: I know it's a western dominant board but thread after thread of this rigged conspiracy is getting disrespectful to FPX and the matter that they played the better game on the day. This isn't rigged. It's flat out "What G2 did wrong." Keep in mind that these were 2 of the 3 highly talked about teams to win the whole thing even before the draw shows. We can all have some fun about the coincidentially named song but let's not act like FPX should have had no chance in hell if G2 played to their highest prestige.
It’s not being “disrespectful” to FPX if they are in on a con job. They deserve our disrespect. Of course, this may only be a “guilty by association” kind of thing. Perhaps FPX didn’t know Tencent was rigging Worlds in their favor.... Lol. Sometimes I say the funniest things.
17171 (EUW)
: Lets sum up the final and get a look at why it seemed rigged.
: Why is everyone claiming this years esports is rigged?
: A Detailed Thread Explaining the World's Fix Job
I’ve done it! I’ve made a perfectly balanced post!
: That's the stupidest thing to suggest EVER though. It is physically IMPOSSIBLE that Riot would rig a game for a team that is not OWNED by Tencent, has NO bearing on Tencent whatsoever, and whose winning the tournament has NO effect on viewership or money made by the company. Literally risking legal repercussions for something that makes no financial difference to a business BUILT for making money is ridiculous. Not only that, but they would have to do it in such a way that EVERY SINGLE TEAM IN THE TOURNAMENT either was in on the scheme or that not a single player or viewer would notice. If such were the case, then we may as well confirm that US politicians are lizard men and the Illuminati are confirmed.
: This. It's amazing how on one hand people loved to trash on Faker's devastated emotions when they were swept by SSG two years ago, but when G2 is swept and aren't showing that same response it's suddenly a conspiracy and they were throwing/bribed. I don't trust Riot when it comes to game balance, I certainly suspect there was shady business in how franchising in NA went down, and there are other business practices that are clear shows of bias, but to accuse anyone of fixing a competition is too much.
China has literally been penalized for cheating during the Olympics. I appreciate you defending them, but we're talking about a greater issue here. The safety and well being of players and employees who are at the mercy of Tencent for their career and well being. If you're given an option of losing your job/position/safety or throwing a finals in an online video game, the choice is rather simple. I'm all for not buying in to the conspiracies. That's fine. But it is a well known fact that China and it's large corporations do this and anyone who is willing to turn a blind eye to it is advocating it. This series demonstrates all of the evidence involved in a fix. Look at any fix in our sports history and the parallels are not only similar, but nearly identical.
MiLuKi (NA)
: World's Fix Job
It was a fix m8. Happens in all sports and LOL is no exception. When you’re owned by a Chinese company, China is gonna win. Plain and simple. Don’t let it bother you, but it’s good to call it out.
: Seemed like the coverage had an EU bias
I felt the complete opposite. They were stroking FPX as soon as game 1 started.
Shoé (NA)
: It's totally not that China is just a better region and G2 never had to play against a Chinese team until the finals or anything.
No. Definitely not.
MakJuice (NA)
: What's more plausible? FPX was more prepared and was the better team on the day than G2? Or multi million dollar companies and countries are in on a fix, to fix a league of legends world championship, something still a lot of people around the world could care less about?? It seems these "rigged" threads only fit when its convenient. Was perkz trolling when he died 6 times on yasou to SKT? No, because he came out for the last team fight and got a quadra which ended the game. However, if G2 losses that game, and the following one, how many of you are pointing at the 6 feed yasou as the focal point of your "rigged" gameplay because he never feeds like that?
: This whole salt fest is incredibly disrespectful to G2 and their players. Are you seriously saying they compromised their integrity and took bribes to lose? These players who dedicate their lives to winning at this game, you're saying don't care enough to resist a fixing. That's not only disrespectful but it shows a sincere lack of understanding of the mentality of pro athletes.
Yes. That’s what I’m saying. Though, I’m not sure a “bribe” was even offered. I imagine a scenario where RIOT employees were threatened by Tencent to fix Worlds for FPX. “Fly Phoenix Fly”. Considering all organizations under the LOL umbrella are handled exclusively by RIOT, they probably just had to listen to what RIOT told them to do... or else.
: Allow me to correct you on...everything... The Worlds theme song is called Phoenix
: I think there's a simpler explanation: G2 didn't play very well.
That's definitely true. They didn't play very well... even though they played lights out against Korean teams... their poor play was intentional is what I'm arguing.
: im not sad cause eu lost, im sad because...
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Seriphos (EUW)
: Finally over. Dumb EUROPEAN PICKS again. Give Kaisa, Give Lee 3 Times, when he fucked every gank really well, Give Xayah. Idiots over Idiots.
