: I botted this account to level 30 and want it banned.
Submit a support ticket asking to have the account deactivated.
: Honor system should take a players Honor into consideration before applying restrictions.
I understand where you are coming from, but I can't fully support it. Why should someone near the end of the season be able to basically get a free pass to flame and not lose rewards?
Mr Sa1nt (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=BoofyCS,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=cpLsuKRB,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-19T00:31:05.995+0000) > This isn't a simple matter of "just don't talk/flame." It's more of riot not wanting to assist those players in stopping their behavior and instead just ban them if they are toxic. In my opinion it's interesting how they ban these players but not the people that run down, passive aggressive flame, etc. This. Riot also doesn't really care who antagonizes, even though people are quite literally filled with emotions and reactions are easy to get from them. They don't pass a human judgement on the situation, they just ban everyone that is toxic.
It is also many times easier to punish verbal behavior, especially since the rule isn't "only be toxic to those who cause it". Someone feeding intentionally makes them an asshole. Flaming them will make a second asshole in the game.
Prauphet (NA)
There are multiple boards for it. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-discussion https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/ask-the-community
Ztoka (NA)
: Where do you see it gives a double {{item:1058}} . I thought they said spat items were no longer going to double the initial item stats it was combined with.. I guess next time the dragon trolls me, I'll have to check what it adds before dropping it on a champ. More than likely buy a low cost unit, drop the item on them to see the change and go from there. Would be nice if they had a tool tip "makes champion an inferno +x spell dmg" or whatever.. Would be helpful for noobs like me :)
Did they remove that? I haven't really kept up with the match notes since it is more sporadic.
: You're absolutely spot on with the Yasuo example. What I'm asking is why is this considered ok? Under this assumption that it's fine, I could make a smurf account and simply ban every single one of my mid's intents. In every game. I might lose a good portion of those games but since it's not my main account, what's the problem? Just because you're fully "allowed" to ban any champ, doesn't mean you should, it doesn't mean it's a good idea and it's basis for allowing toxic behavior. I'm saying it's not appropriate because it isn't. How do you defend me banning someone's pick on my team every single game I play? That would make me an asshole, right? I don't want to be an asshole so I don't do these things to other people with no reason at all or based on my own opinion or whims.
Yeah, you would be an asshole and if you are doing it purely out of malice to troll, then it really sucks. So in your OP example, 1 I may have an issue with; and the other I would need to wait and see if they actually trolled. The one where they ban her for believing she is a "shit champ" I would not. As that one it is their opinion that she isn't good and they cannot effectively play around her. I understand why it ruffles your jimmies, and it would be better if people explained or talked it out before banning. It isn't against the rules because there are valid reasons to ban a friendly intent.
Kuponya (NA)
: Just thought you'd like to know that half means 50%, 0.5, 1/2
I mean, since Lux is a wildcard and you need her for the 6 buff, OP probably based it on the other 4 Glacials, which 2 are Zerks.
Ztoka (NA)
: fix your troll ass dragons
I mean, I wouldn't call them completely useless. While the synergy is gone, it is still a stat buff. Sure, a Rabadons would be preferred but the Inferno item is still a double Needlessly Large Rod.
: "Hover" means that your mouse would be "hovering" over a champion and that doesn't do anything in game. You have to actually select them for it to show up that that is your intent. Hovering is just another term leftover from another MOBA where hovering your mouse over a character would indeed show your intent for playing that character, but it doesn't work that way in League. But I don't care what you call it because I still understand what you mean when you say hovering. No one is forced to check someone's op.gg and I'm not even suggesting that it should be done. All I'm saying is that anyone's _opinion_ on a champion doesn't affect my actual, mechanical play of that champion. If you want to argue the fact that the champion is new, that's a moot point. People literally play champs that have existed for years for the first time in ranked without any previous experience with that champion also. "First time xxxxx" is a phrase heard all the time; in ranked as well as in any other game mode that exists. At what point is it acceptable to take a pick into ranked? When a summoner has Master 7 in that champion? Mastery 5? Most ranked games I'm in have at least 2-3 people in them that don't have Mastery 5 with that specific champion yet they play them in ranked anyway. The fact that the champion is new does not mean that I haven't put in game-time with that champ and understand them to the same degree I do any other champion.
