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: > [{quoted}](name=ImFrenchTBH,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=phHFRIEF,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-21T11:10:50.477+0000) > > Queue support > Lock in Xerath with TP > Poke during laning phase > Get turret FB > TP where you need to be in time > split lanes safely = win games LMAO I actually played like that and got plat 4 on one of my accounts the adc doesn't like it because he can't kill them ... like wtf man do you what win the game or get kills and blame everyone when you lose.
: The fact that it doesn’t take two years to reach gold. Especially after riot inflated everyones MMR so tough luck.
Not sure how is this comment is related to the initial post tho. Some people have 2 mil mastery points on Draven and are still bronze after X number of years. So yeah, why put placement people in promos?
Fegone (NA)
: You got banned for using kys. By a bot. Automatically. You do it again. And wonder why it happened again. FFS really? Send in a ticket but man, that was either a very naive or an incredible stupid move, dude...
Yeah, that's the thing, I was pretty casual about the toxic community because, like I said, i'm generally not a toxic player. True, i'm stupid/naïve but I was also unaware of the system in place. First time I got banned was because I wanted to be banned, quite frankly. I just snapped. I didn't read the bot report nor the email, I didn't try to contest it, I just unistalled the game straight away. I was just tired to get trolled man. But this time it's something else. Many people claims they are not toxic, but when you check their logs, you just witness someone lying to themselves. Hell, even people replying to this post are being toxic XD with all the swearing. Not saying the automatic system isn't good either. I'm just saying this mechanic will more likely cause false positive. I'm about to be candid because let's be honest, this happens. You're are on a 5 friends team in flex. One of your pal is black and drop the n-word from time to time. IRL, there's no punishement for dropping the n-word. It's not a hate speech thing, it's a cultural thing. I don't want that guy to get banned automatically just because he want to use this word amonst friends. That's it really.
Ph03n1xb1rd (EUNE)
: I honestly don't care about your main's rank. I just told you to post your chatlogs, so we can really talk about things. It's strange that you get reported in 19 games out of 20, when you do not do anything bad. So the chatlogs would be interesting to see what the BOT considers toxic. (It will usually pick 3 matches in which you are considered toxic) Still submitting a ticket is your best chance. I play because i like to play the game, but hate all the inters... Ps.: Just saw your posted logs, if that is really the full log, the support is going to lift your ban almost surely. (Maybe replace with a chat restriction, because why not...)
Ph03n1xb1rd (EUNE)
: 1. Post your chatlog here, maybe you did something else. Also, if you were reported 19 times, that means it must have been more than 1 game, so probably you have more than 1 game in your reform card. I highly doubt you explained kys in multiple games. 2. If this is what really happened, you can try submit a support ticket and pray for a support with actual brain, in this case then ban should be lifted. 3. DO NOT USE THE CHAT AT ALL, OR YOU RISK GETTIN' BANNED. Ps.: I report everyone who plays bad for toxic chat (too), since that's more likely he will get banned. Maybe you just had bad games.
Dude, I'm a D2 support main trying to learn a new role when i'm autofilled. Not going to flame or report bronze players for playing badly. P.S : You're the type of guy that should consider playing another game if you play to get people banned because they inted.
Lost R (NA)
: Ignorance is no excuse. The TOS is very clear about it.
Not really no. Give me a list of terms i can't use, otherwise how do i know if i'm respecting the TOS? If I swear to you in french and the bot isn't localized, i still break the TOS but i won't get punished? And you just think that Riot will do the right thing in every situation while handling these cases? Dude, you're as blind as an iron player trying to learn yasuo mid.
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Lost R (NA)
: "Supports should know their place"
Queue support > Lock in Xerath with TP > Poke during laning phase > Get turret FB > TP where you need to be in time > split lanes safely = win games
Lost R (NA)
: ***
People who doesn't have a toxic behavior are unaware of all the things discussed here. Casual talk should be accepted right? Let's say someone legit say to you kys in all chat but you don't know what it means, someone should tell you what it means so you can report the guy that said it in the first place. Not everyone on NA speak english btw.
