: Tanks may not be good, but damn does having one ever make the game easier
Yup, tanks are great at dishing out CC and disrupting stuff. But the majority of the boards think that tanks should be able to run in 1v5, absorb everything, and walk away at near full health. Tanks have to die too.
Garson211 (EUNE)
: Menwile riot "lets nerf his ms -5 and wait a bit" we need much more data to nerf him...
No, that's only for consistently popular champs with high playrates normally. Heimer is FOTM and will be dropped when he gets nerfed.
Harimi (EUW)
: Star Guardian Nami Fan Concept and Splash Art
Looks good, but I think the color of the hair just makes her look too similar to MF.
xWARx (NA)
: Kinda but as xin you knock everyone away but the target. Aatrox would dive into them all and you would have to fight through everyone or get killed. That to me felt more like the war God who got the losing sides to fight and win. You felt like you were leading your team and really spearheading into the fights. Currently aatrox is more of a cc bot with damage he doesn't have that same leading war God feel. I agree xin has similarities but the way they play/feel when you go in isn't the same
Should have specified, but old Aatrox with a useful ult. But if you want someone who goes in against multiple people when it's a bad idea and then explodes, sometimes killing others in the process, {{champion:157}} fits that to a T.
xWARx (NA)
: Revert Aatrox
{{champion:5}} The same kit. Auto based, healing, a knockup, a slow, and a burst AOE on ultimate. Also has the same lack of personality in his voice lines.
iiGazeii (NA)
: Aphelios had better get a Project skin
: Yuumi changes
That E cost is a little absurd. I get that it's supposed to encourage her to get off an ally and use her passive, but that's still way too high. There are no good flat mana items for enchanters, and they already lost a lot of regen with the support item changes. Yuumi is going to be completely worthless before getting an Ardent Censor, and will likely remain useless until she can attach to a fed bruiser. It also looks like they're trying to force her to max Q first. They took away a lot of scaling for base.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ionian Vulpix,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8KBQJKIn,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2019-12-01T13:38:29.136+0000) > > 6 seconds against a DPS mage, and you didn't run away or fight back? What, should tanks take as long as Baron to kill and require as much of a coordinated effort? I get it, you want to be a tank and soak up a lot of damage. Well, you did and you died for it. Even tanks can die. It might surprise you but as a nunu you have no movement abilities so when a Nautilus+Azir pin you down it's not like you have options to go anywhere but soak once engaged on. What are you gonna fight back with, your snowball barrage that does less than 20% of most champion's health as a tank Nunu? Or the Q that maybe deals 15% their health at best? I didn't soak a lot of damage. I virtually melted to an Azir while contesting dragon, and that was without the Azir's ADC and top lane focusing me. If you're a tank with literally no damage whatsoever, you should be a goddamn tank with at least a time to kill of 10+ seconds.
You got engaged on by a Nautilus, a high damage CC heavy support, and an Azir, a very high DPS mage. And you lived for 6 seconds. You do know how long 6 seconds is in-game right now? That's almost 2 full rotations from Nautilus. Every champion should be dead in that situation, even tanks.
: Can anyone explain how tanks can actually be tanks.
6 seconds against a DPS mage, and you didn't run away or fight back? What, should tanks take as long as Baron to kill and require as much of a coordinated effort? I get it, you want to be a tank and soak up a lot of damage. Well, you did and you died for it. Even tanks can die.
: As a 600k Soraka main the very existence of Senna is just a slap in the face
: Question......Why is Lee Sin in every game?
Because Worlds just happened and because he's getting a Prestige skin soon.
: Is Ivern really unlliked or has he just been an awful weak champion
He's really just not entertaining to play. Because he doesn't fight the camps, it feels like you end up doing so much less actual playing in the game.
: Hi Im Ahri.
Oh Hi Ahri I really don't see Ahri players asking for more skins other than Pool Party and a darker-themed skin, like Blood Moon. She just gets a lot of skins because she's popular, easy to develop for, and designed to be sexy. She's very unoriginal, as much as we love her
Cyntemis (NA)
: Boy band of League of Legends
Ezreal Draven Sylas Varus Kayn Taric is too old.
