fragile egos but it also lead to the only time in history our region wasn’t a complete embarrassment on the worlds stage.
Take a toy away from a child and they'll want that toy more than anything. Give such child countless toys and they'll take each one for granted. All 3 NA teams should be placed in the Play-in stages of Worlds as the "final boss" for such rounds. I'm actually glad this was my last viewing of NA and league because I'm so sick and tired of NA being a complete joke on the International stage. At this point in time I don't care if NA tries to improve because I know we won't actually do so.
: Gah, that Doublelift quote is horrific, and this is the best NA has to offer? “We don’t start scouting till the day of the game.” and they have the gall to call themselves professionals? This is basic shit, you start preparing the moment you find out who your opponents are, you study film to find their tendencies and which tendencies of yours they can exploit. You run practice against your scout team to prepare for the things they are going to do. This is literally sports 101, and our best team can’t even be bothered to do that? Pathetic. - This is the interview I was talking about with Ovilee. start at 10:44 - and watch until 12:04 and that right there is what I'm talking about. One of the things that I did when trying to find out predictions and stats before the tournament was to find the teams that resemble X team best. For example, DWG and TL are similar in their dragon control and both are slower teams so if another NA team would be in a group with DWG - I could look up their recent games with Team Liquid and get somewhat a small scouting on DWG without the ability to scrim them. Watch vods of the teams that resemble X team closest within the NA LCS, watch vods of the team you'll be facing etc etc. Yeah, it is pathetic.......but that's the LCS for you _10 Years with the same story and ending_
: {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
{{champion:79}} We eat because we are fat and we are fat because we eat.
bmwmangal (EUNE)
: NA needs more EU imports but also def need less calories
Our NA bellies need to stay full
: NA needs to lose at least 1 spot for Worlds.
: NA needs more talent
Honestly just going back to basics and doing things the right way. Stats and the importance of such Look at the LCK( The longevity of League power for 5+ years) before any regular split games begin the casters, production teams etc talk about stats and rankings and team stats for legit 10-20 mins before each game series. Look at LCS games in general it's nothing like that it's just - ' sit down and watch our clown fiesta games' Understanding "WHY" X team won or lost is beneficial more so than just "unlucky" as the reasons. Fans - Sometimes league is a slow paced game but to fans the slower paced games are "boring" but they don't realize those "boring games" the 40+ min games are needed for good teams that are methodical and smart. EU competed with Korea way back around 2012-2013 ( Gambit eliminated SSW in the 2013 WORLDS) because they knew the importance of slowing down the pace and playing SMART! but nope, not in NA - in NA you either play like a clown so fans can be entertained or you play smart and methodical and have fans be bored {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}. **I HAVE A BEDTIME TO KEEP!** **I CANT WATCH 4-5 40+ min games! SO I'm GOING TO COMPLAIN TO RIOT ABOUT SUCH...INSTEAD OF JUST WATCHING SUCH GAMES AT A LATER DATE** {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} Watch streams and how the streamer will say " Arrgh, this game should have been over like 10 mins ago or we stalled out the game for so long" Who gives a shiT?!? You didn't win - the enemy didn't win!........continue to play and not make it seem like every game needs/should be over at the 25 min mark. You actually LEARN more in the 40+ min games oppose to the 20 min 1 sided "feelsbadman" - "unlucky" games. **F$ck** I feel like we as a generation or so fixed on having magical excitement up our anuses 24/7 and action, action, action but then we realize that way sucks compared to the slower games/movies what have you. Look at horror games and how the genre was filled with action and how it became not scary but dumb. Now fans are crying for horror to return to it's roots. Movies are the same in which, 20 years from now do you think people are going to be talking about "Avengers XIVII" as an all-time great film? Joker 2019 // Suicide squad in comparison. Which movie had the better "Joker" which movie was overall, better? Suicide Squad had gasm: ACTION...... OWWWW ACTION...... delicious, stinky ACTION. Joker 2019 didn't really have "action" and to some it was one of the greatest movies of all time because it wasn't a "gun blazing" movie. If everyone(majority LCS players but solo Q players also) can calm down and play smart, slow and methodical the NA LCS might not be trash. Prep and scouting Ovilee interviewed D-Lift a week before Worlds started and asked him about scouting the teams in his group and he was like and I'm paraphrasing ' No, we haven't scouted or researched our opponents yet. We don't scout them until the