: You can't have the game force you into comps
This set has such a seeded forced comp. I keep coming back trying to convince myself it isn't but after a few games i realize the game is just actively working against me. If only I was a popular streamer...
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: Factionitems on Dragon
I don't get the point of only reducing the chance. The chance was reduced because Spatula items on drag are, more often than not, useless. So why not just remove them altogether?
: PLEASE normalize item drops in TFT
Yeah, I find it funny they _balanced it to make item drops more even throughout the game_ but stop just before _actually making the item drops even_. Apply the same reasoning to any other aspect of the game. Sometimes you get to pick between 5 champs each roll, or sometimes you get to pick 1! But the number of rolled champs are roughly even throughout the game so its fair. Or during carousel: some people get to pick 1 or even 2 or 3 items/ champs, while other people get to pick none! But the number people get to pick is roughly even throughout the game so it's fair.
: TFT Rng
it's so stupidly determined by RNG, Seeded RNG determines everything.
Rygee (NA)
: It's 100% NOT RNG and it seriously needs to be fixed
The seeded rng is so blatantly obvious. I'm glad somebody else can see it.
Wolity (EUW)
: New Rolling Strategy 100% top 4
This really doesn't work. Maybe for you though and I wish I had your luck. I've tried it several times now and i get 2/3 of a comp and 2/3 of a champ to even upgrade. So now I have no comp, no upgraded champ, and no gold. i get dumpstered early game by people like you who actually get good rolls, then get dumpstered by people who saved gold then got good rolls.
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InÐeed (NA)
: Well, i think Scarra said that the balance team is formed from 2 people and the devs are only 20 in total...
Do you have link or source? This would change alot how I view the balance team. doesn't make sense for an international company.
: is TFT already dead?
yes. until they normalize item drops.
A Goguma (NA)
: I just got done with a game, no lie...all 3 of players went 6 brawlers....multiple 3 star brawlers, 4 voids...WTF is this stupid ass RNG riot? You guys said balancing...that aint balanced....one game 0 brawlers...next game there are 18 brawlers with multiple tier 3s on the map at once....
Oh. I guess what I was saying was the opposite. When I want to play Reksai, I can't find her, despite nobody else needing her (AKA playing Void brawlers).
: Hextech Disable might be the reason I quit TFT
The AOE is what gets me. 2 hextech and you wipe out a third of the map? I would be fine if: 2 hextech: single target, no AOE 3 hextech: what two hextech currently is 4 hextech: same as current No reason traits have to work in even numbers.
D Pietra (NA)
: Giant Slayer too strong
Giant slayer is only decent because shapeshifters like Shyv and Gnar are so overpowered.
: TFT Shyvana
no. Shyvana is blatantly overpowered. even worse when combo'd with Gnar. Only champ I consistently lose to. It doesn't help that somehow a few people are able to get her to 2* every game and just dominate the game. I'm about to quit the game because she's in every comp in every match and just wins. Just throw her into any comp, who cares. Last game I was actually doing good for once and lo and behold, a dude had a 3* shyv somehow with a GA. Did my best to Zephyr her out of the game while I destroyed the rest of the team, but she insta-transforms and just goes to town.
: Why you added the Hextech in TFT...
It would be more balanced if level 1 was disabling one champ only instead of 1 champ and all adjacent hexes.
: Glacial perma stun & Hextech disable is so fun & interactive
It's especially fun when one person is running hextech and another is 6 assassins. How do you spread your champs out while simultaneously keeping them grouped up against assassins?
: Like how no one has said shit about sorcerers and they have 1 shot potential. Veiger practically one shots everything and sol can take the whole squad to half health if positioned right.
Sorcerers with one shot veigar is strong but the problem is in how often these builds occur per game. It's not like we are seeing 3 different players build that in a single game every game like I'm seeing with Shapeshifters.
A Goguma (NA)
: I am very stupid...someone please slap me.
I've done this multiple times to find level 2 Reksai. Even when nobody else is building her I can find maybe one or 2, but VERY RARELY the third, and when I do it's super late game and I'm already at ~20hp. So I've held 1-2 bench slots or ran with a level 1 on the board all game. Meanwhile half the other players have a 3* lvl 2 champ. I'm really convinced the drop/roll system has seeded RNG in it and is not truly random.
Thilmer (EUW)
: Weakest and strongest ultimate in your opinion?
