: Aurelion Sol
This will be the third Asol skin before either Kindred or Rek'Sai get a third skin.
: Revert Kindred passive part 2
Preach it. Sometimes I go full green (Grasp, Cinderhulk) just to have a match where I don't die instantly to any champion's any key, get gnawed to death by scuttlecrab, or be oneshot by a river dragonfly. It's sad because Kindred is actually a very strong champion, but Riot puts her so far behind from the start that you must snowball from level 1 to reach parity with anything created or reworked during the CertainlyT Era. (Which lives on, now that everything post-CTE is being designed to compete against that standard.) One generous QOL pass and some common sense in the kit would go a long way.
: Asking for Advice - New Player
Foremost, it's important to realize that the ranking system is garbage: It's too volatile, measures outcome instead of agency in a game where ability to win by/for oneself can be stripped from a player by one mistake or counterpick, and doesn't measure the actual hallmarks of experienced play (like CS/m, vision scores, objective taking). We know that enough stats are collected to really judge how a player stands up against the population of players—there's a stats page in the client with a dozen snazzy graphs—but instead of using that information to figure out what the various qualities of players look like statistically and using that to judge a given player's matchmaking, they use a 1v1 chess formula for a 5v5 game that's rife with quitters and trolls and smurfs and dynamics that allow certain players to 1v9 despite being awful objectively (CS, deaths, etc) due to being the right champ for that or whatever the case may be. As for playing ranked and if you should, that's a question of dedication to playing in the ranked fashion. When you launch League, do you sit down thinking that you want to play Role or maybe Other Role? Do you have short list of one to three champs for those roles that you always enjoy playing as? If you're ready to come in knowing what you want to do, then you're ready for ranked. When I started ranked, I came in playing Soraka because all I'd ever done was play Soraka and press Q and R for my friends who were good at the game. I placed Bronze 1, almost promoted twice, then fell into Elo Hell. At Bronze 5 I started shopping the other roles and spamming several champs and nothing was really working. Then on the last weekly rotation before the deadline I set for my either finding the fun or quitting the game, I met Kindred and became an OTP. I got my rank back up from Bronze 5 to Bronze 2 that season, and then (after the tiers rework) re-climbed from the sulphurous pit of Iron placement to Silver 1 this season and today's Gold 4. When I sit down I know the role I want, Jungle, (and I don't need a backup because Jungle is never autofilled these days because Jungle is awful) and I know which champs I'll want to play (Kin, Tali, or Eve; or Sej if we're desperate for a tank), and no matter if it goes well or poorly, I had my game plan in mind throughout. If you want to main Swain Top, that's fine, but because it's not meta you must accept that you'll sometimes need to back off and let matches be about you learning not to be overwhelmed and victimized by a meta champ, especially if into a smurf, so instead of getting into arguments with allies you're getting better at playing the champ and role you enjoy no matter how imbalanced be the early conditions and match-up so when lane-phase ends you'll be able to snap into the relevancy that is the reason why you play the champ(s) that you enjoy playing. (If you're not having fun, don't do it.) The ranked-ready mentality is one of knowing that you are mentally prepared to cope and compensate even if you get a fill role, your second-favorite (or third, or fourth...) champ for that role, and are into a hard counter piloted by an overskilled smurf, without feeling like you don't know what you're _needing to be doing_. Even if you can't accomplish it circumstantially (in this anecdote with Fizz, you're using your skills but missing it seems) as long as you've enough experience to have the game plan and contingencies for all reasonably likely disadvantageous occurrences, you're fit for ranked. But if you're not there yet, there's no shame in it. Keep practicing in norms, figure out where you do and don't belong and which champs you click with, and don't be the guy who costs everybody else 17LP because you're filled and on a new-to-you champ and you didn't do the right thing and take the –3LP and six minute penalty box by dodging a competitive contest in which you were not fit to compete.
: "there!league's anti-cheat bullshit doesn't allow it to be virtualized. bots and scripts solved (::"
Except for two brief periods (one last summer with the big Anti-cheat patch and one this summer when XP/Vista support was discarded that now requires a gcc patch) League has run fine on Linux/WINE since at least when I started in 2016. Get Lutris. Check into the gcc patch (on Arch it's two packages, wine-lol and wine-lol-glibc) if you need it. Lock Yasuo. Int eight times. Flash mastery and go AFK. You're now back to being a League player.
: What if you were trapped in a forest maze? And being chased by League's horrorific Champions?
"What is a maze?" _"A place of many entangled paths, one leading out and the others leading back in to dead ends."_ "Will this one find the way out?" _"It matters not, dear Wolf. Long or short, all paths lead to us."_
JPlayah (NA)
: Riot, stop trolling me in the item set builder
I remember a few months ago there being a statement that they intended to go over all of the items and do some sort of cleanup.
: Coven Kindred
Super Galaxy: Polygon motif wasn't applied to Mounting Dread. Shadowfire: Forgot Lamb's tail. Give a skin to Rek'Sai. She has only two, too, Rek'Sai has been relevant more recently than 2016, and maybe they'll do a complete job of it for Rek.
: Orange Essence Shop
We already know from a leak regarding redeeming residual Prestige Points that the proposed exchange rate is 1 PP : 200 BE : 30 OE, therefore 6⅔ BE : 1 OE. It'd be nice to see an exchange interface as part of Essence Emporium.
