: Did your parrot come back?
Yes, she did. She got lost twice actually and came back both times. I was relieved. In the end though, I had to give my birds explicitly to my wife, as I was unable to give them the attention they needed alone. That's a whole other story, however.
: Where is IronStylus
Hiya. Indeed, as the handsome and exotic Kindlejack said, I'm around. Indeed, I'll be back in force at some point I'm sure. 2015 was an interesting year to say the least. What occurred last year for me in my personal and professional life is still sort of reverberating beyond just those exclusive life events. I've had a lot to do, a lot to think about, and a lot to adjust to with the happenings of 2015. Honestly, everything that came out of last year put me in a better place, objectively speaking. I'm happier, stronger and more in touch with how I've grown and what I have to do to continue to do so. Growth comes from success and movement but also comes from loss and struggle. With those struggles, those times of muscle-tearing growth, friends like Kindlejack have been and continue to be indispensable. I've learned a lot from last year. The biggest being how the people in your life matter, in what capacity they matter, and how they either help you move forward, or drag you down. I'm lucky to say that in my life I'm surrounded by the former type of people. Those who've been a beacon of light, which not only has helped me move out of the dark, but shine in a way where I can see my reflection in a way I had not before. I've been looking out to the horizon, but very much looking at the person in the mirror. That said, yep, I'm still here. Some things are the same, some things are different. Different as they may be, I'm looking forward in 2016 with a mindset of appreciation and cautious hope. Lots to do. Lots to say. Lots to be grateful for :)
: Is IronStylus still even at riot?
I'm quite here :) Lots been going on recently. Lot's of pretty crazy life stuff, honestly. Perhaps when it's all over I'll tell the tale. Aside from that though, I've been working quite hard on Taric recently. Been a long ride, but we're getting close to a concept which I think will work. Here's hoping!
: People complained about a lot of things with Fiora, but never her visuals. I simply don't understand why they felt they had to do this, and no explanation has been forthcoming. You'll note they don't mention it once in the release, which is pretty telling if you ask me. They know this isn't going to be popular, they're just going to ram it through because reasons.
I'll mention it when I'm not as busy. So yeah, there's that.
: I can't wait for the Poppy update (and the many other upcoming 'overhauls'- Poppy, Urgot and Taric have all been my mains at some point!). :D I'm quite curious about something else though- Is Shen getting any moderate visual changes (in a scale of more than say, Singed's update?), along with his gameplay update? Or are you not ready to announce that yet? Also, can you reveal whether or not there are other yordles that are not Poppy in the ChampUp pipeline? You don't have to mention who, what or obviously, when, but I'm just curious. Are there any champion updates in the makings that are only VUs that aren't bundled with gameplay updates? And one last question, what do you think about Nunu, in terms of a champion update? :)
There is a kit change in the works for Shen, with that comes our investigation as to how much visual changes (model, animation, VFX, etc) have to go towards facilitating the gameplay overhaul. We always ask the question about scope. How much scope does this need, and how much do we want it to have? We currently are exploring ideas for a new base design for Shen, but this for the moment remains an exploration. It might be beyond scope lets say to redesign his base. But, if we deem it a substantial opportunity, or something that really needs more art resources to make the new mechanics work, then we'll scope the project up.
: {{champion:131}} Even though I don't play her a ton, Diana has always been my favorite from a Lore and Visual standpoint. Well designed and beautiful.
You get a moon pie and an upvote! But seriously, glad you like her :) While I'm always one to want to go back and visit my designs, I'm pretty happy with how she turned out. The team that worked on her did an amazing job and actually very much pushed the envelope that was her entire package.
Pomle (NA)
: Poppy Visual Update
Well, so good news and bad news: Good news: Poppy will get a visual update. She's in the same camp as Sion, Taric, Urgot, etc which will recieve complete overhauls which will not only increase fidelity and introduce a newer and cleaner design, but also will aid in clarify and mechanical expression. We did a lot exploration on Poppy and are happy with what we've got. She's currently in the art production pipeline as her kit has been locked for some time. Now it's a matter of time and the technical work of getting that new character to live in game. "Bad" news: Poppy is shipping with a complete kit overhaul which will retain the spirit of Poppy, and utilize some signature abilities, but will probably vary pretty significantly than current Poppy. Think of the same way which we wanted to retain the "feeling" of Sion while keeping virtually nothing of his existing kit. I'e played her, and she's really, really fun. I think players old and new will find a home with her. I think that's what's going to bring her into a place where she'll be loved by passionate players but also new players alike. So shipping the visual update probably isn't going to turn people onto existing, present-day Poppy as much as it will excite people to try what is fundamentally a brand new character which takes what we love about Poppy, amplifies it, and makes her more cohesive. Our goal on ChampUP is to excite enthusiasts, to get at what the real and visceral emotional attachments that bind them to a character and hone them, making that feeling more clear, maybe even stronger. Often that means pretty substantial change, for multiple reasons. Unique identity, clear role and play pattern, character/kit/art cohesion, among other things. A sub-goal is to bring that character up so at the very least new players are aware of the character and can approach it comfortably. To bring that champion back into some rotation even if it's with a smaller but dedicated slice of players. The team is very excited about Poppy. I'm happy to have been part of her development and can't wait for people to get a hold of this take on her. Though things change, the spirit is there I feel.