: @Ahri mains
In her VO, yes because she's had her lore changed about 3 times over since her creation where she was originally just a thirsty fox. And she hasn't had a VU despite being one of the most popular champions since her release. Even though I want Pool Party Ahri already, I'll be more than happy if they just give her a new voice update and a new model so they can fix her freaking tails.
Deecoyy (NA)
: Blade of the Ruined King and Might of the Ruined King
Yeah, this should be fixed. But most people wouldn't know about it because it requires both an allied Ornn and an ADC who makes good use of Bork.
: Dawnbringer Karma's ult is so... lackluster
Why would you expect good stuff for Karma? Riot has already shown they don't want to spend too much time on this champion until the playerbase can quit arguing over what she should be and how Riot can try to appease as many of her players as possible.
: Aphelios Kit Primer
CertainlyT's final champion. Literally changing the game.
: Elder Dragon Unnecessary
How did a team that far behind steal it from you? Elder is both a game finisher and a comeback mechanic. If the team is that far ahead yet still loses Elder, even to someone like Nunu or Cho, then the losing team deserves a chance to come back.
: I love League's characters but I don't like the gameplay
That's why I'm looking forward to the fighting game and Legends of Runeterra. I can interact with the characters without having to play League
Yenn (NA)
: Lee Sin's animation cancel on W + Q + R should be fixed ASAP
"We have a champion breaking bug!" "We must fix it immediately!" "But it's on Lee Sin" "And by fix I mean call it a feature for skill expression!" Riven's animation cancels were bugs at one point too. We all know what happened.
Anhydrax (NA)
: Top lane is terrible in Preseason 10
Has there been a single season where top laners didn't say that top was terrible?
: Master Yi doing 50% of a tanks health as True Damage what the hell?
Topics like this remind me of the times I've played against people who call me a camper for using projectile characters in fighting games. Yes, I'm going to use what I have. What else should I be doing, running into your sword? Same concept. What else should Yi be doing in a teamfight if not cleanup after you've spent your CC? This is what he's always done.
: I mean Fiora and Vayne deal % true damage with their weapons, while the scorpion Skarner doesn't have a venom that kills all types of targets. Riot Logic is the best Logic, so why doesn't Akali have 6 fingers? I am not surprised if they make a cute loli with an ultimate that causes fear to all targets and flee them.
So, something demonic like Scylla in SMITE?
: Riot hates melee, they just keep showing it more and more. As if it wasnt already obvious by the fact that playing a melee carry is basically impossible bot.
That's because it IS impossible to play ADCs elsewhere unless they're specifically designed for it.
Manxxom (NA)
: When the riven main doesn't flame anyone and talks politely in-game
I once played a game as old Nunu support, and I was doing very well. Of all champions, the enemy Riven said in all chat: "Draven, you're good, but this Nunu is a God." One of the best complements I've ever gotten.
SirEnds (NA)
: What is Your Favorite Champion Lore?
: Sanguine blade for melee only
I don't see a reason to do it. The only ranged champions who would want to be isolated to actually make use of it AND can viably build lethality are Vayne, Jayce, Quinn, and maybe Kai'sa. If you're against them in top lane and they're rushing that as their first item, build defensively, jump them, and kill them. Or in lieu of that, do what every top laner does and complain on the boards and reddit that you got countered and that ADCs shouldn't be allowed anywhere but bot but Mages and Juggernauts should be able to go bot too and that if they're too strong down there that ADCs should just adapt or pick a different class. Y'know, the usual.
: Buff Sona's Base Stats A Bit?
They really need an item with mana for supports. They have a lot of regen, but no actual base.
: boards was bitching about assassins all season and they ended up being a non factor at worlds. TYPICAL
Assassins are SoloQ champs. When a team actually practices and communicates together, they're far less likely to get killed by a roaming Zed. And wasn't Akali used a lot?
