: Same here
I hate to also be barcoded, but also agree :/
: Think you replied to the wrong comment, don't think they will see it xD
sadly you are right >.< but also was directed at you too in a thankful manor :)
: I think in one of Meddler's QGT recently he said we should be getting another roadmap in a couple of weeks.
The whole point of my question is NOT to include Kayle, or Morgana (or even a third, if one was listed) - the point of my question is to talk about the champions who AREN'T listed, and get an idea for WHEN those champions. I.E: Planned Updates without information on when. as such, ergo there are quite a few MORE planned update champions over the 3 they continue to list ( https://imgur.com/a/u56cUEm ) pick any 5...2 of them have a chance at being up there next, a third possible, 4 and 5 wont even be discussed. I want to know about 4 and 5 fuck 1-3
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