Stexe (NA)
: The Tribunal actually look the situation into effect. If 4 players were trolling you, harassing you, and feeding then people could see it. The automated system doesn't do that and Player Support doesn't care. They only care what you did. You can literally be chat restricted for essentially nothing. One Player Support person said that in 3+ years of working at Riot they had not ONCE reverted an automated chat restriction. You'd think there would definitely be false positives in 3+ years...
I agree with this. The automated system bans people for saying a cuss word. It can be as harmless as "Shit". if someone is trolling and reports you. The automated system doesn't read convos. It scans for keywords and bans. I have been victim of this. When I was banned for calling someone annoying. That person reported me and the automated system sent a chat dialogue of what was said. The only thing in that dialogue was calling a player annoying. Then muting them. It resulted in a 10 game chat ban.
Nomihc (NA)
: The shop wont open 'Purchase RP'
Bump. this has been happening to me as well. i reinstalled, the button still does not work.


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