day we face them' something like that and in theory it kinda makes sense as we've all heard the ol' " Onto the next X team" from Patriots coach Bill Belichick but overall, I honestly think NA coaches, talent, players everyone take sitting down and watching vods or certain teams as a _chore.... and not as your job._ The players don't want to sit down for 1-2 hrs in a day watching vods OH NO, they want to PLAY FOR FUN SOLO Q...... DELICIOUS SOLO Q! Create memes and say stuff like " POGGERS!!! instead of doing their jobs and in the long run be able to make it out of groups on the reg. Anytime I ever saw players watching vods or so they are texting or asleep on the couch instead of paying attention. Self criticism Close to every Doublelift stream whenever a player on his team does anything he's always " You're so BAD!" Other streamers like Tyler1 and IWD are also partly to blame with how players act in solo Q. It's actually "cool" these days acting like a rage filled 5 year old and a person to throw blame instead of actually THINKING "What can I have done" These are just some examples as there are other side of the coin NA players that are different like( Anniebot - who sounds like a nice person that doesn't really rages or switches blame). Overall, I think if we as a region want to actually grow and become better we need to work on self criticism and self control. I do believe Korea actually has the more toxic community and players but at least they have the mechanics to back it up and pedigree. I could go on and give out other points and examples but it's just easier to say something rude as being informative gets 0 attention but being rude gets you attention and more. Overall, sucks that this is the way NA ends their tournament but also my viewing of such because there's honestly no real rhyme or reason continuing to watch the LCS or really league content after Worlds. It'll just be the same thing again. #stay Free NA - Stay Free
: NA has lost any enthusiasm for competitiveness that they barely had left for this game
: NA fans deserve better
: TL vs IG
When Steve forgets to pay
Seriphos (EUW)
: Question: Why is NA LCS not a Wildregion ?
It honestly should be! I would love if Eu had 3 more seeds or Korea or China instead of having 3 teams from NA only to get dumped on each and every year.
: I'm sincerely hoping with three new ownerships that three new coaching staffs push a more competitive and adapting league than the stale NA scene that focuses on having the "best" stars and a stale meta.
MakJuice (NA)
: NA - Lets send our energy to EU
I don't think EU teams need NA energy!
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: Anyone got a TL Pepe frog meme?
Still waiting for one of those frog things but instead of X team it just says "NA"
Galiö (NA)
: Only like 2 LEC teams where booty where 6-7 in LCS are booty? The lighting is kinda weird.. My personal gripe with LEC is the tend to pause for issue... waayyyy more than any other region.
> My personal gripe with LEC is the tend to pause for issue... waayyyy more than any other region. My god!!! I thought I was the only one that noticed how often LEC does indeed pause games often. It's also always Fnatic games for some reason. LCS has garbage teams but the garbage LCS teams tend to have name value to the rosters such as( Rush, Piglet, Aphromoo, Ssumday, Amazing etc) - LEC had Mysterious Monkeys with ? and Origen post Xpeke/POE/Zven/Mithy with random ? players. Also, like I said the standings in the LCS are much closer oppose to the LEC with tie-breakers. Since 2018 EU had 6 tie-breaker games oppose to NA's 13 tie-breakers. ( I personally just like tie-breakers and NA tends to have more so.....)
: Can we get an F for Cloud 9? Not for Worlds but for...
I would have turned to the LEC years ago but I hate the lighting in their studio/arena as it's so dark and red. Another is the competition within the LEC( teams #1 - #6/7 are really competitive) but my god each year in the LEC there are 3-4 teams that are complete booty. Sure the NA LCS has it's anus teams but they are somewhat competitive with tie-breakers and such but in the LEC it's constantly 20 kills to 3 and 10 towers to 0 about 5 games each week. Overall, just transfer to the LEC and not waste another game/year like I have for years before. NA is a region that will disappoint you....even when you literally have nothing left. Cloud 9 - Yeah, sucks but one has to think how much longer will Sneaky play for? I see Sneaky playing for maybe another split but if C9 don't win the Spring Finals I see him retiring, especially if C9 aren't competitive in such split. Hell, look at NA in general - 70% of the NA players are around that 24+ years old and have been playing for 2X what most EU players have. Aphromoo, Meteos, Sneaky, D-Lift, Xmithie etc etc - how much longer do they have left in the tank? Another is how many foreign players make up the NA LCS and how talent from other countries only play in the LCS for the $ and that's it. The NA LCS is honestly just a w$ore but the exception is such pays the customers(foreign talent) to make them feel better abotu themselves as they tell themselves they matter in the mirror.