{{champion:150}} has the strongest ult in game. I never see Gnar and feel outplayed.
: Pretty tired of seeing Shapeshifters winning almost every game I'm in.
yeah, it's dumb. it's the only comp i ever lose to consistently. It's not like I lose to a comp and go "wow, that's really good!" it's literally just a shyv and ganr. I've tried to play it several times but it seems so mind numblingly boring.
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: Nah, go read the little legend egg guide. "Series 1 Egg: Legendary (5% drop rate, 30% chance for double drop) Epic (20% drop rate) Rare (75% drop rate) *When a Little Legend reaches 3 stars, it’s removed the table and its probability is equally distributed to all remaining Little Legends." What you are really gambling is if you spend 265 dollars or less to get the egg you want. So basically, you are potentially being forced to buy the entire series to get what you want.
I think we are saying the same thing but not sure? I was saying you aren't guaranteed of receiving a thing you purchased.
: Unless.... Zeno says keep him in (whoever killed Yamaha) cuz he funnn (similar how he allows flashy weapons cuz it looks fun) lol zeno is riot when they cause nonexistence (universe hakai) that's called perma ban. But that would be funny yet devastating if jiren got disqualified due to the power of Yamcha.
Yeah, but I doubt anybody could defeat yamcha post Buu Saga. All yamcha would have to do is simultaneously Wolf Fang Fist the entire board (trivial feat I know), resulting in his death by zeno because of the rules but it's still an easy victory none-the-less. Too bad he fell into the Majin Buu scenario of being too powerful to the plot.
: You are actually guaranteed to get the LL you want if you buy 54 eggs since they take the LL out of the pool if you max it and distribute the chance to get that LL evenly across the series. However, it is grossly overpriced.
guaranteed if you buy a random chance of getting the thing you purchased. So ironic. I hope this was sarcasm XD
: > [{quoted}](name=Hakaishin Yamcha,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=NGTLq3JA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-09-11T00:37:36.025+0000) > > Wouldn't have lasted 40 minutes if Yamcha was there The other universes are all disqualified for killing Universe 7's Yamcha.
: "Dang pulled the yamcha nuke card welp gg jiren is disqualified" belmod says.
this guy understand the power of yamcha, Only reason he didn't enter was due to plot bcz he would destoy the entire competition in one blow.
kitsyoka (NA)
: TFT crash in loading forced client repair after
Yes. I've had it happen to me several times. I have everything closed and also running ryzen 7 and then a gtx 1060. So not anything outdated. I don't have to repair the client but only a complete restart fixes the problem.
: This happened to me a few minutes ago. I could see other apps in alt-tab but then the load screen would just stay on top of other windows. I had to sign out of Windows and have it automatically kill everything, then sign back in.
Sorry to hear that. I close everything because I'm afraid of other apps interfering with or minimizing the client. Whenever it does happen nothing besides of complete restart fixes the problem.
kitsyoka (NA)
: Does your client need a repair after? i have noticed in TFT it will freeze and then the client will force a repair, often leading to auto lose last place games
Is there a way i could check if it needs repaired? I don't have to repair anything when restarting. Last time it happened I started at 75 HP with no items (other than starting item) and no comp. Didn't get my footing until around 30 HP, continued to lose until I hit 1 HP then managed to pull off a 1st place victory. This came right after an 8th place loss from the game prior. Most stressful game so far hence the rant post lol.
PugPug (NA)
: I have found from my experience that having Google Chrome open during the time the match starts/loads will freeze my computer. If I reboot my PC and restart league without Chrome open. It works fine.
I close everything before I start a match. Good to know though.
: you wanna know why Goku won vs Jiren? (DBZ Super)
Wouldn't have lasted 40 minutes if Yamcha was there
Kalienor (EUW)
: Not listening to you specifically doesn't mean they're not listening at all. They receive a wide range of feedback, what you can collect by yourself will always be a small part compared to the data they have access to so what you think they should do will always be even more biased than what they're working with. The tip is inviting more feedback, that's not a promise that you'll get what you ask.
Jesus... It's not about me and never was. Why would you try to make it about me? Feels like a cheap way to make a point..This feels so copy/ paste it's insulting. Just because I say it doesn't mean I'm the only one saying it. /facepalm The community has been overwhelmingly vocal about how they want item drop normalization. I see no sign they are considering our feedback at all, in fact the contrary. They have shown they know about the problems regarding item drops but are refusing to listen. Case-in-point: the item drop normalization was eased long ago on the PBE but they scrapped it with no reason.