TrulyBland (EUNE)
: This. Support tends to be lenient when people get banned for zero tolerance phrases if they weren't - for the lack of a better term - "actively" using them.
Thanks dude. I was legit unaware there was such a thing as a zero tolerance phrases list. The more you know ;)
Lost R (NA)
: ***
Aight cool, now I know. Easy on the caps bud. Also, don't use ! and ? next to each other. Your sentence become invalid to other adults that reads it.
: yup thats exactly what i said. honestly the support tends to unban ppl if they legit "got baited" into it but the way you behave i dont think you got much of a chance. you shouldnt put words into the mouth of others and you shouldnt blame them just because you didnt take yourself 5min to read the rules. thats all i can say. your behavior seems like you dont really learn so im pretty sure even if they DO unban you, you will be back to the ban pretty quickly.
Unlikely, if I judge by my other accounts. Sorry to tell you I'm not a toxic player anymore, soundd like you wish i was. Unlucky
: 1. the IFS (or the bot) is in place for... what 4 years by now? it handles everything that is chat related. 2. you dont need to be toxic to break the rules. using 0 tolerance phrases tends to be a ZERO TOLERANCE THING. 3. nope when you create an account you automatically agree to ritos terms of service which state that you do not own the account, you borrow it and riot can take it and everything on it away whenever they want without having to give a reason. german saying: not knowing the law doesnt protect you from it. next time inform yourself and dont get baited.
Damn. A no-one-should-ignore-the-law kinda guy huh? Meanwhile, laws are there to be interpreted by humans btw. But hey, whatever man. Going to deal with them like mrfawknsunshine said.
: "hey let me just repeat a phrase that is known to automatically give you a 14 day ban" thats a very smart thing to do when the system is a BOT who doesnt know context and goes by "you chat what you want so its your own fault" sorry but that 14 day ban is justified just for the stupidity. since youre only lv 21, i recommend you make a new acc also the amount of times you get repoted doesnt really matter. people report you for anything even if you dont say anything and solo carry, its not that unlikely that your entire team reports you cause reasons
First off, didn't know it was a bot who was analysing hateful comment (which is alarming imo). Second, there's no toxicity here whatsoever. Stupid? Yeah, sure whatever man. Didn't know you could get a 14 days banned for being stupid. There's a lot of behavior that should be considered permabannable and no one really cares (like wintrading for example) Third, you gonna pay me back for the skins I bought?
: Got autobanned for 14 days after explaining the meaning of kys
Game 1 In-Game ImFrenchTBH: bruh ImFrenchTBH: I can't have a normal game in normals ImFrenchTBH: kinda sad ImFrenchTBH: heim just play man ImFrenchTBH: no shiet ImFrenchTBH: but you carry right? ImFrenchTBH: just open mid ImFrenchTBH: tru ImFrenchTBH: got banned for 2 weeks for a kys comment ImFrenchTBH: not really tho ImFrenchTBH: i deserved it ImFrenchTBH: was tilted out of my mind ImFrenchTBH: drop to plat1 because of trolls ImFrenchTBH: was livid ImFrenchTBH: yeah but a kys comment is dumb af ImFrenchTBH: ^ ImFrenchTBH: "Kill yourself" ImFrenchTBH: come on ImFrenchTBH: don't report me on that ImFrenchTBH: yeah nah ImFrenchTBH: wasn't my best call ImFrenchTBH: aight ImFrenchTBH: kthx ImFrenchTBH: everyone mid ImFrenchTBH: oh ImFrenchTBH: oh ImFrenchTBH: that's toxic af tho ImFrenchTBH: who banned your champ heim? ImFrenchTBH: me too ImFrenchTBH: still getting reported tho
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