Solideus (EUNE)
: Leona has Banana Peel Armour!
Perrrrrsssooonnnaallly if there's one thing I'm proud of in her design it's her "prom dress". In no way is it practical, however I can't think of too many character that have an element and strange as it. I honestly will take liberties when it comes to interesting visual landmarks and trump practicality when I think something interesting can be established. That said if I remade her today I'd probably reexamine the boobplate and the high heels.
: Caitlyn Visual Update Concept (2.0)
Very nice! Your work is improving every time I look at it. Here's my challenge to you: In some of the early designs I messed around with, (for a VU which may never see the light of day) the more I made her outfit classy and practical, the less the showing of cleavage felt necessary or even pleasing to the eye in terms of her overall design. You're trying some unique and really cool solves for her dress and other elements, lets see what you can do with that particular challenge of the bust. This is not an intentional "hey cover her up!" modesty sort of thing, this is "leave no stone un-turned" when it comes to iterating on design. It's simply trying more stuff. I attached a really bad paintover also. Some things to consider as you go forward: * Play up elements. Hat, shoulders, etc. Characters in-game have big landmarks. They're going to look larger than life on a concept such as this, as they should * Try different materials. Sleeves could be all leather. Pants could be a different color or material. Attempt to not be so entirely consistent. There's a hierarchy that our characters have in terms of read. Generally having more contrast or visual interest towards the top and whatever weapon they're using. Make sure you're sorting things and making deliberate choices as to what should go where. Good stuff! Keep it up!
: Hey, Ironstylus- I just wanted to thank you for making so much epic work, and creating some of the best (imo) characters around. I've been around since preseason one, and have silently kept track of you on the boards- sounds creepy, when I put it like that- but mostly just cause I used to be afraid of social media- almost to the point of it becoming a phobia. Thanks for always being an awesome member of the riot community- I don't think it is said very much, but you are one of the most respected members of riot on the boards. (look at how many of us still call you the parrot) Personally, I spoke about you in a thread- [here](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/memes/hJixEpQR-you-are-now-a-riot-employee?comment=0024) -and you responded to me (eight months ago!!). After maybe six months I actually went back to that thread, and found your reply, and it made my month.... It took awhile for me to realize you can see your comments, and when people reply to them.... I can't tell you how cool it was to have my favorite rioter respond to me. Personally, I hate how many women are portrayed in games with heels, and over-sexualized armor. It makes no sense to me, because that type of outfit would be nothing but trouble in a fight- look at any jmmo. Enter {{champion:89}} , and already I was really happy- that in this game there were women not overly-sexualized. It was why I mained Kayle during season one- I then fell out of league until I saw the new champion spotlight pop up in a feed. Diana, Scorn of the Moon- my favorite champion to date. I got back on the boards- and saw all the discussions about her- and loved them all. Honestly, the first thing I'd ever "fanboyed" about. So, after all that, I'd just like to ask you to maybe chat about {{champion:131}} a little. The League is retconned- so you can say anything about her, really, I'm curious as to whether she wants to rebuild her civilization, the lunari, or just eliminate the solari. And maybe, if you're feeling super awesome- you could tell me her opinion of Leona. I'd love to chat about a dusk-themed champ sometime, if you're still up for it. Shoot me a message anywhere- on league, through the boards, email- w/e, I can make a different thread or something. Apart from that- I just wanted to say thanks again, your champion got me back into a game where I found a friend group I never would've made. I also struggled through depression, still occasionally do- but thanks to friends that part of my life is mostly over. Stay Awesome!
