: > [{quoted}](name=ImGoingScotty,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=h6QMyrLU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-12-12T21:09:14.482+0000) > > I think it just gave him movement speed out of combat. Like it was gone if you got attacked or attacked I just don't see how Teemo ever countered Nasus if he doesn't have a slow removal.
Blind dart his q farm?
: Teemo
I think it just gave him movement speed out of combat. Like it was gone if you got attacked or attacked
: Revert the self-imposed slow on rammus
It's really not that bad. I mainly use it when clearing or turret diving. In teamfights I don't use it at all until they all try to focus me then I w and crawl away while my team kills them.
: What happened to the Jungle!? Also Champions that are "playable" in the Jungle rant.
{{champion:56}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:33}} These are my main junglers this season and I've been doing fairly decent with them. You can get level 3 by starting say blue or red and 2 camps. If there's an opportunity to gank a lane after 3 you can take it and continue on farming. As for {{champion:56}} I suggest just farming camps until 6. I wouldn't focus on ganking much unless a lane is shoved to turret. One early gank is enough to put one of your lanes ahead and clearing until 6 seems to be a safe option, also soloing dragons when you know the enemy jungler's not near. After 6 you can focus on ganks more(solo lanes will have a level advantage). Taxing is also back so if you gank take some cs and move on. Also if no one is in a lane push the wave to turret.
: [Rant]: Normal Matchmaking
I've noticed big changes from game to game in normal draft games. Mainly I have to jungle my best champs and carry people who seemed to have no clue how to play. Then the next game I'll be matched with silver and gold players(I'm bronze 1). I could win 5 games in a row and bam back to the newbies who only want to aram mid. If I try a new role(mainly been trying to get better at support) it seems even worse. Like half the games I have an adc that expects to be carried through the game. I think summoner level should play some account into who you're matched with. I haven't really looked into others summoner level but some games just seem to have people who have no clue what to do after 10 minutes just wanting to siege mid(without a siege comp) and ignoring objectives. They ignore pings and then there's the toxic people who need to chat wtf whenever someone else makes a mistake. I'm thinking I'm better off sticking to ranked games.
: Since when did Sona max heal first?
I think it's situational. Like if you're with a {{champion:51}} you should definitely max out q first
: There should be a queue meant for new players that they can't really select to be out of.
There's a normal match making rank that should make it less likely you'll be queued with more experienced players. I made a new account a few years back and after like 10 wins or so everyone I was playing with seemed to be alt accounts. Also you can play vs ai to learn champs. Dodging skill shots from some champs is a must, basically if {{champion:25}} or {{champion:99}} hit you with their stun they'll be able to burst you down if you're playing a squishy champ.
OHminus (NA)
: Season 4 jungle was perfectly fine and good (besides feral flare, fuck that item). There were a bunch of different junglers that could be played, and even if jungle didn't get as much gold as laners, they still were only a level or so behind in xp at most provided your pathing wasn't dogshit. To make up for the gold difference, you got cheaper items like spirit of the elder lizard that was insanely gold efficient. I also loved the old locket with its aura and HP
feral flare i got my first penta with {{champion:11}} on that.. just ran into the whole team and slashed away mashing q
pwc2016 (NA)
: Jungle is by far the worst it has ever been
I've been getting used to it. I think you just need to focus on clearing jungle more. Maybe one gank early if it's available. You can easily clear jungle get a scuttler and gank a lane and by the time you're done that all your camps are respawning so you can clear again back and maybe focus trying to get dragon. People apparently don't know how to adapt but the jungles been changed a lot and last season was kind of ridiculous with how much you could camp lanes without penalty.
AhernfVy (NA)
: Can I stop being two levels behind while 30 cs up on the enemy jungler?
They're taking lane xp which should put your solo lanes ahead
: I need help
split pushing {{champion:23}} misread that as isn't hard..
: How to get S rank on champions.
It doesn't even seem worth it anymore.. I got an S last night and finally got a chest and it just had some rip emote. (that doesn't show up anywhere no clue what it was)
: It means ur doing well.. you'll lose less points per loss
just tell the {{champion:91}} ur good
: How does matchmaking work in ranked??