Hovering in League is showing a champ and not being locked in with it yet. In blinds, it is called hover and in draft styles, pick intent. So these two terms: pick intent and hover are better known to probably a large chunk of the community, but whatever. Yeah, and depending on what rank you are, people are going to be skeptical on those mechanics. I don't know you, I don't know how your mechanics are. All I know is previous people on champ x have done poorly. So I ban. Don't get me wrong, I don't ban hovers. I'll trust them and either they work or don't. Think of the meme: Yasuo on my team: "lelelel my q makes a funny noise" *an ally has been slain* Yasuo on enemy team: "omae wa mou shindeiru" **Pentakill** Your topic has a focus of the new champ because it is fhe new champ. Yes, there are people who may ban an ally champ regardless. Whether it be for a legitimate reason or not. People will also first time champs in ranked, and it sucks when that happens. They don't usually mention that until after ban phase though. People can pick any champ in any role they want, but people can also ban any champ they want.
: By shadow-pick I mean the pick is grayed out meaning I have intent on playing it, the very first step in the champion selection process. I literally said that I had picked the champ with shadow-pick meaning my team knew I was going to pick her and that's why they banned her. Not because they didn't want the other team to play her, because they don't want me specifically to play her. I don't care about the scrutiny, objectively it has nothing to do with me considering my amount of success with the champ specifically. What I'm saying is that people do not give me the same due diligence that I do with them and that's what is not ok.
Doesn't it make more sense to say hover than shadow pick? Shorter and more commonly used. Objectively, the scrutiny of a new champ has everything to do with the people who want to play it. Same with any champ that has a bad rep, like Yasuo. Do I really want to risk this person playing this champ? Many side no when it is a new champ because they don't believe the person is versed enough for them. Because guess what. We aren't going to op.gg everyone to check stats.
: Not allowed to choose the champs I want to play, why?
Question: What is shadow pick? Do you mean pick without hovering intent? Cause if the champ you want is banned, and you weren't hovering it, I don't have sympathy for anyone. Senna is new, new champs always get a lot of scrutiny for like the first month. Part of this is due to the fact people will first time them in ranked in every position.
: I don't think you'd even have enough time dude, season literally ends in 30 hours.
He was asking about the extension thing they did last year. Where they extended the deadline to claim rewards by reaching H2 before the start of the new (2019) season.
: Add the ability to move threads for admins or mods.. idk how it works there
A third party was used in the construction of the boards if I recall. During coding process, that wasn't thought of. Changing old code for a forum has some risk to it.
Herethicc (EUW)
: No, i mistook nothing, the post is wrong, because the existence of gold income items is the rule itself. The rest is you playing the game like garbage and getting flamed by your teammates: You leave him alone bot against 2 others and he will ofcourse get mad. I personally get mad when i see the enemy adc alone, and i use it as an advantage, he is alone, means we are 3 and we kill him stupidly fast & easy, get him extra mad, he might leave and grant me 1 free win. Simple as that. You playing bad has nothing to do with the toxic community that will never change, hell riot agreed that toxicity is entertaining and removed tyler1's ban, thus getting us into this new era where toxic with brain gets you fame. SIMPLE. AS. THAT.
Let me go ahead and be clear, I don't agree with how the OP is handling the case. Using the support items as "the rule" isn't a great argument because supports aren't required to take them. The items are just cost effective for sharing lanes. We have also seen how often the items have to be tweaked over the years from other positions taking them too.
Craxyy (EUNE)
: hey guys can you check if thats in for a permaban
If you are not certain if you were perma'd or not, try to log in. The reform card tells you.
: the question was what happens, not "who moderates the moderators"... dafuq... the original question was not answered.
> [{quoted}](name=Periscope,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ZnOvWGoF,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-11-16T23:28:49.281+0000) > > **The heralds oversee the moderators, and we do have Riot oversight. ** > > Another moderator reviewed the action brought up in this thread (In this case, Wilk reviewed an action by Ulanopo) and weighed in/clarified the removal there. > They get moderated like any other person. If an action turned out to be an overstep, then they may revert the action taken.
: these threads are getting out of hand, but from a outsiders perspective who has read every post on this subject: first, explain why its wrong - you can't ask someone else to explain a stance without first giving your own stance. (this is riots stance on removal of the thread, and as such, part of his reasoning to saying "downvote X, Y, Z" again, PART, not all of it) [Edit: he prefaced the post with a statement - asking a fucking question, and nobody has answered it yet. wonder why.]
