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: Good for you. Too much video games in general can have some very negative effects on your social life and mental health, its not just a league thing. For me, when I get into a new game, I kinda feel like I'm in a better mood, but its kinda like eating food that you love. Its temporary. Theyre like band aids for your life state. Video games dont offer any benefit to any other part of your life. Theres no applicable skill being learned. It doesnt translate into any other aspect of your life, unless youre like a streamer making money off of it, I guess. Theyre only beneficial as a time killing hobby. They make you feel good while youre doing it mostly, triggering the good feeling of being rewarded for your work. But when its over, its gone. You quit a game and realize wow all those hours meant literally nothing.
Other video games bring me tons of enjoyment. League was infuriating like 95% of the time. Even when I'd win by a landslide in this vaporize or be vaporized meta it didn't feel good because the game wasn't close. I'm an old school gamer and I'd rather lose a really well balanced and close match than just keep winning by landslides because those close matches where both teams are equally skilled are so rare so much more memorable.
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