: Disabling of Skins
That makes sense from a competitive standpoint (wherein certain skins are disallowed, iirc), but, 1. People won't enjoy skins as much if their enemies won't see them. The point of buying something fancy is as much to show it off as to see it oneself. Vanity sells. 2. Some skins have slight differences in animation timing making them _advantageous_. Those animation differences would be an obvious glitch if the skin's timing was used with default animations. 3. It's another layer of options combinations that must be worked through when debugging. Any time a bug report comes in regarding skins, they have to test it with Skins on, Skins off, mixed and matched, etc. I've lost lives to mistaken identity on too-similar skins like certain Dark Stars and Projects, but given all the horrible ways that certain champs are allowed huge advantages over others, I personally consider it a drop in the bucket and a reminder that if I didn't correctly recognize whom I was about to engage, I hadn't been observant enough to justify engaging when I could've instead warded, farmed, or asked my allies to group.
: [Thresh] Funk-a-lious Thresh (AKA: Disco Thresh)
The ult would need to create one of those multi-colored checkerboard floors.
: how did he even do that
> [{quoted}](name=Skullgetti,realm=EUW,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=InaFE4ws,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-04T15:03:24.546+0000) > > how did he even do that Ult targeting Jinx right as she recalled so Malphite was forced to complete the maneuver? I've seen that with Akali's run-to on a recalling target.
: I doubt Yuumi is even gonna get touched anymore, unless it’s to nerf her some more. The fact that Qiyana is slated to get a third skin even though she came after Yuumi should say as much.
> [{quoted}](name=Boltonator,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=tHVyBXhl,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-08-04T15:39:33.451+0000) > > Qiyana is slated to get a third skin _Meanwhile, since 2015–2016..._ {{champion:421}} "Third?" {{champion:203}}
: Game mode for new players & how to pick a champion
As a beginner, play everyone on rotation in bot match. Your primary goal is to learn enough about every champ that you understand what that champ does when you face off against it. Your secondary goal is to find if a champ "clicks" for you, and if it does, make a note of it as someone you'll save BE for. (And don't be prejudiced based on appearance or reputation: a champ I thought was worthless because of how badly I'd seen it played in my games I tried on rotation just to see why it was so awful—I hit the Mastery 4 cap in as many days and have mained it through a few thousand matches.) Only use bot match to break-in the first or second time out with a champ before going to normals. Bot match gives you a moving target that will at least fire back, but bots don't behave like players and will train you in bad habits if you use botmatch for anything beyond you learning to pilot the champ and throw its skills around. Regarding investing in champs, I suggest that you pile up shards and rely on rotation early, and not disenchant till you have 2+ or try the champ on rotation and decide that you're not interested in it. I dusted a few champ shards that I soon wished that I hadn't for champs that I quickly regretted unlocking. Basically, the shard is worth 20% of the champ's BE cost when disenchanted, but the shard pays for 40% when used to unlock, so you're saving up to 1260♦ by using shards to unlock when you can. How to get better? There are two kinds of learning, I find, in this game. First is the "tip". Things like "put a ward in this bush" or "ping botlane if you're mid and your enemy goes for a walk southward" or "if the enemy jungler is attacking toplane, you perhaps can take one of his camps or sneak the drake" are all little things that everybody needs to have in mind. The second is the "nuance", which are the things that mostly are learned by experience. I can explain in text, and others (much better) have in videos on YT, how minion waves can be manipulated to accomplish certain goals, but it's all words till you spend time experiencing it, and most importantly, they can't be boiled down to become a "tip" because there are too many exceptions or other factors involved for a rule of thumb form to work more often than it fails. _Lots_ of bad play in low elo is people doing "tip" forms of "nuance" situations, like they get three kills, lose one player, and despite having a health and manpower advantage for 30 seconds, everyone is backing or farming an outside wave when they _should_ be rushing Baron or drake or grouping to push down a mid turret. This is because of a lack of a shot-caller, and everyone having a vague idea of what things they can do (farming = good, right? Spending gold for a power spike > it rattling in your purse, right?) and scattering to do their own thing rather than realize that at that point in the game, The Team is its own creature and behaves differently than its constituent champions do individually. Tips you can pick up and implement easily, so integrate them into your play as they come. Nuanced behaviors must be practiced. For example, take an ADC, say, Jinx, botlane and set your goal to manage the wave, learning how to use her Q toggle and E properly to ensure that you can freeze when you want, push when you want, and not miss much CS or any (reasonable) siege minions. Two or three games like that and you'll be able to push that experience into your subconscious where it can become a habit (like "riding a bicycle") and then you can task your conscious with a new goal (like, bring a hook/engage support and practice landing the chompers to chain CC and focus down an enemy when they overextend) while still honing the previous goal passively (because you'll start to _feel_ your mistakes, like, "I wish the wave wasn't pushed up quite this far and that I had more mana, I must've used too much fishbones when I was worried about missing CS on that last wave," and you'll fine-tune automatically) and in that way you can build proficiency.
Quáx (NA)
: About the new champion Vemilee
One of the things I've liked about LOL's cast is that there are plenty of "everyday" names.
: I am curious :D why cant u play then anymore? And yeah QOL would be nice and imo is necessary at this point. A buff imo aswell needs to be made, but all of that is in the right hands, once the devs take a look at those problems i do trust them to find a prober solution to fix those things. At this point i tink the best we can do is to make them hear us, so they actually really take a look on that matter.
> [{quoted}](name=iFEARdilemma,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0QMBn9EE,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-03-29T14:32:22.274+0000) > > I am curious :D why cant u play then anymore? Because they'll be banned or picked ahead of me and then I'm stuck playing something else, like "Dodge and see about making a sandwich."
SanKakU (NA)
: {{item:3147}} Wouldn't this be more reliable than critical strike to combo with your E?