So glad I could make your month :D Also, I'm really glad that you've gotten through your tough challenges with depression. I know it well. I know the slog. In terms of specific story lines and narrative arcs, there's not much I can really specifically about Diana in particular. There's a lot going on with our Narrative and Foundations teams that's really exciting, but obviously not really ready to see the light of day yet. A lot of that work goes into creating internal alignment so teams like ChampUP can draw from that common pool of world-building and create cohesive characters. Personally speaking, I'm not sure what Diana's end game would be. That's exactly what's great about teams like the ones I've mentioned. They're in the trenches looking at long term stories and rich world building in order to make these characters not so subject to conjecture. Sure, when we were developing Diana we had some ideas as to where the story arch could go, but there wasn't really any way for us to keep telling the story. I think as our internal teams develop more content to create that canvas for us to paint on, we'll have better tools (as you've been seeing in teasers, comics, etc) to make those characters live on past release.
: IronStylus, were you an Art Major in college? Also, are you enjoying your job? I'm really passionate about drawing, and I hope to create concept art as well one day, but I'm worried that I'll end up as another "starving artist".{{champion:32}} I want to be able to live comfortably, but I also want to enjoy the work I have to do for the rest of my young life. I'm going to college in the Fall, but I've not decided on a major yet....Any thoughts?{{item:3091}}
I was. I went to Pratt to get my bachelors in art. I then went on to Art Center to do entertainment design but ended up leaving school early. I do indeed enjoy my job ;) I'd suggest looking specifically into where you'd like to apply your art. If it's games then you're very much in luck. You can take a look at any of the amazing game artists out there and emulate or learn from them. Pick your passion and where you'd like to apply it. Learn it back and forth and learn how and where to apply it. Knowing the context in which your craft is used is just as important as the craft itself.
Lüc (NA)
: What archetypes would you like to explore further in terms of character design? What are ideas or thoughts you have on introducing less battle hardened/ready champion designs like a dancer, playwright, or musician (bards or "Bards")? This is somewhat gameplay design-y, I find the support role to be the most diverse in terms of character design(Braum, Leona, Nami, Sona, Bard, Thresh, etc.), with the above question, do you feel the other roles/positions need more archetypes that read less "warrior" or would that interfere too much would gameplay readability? i.e. does LoL have room for champions that may look like they might be "support" but play like a mage or fighter?
Archetypes are pretty broad, I guess I dabble a little more in tropes. I like anything that challenges the convention of an existing type of character in media historically. So, in a very simple sense, if I want to look at a paladin, I want to look into a female paladin (ala Leona). That's a real skimmed down example, but I like to look at things with historical male power fantasies attached to them and see what the opposite gender equivalent is. There are so many tropes which have been traditionally been occupied by male characters where I'd like to see female counterparts explored. That's honestly just the tip of the iceberg however when it comes to playing with tropes or archetypes.
: Hey IronStylus, Thanks for doing this Q&A sort of deal. I wanted to ask about Mt. Targon. I've read your responses in the forums (here and elsewhere) that you do want to expand and explore this region to make it prominent just like the others. Leona has been mentioned, as well as Diana. I would like to know, will Pantheon be included in the whole scheme of things when Mt. Targon goes through changes? (Also, some people I know think you don't care about Panth, but I don't believe it.) He's one of my favorite junglers and just has a great feeling about him as a character, not to mention I'd love to know more about his background with Leona. Thanks! Edit: Grammar problems.
I think inevitably he'll have to factor in. Regardless of how our narrative path evolves, he's a pretty good staple for that region and someone who has a lot of possibilities. There's a bedrock that can make for a great character, one who can tie into more heavily with the more cemented Targonians like Diana and Leona.
: We were asked some time ago about Diana and what direction she should go in/changes to her kit. Has there been any progress made on changing Diana?
There's some design team members working with us who are looking at broad strokes across various characters who fit into certain roles. I don't believe she's currently under the lens, but I'm guessing she'll come up as they take a closer look at fighters.
: What's it like being a concept artist for riot? or just being a rioter in general? I love your work and that of many other artists at riot and other places, and have decided to try becoming a concept artist myself! not to mention riot games just seems very welcoming, and looking at the career page the application doesn't seem too scary either. so what's it like? any tips for someone looking to apply as a concept artist someday?
Primarily focus on your craft. Pick a thing you love, like character concept art, and get to know it back and forth. You want to be an expert craftsman in that regard. Know all the ins and outs. Also, learn to work with others, generate creative ideas, take feedback, help teach. All of that is important to grow. Being a concept artist at Riot and a Rioter in general is really fantastic. Mainlybecause it gives a lot of us what we crave most; creative freedom. Not necessarily to do anything we want, but we can gravitate to what we're passionate about, work with like-minded people and strive to produce something really special. Just the act of creating in a positive atmosphere is of incalculable value.
