LankPants (OCE)
: Sej is legit the best tank at taking Dragons early due to her E, which is reliable damage. I just tested in a practice game, a level 5 Sej can solo every dragon easily with just a knife. I'm not going to argue that Sej is good right now, she's not but she's also certainly not useless. My feeling is that the guy you're responding to is heavily overestimating Sejuani, she does not in fact outduel every jungler except WW but at the same time you are actually underestimating her.
taking dragons isn't the issue here. they made dragons so weak a freaking level 4 ADC can take them if they pick smite. The REAL issue is when you are trying to take dragon as a tank and good ol' lee sin shows up or ekko or nocturn or (insert good sustain champion here) comes along.
: By all means keep dodging. Solve the problem permanently.
ok troll I never said that i dodge only that its 2020 and we still have to do the same thing we did in 2008-2009 to dodge when someone makes a silly pick right out of the gate.
: I was not Rammus. Rammus disconnected. I was Taric.
Still that udyr does not understand how the new dragons work or he would have got 4 of them for the mega buff.
Exin0 (EUNE)
: Too late riot baked true damage into too many things there is no way back :(
yeah i wish they would have went with a different solution rather than making damage that you cannot mitigate in any way. There should be counterplay baked in to make play more competitive.
ChanRa (EUW)
: if true damage could be reduced it wouldnt be true damage
well what about true armor. if they can use weapons that deal true damage surely someone can make armor with some true material to counteract.
: My tanker can run in 5 mans and run out with 100% HP
which tank? try it with a vayne or a yi with a rageblade and tank build or vs a velkoz. let me know how that will go for you
: {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} 2 games ago against full AD we won 4v5 after Rammus disconnected and my Yasuo went 0/9. They surrendered after realizing they could no longer kill me after getting 436 armor. I started 1/5/0 this game btw.
i mean you were a rammus vs a jungling udyr...udyr took 1 dragon..he was bad he should have eaily had 2 to 3 dragons over a rammus.
: Tanks pretty useless with Lethality ontop of true damage
idk man. i almost had 1,000 armor and 400MR (def curl) with rammus and people like vayne or yi with any leathality/rageblade will wreck me no problem. 40% penetration makes that 1000 armor more like 600 thats uhh...more like 3 items worth of armor...sounds pretty good to me.
: Season 10 allow players to dodge once with no penalty
I mean ask any pro/high rank player and they dodge every once in awhile when some silly boi picks 3 ADC's or 4 supports in ranked games. its almost 2020 and we still have no dodge button.
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sufeng (NA)
: Life of a Jungler
this new dragon system basically has made me quit jungle. Playing Farmville is for facebook not league. That and the new dragon system is pretty bad all i do now is stay bottom and contest dragon.
pwc2016 (NA)
: Jungle is by far the worst it has ever been
Yeah the new dragon system is horrible. if you can't take and contest dragons its almost a guaranteed game over because the dragon soul buffs are so strong.
: The jungle changes weren't good
The worst change is this new dragon system. It is the dumbest system because it makes all champions that cannot take dragons very quickly worthless.
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: What about Leona? She doesn't have many skins and she has had a big impact on gameplay for two seasons now.
Its also kind of funny how most the Championship skins are supports.
: End of Season Rewards and the new Master Tier
What about Leona? She doesn't have many skins and she has had a big impact on gameplay for two seasons now.


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