: I won't be surprised if he is removed from Noxus and his affiliation be changed into the river bush at this rate.
in game? already is xdddddddd
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Lovelle (NA)
: This. I've literally never seen a bot in a normal game and I've been playing 3v3 near exclusively since 2011.
same tho LOL. its easy to climb past bot mmr so basically these people just dont grind and play a few games and say "so many fking bots huge issue oh no delete the mode fking hell rip"
: All of us that were around when Dominion was deleted for being "unpopular" knew that it was only a matter of time before Twisted Treeline would suffer the same fate. ARAM is likely going to disappear in the future too, and once that day arrives I'll have no more reason to play League. Kinda sad, considering I've been here from nearly the very beginning and spent way too much money, but then, they already have my money so why do they care if I want to keep playing? Bow to your Chinese Overlords, Riot.
yeah im moving to australia since their server is privately run so TT will still be there. GOODBYE NA *cries in australian*
: More bot accounts played TT than actual players
rujitra (NA)
: They haven't done anything significant with it because TT has always been the secondary mode. Obviously resources will be put towards Summoners Rift first. Furthermore, no matter what they do, people just don't play TT. Why should they spend days of work doing anything for a mode that is played by so few people, when they could spend that time balancing or bugfixing SR?
it WAS the secondary game mode... until aram got more resources. now its the tertiary game mode.
: Hey guys, remember Magma Chamber? :D
LOL whats that i never saw it on live, must not exist.
: Armor Pene
Not sure but what i am sure of is its a waste of an item slot so dont do it
: qiyana doesn't actually need a river in twisted treeline, she has so much more access to walls and brush lol, literally can't miss ulti. what are ya'll doing to be so uncreative with her kit? add dragon and map dynamic changes. ivern is likely what he is there. there are picks for talon.
> [{quoted}](name=preternatural,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xdLXcdbT,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2019-08-01T03:00:33.111+0000) > there are picks for talon. I'm a Talon ONE TRICK (800k). idk what his issue is, talon sucks in the game mode because of the high density of tanks. Yes, a good Talon player can abuse the small map size but that doesnt mean Talon doesnt fall off extremely fast. i have to take runes i wouldnt take on SR to deal with the CC in every game, i have to ADAPT. i cant speak for Kayn but Talon isn't good in TT (ofc i still play him cuz i love him <3... JUST LIKE TT PLEASE RIOT NOOOOOOOOO)
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: Buggiest Patch Ever
Hey, I'm just impressed at how within an hour 30 posts have been made with different game breaking bugs, lag, client bugs, friend bugs. Basically all hell broke lose, but hey what is LP anyway, not like I care about progressing in the game. :P
: ikr
"Our client is perfect, seems good... anyway back to TFT gotta make bank, mobas are old news, anyway." -Season 9
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