: I just want to be sure about one thing. Quinn's hair is purple right? Is it natural or does she dye it? {{champion:133}}
I think something really dark that for some reason gets purple in its highlights. I'unno. Runeterra has strange natural hair colors! :D
: Will there be any other champs from Targon? We only got 3 (Leona, Panth, and Diana.) Other places have a broad selection of champs to choose from but Targon is very few.
Just a personal opinion, but I think inevitably there will be. Probably just a matter of time. I can't speak for the Champion team as to whether they have something in the works or not, but here's hoping someday :D
: I'm totaly in love with your older Quinn concepts and she's actually kind of my main champion right now. Is this lady on the list for a rework? And why is she lacking a parrot-skin? D:
Heh, parrots aren't as universally appealing as I'd prefer them to be, plus I'll leave that to the Skins team's discretion ;) Also, nothing in terms of reworks/updates for her at the moment.
: Look, I'll not bring up any questions about Riot not wanting to work on sexy female skins anymore - seeing the issue with the Pool Party skins and there being no female human in a swimsuit. But I do want to ask an important question: Can we see what Quinn looks like without her helmet on. A simple drawing would be nice. Please, I'm begging you.
I think I have a drawing of it somewhere.. if not I'll do a quicky sketch sometime and post it to twitter.
Bonnibel (NA)
: Hey! My question is a bit specific, about your concept art for Pool Party Leona. In the drawing, she has a Lunari badge kind-of tattoo on her back, is there any story behind it? Or is it just some joke on Diana?
Just sort of a fun idea that the moon is always over the sun's shoulder, following it along it's path ;)
: Hey there, IronStylus! Are there any visual- or gameplay-related updates planned for Quinn? Also, thanks for such a cool Champion.
Nothing currently on the docket. She'd be way behind champions that need much more urgent overhauls.
: How'd ya think of ur awesome name?
Oh, a mix of the tools I use and my love of propaganda :P
WarWork (NA)
: How do you feel about Quinn's state, that she isn't considered and adc by most high ranked players. She was my first love as an adc so i really like her. If you were incharge of rito for a day what would you do with Quinn
Not a gameplay expert, but I'd like to revisit her core themes.
: Hey Iron , Why so many skins for champions that already have a lot of them? Ya know , Xin ,Rengar , twitch , ect , I'm starting to lose hope in new skins now a days , because every time I look at PBE , all I see is new skins for champs that already have a lot of them , for example , Yasuo could have sooooo many good skins , I think with all Kha'zix's evolutions something awesome could be made with a bit of time (Wasnt as hyped with guardian of the sands , but it looked ok , or maybe even a new urgot skin if you could pull it off (Pls , for the love of God , no more Crabgod ;-;) , I just think riot could do such a better job with this , and just wanted to know if there was a specific reason why it is happening , thanks ! :D
Some champions, like Urgot, Poppy or Taric are on hold until ChampUP can touch them, so thats part of the reason. But some champions you'e mentioned are really resource heavy. New animations and VFX in particular. There's always skins in development, but production is what consumes a fair amount of the time. It's not about the idea, it's about the bandwidth of the team to actually make it.
: > [{quoted}](name=IronStylus,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=sftAEOEo,comment-id=003a0000,timestamp=2015-06-17T22:13:16.600+0000) > > Oh man, there's a few. Saying "least favorite design" is kind of a reflection on the artist who designed them, so that's not really what I'd focus on. I think it's more about understanding the motivation at the time of the original design and seeing how it jives with what we need now. But I'd like to take a crack at, in terms of straight up artistic design, would be Cait, Irelia, Eve and Le Blanc I feel. If it's not too presumptuous to ask, what don't you like about them? I do kind of agree with a lot of your opinions, though :) Caitlyn: Her "steampunk" design feels really dated compared to other Piltover champions, even Vi looks more high-tech than her. Wasn't Cait one of the earliest Pilty? Eve: It seems you guys intended for her to be more of a succubus, but she looks like a weird dominatrix to me. Irelia: Her armor just looks... weird. Also her "whacks you with a surfboard made of blades" style is kinda not what you'd expect from a telekinetic warrior.
All of what you've said are very much in line with my thinking.