You really can, although it would be better if it was the same person replying and not a different one. Depending on if you are in discussion or chronological view, you might be seeing something out of context. OPs question, despite the lack of a question mark, was answered. When a forum mod is reported, their action gets reviewed.
: Quick question...
You are not allowed to name other players. Otherwise, you are mostly free to discuss the punishment here.
: why is the report system a joke
I mean, post ypur logs and the boards will review the case. In sports there is a thing called Unsportsmanlike Conduct and if an Official happens to hear or it crosses a line for them, they will penalize you.
: honor system is a joke
The "first" season was supposed to be easy because they implemented it part way through the year. So they expedited the honor progression. People honor for different reasons. Some will honor the carry or kda. Some may honor their lane partner. Some honor randomly because they don't care and only want the honor boost from honoring/everyone honoring.
: Okay man, I wish that you get the biggest troll ADC support, that steals all of your farm and that you get 0 CS at minute 20 and have all your kills stollen by someone who is 10/30, (10 kills stollen while inting and taking your farm) and then have no way to report them. Enjoy!
I mean, I can adjust to that. If they wanna take my farm, I'll grab a gold gen item and be a pseudo support. I'll still get assist gold too. But if this is how you react to someone disagreeing with you, you probably don't want an actually discussion. So have a good day.
: That sounds reasonable to me, although I dislike the idea of "1 game to 3-6", since that's beyond trivial. Maybe 2/3/5?
: > [{quoted}](name=Imperial Pandaa,realm=NA,application-id=6heBIhQc,discussion-id=Hc0KxOJU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-15T06:39:14.566+0000) > > I mean, if I posted a link to the Boards Universal rules 5 times on your post right now, it would be removed for being toxic. Unless you are linking specific parts, there is no reason to post the same link 5 times. It would be considered condescending. > > Can't really read the sarcastic remark because on mobile, but again sarcasm can also be condescending. > > Yes, condescension will naturally be involved with many posts, especially when you wish to explain something. So sometimes you have to try and judge the intent. If you posted it and then I replied "Where are these rules? I don't see any, Riot never posted them", I'd hope you replied 8 times so maybe I'll actually read.
In one post? No. I might post it again if you refused to acknowledge I already supplied the link in a previous post.
: fastest route to 5 traits?
Nah, level 6 should be fine. Syndra, Vlad, Le Blanc, Mao/Neeko/Ivern (pick 2 ignore 3rd), Taliyah, Malphite(/Qiyana is Earth tile is active)
: Riot, please. Enough with the "Play X games" missions.
I think 1 game to 3-6 3 games to 3-6 6 games to 3-6 Would be reasonable. Reason: Orb now has a 3 day CD to claim at max ( 5). The above equals a total of 10 games, which is 2 orbs claimed at max.
: By shit champ i don't mean low tier champions, i mean ashe support and some shit like that, i don't mind having a Kalista, Azir, or anything if they just play the game right. Having Shit like Leona Kaisa against Ashe support, I don't even blame the adc lol. They lost the lane in the draft for free, that's just boring. My point is what mode should I play to play League of Legend without playing in ranked games ? Because apparently Normal games are made to have fun and don't give a shit about winning or losing because there is no lp engaged.
Hate to break it to you, but off meta isn't against the rules. Ashe support would also be allowed in ranked. Your example would be no different if it was any other poke support instead of the Ashe. Draft or Flex Ranked. And again, focus on yourself. Youa re seeing how far YOU can go with the champ. You should never get comfortable with having a specific comp around that champ.
: Boards need some new mods
I mean, if I posted a link to the Boards Universal rules 5 times on your post right now, it would be removed for being toxic. Unless you are linking specific parts, there is no reason to post the same link 5 times. It would be considered condescending. Can't really read the sarcastic remark because on mobile, but again sarcasm can also be condescending. Yes, condescension will naturally be involved with many posts, especially when you wish to explain something. So sometimes you have to try and judge the intent.
: Quick question
First you need to chill out. I say that because of this bit "main problem is that wanting to play a normal game means everyone can troll, pick shit champions, int, being negative, mental ff at fucking first blood." Legitimate trolling, inting, and toxicity is still punishable no matter what mode you play. Pick shit champs? Really? So you can experiment with champs while you learn a new position, but if I want to play something "low on the tier list" it is a problem? Mental ff happens in ranked too, so what was your point? What you can do: Focus on yourself. You are playing norms to practice a new position and champs. Focus on what that can do. Figure out how quickly you can roam with them, is there an ability to make them roam more effective. Are you too immobile to roam? Figure that out.