> [{quoted}](name=SanKakU,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0QMBn9EE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-03-29T02:07:59.231+0000) > > {{item:3147}} Wouldn't this be more reliable than critical strike to combo with your E? Duskblade isn't an awful buy but it doesn't give you as much AD (55) so your scales suffer. (Taking 55 instead of 80 there is like missing a rank's damage on E.) Also, it doesn't help the E as much as IE does because of the lower damage, failure to expand the mini-crit range, and simply lacking the 25% legitimate-crit chance. Worse, while it gives you the blackout effect, you can't oneshot a ward revealed by Duskblade because Kindred is ranged, so it's only partially effective.
: Buff Kindred - champ not statisfiying atm - reasons inside - give feedback pls
If Kindred is buffed, then people will start playing them and then I can't play. But really, just some QOL would be nice. https://i.imgur.com/4RJR7ux.jpg
Saezio (EUNE)
: there are no MMR estimates around anymore. I am guessing this is because of positional matchmaking
> [{quoted}](name=Saezio,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ALLEffM2,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-03-13T19:42:54.571+0000) > > I am guessing this is because of positional matchmaking Part of the API's terms of service now explicitly forbids stats sites from making MMR estimations or other alternative ways to express the climb in more objective terms than the League of Legends ranks.
: Kindred QOL buff
It'd be nice if pinging the passive also indicated the time till Wolf's next mark came up. It's without any HUD timer (although the claimed champion dials could benefit from a countdown when they're nearly expired) and it'd be nice to alert my allies when I might be adjusting my path to poach and gank. Also, fix Wolf marking a camp one second after I clear it.
: we used to have lolkings model viewer but that is now gone, they really should implement it in game.
> [{quoted}](name=AugustHeatHaze,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EjEBonXu,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-11-27T21:16:39.050+0000) > > we used to have lolkings model viewer but that is now gone, they really should implement it in game. An alternative has emerged. https://teemo.gg/model-viewer
iJG (NA)
: Your JG Is Not Trolling
If you want a gank: • Tell the jungler ahead of time that you would appreciate a gank soon. • When the jungler is nearby, ping for assistance when you want him to come in. Complaining about not receiving your gank entitlements after 20 minutes or pinging too early and running out of mana when the jungler gets there asks for nothing but lost LP and getting muted.
Comentários de Rioters
: > [{quoted}](name=Kxtreme,realm=EUW,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=GX3Zhxwe,comment-id=0136,timestamp=2018-07-06T20:25:53.635+0000) > > this worked as a fix for me on wine try for yourself http://gamingonsteroids.com/topic/27400-813temporary-hotfix-for-new-anticheat/ This is simply just a hack. Of course it works, it is a re-engineered game without the anti-cheat functions. But Riot already knows about this and they will probably put in the next patch some sort of checking hash-sums or other signatures to prevent users from such a hotfix. I would also expect a ban if they detect changes like that to their executable. This hotfix makes the whole anti-cheat patch to a bad joke, because they did not prevent any cheaters from playing the game. It was posted on the 14th of June in that forum. Now check the date of Riot's information about the coming patch with anti-cheat and you will understand, why it's a complete backfire by Riot and they haven't commented to it yet. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
> [{quoted}](name=TheJackiMonster,realm=EUW,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=GX3Zhxwe,comment-id=01360000,timestamp=2018-07-06T20:51:29.739+0000) > > it’s a complete backfire by Riot I’ll give Riot a gold star sticker for trying (here: ★) really hard to make League a better place, but the experiment is a failure and it’s not an anti-cheater move but rather an anti-player move. In addition to the three enumerated groups, this has damaged players who can still connect, because mathematically speaking, if the odds of playing with a cheater is approximated as the number of cheaters divided by the number of players, and this modification has not reduced the number of cheaters but has diminished the number of players overall by stopping some at the RECONNECT button, then the odds of a cheater in any given match has gone up a little bit. By not rolling back, Riot _de facto_ proclaims that League is better with no WINE players, no old AMD players, and with all of the scripters still scripting and gaining a slightly larger appearance rate. > [{quoted}](name=TheJackiMonster,realm=EUW,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=GX3Zhxwe,comment-id=01360000,timestamp=2018-07-06T20:51:29.739+0000) > > they haven’t commented to it yet. They paid programmers to create this, spent a couple of months on it (iirc when it was mentioned as pending), and it bought a whopping **twenty-four** hours of merely _frustrating_ the scripters before workarounds rendered this "anti-cheat" nothing more than an anti-WINE player, anti-AMD player, and anti-Virtualization player patch. They can’t be blind to this, so we can draw a number of conclusions about what might really be behind this mess, including the following. 1. **Escalation of Commitment**. We’ve seen Escalation of Commitment in their handling of the Virtualization side of the matter, wherein they quickly permitted virtual machines that are using the video device normally so that once can VM the game and play it but not VM a zillion headless processes to power bots. That’s the one admirable thing I’ve seen in their response so far, so have another star (★), but it also means that instead of getting out of this house afire they chose to say _"This is fine"_ and sip the coffee. The motivation for this response could be the… 2. **Sunk Cost Fallacy**. We don’t know much about this "anti-cheat" other than that it’s ineffective. Others have posted here suspicion that the system was one that’s been used in a few other games; with how quickly this was beaten, either it’s indeed something known and easily exploited (be it a third-party module or in-house), or it is something both novel and in-house, but not up to snuff and got lit up in no time. In any case, to work only on easy fixes (Virtualization: Allow if video is being performed. Old AMD: Let the players risk to brick their machines with BIOS patching. WINE: You can’t sit here anymore.) and to be nearly unresponsive to the harder ones suggests that they’re unwilling to back out and will choose to be satisfied with whatever player base remains to play in a game that has just as many scripters as before but is happily pretending that the decoy "This home has a security system" stickers on the windows will actually deter troublemakers. (*And, perhaps there’s even a contractual obligation with a provider or a dictum from one of the Powers That Be that obligates Riot to keep this poison pill in place… .