: I do not understand and I do not agree or accept the terms.
So Player A insults you, you insult them back. You feel justified in doing so. Riot is punishing you not for Player A's sake, but for Player B. Player B is the teammate who wasn't even involved in your spat, and just wants you to shut the fuck up and play the game rather than escalating an argument. Player B can't gain anything from muting you, they're just gonna get dragged along for the ride while you keep fighting with Player A. How is that fair to Player B?
Nergál (EUNE)
: So just got an automatic permaban.
Disagreed wholeheartedly across the board. 1) You clearly tilted hard due to your loss streak and got toxic. Nothing to do with mass reports getting thrown around. 2) You get four chances: two chat restrictions, a 14-day ban, and a perma. This is more than enough. However, you also can EASILY drop down punishment tiers by simply not being toxic. 3) Ignorance of the system is no excuse. The Instant Feedback System is really good at picking up on consistently toxic logs. You don't need a human to read your logs. 4) Fuck context. The rules are to not flame. You've been banned three times. That you somehow don't understand not to flame at this point is beyond my comprehension. After three bans for the same thing, what's more likely: The punishment system is flawed, or you're just an unrepentant toxic individual who refuses to engage in introspection or take any responsibility for your actions?
: I uninstalled for a while to get a break. I don't have the logs but if you can get an employee to bring them up it would be nice. all I did was say "stop diving 1v3 stupid" and that triggered the auto ban. my team were literally trolling and after dozens of games of trolls youd think the same. my team was flaming me a well....so that warrants an autoban but the same afks and trolls I get matched with 10 times over a month aren't negative enough to get banned after ruining the experience for 100s of players? I get people feeding nearly every game spamming "eff you c**ck sucker everyday. not a single notification of them getting banned.
: Being a noob
Do their reports actually result in any action against you? If not, I suggest learning to ignore butthurt loudmouths. They're part of this game, but they aren't worth your time or care.
: perma bann and telling people to make a new account
Hang on, a decade to reach level 30?
: I got 2 weeks ban for telling someone to die on aram before teamfight so he can reset.
Kalikain (NA)
: NA Chat bans in a nutshell;
I'd love to see these logs.
Scrumf (NA)
: I was unjustly permanently banned
From your match history, I can reasonably infer that your two-week ban was between the end of February and the middle of March. When you received your two-week ban, you were given a specific warning that further misbehavior would result in a perma. You engaged in further misbehavior. What's unjust here?
: It was a 10 game chat restriction that was lifted due to an obvious error and you're still trying to find reason why this deserves a chat restriction, great moderating.
I believed you from the start, but you got a storm of negative reactions and downvotes because you were incredibly rude to everybody in this thread. It's not a good way to present your case, and makes you appear a lot more guilty than you actually were. Congratulations on getting your restriction overturned, though.
: so i cant get ip now?
You can recover from a 10-game restriction pretty easily, assuming you actually change your behavior for the better. Nice name, btw.
: oh it words wasn't towards my own teammates they called me a feeder and i just ignored them, it was the other mid laner who i was talking to.
Flaming to that extent is still pretty bad regardless of who its directed to.
: perma ban
Well, match history is apparently down so I can't check that, but you're blatantly insulting of your teammates throughout the game. Alone I'd say it would be worth a chat restriction, but if you have a history of chat toxicity and a recent 14-day ban, this could easily be a perma.
No Exit (EUNE)
: Self Report
I can't imagine why somebody would do that.
: player punishment system is trash
Even if the system was entirely unreasonable, this would still be your fault for failing to have it figured out after six accounts.
: I tried to grow moss on the side of my house once. It all died:(.
KostPer (EUNE)
: How to get chat banned after 5 years XD
Holy shit, dude. You’re so relentlessly shitty to your team that I honestly don’t know where to begin.
Sundling (EUW)
: True! But so that means if I see a ”%%%” or %%%%%% twice a game. I can send it to riot and get someone a 14 day ban or is this dubbel standards?
Sure. Hate speech is zero-tolerance.
: Yo that just happened to me says my suspension over @ 2:35AM April 4 2019. What gives?
