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Cevrad (NA)
: Banner was removed and it had the same idea, buff a minion on a large CD. This will be OP.
The reason why banner was so op was because you legit needed an AD to kill it or an ap as player like Diana because spells didn’t affect the minions
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Sukishoo (NA)
: >with voiceover So you mean a Legendary? It just happens when it happens. They have to get what they feel is the right concept.
but like look at pulsefire shen, it could have easily been given a voice over without changing anything else
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Treyhova (NA)
: If you turn on subtitles, the poor bastards even have names. (POV man is Fleg, Gun man is Boggin) Also, before you judge the characters appearance, he looks ALOT better in action. Also, he will look different in game so :p.
dude, everyone here loves the new look, i do too <3
: Then he teaches 4 baby turtles the art of ninjutstu and the rest is history~
: I swear,this is killing me...can't wait for wednesday to see abilities and kit :( :(((((((((((((({{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: Am I the only one annoyed by the whole cyborg green tubes thing? WTF is wrong with just having a damn werewolf?
the reason why he is cyborg-ish is because singed did so many experiments in him, even while ww was conscious for hours during them.
Tik115 (NA)
: My money is... 3 hit passive True damage on ult Stun which also does % health damage He jumps about more then Kalista + Rengar when he smells blood I'm sorry but CertainlyT worked on this and given his track record with champions and the balance issues/fun facing against. I have no faith in Warwick not being overloaded/a nightmare to balance when he's released On the plus side that teaser was cool...but now I want a FPS game based in the League universe
a FPS version of league of legends like that... stop it, I'm'a have a wet dream from that
: I really want this Boggins guy to be an ADC. ACID GUN~
well since he was killed, i highly doubt they would actually put him in
: When you're on the log on screen in the new client you can click a blue button at the bottom that says "Launch legacy client"
thank you so much {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: I would recommend using the old client if you're going to play on a laptop until the beta client is finished and optimized for all users. This suggestion is not exclusively for laptop users, also for anyone who doesn't have a high grade gaming pc.
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Zielmann (NA)
: That's fine. If that's all you did, the system will review the game from his report, see there was nothing wrong, and it won't count against you.
aight good, just makin sure that league knows so i dont get penalty or anything
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Coliad (EUNE)
: Skin
like the slimmest of chances they would, but yeah, it could happen, surprise party fiddle was actually created by the community
: You mean the ENTIRE GAME
you mean even in champ select
: So it's kog's abused brother O_o!?
The name was just a probability, but nice 😂😂 lol also it was late at night when I was making, I didn't realize how Wack the percentages were till now 😂 I'll fix
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