Yeah. G2 had been the best pick/ban in the entire world... until the played against a Chinese team...
Jøkèr (NA)
: This year's Worlds is rigged.
It’s been proven m8. You’re only stating a fact.
: Tencent rigged worlds
Obvious after that showing. They proved it. Chinese team lifting a Chinese trophy paid for by a Chinese company... right.
Seriphos (EUW)
: Good Idea - G2Fail. Give Ryze and Kaisa the most OP Champs in Worlds right now - to the enemy. and dont ban Lee, how is really perfect perfomed by FPX Jungler. Pls give them again Ryze, Kaisa, Lee, Renekton and more OP Champs for them. So i can watch later Liverpool - Man City. EUW allways so bad in Finals. They have really bad Champion Picks in the Final Games. Why you try the shit with Yasuo - Gragas. Play Xayah, Kaisa, Sivir, Varus. But no, lets play Yasuo.
Like I said. G2 doesn't rip through Korea only to turn dumb in the finals against a Chinese team... this is clearly a fix job or something worse.
YambrinZ (NA)
: What? China is the best region now, and how does a league of legends team winning mean anything to China as a country?
You have the whole world if you have the gamers on your side... Point Proven.
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: How much do you guys wanna bet worlds ends with 3-1
I don't think FPX has the skill to take them down. G2 trolled G1 and still almost won. It'll probably be a 3 game series with G2 winning the next 3. If it does go to 5, it means G2 will probably troll pick them again. Clearly, G2 isn't worried about FPX.
Syrile (NA)
: Deleted Posts
Another thing I was told in the discord is that Mods look at your commenting history when considering a ban. The person in discord tried to tell me that the deleted threads and comments weren’t personal, but more likely to happen If you have a history of “abusive” comments and threads... which is exactly what personal means, but whatever. The person in discord then brought up a post over a year old which was deleted because I said “Riot is bad and greedy” or something like that and then said posts like that make moderators more prone to delete future post... which is bad... and dumb... The person then claimed that he/she understood it was dumb to call out a post over a year old... it was a bizarre interaction, but it ended with an understanding that mistakes were made by the moderator(s) involved. So yeah. Hope this helps.
: Cant comment on boards posts
I have same issue on and off.
: Why are gameplay mods deleting threads about gameplay
The mods are struggling to deal with the new “Rant” subboard and trying to figure out what kind of posts belong there. The new hot phrase is “Low Effort” and these mods spit it out like crazy now. They need a chance and quick.
Syrile (NA)
: Deleted Posts
I had the same problem a few weeks back. Took my evidence to the boards discord and the person there agreed with me and offered solutions. I even made a post similar to the one you have made here and received nothing. A lot of these mods won’t admit another mod is wrong on the boards, but they’ll do it quickly on the discord. Just take it there.
CurS1VE (NA)
: Can you get banned for this?
: Dumb! Everyone knows G2 will sub out their whole roster for a full roster of NA players just so NA can take pride at reaching past the semifinals for the first time.
FPX might do that, but G2 definitely won't.
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: g2's biggest gold advantage in all matches was 3.2k
That’s because G2 doesn’t rely and cater their game to the Gold lead. I feel like there is this misconception that a team “shouldn’t” fight while down in gold and they “shouldn’t” be proactive when down in gold. That thought process opens the door for the gold lead to just balloon because a team isn’t doing anything about it. Every time SKT got Baron, G2 attacked them and voided it. Most teams would have Just turtled until the buff was gone, but G2 didn’t care and fought them anyway. I think SKT lost those fights because they didn’t expect G2 to attack them because they had Baron! It was a glorious display of saying “screw your gold lead!” I especially loved it in game 3 when SKT had Baron and a lead, and G2 just pushed into their base and took it... I imagine SKT went back to their room after that and was like... “can they do that? Are they allowed to do that?”
bmwmangal (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=IncrediPhiLL,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=AfRhY9w9,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-11-03T14:51:50.847+0000) > > I'm an NA and EU fan. I root for both regions bb. We're on the same team. Lol you're a little bitch who jumps on the winning side, you aint no fan
Yikes. Much EU Toxic. I'll need an apology message please. I'll also need you to gift me some RP.
: There was only 1 NA commentator today... the other 2 were EU. Just pointing that out. There was also only 1 NA analyst at the analyst desk today.
Fegone (NA)
: Worlds Live Commentators
There was only 1 NA commentator today... the other 2 were EU. Just pointing that out. There was also only 1 NA analyst at the analyst desk today.
: Faker prides himself on being the best, and as the face of the most successful Esports team ever, he must surely have alot of pressure on himself. It has happened to Faker before (losing 2017,I believe, worlds finals also made him break) and it just shows how much it can effect players behind their confident, dominant gameplay.