*) 3. **Culling the Herd**. This is the money one: Maybe Riot doesn’t want quite so many people playing. Getting stuck on Reconnect is not a corner-case, so had they tested this module across systems representative of the player base, they’d know fully that old AMD players vanish, Linux players vanish, etc. So, why not get rid of them? Players who aren’t buying new hardware probably aren’t buying skins and T-shirts with Kindreds riding in their drawn-on phony pockets. Linux players were never in the target audience because they’re a thin slice of the pie, so to hell with ’em, too. Knowingly deploying a module that will eliminate these undesirables will automatically refocus the user base on core profitability channels while improving optics and developing brand with the preferred tribes of today’s dynamic gamer for greater marketplace visibility. The TPS reports cover page themselves! 4. **The Null Hypothesis**. This is the sad and possibly most likely possibility: They know not what they do. Maybe this whole thing is just a screw-up from beginning to end. Start with a good ideal, "No crackers scripting in League," create an implementation that doesn’t work because it’s instantly cracked, that claims multiple groups of honest players as collateral damage, and then have no plan to get out of the hole that’s been dug. So, they just made a list—VM, we can fix; AMD, they can fix; WINE, honey badger don’t care—and worked down it and now _"Everything is fine"_ because overall League still mostly works for lots of people. One of these, or another that I haven’t thought of, is to what they aren’t commenting. They’ve commented in generalities but they haven’t come clean and admitted why they’re cool with giving the heave-ho to the players who like their game enough to jump through extra hoops to be able to play it. Maybe in a few months they will, like how apparently they finally explained the Clash disaster, which upset a lot of people’s plans but as far as I know didn’t make the game unplayable for anyone. **But all that aside, as…** However fun these speculations are to entertain, the crux is that Riot has chosen to evict some portion of their player base and that portion is mostly players who have been enthusiastic gamers willing to suffer poor FPS and compatibility problems for the sake of this game; while not effectively solving a _nuisance_ problem. I consider that choice a mistake. But Riot has also chosen not to respond to the problem by solving it in a nearly effortless way—even as a temporary stop-gap till a rework can provide appropriate function and behavior—and indeed a way that might be nothing more than commenting out one line of code. I consider that response a disappointment. And somewhere in their organization is someone who is relentlessly enforcing this damaging policy. I consider that person contemptible. _(I acknowledge that I may be unfairly biased in that opinion: this patch removed me, as a Linux/WINE player, while my new computer’s parts were being shipped to me. Finally I might hold decent FPS during nexus teamfights and instead I’m having to find other games to play that haven’t been deliberately broken by their own developers.)_ **The worst part of it all:** Next, WINE players resorting to the cracked executable just to play normally will surely be chastised for it while the scripters continue to run wild and free. Demacian justice is like that, it seems.
46plus2 (EUW)
: Perfect timing. Goodbye forever RIOT (unless you release a native linux client)
> [{quoted}](name=46plus2,realm=EUW,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=GX3Zhxwe,comment-id=012d,timestamp=2018-07-01T17:15:59.864+0000) > > Perfect timing. It sure was for me. I'm a Linux user and they dropped this while my new rig was in the mail.
Marzeta (EUW)
: I don't get why VM users are being targeted with regards to an anti cheat system? i thought cheaters were using programs to inject shit into their client. why does this new anti cheat system have to effect VM and wine users at all?
> [{quoted}](name=Marzeta,realm=EUW,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=GX3Zhxwe,comment-id=0056,timestamp=2018-06-17T20:45:56.799+0000) > > I don't get why VM users are being targeted with regards to an anti cheat system? i thought cheaters were using programs to inject shit into their client. why does this new anti cheat system have to effect VM and wine users at all? My uneducated guess regarding virtualization is that they're worried about a system running LOL in a virtual machine that passes anti-cheat (because it's legit) but the OS outside of the VM is looking into the VM to effect an exploit. WINE probably just doesn't support whatever their new, invasive component is trying to do and crashes.
: Game client anti-cheat known issues and fixes
What kind of arcane wizardry have you added that causes League of Legends to interact with our BIOS? >**Common Fixes** >We are not currently compatible with virtualization or Windows emulation software, including Wine. That's not a common fix; that's a statement admitting that your most recent patch is being problematic. A common (noting that the word "common" means "applies to most everybody") fix is "We're Reverting to the version that was available Tuesday and not deploying an invasive/defective 'cheat detection' mechanism that isn't compatible with a non-trivial number of our players' machines." So why not apply the common fix, Riot? Or more specifically tailored to this most recent report, why wasn't this figured out through PBE such that everybody would know about the BIOS issue before this all went live? *(Requisite: Wine Is Not an Emulator)*
: Game client anti-cheat changes going live
A friendly reminder to people who want to test if there's been any fixing: Load through the Practice Tool so you don't get penalties and spoil the game for people lucky enough to still be able to play it.
Alab (NA)
: Can't connect to the game
I don't know anything about that "XunYou International Online Game Accelerator" but we're seeing a lot of people who can't play because of a crash as soon as the gameplay window would load. It started yesterday morning and there's been a few small patches that changed the error's effect (it's caught by a new error report dialog box, now) but no revert to the working last Wednesday League. So I think you've got the same problem that others have independent of your connecting through international services.
: The game is not letting me connect though my internet is fine.
I just tried again just now and it still failed, but popped up a new error reporting box similar to but not as informative as our good friend Bugsplat. So, instead of reverting 12 hours and letting us play, they're wanting to use us as beta testers (isn't that what PBE's for?) to inundate them with memory dumps so they can try to debug their way through to doing whatever weird thing they're up to. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} >My team is out there somewhere I was in ranked so I lost a load of LP to this, too.
dn54321 (OCE)
: Lets go over-borderline and make a 10 minute surrender option
Are we voting to agree with your opinion about gameplay or to support your suggestion that the FF threshold be lowered to 10 minutes?