Probably the exact same thing that happened to this guy ten months ago: Time zones.
: So you must have a serious complex issue? Every post under player behavior you speak as if you're an expert in this field. Doing riot a great deal by putting your two cents in. Looking for identity in a forum while gaining likes from others who dislike players who speak out about atrocities that aren't being corrected falls under a documented mental illness. I applaud your consistency. Ignoring the problem has never solved anything in the history of mankind. Wars, gaming, law breakers, sports ect… Wanting to just brush it under the carpet is a nomadic principal to follow. Allow these players to have an opportunity to speak their mind. Negating everything said is more oppressive and a big form of fascism.
I'm on these boards because I like posting on forums, and of the games I play at this time, League PB has the most active forum. I suspect that if WoW Classic is a success, I'll be much less frequent over here. Not much more to it than that, though your attempt to Sherlock me is noted. Your comparison is completely incorrect. You need to actually examine a problem rather than just picking the most obvious solution. Sure, if an army is at your gates, you can't ignore them. That's a bad metaphor for how to deal with trolling, though. How about an itchy scab that will leave a scar if you insist on picking at it? Or a tiny blackhead that you fuck with and turn into a massive blemish? Or having your computer taken away for a week by your parents for getting a failing grade, then complaining about it so much that they take it away for a month instead? Or getting pulled over by the police for going 7 mph over the speed limit, then giving that cop so much bad attitude that they throw a bunch of secondary offenses at you and get your car towed away? Getting trolled sucks. You'll very rarely have the opportunity to actually prevent it from happening to you. But flaming the troll exacerbates the problem, for both the person getting trolled and the rest of the community.
: 10-Game Chat Restriction
Why do trolls exist? Because they successfully provoke people into feeding them, which is their goal. What did you do here? You fed the trolls. Don't be part of the problem. Don't feed the trolls. The day players like you and me stop reacting to trolling with flames, the trolling dies an ignoble death.
Sęraph (NA)
: Is playing too aggressive considered negative attitude?
: Impossible to climb due to AFK's
And nobody ever leaves the game on your opponents’ team?
Myz (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jo0o,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=vvZriIti,comment-id=00030001000000000000,timestamp=2019-04-03T18:54:40.006+0000) > > Does repeatedly accusing your support of trolling make them play better? He's not playing good to begin with, and he was being passive aggressive and acting like he's ''new'' yet he had a couple hundred ranked games played this season. Doesn't matter if I ask or not he isn't performing anyways, can't get worst.
That’s not what I’m getting at. You’re insulting your teammate in an effort to make them feel worse and you feel better. That’s toxic behavior. Like it or not, they’re your teammate. Treating your teammates like shit is unsportsmanlike and toxic.
Myz (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Red Mage FTS,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=vvZriIti,comment-id=000300010000,timestamp=2019-04-03T18:19:58.845+0000) > > You are half right > > The lane is often won because one support is better. > > However if sivir never lands her e, its not on me as morgana to sheild her ALL THE TIME. > If a trist jumps into the center of a 3 man tank gang bang only to have their target dip, its not my fault my ult didnt/wouldent save you. > If a twitch sits under tower getting dove all game because he does not ward himself, its not my fault as a taric. I'm in plat and I rarely get a support who has a better vision score than me at 15 minutes, that's the kind of idiots I get & riot chat restrict me for 25 games and the only thing I type in games are (as an example of what they showed me): Myz: why u pick lulu if ur going to play like janna ? Myz: stop trolling Myz: You have 0 presence in lane, stop hiding behind me Myz: Are you trolling ? Myz: Top and mid trolling ? Myz: She keep Q the wave and not prep minions what am i supposed to do Myz: Ur job is to prep minion for me, peel for me, let me farm up Myz: Can I get one good support plz ? Myz: lol Myz: We can win if you stop trolling Myz: Lol more vision score than lulu Myz: How is it trolling to say support is not warding ? Myz: lol
Does repeatedly accusing your support of trolling make them play better?
: Ally trying to troll and help the enemy team.