: After just over a year of balancing, Riot was able to get Akali's presence at worlds from 80% to 87%
They couldn't balance old Akali without some serious work due to how her kit worked. It was either "Do nothing the entire game" or "Enemy stops playing once I get Gunblade." What they need to do is nerf the damage on her passive. It's too reliable for how much it does. Then to prevent her from being too useless as an assassin who can't assassinate, give her some sustain back on her passive so she can fight for a bit longer.
: What's the actual excuse of TD Yasuo?
He sells. I actually think Zilean would have been a better choice for an experienced producer, but he doesn't sell as much.
atorelle (NA)
: "Shut up he's carrying you lol"
Devil's advocate: He was playing to win. You weren't assisting him with that. He took it upon himself to win by doing what he needed, in this case taking 'your' farm. I used to play ADC, and it does suck when you get behind like that. But if what he did worked, then take the W. I remember the first time I'd ever seen Volibear. I was a Twitch and had a Voli support who just killed all the minions and permashoved so he could take the tower (Back in S5.) Once that was done, I was left gold starved as a Twitch while he roamed. But his strategy didn't work so we lost the game THEN we reported him.
: Why is Fiora allowed to "Cripple" me, but Darius with his "Crippling Strike" not?
: What do you guys miss most from league?
I stopped playing earlier this year, and the only things I miss are {{champion:103}} and {{champion:203}} Those are the two champions I could always enjoy playing and are the only reasons I kind of want to come back.
AdamrCc (EUW)
: The elder dragon execute outright invalidates champions such as Warwick and Olaf.
Be real: How often do you think games will go long enough and have enough Dragons taken to get the Elder to spawn?
: except it wouldn't because dead by daylight is M rated and league of legends is T rated... that'd be like having mega mawile in dead by daylight...
> [{quoted}](name=BLACK REALM GOD,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=gmuz1zdi,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-26T20:34:29.987+0000) > > except it wouldn't because dead by daylight is M rated and league of legends is T rated... > > that'd be like having mega mawile in dead by daylight... Don't act like Mega Mawile isn't terrifying.
Zeanix (OCE)
: Can we give Kalista a gameplay rework too?
Kalista has too much going on with her that people would want to keep that people would be angry about being removed. Some people play her for the bonding with an ally. Some play her for sweet execute damage on E. Some play her for the hops. If they try and rework her, they need to focus on 1 thing and cut power elsewhere, but there will be one side that won't like it. See literally every Rework. Even if a champion is much healthier, has a more interesting kit, and gains a personality (Old {{champion:266}} had the personality of a sock, old {{champion:3}} sounded like he wanted to shoot himself), people will complain their champion got ruined. Hell, I've seen people dislike the Ezreal rework who liked him before. I feel the hops were just completely unnecessary for her theme. But now that she has it, people will demand it stays no matter how unhealthy or impossible to balance it is.
Weexazys (NA)
: Playing as and ADC has been the most frustrating, infuriating role forever.
It's even more frustrating because ADCs are MEANT to snowball, so if you fall behind, it's even harder to catch up. Even worse if you're playing someone without any CC, like most ADCs.
: Marksmen really deserve more disengage, even if it's at the cost of their damage.
But according to the boards, ADCs are not supposed to deal damage to tanks, not supposed to have any burst, not supposed to have CC, not supposed to be able to duel, not supposed to escape, not supposed to build items that have useful abilities because they have range, not supposed to have sustain, not supposed to go to any lane other than bot, Are supposed to just adapt or pick someone else when other classes start ruling bot, and so on. The Boards are generally hiveminded against ADCs. If they do anything or start doing well, there's an immediate cry for nerfs. Every time. Unless it's Jhin 4 the memes
Mogarl (NA)
: Actually he's currently a cursed marionette that likes to stab people in the butt. That is his single line of current lore found in loading screen tips.
Whatever they make him when they rework him (Because Arceus knows he needs it), be it a puppet, a guy, an entity, a demon, etc, they need to keep the butt stabbing.