: The game is not letting me connect though my internet is fine.
Is it a crash of the game process after champion select when the loading portraits should appear, returning you to the GUI's **RECONNECT** button? I was fine last night but I wanted to squeeze in a game before work this morning and it wouldn't get into the game, and rebooting didn't help any. Did they slip in a stealth update overnight? I play on WINE so I'm used to odd crashes and misbehaviors but if you're on Windows and anybody else suffers this problem this morning, then there may be something to it.
: I can't speak for Riot as i'm not a Rioter, however. Upon reading that there were a lot of people getting banned for seemingly running LoL through Wine a tech-savvy friend and myself put this myth to the test. together we made a dummy account and used his homebuilt PC to run LoL through Wine. The results? We didn't even get through the tutorial before leagues anti-cheat system kicked in and banned the account. So yes, it seems using Wine will get you auto banned and very quickly, whats worse is that Riot seems to support these bans. So alot of innocent people have lost their accounts and it looks like they won't be getting them back. My sympathies to them.
> [{quoted}](name=Annie x Zoe Yuri,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=IvfO1XEc,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-06-12T10:10:22.417+0000) > > together we made a dummy account and used his homebuilt PC to run LoL through Wine. > We didn't even get through the tutorial before leagues anti-cheat system kicked in and banned the account. Were there any DLL overrides? Did you install through a manager like PlayOnLinux or Lutris, or did you just run the League installer EXE on the default prefix?
: RIOT, please answer: Will we get permabanned for scripting if we run LoL through Wine?
I've heard that there's a new anti-cheat mechanism in the game; perhaps it's being tripped on some Linux configurations. It could be related to which DLLs are actually genuine DLLs (like DX9 installer-sourced) versus WINE-supplied "built-in" versions, which could explain why only some WINE players are being banned, if it's for unexpected responses to whatever test the anti-cheat system is performing. Anyway, I think the best thing to do about it now is to go on-record before anything happens to one's account. I've been Linux-only for years and currently I'm using Lutris' DX9-based install; it was almost completely hands-off (only some dialogue box clickthrough during installation) and it kinda-works. (The game is fine once going, but it's a bear to get it to launch, and in-game voice has issues.) I just ordered a new gaming rig basically just for League, so I really hope that I don't have to someday appeal to support over a false positive like some are apparently suffering.
: Should I stop bothering trying to play other champs?
Try each champion you have once and make a note of how much fun you had with it, ignoring the best and worst moments because those are outliers. Run through the free rotations, too. Then, pick out the ones you enjoyed most and play them again. Then see which ones you're enjoying most after five games each, then take them one at a time to fifty matches. Some you'll burn out on, some you will enjoy but not have the right talents for, but eventually you will (hopefully) find one that clicks and after fifty you'll be ready to main that champ for fifty more. Congratulations, you're ready to climb with your OTP.
: {{champion:163}} is in a gutted state to be able to lane and was forced into the jungle role.
> [{quoted}](name=Colton147,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NKQE4V7G,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-06-10T22:26:48.086+0000) > > {{champion:163}} is in a gutted state to be able to lane and was forced into the jungle role. Poor {{champion:163}}... >That feel when you're a chick who loves deserts and rocks but have been bullied into living in a rainforest. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: My thoughts on Kindred (Long Boi Edition)
What you're listing as negatives aren't in my opinion. That Kindred can build for damage, for crit chance, for on-hit, are all virtues that other champions lack: I can OTP Kindred and be responsible for building smartly against which team comp the opposition has selected and I'm never defeated just because I'm only good on one build/runeset. Kindred's struggle isn't even overcoming the penalty they always suffer that's supposed to compensate for a benefit that might come later by being in the slowest speed tier and the shortest range tier; it just forces Kindred players to wait till they buy boots and get four marks before they can play a game of LOL. Their struggle is in the kit, which with the nerfs that reeled in their OP status (just like how Zoe could go insane till she was nerfed into the ground) left them with a kit that's both without synergy and without effectiveness. Most champions get something from their skills when used alone and most have synergy. For example, Yasuo has better tornados than Janna so that's good alone, and combined with his free kill button, if he hits the skill shot he gets a free kill. Yi has a key labeled Q which is an abbreviation for Quadrakill when combined with his other keys and a crit item. Zoe *had* a combo that erased players, etc. through most of the roster. Kindred, who are advertised as harbingers of death, have no surely powerful single skills and combined they don't do much more, so Kindred must use as much of the kit as they have off cooldown to have just a chance of getting a *takedown*, while everybody else is bursting others to death with a skill or two to spare. Instead of these little buffs that are rumored to be coming, let Kindred have some synergy: >Let Dance of Arrows count toward Mounting Dread stacks (but not trigger the pounce). MD, Q, next AA (if two or three of the Q arrows targeted the enemy) is Wolf's pounce. It's still slower and more work than a good execute but at least an enemy has a reason to worry about being in MD range. >Let Wolf's Frenzy actually be a threat instead of a Q's CDR tool and some *necessary* help against minions/monsters. How about letting Wolf's AS and damage scale up according to closeness to the edge of the circle (this would apply to MD pounce as well for synergy) so the lore about Wolf going after people who run is honored? It becomes a much better zoning tool and requires enemies to decide if they want to stand with Lamb or run from Wolf. >Let MD's slow duration grow with marks at some ratio, say +0.1 sec per mark. It won't change much early but the slow becomes meaningful late game when it can keep somebody in the above-improved Frenzy edge zone and making using MD as an escape viable later in the game. Now we have synergies. Frenzy keeps Q happening as it has been, Q helps MD proc (so the enemies don't simply execute you with a powerful skill and walk away with a two-count MD under their feet and a taunting emote over their heads), and MD develops into something to dread when the marks mount and it makes a fleeing enemy be slowed meaningfully where Wolf's bites are rapid and painful. That leaves the ult, which as I've said elsewhere just needs to be such that it can be reactivated to end the effect before time is up. It'd cut short the pretty animation, but enemies who know that Kindred doesn't have a reaction time delay for when Respite ends and they do should be enough advantage to make standing in the circle and waiting for their free kill less appealing. Oh, and stop broadcasting Wolf's marks to the enemy. Add it to the map when the enemy team observes the marked camp so laners have a reason to spot check nearby camps and the mark icon isn't a combination "Free Kill Here"/"Kindred will gank the other side" sign depending on if the Kindred player is willing to feed or has forever given up on jungle marks.