Era Teemo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Imperial Pandaa,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=w6RUQgm5,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-15T01:10:07.014+0000) > > You are going to find toxic players in every community. That is why the provide the ability to mute people. Try find 90 : 10, like here
Numbers don't help unless you identify them. Out of 100 people are 90 not toxic and 10 toxic? Vice versa? Cause I would go with the former. I don't find many out right toxic people by my standards. Your standards may be different though.
: Senna
You realize a game can never be truly balanced, right? Unless you literally slap the same stats on everything. Also, this is the TFT sub board. Probably should use Rant if you just wanna gripe.
: Annies Tibbers
Know what makes it even more crazy? Make her into a Mage and she can summon 2 at the same time. It is beautiful.
: Riot: Glacial is toxic to play against.
I actually made it worse. Made another Berserker a Glacial and made my Ezreal a Berserker. So 4 aoe on hit chance to freeze. Oh, and I got a Glacial Lux to max the Glacial Trait.
: New player (about to be former player)
You are going to find toxic players in every community. That is why the provide the ability to mute people.
: I am talking about ABSOLUTE troll picks. Like Varus support, Soraka ADC etc.
Secondary Adcs in the support role make a kill lane, much like putting a mage there. All champs scale with AD since AA exist. I did a Dodge Wrench Donger (ad Heimerdinger) couple years ago. Was a blast and even beat the Sivir I was laned against. This season I did an Leona Predator Jungle, which was also effective.
: Add additional report reasons to state in the post game report module
Nah. You don't get to decide my pick. Only certain champs really can't make do else where, at least not alone. Besides, chances of something bring punished and then becoming META would be high. What do you do at that point? Gains already fluctuate depending on how the system feels you deserve to be at. Currently I'm getting 34 lp for a win at S1. If it feels you need to be lower, it will drop you more.
: Honor level 2 deadline extension for season rewards eligibility ?
To be fair, even if we were using the old system, you still wouldn't qualify for rewards. Old one was a flat punished or active punishment after x date = no rewards.
Brotha (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Imperial Pandaa,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=QXrayEgs,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2019-11-13T22:05:59.179+0000) > > Yes and no. Realistically, at no point do you actually need to communicate with an opponent. So you don't need to have /All enabled to begin with. I'm referring to allied chat. Rarely do players even use the chat outside of early game banter and then as a means to vent their frustration. Anything game related is usually communicated through pings.
I knew what you meant, which is why I said yes and no. You never actually need All chat but you might need Allied. If one cannot use Ally responsibly, then. i encourage they opt out. Some can use solely pings. Others can't. A Panth jg earlier wanted to do a lvl 2 gank, so wanted me to start my Hook (Thresh). He could have pinged my name and then his Q to convey that, but not everyone may understand that.
Brotha (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Imperial Pandaa,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=QXrayEgs,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-13T13:37:33.293+0000) > > Isn't there a setting to disable seeing emotes? It's like people complaining about /All chat to me. Just turn it off. Wouldn't that apply to chat as well? You can just turn it off so why should it matter?
Yes and no. Realistically, at no point do you actually need to communicate with an opponent. So you don't need to have /All enabled to begin with.
: honest question: do you agree or disagree?
Isn't there a setting to disable seeing emotes? It's like people complaining about /All chat to me. Just turn it off.
: Thoughts about toxicity and punishment in todays Leauge of Legends
You know an IP ban would fuck over households, dorms, and Cyber Cafes?
: Got reported after spitefull team accused me of using racial slurs.
Extra info would help. What punishment level? Other games?