: Mr. Parrot, I'm not sure whether or not you're the right person that can give me an answer, but during one of the splash redesigns, Ahri's went through two attempts, and both were particularly (and remain to be) disliked by many of us - especially when extremely limited feedback seemed to go through. My question is about Knockwurst's fan art splash that he mentioned sending in to Riot just for the heck of it. Since a revert to Ahri's old splash is apparently out of the question, is there any chance something will be done with this? http://knockwurst.deviantart.com/art/AHRI-League-of-Legends-Fan-Splash-517882502
That's all unofficial art so we wouldn't use it in any capacity officially. Kienan (Knockwurst) does however work as one of my outsourcers on ChampUp, so his work on League goes on.
: > [{quoted}](name=IronStylus,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=sftAEOEo,comment-id=00090001,timestamp=2015-06-17T20:45:47.897+0000) > > I'd really like to expand and understand the Piltover/Zaun dynamic. I think there's so much room to explore that tension between two diametrically opposed city-states. I'm also a fan of fantasy-sci-fi sorta tech and motifs. Not as much with the high fantasy that tends to be Demacia/Noxus. > > As for yordles, we do the pass as we go. Using Hiemer and Tristana as a point of reference. So as we progress on Poppy we line things up and check for consistency. It's more of an ongoing active space we operate inside than a style guide. > > Personally I'd like us to maybe get an understanding of Viegar. I'd have to do a bit of digging to see which yordle in particular I'd like to give some love to. (I'm really excited about Poppy though!) We seriously need an airship-commander type champion :p Like somebody from Final Fantasy :D
: Glad to have you back, and with things settling down, then. :)
: Fairly Innocent question, will there be a diana skin coming out soon? _please say yes please say yes_
Not any time soon as far as I know. But I'm sure I'll be a complete bother to the skins team whenever they start working on one :P
: IronStylus! I can't tell you how long I've waited to be able to ask you a bunch of questions! First of all, I want to start of telling you that you're my idol- ever since I found out who you were I fell in love with your work and aspired to work my way into a position like yours! I'm an amateur concept artist that just-so-happens to love armored ladies like you do, so when I found out that you NOT ONLY worked in my dream job, but were also responsible for the design of my some of my favorite characters - Diana, Leona, and Quinn - I immediately became your biggest fan. So I have a couple (actually a lot) of questions for you! 1. Where did you start out in the industry and how did you manage to become Senior concept artist? I'd like to know where my best chances are! 2. What is your degree in, if you have one? I'm struggling with choosing a major (I'll be a college freshman next year, so I have a while) because there are so many different paths to take. 3. Do you prefer to work digitally or traditionally? Which do you find is better when designing characters? 4. What method do you use for coming up with characters? Do you usually start with an aesthetic, a story, an idea, or do you usually just wing it? 5. I often notice that my designs look very similar, how do you manage to not make any of your concepts extremely similar and set them apart from the rest? 6. Do you use any references while designing your characters? I find myself needing inspiration while creating characters so I turn to references to get ideas, but then I lose interest in those characters... 7. (Personal question, I understand if you don't want to answer) Do you ever find your anxiety and depression getting in the way of your work? If so, what do you do to overcome that? I have anxiety as well and often I find myself doubting my works and ability, but I haven't found a way of dealing with it yet. 8. My college allows me to intern in California for the last two years (as a work-study program), how difficult would it be for me to get an internship at Riot? And would I be able to intern in the concept art department or would I be put into a smaller job? 9. If I WERE able to intern at Riot, would I get to meet you, my biggest hero? 10. (FINAL QUESTION) What would a good portfolio look like to land a job at Riot? Would they look for MORE content, or QUALITY content? And do they require content in the department you wish to work for, or general content that is applicable to League of Legends (animation, 3D models, writing, etc etc)? I appreciate any effort you make, and I hope some time I get to meet you, it would be an honor!