: Kindred Players! Regarding the mini-rework RiotRepertoir mentioned for kindred 2 months ago.
200k bronze trashcan who never dreamt Kindred OTP would happen to him reporting in. I'm naturally resistant to wanting to see Kindred be buffed because I don't want any competition in champ select. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} That aside, a few tweaks that come to mind might be nice. Q: Be a little more forgiving over walls. Talon and Kayn are zipping over terrain all of the time without worry, but if I'm not right on the sweet spot pixel and have my mouse cursor just right I flip nowhere and probably die. W: Let recasting W be a means of commanding Wolf where to go or whom to attack. It's heartbreaking to see Ashe at 1% HP, running away (Wolf's supposed to get excited about people running away, remember?), and Wolf decides to bite a caster minion because I guess it waving that wand made him think it was time to play fetch. Likewise, his utility as vision is hindered by his brush logic. For a champion so fragile as Lamb is, sending Wolf ahead makes a lot of sense, especially when trying for a camp mark usually means you just die because somehow they know which camp you're after. Aside: Enemies shouldn't see the camp marks on their map till they're reconnoitered. Right now it's a free kill beacon (or, a Kindred's choosing to fall behind by not bothering beacon), yet jungle camps in general appear to be there after they're taken till they're observed to be empty. Let the enemy laners check on their own krugs and gromps once in a while to see if a camp is marked or not; if they find a marked camp they can clear it or ward it, so really this change would encourage better, less lazy, gameplay in players opposing a Kindred jungle. E: Maybe it's my bronze speaking, but Mounting Dread feels awful. Usually it's just a bad soft CC (at least Glacial Augment lasts two seconds) because I don't have the brain power to figure out exactly when casting it will result in my having time to stack it to three and do so right when the enemy HP will be under threshold and to see Wolf's pounce do enough damage to get a kill. If my enemy dies on the second count, it was pointless. Worse, the threshold scales by crit chance, and if you're building crit (on a jungle budget, no less), that makes estimating the right amout of HP to start Mounting Dread into guessing since unless you're at 100% crit chance, maybe you'll double crit and didn't need MD or maybe not and you'll come up short. I think MD's currently backwards: The automatic crit threshold should scale on marks (more marks would mean more opportunity for Wolf to attack meaningfully) and the crit chance scaling should instead increase the missing-health-based bonus damage at some ratio so that Wolf's MD attack being an automatic crit isn't redundant against built crit chance. This would make the expensive crit items a way to make MD reliably lethal and worth maxing second sometimes instead of being a minor CC one point wonder. R: If R could be recast to dismiss the circle Kindred would have a tactical advantage and that would discourage "everybody get in" behaviors when the enemy knows they get a free kill on the count of four because when the circle expires, they're still not-Kindred and thus duel better unless Kindred not only ulted but also has a ready Challening Smite and Q's up and hopefully can put exactly two stacks of MD on somebody and then maybe Kindred will outduel one of the however many enemies standing in the buffet line awaiting their serving of mutton. If Kindred can dismiss the circle at will, enemies who want to fight in the circle have a prediction/reaction time challenge to overcome. And one other thing: When an enemy takes a jungle mark, they should carry the mark themselves for a little while, giving Kindred a chance at punishing them for overstepping. That way instead of just stomping Kindred's marks they take on a small risk of giving it up anyway along with their life if they're not mindful.
: Why does every time your game gets remade because of dodge your chance of getting support goes up?
I always try to exit queue and wait a minute or two if there's a dodge or if the clock goes beyond Estimated, because (as I am typing this, I just got filled Support in duo before the clock got to Estimated and without any prior dodges, lol) the worst thing that can happen in League is being filled. I used to queue Support back when I was a Soraka OTP. One-second queues almost every time because of all the lobbies desperate for somebody willing to spam heals. My advice: Find one Support that you can enjoy playing and accept that sometimes you can't have nice things but at least hopefully get fill protection for the next game.
: Why not make every champion free until mastery 3?
Because new players would be upset that their champions are being "taken away" from them just when they started enjoying them, and with 140 to choose from, they'll likely prefer to be new/bad with over a hundred champions before deigning to unlock a few. And it complicates the concept of Free Rotation without either being a good replacement or compliment for it. I've never tried it but there's a one-week unlock option with champion shards. Does that spend the shard immediately? It'd make sense to me to give the option of either letting it run out and spend the shard or use the shard plus BE to unlock the champion if you like it. That makes the trial thing an option that doesn't set you back for using it on a champion you decide that you like and doesn't feel too bad if you don't like the champion.
: I mean Domination runes are suppose to be somewhat brutal this way, Dark Harvest is also really brutal. In addition the reason why I placed in the Domination tree is because there were already sustain runes in the Domination tree, such as: Taste of Blood, Revenous Hunter. I know that this rune would usually go in the Precision tree but it already has Fleet Footwork.