Tokishi (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Imperial Pandaa,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=FmmU9uVv,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-11-08T19:21:55.631+0000) > > Eh, both inting and afk can result in punishments. There is just more benefit of doubt that someone isn't being a jackass. Chance that the person is just bad or something happened to cause d/c. Typing is a lot easier to flag so results in more frequent action. > > Also, if you inting/afk is your solution to being toxic in a team game; maybe you(not necessarily you for clarity sake) should stick to single player games. true, but that's why the automatic system so bad. It looks at a guy who is 0/15 20 games in a row and says damn, that dude must really suck, least he didn't say the I,S,F,A,R,N,F, D,H word lol
And no on disagrees that the system for trolls/inters needs improvement. Probably the safest way would to be set up multiple flags and checks. You would have to trigger x flags to trigger punishment. The flags would have to be set with things that would be tough to trigger without trying to. I get multiple games of someone being 0/x/y is annoying. You may disagree with this, but there is a chance, however slim, that the person is trying to learn a new champ. I have gotten some letter D grades on champ mastery (lists s,a,b,c) and if someone watch those games, they look really bad. Granted it probably wouldn't take me 20 games to raise that to at least c or b, still looks bad.
: Leaver Buster punishing you even if you reconnect
I understand what you are saying, but there is no real happy balance on how long someone should be allowed to be disconnected without incurring penalties. If it is a matter of coming back, trolls can come back after being gone for 15 minutes and get a free win thanks to their team.
: Well thing is Tribunal was small at the time, not alote people were doing it, and with this amount of players "playing " the game and i doubt that's that high, they just pump up numbers with accounts banned with perma ban, consider that in all the number they tell. Anyway. With that amount of people now "ACTIVE" playing and reporting or being reported, ***Tribunal System would be amazing*** thing. Especially if they would give some rewards for it lets say if u get some high rank for being fair or so on Tribunal system u would get idk some kind of recognizable thing that u are an active member of TRIBUNAL. and a fair one ofcourse. It can be emoji of a kind or so and everyone should be able to get it, not by seasons but by right choises. pardoning or punishing people who got reported. that was that what u told ratio 1 000 000 : 1 wouldnt exist. it would be small at start but if there's something to work about in it i think people would do it and that way ratio would be lowered and lowered by day untill all would do it, in this way not only that people are included in PUNISHING or Pardoning people for they're behavior or chat or what ever but they would see that TOXICITY isnt RIGHT , NO mather the form or so. I remember, my old account, sence season 3 i had it untill season 6 or 7 and then i got perma ban. I remember the Tribunal sistem, i remember alote of chat's i readed it was toxic that it was disquasting but it was worth giving it time and reading it all in game, sometimes u dont need read all u can just see the concept of it and scroll down and see that if someone is being harrased or something.. and u could decide if reported person should be pardoned or punished. I remember that i reformed after reeading tons of chta how disquasting people can be or well it seems i was one of them , but that actually happend after tribunal system was gone.. so idk ... I dont tell there isnt any room for Automatic system in there too. But it should be less relevant then a human solution. We have all kind of system in this game, and yet a robot decides our faith , robot cannot simphetize or understand something of human nature. BUT WE CAN. But that's just my oppinion i guess :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Here is the problem with a Tribunal for gameplay cases. The player base can't even agree on if something is trolling or not. For examples, look at the cases for Inting Sion, Teemo Sup mid, and even the old Singed Support dbl jg. Multiple people would need to vote on a match, which would need to be watched to completion. If you take on rewards you face the Old Tribunal problem of people just spamming "Punish".
Omaque (NA)
: Enemy honor
I have no qualms about bringing back honorable opponent with the stipulation that it has absolutely zero affect on honor progress. Maybe a little pop up like "an enemy like playing with you" but nothing worthwhile. You had a game and positively helped an opponent? Great! For each one of those that actually happen, I'm going to assume there is at least 1 (probably more but eh) opposite case. "Nah, won't report the troll on your team. I'll honor them instead."
: This guy literally called me a toxic little shit (offensive)
Then you are welcome to report his comment as offensive.
: For the amount of money Riot makes they could definitely have more humans looking at the troll issue.
Not enough to actually make it relevant, especially with false reports.
: 29 My comment kept getting bugged. no clue why
So your friends account is the same level as yours, thanks for clarifying. My best guess is because it is pre-30 and probably flagged as smurf, it got an escalated punishment. This is just speculation though. They should submit a support ticket as they may reduce it to a chat restriction.
: 29. And I haven't used the account once. My friend sent me the chatlogs via a pastebin link on Discord.
Sorry, misunderstood you. What level is the account?
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Tahm Kench is still dumb, Riot are just avoiding a big issue
So, what is the difference between TK devouring team mates and say Braum E or Yasuo W? Maybe you meant QSS and not Zhonya. Because the only time Devour beats Unbreakable or Windwall is when Suppression (Skarner/Malzahar) are involved.
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