: I'll try to point this out one more time, I'm not against cc, I'm against TRYING TO MAKE THE GAME REVOLVE AROUND IT TO THE EXCLUSION OF ALL ELSE by spamming it. I like seeing varied teamcomps that try other things too, but as it stands you either spam cc, get lucky and insta-delete cc users before they can react by using an assassin/burst-oriented kit, or you die for being in range to use your abilities most of the time with no real recourse to take against it. Apologies if there was a misinterpretation somewhere, I'd figured I was clear enough to get the idea across, but evidently I need to work on that. League is more fun IMO when you see more than "the regulars" on the rift. We've always seen certain preferences in champ select, don't get me wrong, but it's getting downright obnoxious lately. A good example I can think of is; when was the last time you saw a team with like 1 or 2 cc abilities total do well against a team that revolved around firing hard cc as much as possible? In my case, I haven't seen it happen once this entire season. Maybe I'm an outlier and just have bad luck, maybe not, that's why I started this discussion to get feedback from the community.
Of course the team with more CC is going to have an easier time winning than a team that is pure DPS. Have you ever wondered why the common answer to Yi is "Just CC him?" It's because Stopping them effectively neuters their DPS. You can't attack while CCed. You can't cast spells while CCed. You frequently can't even walk while CCed. CC is one of the two answers to damage; the other being higher damage.
Lemexis (EUW)
: Former toxic players who successfully reformed, how did you do it ?
: AS EXPRESSLY STATED IN THE TITLE, these are observations, and I'm honestly concerned where they seem to be leading, please refrain from trying to start a fight here by accusing people of "complaining" (or whining/whatever else folks use to start crap on these boards). If you disagree with the observation, that's fine, but trying to devalue other's opinions for not matching your own is petty at best and I'd really appreciate not seeing it here.
What you "Observed" is someone getting CCed and dying. Like they should. Even tanks. People aren't supposed to be invincible save for a few abilities/items. Sounds stupid, but this needs to be said: "If you hit them, they will die." It's part of the game.
: Some Concerning Observations About Gameplay
So, someone gets chain CCed, and dies for it? That's what you're complaining about this time? That's what SHOULD happen. If the enemy team is devoting those resources to killing the target, they should be dead. Don't care if you downvote, but if you eat their CC and the damage followup, it only stands to reason that your life should hit 0.
Gufa (NA)
: Stupid that they did this. I agree Yas and Akali DO NOT need another skin. She JUST GOT Project and Yas JUST GOT Battle Boss. Riot wtf are doing. Can you please give some other champs some love. I guess we can all be prepared to get Victorious Yasuo or Victorious Akali this year. Keep funneling these dumbass champions. Perma banned in my games from now on just because of this. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
They aren't going to get Victorious skins because you can't buy those. THOSE are the skins they can make for unpopular champs who are only played due to meta. Those like Maokai.
: Bard Wants A Skin
Didn't both Kindred and Ekko come out right after him? Kindred is waiting on her 4th.
: That's a common trope in the horror genre, usually unfathomably evil beings having deceptive names. Chucky, Jason, Pennywise the dancing clown, Freddy, Michael, Pinhead, Norman Bates. Be it human or inhuman, those threats rarely get names like "super mega death monster" because of the chilling contrast between their binary personas.
With Freddy, Jason, Michael, and Norman, they were all People at some point. Sure, they may have been evil people, but they were somewhat 'human' killers. Fiddlesticks is supposedly some kind of eldritch or Lovecraftian horror, whose most famous monster was C'thulu. Imagine if that, the penultimate horror, destroyer of worlds, was named something like Dinkleberg. Would you be able to take it seriously?
Sukishoo (NA)
: True Damage skins T-Shirt leaked.
Looks like Akali and Yasuo are joining the minimum 1 skin per year club, alongside Ahri, Ezreal, Lux, Miss Fortune, and Annie. Meanwhile, Taliyah and Kindred cry in the corner alongside Xerath and Vel'koz who have come to terms with it.
Nithke (EUW)
: perfect definition
He's one of the earlier champions, back when Riot made literally any trope they could into a champion. Hence why there was a random Spartan Warrior, an armored bear, a scarecrow, a Darth Vader ripoff, and a murderous clown.
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