> [{quoted}](name=Darkin Hybrid,realm=EUW,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=MHAkUrY1,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-04-22T19:00:23.834+0000) > > I mean Domination runes are suppose to be somewhat brutal this way, Dark Harvest is also really brutal. In addition the reason why I placed in the Domination tree is because there were already sustain runes in the Domination tree, such as: Taste of Blood, Revenous Hunter. I know that this rune would usually go in the Precision tree but it already has Fleet Footwork. Dark Harvest is more of a "become a scaling champ" rune, similar to what Gathering Storm does. And both take quite a while to become effective. Your first time Riven can give the enemy toplaner full stacks and permission to roam in the first five minutes. Ravenous Hunter stacks on unique kills, so it doesn't become more than half-strength till the player has roamed or at least joined some teamfights; this maxes out as soon as a top or jungle gank makes a two or three mistakes. (I don't remember ever using Taste of Blood, unless maybe I was copying a rune page from a guide in a hurry; so no comment on that.) I think a better way for it to work and fit the Domination theme would be for it to forbid healing normally, and gain stacks equal to number of attacks made or a figure based on damage dealt with bonus stacks for takedowns. The stacks are consumed over time at some rate to increase the HP recovery rate by a factor related to how much health is missing and champion level. This would let a champ go in hard with Warwick-like recovery if they're brought low during the brawl, but wouldn't be an immediate lifesteal. You'd get sustain while playing a Domination burst strategy and enough recovery for a time afterward that you won't limp away from a near-death experience so low that the minions or an enemy joining late could easily finish you off, and with it also factoring champion level, it could become like a pseudo-Warmogs in late game, ensuring that if you survive a team fight you can recover enough to work on an objective or to hold your ground till your teammates can get organized again.
: New Domination Rune Idea
This doesn't really fit Domination. Domination is about burst and access, but this is a sustain rune. Also, now a top laner who gets 3/0 against the newbie on my team can now stomp around with 45% lifesteal? And we need to starve that player for kills and get six kills to work that stat back to 0%? That's pretty brutal.
: how would it tell which is the last unit tho? like lets say a cait q hits 1 person but its still going on theres always a chance that somebody walks into it, would it just apply the damage to the last unit hit after the ability ends and if that is the case that would lead to the rune feeling really clunky on some champs
> [{quoted}](name=UnboundHades,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=yqI1PofL,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-04-22T18:05:44.995+0000) > > how would it tell which is the last unit tho? like lets say a cait q hits 1 person but its still going on theres always a chance that somebody walks into it, would it just apply the damage to the last unit hit after the ability ends and if that is the case that would lead to the rune feeling really clunky on some champs The bonus damage would need to wait for the projectile to end, so that damage would be delayed a bit (often a long time for Ezreal since he likes to fire across the whole map) but it'd still work. In having a delay it'd be like Scorch.
: New Inspiration Rune Idea
I'm not 100% sure what you're describing, but the ability for one player to buy an item and give it to another basically means that ADC will want Support to buy nothing but the income item and control wards so Support can help ADC rush a build. Even if it's only virtually possessed but still held by the Stash user (such as ADC gaining the "given" item's stat bonus but not being able to build from it) they'd still use that to get twice the power spike at 1300 (Let's back for two B. F. Swords for +80 AD) and then later the Support's held item could be sold off to build Redemption or whatever later on. (Or if not able to be sold off, then Support would just be behind on gold for ADC's greater glory.) Already, Magical Footwear and Perfect Timing are powerful and they're only worth up to 600-ish gold, being able to buy an item for another player would bring back memories of Kleptomancy before the nerf to klepto items' sell values. (Perfect Timing's sellback was nerfed, too, wasn't it?) I do like the idea of a bag of holding in a pinch, though. Perhaps it could be something like one of your inventory slots, while empty, can be activated once to allow you to buy an item while away from the fountain shop? It'd basically save one back normally and allow for a save when something happens and you really need something right now (like Stopwatch or Guardian Angel or a Control Ward, perhaps?), and it would be code-wise the same as becoming Ornn for a moment.
: Anyone else feels bad for killing scuttlers lately?
: That actually is a pretty cool concept, but it puts the enemy in a lose lose situation that might be a little too powerful. I think a better change would be to make it so lambs attacks do an extra 1% max health per stack of passive with the final attack triggering the mark for an execute equal to the combined amount of percent max health done over the Mark's duration. So if you have three stacks you'll do 9% over the 3 attacks and another 9% when the mark triggers, plus some base damage of course. It appeals to lamb's execution lore and to her infinite scaling playstyle. If you escape the circle, wolf chases you, revealing and slowing you.
> [{quoted}](name=The Bearded Bard,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EptedKxA,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-04-17T23:54:49.741+0000) > > That actually is a pretty cool concept, but it puts the enemy in a lose lose situation that might be a little too powerful. True. The worst that could happen is Kindred became good and then there would be pick/ban competition. :) I didn't mention specific numbers because I know I don't know enough about the inner mathematics to speculate even a starting point for the figures, I only think that something more thematic and more competitive can be done with Mounting Dread.