: How cloud9 lost
" How cloud9 lost" - They are NA - Fin
: CG scrim partners confirmed?
That's an insult to A.I
: In the end, Clutch Gaming really was that "Good Time" team
I honestly think many "NA fans" don't seem to care about NA at Worlds at this point. Remember the boards back in 2015-2017 and how filtered it was with hate, topics and discussions no matter how vile or poking fun at NA? TSM rants and "Give C9 your energy" and look at it now. Just like the views for NA LCS it's dead and forgotten. People don't care because it's going on 10+ years and NA still hasn't done much of anything( **2016 CLG MSI FINALS, C9 advances to the bracket stage and 1 time NA has gotten further than Quarters(1x in 9 years AKA 20**19** Jersey meme) TL 2019 MSI Finals** and that's it for NA on the International stage. Give Clutch credit for what exactly? Keep watching for regional pride or hope that NA won't go 3 for 3 in the group stage? Oh, TL might get out of groups but quickly eliminated in Quarters. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} NA being NA is to be expected and one can say " **Next year** or **That was in the past** but 10 years of constant garbage isn't enough? I hope NA does well but I made a promise to myself that no matter if NA comes in 2nd place or all gets eliminated in groups or even wins the whole tournament that this was my last viewing of League/LCS/Worlds. _Enough is Enough_ NA will get some type of hype from either teams(DIG and Immortals), players from other regions etc but it'll all be the same as it was a year before.
: A Challenger Approaches (a small format pondering for next World's)
The exciting thing about Worlds is the groups and how some groups look weaker but are actually strong, group of life, group of death etc etc - adding in the safety net of such Best of X for a chance to make it out of groups kinda makes it less interesting in my opinion and honestly would make such stale. Simplicity goes a long way - It's a cut throat tournament that gives no second chances -
: EU Best Region in the World!!
Just another day at the office for Eu
: Watching RNG vs FNC hurt... alot
Seems like RNG's scrim partner was TSM .
: I was just about to watch this match...
So instead of watching the game first you logged on, went straight to the boards with potential spoilers and read a post with spoilers?
: BAK! I’ve been interacting with you for a hot minute on the boards! I’d love to play with you sometime. I’m actually the same way. I’m NEVER toxic in game, but I can get pissed something fierce over some LCS. I still don’t know why that is XD
I'm kinda defensive( what I mean is I tend to push people away). I feel like if we play a game or so and I have a bad game that'll reflect on how I think people see me as. Not pulling my weight. I'm also quiet and keep to myself. For example if we were ever in voice chat I would maybe say 5 words and that's it. LOL Also, I only play Howling Abyss nowadays. _MYE_ Sent me a friend request 1-2 years ago and we played a few games I had some horrible games( went full NA4head) and I felt so ashamed I said sorry and deleted him from my friends list. I'm that kind of defensive On the flip side I don't argue, I don't ?????????????? sarcastically and I don't flame my teammates because 9x out of 10, I mute everyone. LOL I also don't find flaming such helps you win games. > I’m actually the same way. I’m NEVER toxic in game, but I can get pissed something fierce over some LCS. I still don’t know why that is XD I think because we expect so much more from our heroes of sorts. Living our dream in another but when that such person continues to fail it hurts.
: 10 yrs League is still toxic asf
I personally mute everyone at the start of games so in game I have no opinion on the matter. Outside of the game I also can be toxic to a minimum but overall, I agree.
: It aint over yet. TL and CG are confirmed to make it out of groups! Keep the faith!
You know........I'm actually somewhat not surprised.
: #This is from 2 months ago!
Even worse! This is AFTER MSI where TL gave NA fans hope? We are currently putting our eggs in the D-Lift basket on the International stage?
: .......Dude..... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Hey, I tried to tell you this at MSI. NA is like when Stephen A Smith talks about the Dallas Cowboys and how no matter if the Cowboys are 12-4 or 13-3 they will let you down and......they do. You(even I) expect NA to be better but they(we) never show up and it's been 10 YEARSSSS of this garbage! **Done** this was my last viewing of Worlds and NA LCS in general. Not going to get pulled back in by Riot because the NA LCS signs X star from another region(Bjergsen, Fenix, Jensen, Febiven, PowerofEvil, Impact, CoreJJ, Svenskeren, Crown etc) just so I can watch the NA LCS for a year, NA gets to worlds and eventually gets pwned.
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