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: 1. When financial transactions and things of this nature are involved, you are straying into federal territory - because if they really hacked you *and* gifted you, there's multiple potential felonies involved. As such, Riot is limited by any potential investigation (which would possibly not want to "tip off" the person by banning them). 2. You have no clue if the person who hacked your account owns the account they gifted to. For all you know, someone added some *OTHER* random innocent player, just in the hopes of getting them banned along with your hacking. They get a two for one, in other words. Riot isn't so dumb as to possibly let that happen without being certain. 3. Sure, it's your right to take anything to court. You are free to file a lawsuit against the player, and a lawyer can advise you on how to word it for the court and get a subpoena for Riot to release information about the player if the court deems it credible. Feel free to do so.
The issue is I am not given the right to do so. I was told they will not tell me anything. As you said they are federal issues. Instead I am just being told here some RP, and what we do is our business. When it is my business. I know I can't fully go off the rails and say string this person up. But I am just sitting here with no clue whats happening. I have the right to know. And I get innocent players can be involved, but the person that hacked me asked multiple people and the only person that didn't get a message received Majestic Empress Morg, Splended Staff Nami, and Mastwork chest and Key so 2925 rp worth of things. Everyone else pretty much did not reply or were confused. I am just extremely frustrated, and it is just doesn't seem right.
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