: Please take a look at Kindred
_I've been playing a lot of Kindred recently and even though Kindred is objectively a terrible choice in many cases and I'm a clumsy player who always uses the ult wrong, I somehow enjoy playing them anyway._ I don't really like Mounting Dread. The activation is difficult to time right and building crit to increase its activation makes your damage high enough that you may as well just keep shooting, making it often feel unrewarding for the risk a squishy champion assumes to try using it. Worst, it doesn't really make sense, lore-wise. The lore says that somebody hunted by Kindred chooses either to face death and be shot by Lamb or to run and be chased by Wolf. So why not go with that kind of theme? Something like this: Lamb's attacks against a unit suffering Mounting Dread are boosted (+X/Y/Z lethality as it stacks, max 3 stacks) if the unit is facing toward Lamb. Wolf's bites against a unit suffering Mounting Dread are boosted (+X/Y/Z crit chance as Lamb stacks it, max 3 stacks) if the unit is facing away from Lamb. Within Wolf's Frenzy, if a unit suffering three stacks of Mounting Dread steps (dashes count, blinks/flashes don't) outside the radius, Wolf immediately performs a true-damage attack that can crit. This would honor the lore of those marked choosing how they are attacked, should make all-in against the terribly squishy Lamb slightly riskier, and reward players for correctly choosing to either battle and squish Kindred before Dread mounts or to rush out of the Frenzy zone before collecting too many Dread stacks and getting eviscerated by Wolf for running (or to burn a flash/blink skill to escape risk of fatal dog bite once heavily stacked). Importantly, if I know the math right, lethality is strong against low level players (since unlike Bonus Armor Penetration, it works on champions' innate armor stat) and even with three stacks Kindred won't have much/any crit built early, so confrontations with enemy junglers early would be more about risk/reward based on the champion's toughness and summoner's willingness to risk a small crit chance from Wolf than if that jungler's level 2/3 skills can squish an itemless ADC or not determining the fight before it happens. Late game, when Kindred has time to build some crit, Wolf's Frenzy becomes a zoning tool since it can quickly trap an enemy that Lamb got close enough to cast Dread upon between her long AA range + crit rate and the Frenzy line which will let Wolf do his thing if that enemy runs after getting poked three times. It'd also interact with Respite in a more Kindred-favoring way since instead of Respite+Dread being "stack it to two, wait till the exact right moment to hit the third, and hope that you don't miss the perfect frame AND get enough damage to kill the enemy" it would let Kindred put maximum stacks on during Respite and then Lamb can (try to) evade while Wolf gets ready for the big crit bite. It doesn't save Kindred when they're alone in the circle with an enemy team surrounding, but it does make 1v1 against Kindred with their ult ready a more dangerous proposition. ...which it probably should be since they're supposed to be manifestations of death itself yet mostly seem to die, themselves, at the hands of those bearing their supposedly condemning mark.
: Patch 8.8 Notes
Why _remove_ Sweeping Lens? I'm probably naive, but it seems like being able to put the sweep somewhere other than over my head has use cases, such as blocking the potential path of a stealthy champion that might try to flank you ({{champion:28}} {{champion:29}} ) through an area you don't want to stand in. With Oracle, its sweep area and those champions' detection radii overlap, reducing the usefulness of Oracle over Sweeping. To that point, why retain the Level 9 limit on Farsight? With less warding happening because Jungle lost its ward item and Support having to earn their wards somewhere around 9:00 to embarrassingly late, being able to toss a fragile ward into the woods once in a while might help make up that vision gap, especially in low ranks where players aren't communicating well. Oracle seemed like an upgrade to Sweep but now it's a replacement. Farsight feels to me like an equal alternative to Totem (+placement range, -stealth, 1HP and 1 charge) why not let players choose among all four?
: Hypothetical Champ Question
In that moment, I don't know, but I figure she'd start caring when Udyr smashes through the door and accuses her of stealing from his wardrobe.
: Just some friendly advice for winning.
> [{quoted}](name=PhearBunny,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IKHuwVzN,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-24T17:10:27.998+0000) > > Team composition matters. How many players have developed enough understanding of 140 champions to be able to visualize good and bad team composition forming during champ select? Not many (under Gold), I expect. The most I've ever detected in normals is one person saying, "We need a tank," and that had better mean, "Fine, I'll be the tank," because half of the time, everybody points away from themselves: "I can't tank, I'm ADC," "Top, you be tank," "I don't have any tank champs," "What's a tank?" Obviously in premades, especially fivers, you can try to sort that out early. But otherwise, it isn't about telling others to leave their comfort zone (especially when they might not be able to during the champ select countdowns after being filled or while learning a slot they haven't yet put much BE into) but having options of your own so you can at least influence your own fate. I used to be a support main, but after finding the only thing I could carry on my own was my rank from Bronze 1 to Bronze 3, I started broadening my horizons. In so doing, I've learned about team comp, but no amount of somebody telling me which champ to or not to play during select would've helped me contribute more to my team because even though I could go Alistar or something if I were last pick and told to choose tanky, I didn't have the reps with him to be more useful than a squish support that I had enough reps with to understand well.
: Critical Strike Chance/Modifier
Because this would increase the gameplay effect of randomness. By having crit be a chance from 0% to 100%, and a stat that you invest your gold into accumulating over the game, at the beginning at 0% there's no randomness and late, at 100%, it's a sure thing. So randomness only affects midgame, where a small about might get you a lucky kill when they would've gotten away with a sliver of health, but as it builds toward 100%, it becomes the same kind of thing as increasing your attack damage but with *some* unreliability. If you buy Critical Damage Scale but it's always 20%, then when two players with full crit shoot at each other once at health where a crit is lethal and non-crit isn't, 64% of the time it doesn't matter that they bought +100% On Crit, 4% they both kill each other, and in the remaining 32% of the time one player allchats *"omg rng! 1v1 me no crits see what happens"* and then that player's teammates have to deal with somebody who's tilted over RNG. As critical event rate, you're paying for *variability* in your damage that's beneficial but unreliable early, and once invested in some you're somewhat committed because at half crit, you then want to pay to remove the variability and always have the higher damage that you invested in because since that's where you put your gold, you need it or you lose to the ADC that built for consistency with AD or AS.
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