Oh my, ok well check out the post on here for some general stuff: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/sftAEOEo-between-two-turrets-chat-with-ironstylus?show=rundown&comment=00100000 I'll try to burn through these questions: 1) I came from collage at Pratt then went to Art Center. Then met a guy who knew a guy who was making independent movies. After that I just made more friendships which eventually lead me to meet a recruiter from Riot. The rest is history. TL;DR, make friends! 2) I have a Bachelors in Fine Art. Degrees aren't necessary. Only that you keep learning and get a solid grasp of your fundamentals and build from there. Pick SPECIFICALLY what you want to do now. Character concept art? Cool. Go as deep as you can for now, broaden later. 3) Initial designs are often just pencil sketches, or marker sketches. However I do some early iteration digitally as well. Though I find it easier to find nice shapes in traditional. Later I do all my fleshing out and rendering digitally. 4) Depends. If I have a story it's easy. Otherwise I'm just looking for compelling shapes, forms, and finding design in the noise. When I specifically design League characters I want to know a solid narrative/story/theme and the fundamental gameplay hooks and mechanics. 5) I have the same issue. Try an exercise where you do nothing but thumbnailing shapes and look for form/design/pattern in the noise you create. Use a less controllable medium like marker and work SMALL. Find shapes first, then tighten. Only spend a few seconds. Iterate rapidly. 6) I do when I'm attempting to hit a particular character trope or design. If I'm designing Taric I'm going to look at paladins, etc. Often though I do the thing where I find shapes first, then reference motifs and specific designs when I have shapes and forms I'm cool with. 7) I feel the same way. It takes work but you can break through that wall. Often I'll meditate and pull away from my emotions. That helps. Sometimes I utilize my medication, other times I do the free-form exercises I mentioned. The key is to loosen, however you choose to. 8) I would recommend getting your craft nailed down before interning. If you're a freshman I don't think you qualify for the art intern stuff just yet, and that's ok. Really focus on deepening your craft. Get confident. There will always be opportunities out there. 9) Hah, yes, I'm always around :) 10) For character concept, I'd rather see a FILLED sketchbook or two with ideas and well executed drawings than 5 really super high rendered pieces. You need your fundamentals either way, but for concept I want to know your ideas and how you execute on them. From ideation to finished render. It's about quality and quantity in the right balance. Standard thing I look for is for a single character: 1-2 pages of ideation/sketches/thumbnails -> 3 tighter pass drawings combining elements -> 1 well executed drawing or greyscale pass -> Final render with front, back, and detail callouts. Lots of great examples of people's portfolios on such places as Art Station and other sites. Thanks for the questions!
: How is the Yordle Unification Pass going? :) I mean, we know that Poppy is in the works, but are there more yordles in the pipeline currently? You did mention, last year, that while you were working on a female yordle (who I assume was Trist) and a male yordle. What happened to the male yordle? I mean, you don't have to dive into details if you really can't, but I'm just wondering. Also, what's up with Targon? Have you ever tried more Targonian champion concept over the years that didn't make it through? Care to elaborate on some if there are? :) Edit: Also, what do you think about Lulu, in terms of how she fits with the modern yordles lineup?
The yordle unification goes case by case. Tristana and Heimer are our flagship female and male right now, so we basically line up any new designs as we make them to confirm unification rather than work from a style guide. I worked on Poppy. Not sure which male yordle I was referring too.. I'd love to make a new Targon champion! No idea if/when that'll happen, but I can think of some characters we can fit into the realm of Targon. I had tried to make a Targonian mage but it just sorta felt flat and I abandoned it. Just wasn't unique. I'd probably go back and visit her just a bit. Or assign her to my partner in crime Lonewingy who does yordles much better than I do :P
V2msRHouI0 (EUNE)
: A question about the Zac chromas: Is it possible to change the orange to something that looks less like yellow? Right now the Orange and Yellow chroma look way too similar, and it would be cooler with, say a red or even a dark blue.
I'll follow up and ask, not sure how easy that'd be though.
NVDax (NA)
: Ironstylus, any insights into the direction you're taking Gangplank as far as pirates go? Will we not be seeing him this patch, or the next? Is it still to early to discuss? Is there ANYTHING you can share?
Not much I can share, but I think the big challenge with him is how to not make him so very pirate-mcpiratey. I'd love to find something that makes him uniquely League.
: On topic: What upcoming skin/champ/rework are you must looking forward to? Off topic: What is your favorite food?
On topic: VERY much looking forward to Taric and Poppy. Off topic: Toss up between chicken Parmesan and hamburgers.
Łunatic (EUW)
: Hey IronStylus! I've got two questions to you: 1. Did your parrot Kiwi ever inspired you to do something in your arts? If not, will we see more parrots in the game one day? 2. Have you ever considered to do some artwork with MS Paint? It's basically the best program for superior art of all kind and displays the inside of your soul the most through every single pixel. I could tell you some more advantages of this glorious program but I want you to find out for yourself. Let the MS Paint joy flow inside you. I hope one of your next works will be made with MS Paint, I'm sure the League community will love it!
1) Hah, well parrots in general inspired Iron Solari Leona. Not sure about future parrot expression :P 2) I once dabbled in Paint but it's sheer utility overwhelmed me.
: From a visual standpoint, which is your least-favorite champion in terms of design?
Oh man, there's a few. Saying "least favorite design" is kind of a reflection on the artist who designed them, so that's not really what I'd focus on. I think it's more about understanding the motivation at the time of the original design and seeing how it jives with what we need now. But I'd like to take a crack at, in terms of straight up artistic design, would be Cait, Irelia, Eve and Le Blanc I feel.