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: riot and making good changes lul not gonna happen.
Yeah. Sad how this could be a dominating game with one simple change but they refuse to listen for some reason.
: yeah, it so much fun going into first round against someone and only having a 1/2 item and they have 2 full items on a lvl 2 varus lol.
Right? I can win with getting bad rolls and zero items early game, but how am i perfecting my skill at the game doing that? They are trying to build a mode around RNG without considering the tactics portion. of it.
: A new item distribution system will be implemented soon. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/JPnqfEBT-tft-new-item-distribution-system
First paragraph they talk about how they don't want to normalize item drops. Then they repeat the word "excited" several times as if it's an English 101 course, pretty fucking sad. I'm not excited about gambling. Again afterward, they repeat several times they don't think consistency is healthy for the game. This only proves my point that they have no idea what they doing. They could instantly turn this mode around with normalized item drops but for some reason they don't. It's so weird, I'll never understand why they refuse to listen.
: TFT - New Item Distribution System
This dumb. Just normalize the fucking items. Not hard.
Kattzy (NA)
: Man it would be nice to just buy the one I want in the store. I am one of those people with poor impulse control so I've bought 3 of the 10+1 bundles and a couple of stand-alone eggs. I'd rather just spend my money on exactly what I want. :(
Right? I paid for a random chance to get a random LL and was fortunate I got a silver-wing like I wanted. I would pay more to max my LL out but it's random so why would i? They released new Little Legends since then. I would pay to max my LL out or even buy a new one but I have no gaurentee of getting the one I want. Guess RIOT doesn't want my money?
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: Could champions be just a little bit smarter about how they use AOE abilities?
They just need to be smarter in general. Don't know how many times I lost because my ranged carry walked straight into the enemy backline or switched targets leaving an enemy champ alive with 20 hp.
: Cuz you didn't plan on it. Raptors decided you needed it.
That's exactly what happened, except I was making demons. And carousel wasn't an option because I was in first.
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: PLEASE equalize item drop rates
I just played another game where I got to wolves before I got any items. I still won but its a noticeably harder game receiving items later. Feelsbadman.
: vayne is literally getting buffs next patch, just like i predicted, because the champion is bad
damn, good to know. guess I'll start continue playing such a good champ *shrug*
: first of all nobles is the worst synergy in the game, you get it by complete luck and you still lose to other comps once its done, at the current state it's something you would never go for, and it is getting reworked next patch so many this situation will change. second, shiv gives mana, and vayne doesnt use any abilities, and shiv makes way more sense to be put on gunslingers third, runaan hurricane is a horrible item after its changes and i would never build that item fourth, ranger buff is pretty ass atm compared to other buffs like gunslinger and demon, and it is only very situational fifth, vayne dies instantly to things like blitzcrank and assasins positioned correctly, and her damage output even with stacked with items is complete garbage compared to champions like varus or any of the gun slingers, and even with rageblade she loses hard to pretty much every kind of comp even when stacked with items sixth: i am plat 4 in teamfight tactics and i just need to play more games to get higher. I have a good outlook on the meta atm, even though plat 4 isn't good.
: Item RNG is still a problem......
> [{quoted}](name=Sangheili XIII,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=LWrGTnU6,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-30T02:40:21.675+0000) > EDIT: sorry if I'm kicking a dead horse, i don't normally get on forums but this issue is killing me. Nah, everybody knows it's a problem and should continue being vocal about it. Getting items early on is so much more beneficial than getting them at or after Raptors. Keep up the good fight.
: vayne is so useless
vayne is my go to carry for consistent high damage output. Pair with Nobles and a Ranger's. Easily hits 5K+ dmg with items. Core Build: {{item:3124}} {{item:3087}} . Since Vayne doesn't have to stop to cast an ability, Shiv gets proc'd more frequent than other carries who do have to cast. Third item Options: {{item:3085}} : Hit two people with passive. Helps prevent the occasional tunnel vision AA'ing on wrong enemy. {{item:3153}} : Pair with two other blademaster's and a ranger. It's so funny watching Vayne hit 4.5+ AS
: 2nd line is wrong. even if i win vs krugs, i still have no items after that. i have item. one item. not items.
Haha that happens as well. I've gotten to raptors a few times with no drops. Feelsbadman.
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