That moment where he got picked and it showed his reaction on the facecam and his hands were uncontrollably shaking. Dude... I felt that.
Saezio (EUNE)
: thing is, they get you excited about macro. Sure IG vs FPX was a fucking slaughter and that's always fun to watch. But G2 are actually playing smart too. They are really good. P.S. Clid was god these worlds.
: World Spoilers
I always just go to YouTube and type in for the vod! Spoiler free!
: MSI isnt worlds though... Sure NA had the one of the biggest upsets in international history, but thry still hold the fastest defeat in a BO5... which hardly says much... Not ti mention the 4 world championships in Korea to NAs... 0.... TL was considered the supeeteam, with the best of NA talent available, yet they have failed at each major tournament in spectacular fassion, compared to Korea consistently having a considerable impact on the outcome of world tournaments. G2 and China are best in the world atm, no doubt. But korea keeps up, the quarter finals shows that well enough, with 2 chinese, 3 korean and 3 european. Korea has only lost to tournament favourites while NA... well... lost to everyone...
Those are all facts, no doubt. I'm not going to pretend NA is the best in the world or anything like that. I just like throwing around the fact that NA has made it further in international play in the last 2 years than Korea.
Abandon (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=IncrediPhiLL,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=aJtFPWv7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-03T15:06:01.964+0000) > > G2 has been the most exciting team to watch in World's History! Agreed 100%. I have never seen a team more tenacious, more ingenious and more decisive than this team. Even when behind, they don't concede. They fight with their lives on the line. THIS is a championship level team.
Listening to the commentators, it's like they tried to write G2 off after the slightest setback. I'm like... Have you guys been watching the same series? The gold literally does not matter in a G2 game. They will find some way to fight you and win.
: This is one of the only finals im excited to see and dont mind who wins. Previous world championships have always been just "Korea will win" "Korea will win" "Oh this time china wins, korea isnt here" But now we have 2 great teams who simply want to have fun playing, while I havent seen much of FPX beyond semis and quarter finals, from their rumble and nauti mid and hook city its obvious doinb has no regards of the meta and will take a champion simply because he can. G2 does the same, boasting an ADC who trademark plays a mage in game 5s and used to be a midlaner himself, only to move to ADC to play with MickyX who had a massive wrist injury yet still win, combined with jankos' loveable craziness and caps enthusiasm and a similar disregard for the meta. The two teams havent faced eachother competitively previously and they seem even matched. As a EUW, I want G2 to win but I wouldnt mind a FPX win simply because of how I imagine the matches will play out.
Abandon (OCE)
: Despite my disdain for this season personally... HOLY CRAP HAS WORLDS BEEN EXCITING.
: No. Let's not start shit. Let's enjoy what we just watched and what it means.
I'm enjoying it to no end. My hate for Korea is just strong.
: I'm a huge G2 fan but honestly I'm so glad they're facing off FPX in the finals since FPX has just as much of an enthusiastic and rootable mid laner. Maybe it balances out for me since I can understand Mandarin but honestly, I don't think I've come across any players that love the game more than Caps and Doinb.
Super excited for that matchup. Both teams play against the meta and against the way you "should" play. I think that's probably why they are in the finals. I'm just hoping for a 5 game series next week.
Myrmiron (EUW)
: NA made 1 Semi-Final in all of worlds history. Edit: 2 times if you wanna count Season 1. KR made it to Finals 9 times and 12 times to Semis. https://i.imgur.com/5fOgeEw.png[]
Living in the past. I'm living in the present. When Korea makes it to a final at international play post 2017, I'll listen.
: man someone gets way too much into this na vs eu bullshit if youre so tilted to say korea is the same as na just cause g2 beat all 3 korean teams. or at least beat 2 of them. they lost groups so yeah.
I'm an NA and EU fan. I root for both regions bb. We're on the same team.
munraker (EUW)
: Korea made it to quarters so not same outcome
They both flying home early though :/
: NA hasnt ever been to worlds finals... Which is alot less than I can say for Korea
MSI is an International competition... It's just worlds without the doughnut teams. Korea needs to get on NA level... and Europe's... and China's....
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: Korea and NA
NA has actually been to an international final in the last 2 years... which is more than I can say for Korea.
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Saezio (EUNE)
: So, I guess you would rather have Jim Carrey as a starter for the NBA team you support... Because you wouldn't want to watch 10 dudes throw a ball without any personality... BTW everyone has a personality. You obviously value some types of person more.
Yes! 100%. Id actually watch basketball if Jim Carrey played for a team... to be fair... who wouldn’t?
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