Solash (EUW)
: When Leona eventually gets another skin, what would the ideal skin idea/concept for her be for you?
Hmm.. something sci-fi would be my preference.
: If you could make one new skin set, what would it be and why?
Hmmm.. probably the Pizza/Fast Food line :D
GibIets (NA)
: First of all, Thank you for doing this Q&A and answering all the communities questions and being so thorough with the responses. I am an avid Cho'Gath lover/player and love both his AP assassin style and his huge annoying tank play styles. One thing that I hope you guys remember when you eventually relaunch him is that you are able to keep both play styles alive by making the AP Cho squishy and the tank Cho, well, tanky and for his visual to embody that. I remember a while ago you wanted for Cho to be a "Void Kaiju" which makes me believe that you think of Cho as a tank rather than a AP assassin. So all in all, please keep in mind Cho has 2 very different play styles and I think I speak for all Cho'Gath players that he should keep both modes and visually represent the choice.
I'm afraid I don't really have any expertise in the gameplay area.
: IronStylus, do you remember that you promised me something long time ago? ;( http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/fancreations/PYLg8F2c-ironstylus-you-promised-me-something-and-never-delivered
: I heard you were in the middle of the Poppy VU and rework? How close is the end date?
Not close at the moment. We're currently in the modelling phase. Animation and a lot of other stuff to follow. I think her kit is in a good place however.
: Hi Parrot Lord! First of all I wanted to tell you I really love the work you've done in the past with updates, especially Sivir, who now has a lot more personality, I think. It was a shame losing you from champion design to champion update, but you've done a really great job in the past! I also wanted to thank you for all the conversation you've had on the forums about your design process and what the community thinks champions' core themes are, like you did for Taric. You should do more of those! It's nice to get a look into the ideas behind the design end of things. On a more personal note, thanks also for your posts about handling depression. It's nice to see successful professionals talking openly about their experiences with it. It can be hard describing something that exists in your head and won't go away no matter what you do, and especially seeing it as a real problem that deserves help, so it's reassuring to see other people talking about it. Sorry for being such a suckup, I just think you're cool and wanted you to know. In terms of an actual question so I'm not wasting everyone's time, I remember a while back you said you wished you could do a Quinn update. If you had the time and resources to work on her, what sort of changes do you think you would make?
Funny, just answered another question about depression and Quinn :) In terms of Quinn, I'd probably really re-explore why she has to be an ADC. I'm not sure we fully explored the melee version with enough rigor or time. I'd love to break her back down, find that core fundamental and build upon that. I'm really glad you've found the discussions about depression and anxiety helpful. As I've said, mental health advocacy is a huge passion for me. I want people to very much know that they're never alone. I know how hard it is to describe the intangible, that's why I think it's imperative that those of us who have gone through it be open about it, so that we know that we share something special, that it doesn't need to be explained to someone who knows the experience. Individuals who have suffered or do suffer with depression have the world open to them as much as anyone else. It's a slog, but we can live with it. We can live full and meaningful lives with our challenges and leverage them to help us in may ways! This is a great TED talk I saw on the subject recently: http://www.ted.com/talks/andrew_solomon_depression_the_secret_we_share?language=en
: Hi IronStylus you mentioned awhile back something about a Quinn texture update being in the works, but another rioter posted and didn't seem to know anything about such a thing, so could you update us if or if not it's gonna happen? As I'd like to know where I should keep my expectation. Also I've suffered anxiety and depression in the past, well still anxiety sometimes, but not depression anymore since I finally started dealing with the root cause of it. But I want to ask have you tried any form of yoga, and/or mediation to help deal with it? As personally speaking I found they've helped me a fair bit.
Right now it's not a huge priority since we hit more of the heavy offenders. Still totally possible, I just don't know when. 100% with meditation. I highly recommend it. I use Headspace, the app, for daily meditation. It really has helped to ground me but also pull me away from being in the fog of overwhelming emotion. Being able to distance from feeling so intensely about often irrational thoughts has been one of the benefits of meditation. It's not only calming but helps sort your mental state. I've found it integral!
333lom (EUNE)
: Hello IronStylus! I always wanted to ask about the direction in which female champions are developing in League - when I started playing League, I, of course, browsed first through the champion pool. Leona caught my eye as a female knight, and I was amazed by the fact that such a character exists in an online game. I know there will be plenty more female champions whose primary trump card will be how attractive they are, in the conventional way. But what about intellect and brains? A lady, for whom you first spot how smart she is, rather than how pretty she is? What do you think about female characters whose primary fantasy would traditionally be called male, like miners, mechanics, scientists, etc. Is there hope one day for such iterations to appear in League? It looks like to me that there is a lot of room for that kind of champions, and I would be very happy if that were true!