It means ur doing well.. you'll lose less points per loss
: When playing rank Only Allow Mastery 5+ champions.
tl;dr stop trying to tell people what to do
: What exactly makes her not able to mid lane?
real question I keep seeing this and see no problem with her able to perform as a mid laner.
: Can we make Zyra more into a mid laner please
What exactly makes her not able to mid lane?
: There NEEDS to be some kind of counter to Akali's smokescreen
guessing cc? idk really but usually i just poke at wherever i think the scrubs hiding is.. cause obviously they're trying not to dye using it.
: Are you commenting on the right thread? lol.
idk didn't read it.. but felt right to say hence the tl;dr..
SmolKat (NA)
: Bots in Coop vs AI
never had that happen to me.. but i've had an account since season 1.. maybe just bare with it till your(if there is an mmr) improves.. I play bots every once in a while mainly to try new junglers and never thought my team mates were bots. They may be just new to the game and dying not knowing what to do. I don't see how bots inting benefits the person using bots in any way.
: I have never wanted to delete LOL more than in this preseason
tl;dr but I quit with the runemastery thing.. eventually came back but hate the fact that i can't do my hybrid support poke anymore.. it was amazing running hybrid pen runes on someone like sona and just poking the enemy out of lane.
: I'm not touching support till they do something about the gold gen.
I haven't had an issue with it but my main supports are {{champion:12}} {{champion:37}} and sometimes {{champion:143}} .. usually getting the level 2 advantage allows me to go ham on the enemy and secure a kill.. there's some gold right there just rushing level 2..
Yenn (NA)
: Jungle EXP needs to be hotfixed, this role is now unplayable in games with good players
I'm low ranked but I feel it's more focused on the lane setting up a gank. I've just been playing normals mainly assassins in jungle and don't even bother with lanes unless they're actually kill able ganks. If they're pushing fuck em. I'll go in if I can pick a kill or get a lane a kill but you can't try to force anything with how the jungle is now. Also you can take advantage of the enemy jungler trying to put pressure. For instance you're clearing top and they just failed a gank bot lane.. go take their jungle it's free at that point.
: So to start things off: Tanks suck in low ELO. Since you're bronze you probably won't find it easy to succeed on a tank. This isn't because tanks are hard to play or anything like that, but rather because tanks need something valuable to protect. Since in lower rank games your damage carries are very unlikely to position well and are liable to getting sufficiently caught out much, much too often and much too badly for you to protect this is going to make it very hard to succeed on a tank. With that in mind, tanks that have more "fighter-ish" elements in their kit, including Volibear and Warwick (both champions you could argue not being tanks) do pretty ok as they have more carry potential than a tank. You have more ability to punish your opponents mistakes by yourself rather than setting your team up to... not follow properly. Speaking more generally, some tanks are doing well this patch and others are pretty freaking bad. Warwick, Nunu and Zac are all good, whilst Sejuani and tank Gragas in particular are pretty bad. Rammus falls into the "weaker side of viable" group.
Thanks. I've noticed assassins seem to work best but I think ranked wise I'm better off climbing from mid lane or some role that requires cs.
: She's vulnerable pre 6 just play someone who can poke her down.
: How people get pleasure from Playing with/against Akali ? Where is the interaction with her?
: Are tank junglers done?
uh bump because views but natta said
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pwc2016 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=ImGoingScotty,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lpVMt5yB,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-29T00:32:46.646+0000) > > He's very squishy and countered by hard cc.. there's nothing wrong with him, especially compared to older versions. Except for his spell shield...I don't think you get my issue with him. For a "late game " champion, he has far too much good early game.
except he's not late game.. it also has a cool down basically one use in a team fight
pwc2016 (NA)
: Ummm...can we nerf Nocturne?
He's very squishy and countered by hard cc.. there's nothing wrong with him, especially compared to older versions.
: Wow you are ignorant, the supp items give mroe gold income now then before. Meta supports are kill lanes like Brand. People can't just up and stop playing their main role just 'cause of a small change that broke everything. Also, That other dude is right, kinna Hypocritical. If you don't want to see people complain then go to another board not the fking rant board.
I posted to the rant board because it's a rant.. Unlike how the gameplay board was flooded with a bunch of complaining.
5050BS (NA)
: Because she is not a support. Just that Riot murdered her Midlane and so Support is all she can play now.
I played mid lane zyra the other day and it still works. Was faced against an akali and just poked her anytime she tried to last hit. Got first blood and actually farming made her a monster.
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: Can we please just skip the part where we have broken support items for another 2 years?
tl;dr I've been playing support since season 1.. you didn't have anything back then(maybe gold per 10 but that might of been season 2). They changed that and added sight stone which was good and all. When they added the support items that seemed to be around for a while other lanes were using them also it started the whole ap support carry. They get rid of that and now everyone's crying on the forums about not being able to have enough gold. Just play another role it's so dumb.
DatPolak (NA)
I hated it at first but I played as {{champion:5}} and it worked out really well. I think they need to buff a lot of jungle champs to have an easier time clearing early or maybe lower the camps hp. What got me is they gave krugs more hp for like no reason at all.
Terozu (NA)
: So as a support main... I'm completely fine with the support item changes.
I really like the changes. Instead of having to rush ward item you can focus on building other items.
: Get Level 3 unit and Win
I had like 4 different synergies and 3 2 stars and got stomped by people with just 2 synergies and a 3 star
: URF disconnect and can't reconnect
An hour later and still.. stuck at reconnect
: Yeah, like these past couple of days the game has been in shambles, terrible bugs, disconnects, and nothing from Riot. Their dev team is really 4fun. Like I've not technically been in this game for close to 60 minutes, looking at my friends list one guy is at 75 lol. Glad to see the money i gave this company put to good use.
They stopped getting my money a while back.
klin537 (NA)
: ay fix this [crash]
mines the same.. I've tried the repair tool as well nothing works.. I doubt the game is still active but I'm stuck at that screen when I log in and cancel just shows the reconnect button.
: What am i supposed to do as top when my botlane feeds
I don't play top lane but some top lanes take tele to have more influence on the map.
: same here, cant connect to my game and tried few times, still ask me to reconnect
I'm just stuck with the client saying Reconnect and loading a black screen. I don't even know if the game is still active.
: Can't connect to a game
This just happened to me in URF, I can't reconnect at all. I don't even know if the game is still going.
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: A bit of advice to Bronze/Silver/Gold players
That's a lot of reading and it doesn't seem too informative. Basically you're saying kaisa op play her. Also objectives aren't important? So letting the enemy get rift herald and taken 2 mid turrets is your strategy? Also on the 3 losing lanes. I had this happen one time and it was impossible to fix. If they're all dying before I've even cleared second camp and not even trading just dead how can you recover from that. Also I find snowballing mid to be a better tactic than getting an adc fed that's probably going to have bad positioning and die in team fights anyway.
: Tips on Jungling?
I'm not sure what the video was but look up kiting camps. It helps a lot kiting towards where you're going. Basically what I seen was aa three times and step back but I noticed it doesn't work out too well for every champ.
: You know what I personally like the most? season 1-4 They were never 1 shotting, everyone had enough roam to survive. And the tanks were building full tanks because the tank Items were so useful back then Now the tank items are disgustingly boring flat defense only, and none of us like that Therefore, all they need to do is decreasing the damage of the game and adding more tank items
I was building ali like an adc and soloing turrets in season 1..
: Need a better Ashe and Xin
Xin is still decent. Only problem with him is you have to go all in and really don't have a way to get out unless you use flash or waste ult.
86400 (NA)
: Blitz hook should be his ult and have a 3 min cd.
Stay behind minion waves. Also if you bait his hook he's kinda useless for about 8 seconds i think.
: Okay what the fuck is up with this jungle exp?
Your jungler should counter gank... Only thing I can think of is a while back they made jungle camps grant more xp over time(if that's a thing still).
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