I'm 100% for diverging from what might be considered as conventionally male roles or tropes when it comes to designing female characters. We tried at one point to design a female mechanic, but it got a lot of wires crossed and turned into Braum. That said, we have a ton of opportunity space to play in and bring that trope back, or any sort of adjacent theme.
: Hello Iron. I've got a few questions to contribute if you don't mind and have the time. 1. How difficult is it designing the new Taric? 2. What type of characters and/or references that are already out there are you using to help inspire you for Taric's design? I'm sure there's a few out there that essentially give you the feeling of what he should be similar to in the end. 3. Is Riot's current plan to release Taric alongside the live action movie release of 'Gem and the Holograms' in theaters this fall similar to how they released the Prehistoric skins alongside the release of Jurassic World? I'm really interested in the progress of Taric because he's my favorite champion and with your hand in it I know we're in good hands because I respect and enjoy your art/style.
1) It was difficult in the past just because how open Taric is to interpretation and how many divergent opinions there were. However, now that the team is more heavily aligned we have a clearer, less muddy, idea of how to go forward. 2) We look at characters who are generally beautiful, good and kind. There are some specific examples but they've sort of fallen by the wayside as we develop Taric as his own individual. We've now got more internal vibes versus external inspiration, which I think is a good thing. It means we're pushing into some territory that might really be unique. 3) No plans on that, I'm afraid :P
: Hey Stylus! Told you I'd bombard you with questions, but one at a time... or maybe two. :] First off I'd like to know what got you into drawing and what made you become a concept artist. Just curious. c: I'd also like to know what your day looks like at work, what do you do there regularly, what's the process behind concepting a skin or champion and how many are involved in the actual concept? I wanna become a concept artist after all and the more information i can get beforehand, the better! I would also like to get some advice from you if possible. I got in contact with Sunnykoda/Kindlejack (awesome guy! Say hi from me =) ) who gave me some advice on some of my pieces. (Less airbrush style, experiment with brushes, simplfification of complex parts and much more, I'm unimaginably grateful for that) This is my current result, still WIP of course, but I'd like to know what I can do better and what did I do good so far. Critiqe is extremely important to me, as there is no one in my environment who can give any productive statements. :( I still think it's going along nicely though. My very first try at painting metal. :] Have no mercy! >:O
Above I made a big mega-post so you might check that. However.. I'd been drawing since I was a child, and I guess the things that moved me in that direction first was support of my parents, being encouraged to do what I wanted to do, and have access to tools that just let me go wild. Eventually, I became a concept artist after a time when I didn't even know what one was. I wanted to make stuff for movies at one point, and I did so for a while. As time went on though I found myself doing less making-stuff and more designing-stuff. That put me squarely in the concept art discipline.. Day-to-day for me mainly comes down to whatever art tasks I'm working on (a character design or a 3D model) as well as attending meetings for my team. Discussing characters, seeing progress other disciplines are making, planning, etc. We have a lot of freedom, so there's plenty of time for fun and silliness in the between time :) I think you need to have a very solid understanding of form, value and perspective before moving to color. Color should be the last thing on your mind. Get that design solid, understandable and locked down in drawing and maybe grey scale before moving on. There's a lot of contrasting color which is confusing the focal point. Everything is rendered to equal prominence. Try dialing back, to the drawing and grey scale to sort out visual hierarchy first. Good progress though!
: Muffins or Cupcakes? The world must know!
Oh man.. muffins for breakfast and cupcakes for dessert!
: What have you been up to recently, IronStylus? You were a regular fixture on the boards months ago but you've mostly been nowhere to be seen more recently, which I imagine mean you've been super busy! So... What's up with you?
Welp. A combination of personal life matters, some burnout issues, and general business. Some of that comes down to my day-to-day tasks, but also the fact that I'm trying to learn a lot of new things. Doing a lot of 3D modelling and learning the pipelines/processes of my co-workers and fellow craftsmen. Generally it's been a busy year, with some upheaval and change. Things however are smoothing out and settling down. Time to get back into it :)
Masalar (NA)
: Hey, you don't know me, but I'm that guy who asked if there was a way to get you a cookie after GD went...crazy...towards you. Glad to see you're doing well and hope you have a good time chatting here!
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