I’ve seen this get treated with similar treatment to banning. And hey, with a chat log of evidence, it could be easier to prove than standard inting. Report them and make a ticket.
Myz (NA)
: I got chat restricted for 25 games twice this past 2 weeks ...
Why do you feel the need to blame people for a loss? Seriously, what does that accomplish?
: How riots punishment system can mentally hurt people
In League, you have a mute button, and you play with new people every game rather than dealing with somebody for semesters or years on end. Your comparison doesn't hold up.
: You complain and try to coach and ask stupid questions too much. Youre the classic complainer and self centered type that makes me sigh when I realize that person is on my team. Its like you're attention starved. So much unnecessary, negative chatting. Negative attention is better than no attention though, right?
You're getting baited by a lot of necromancy, amigo.
: nothing is impossible. you just simply choose not to apologize to the enemy about it.
Didn’t /all chat get replaced with dog and cat noises?
You can certainly drop penalty tiers, but it’ll take both time and games played. Neither abandoning your account for three months nor grinding 150 games in a week will help. You need to maintain a clean record for an extended period of time.
Xidphel (NA)
: Source?
I’m secretly Riot Tantram. Be well, my son.
Onyxx666 (NA)
: Account got perma banned for 'arguing'
You've been off your two-week ban for literally a single week. You were warned that further misbehavior would result in a permanent ban. You spent roughly the entire chat log insulting your teammate. Seems straightforward enough to me.
: VOTE!!! Account Penalties (Chat Bans, Honor Level Resets) Need to Consider Context
How would this be implemented, in practice? Seems like it would require a very subjective interpretation of every single reported chat log, to examine them for potentially mitigating circumstances. On top of that, it would also basically mean that once somebody draws first blood, toxicity-wise, it's open season for further toxic behavior. So no, I disagree wholeheartedly. If you want to propose an actual system that makes this work, feel free to do so.
: ***
I think making it abundantly clear that your assertions are completely devoid of fact is literally useful. You're sowing misinformation. Whether it's from ignorance or malice, I couldn't say.
Elsa113 (NA)
: It's not sarcasm it's trying to have a positive attitude and by saying "great ally" i'm trying to stay positive and have them be a great ally. I'm trying to use the power of positive thinking.
Yeah, I don’t believe you. Sorry.
Elsa113 (NA)
: Perma banned for what?
Constantly saying “great ally!” Isn’t being positive if it’s painfully obvious that you’re being sarcastic. Other than that, threatening reports and berating your teammates is toxic behavior.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jo0o,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=5jh7xN46,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-03-31T03:26:27.331+0000) > > If you're a real American, you should look up what freedom of speech actually means. Claiming you have some sort of right to spout whatever comes to mind with no repercussions makes us all look like a bunch of ignorant assholes. > > You do have the right to share your perceptions on these boards. However, they're baseless. Expect extremely little support. I've read over all of your public posts Jo0o; your on the payroll. Go troll someplace else; I can see through you like your chiffon-lace. Zero real discussion posts, every post baiting or antagonistic, the perfect example of my main point: That RIOTS system is blind to Passive trolls. Thanks for proving my point, aka: Outed.
You're* And to be clear, you're laughably wrong. If I appear to be baiting or antagonistic towards you, it's because you hit every bingo card just right. Bastardization of the concept of freedom of speech, made-up smoking guns that we apparently need to dig for ourselves, and now calling me a shadow-mod? You've probably never admitted you were wrong in your life. Oh, and PLEASE tell me how to get on Riot's payroll on the DL. Sounds like a sweet side-gig. That would probably mean they should stop banning me from the forum for days at a time, though, right? If you'd like to see my forum ban history, I'll happily post it.
: > [{quoted}](name=GatekeeperTDS,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=5jh7xN46,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-03-31T03:08:38.750+0000) > > What they don't realize is that the "defending yourself" would still be punishable even in context. > > As I've stated in countless threads, and I hope the OP reads this, the game is not just the aggressor and the "defender." The game is 8 other people who don't want to hear two people go at it. If you're "defending yourself" from someone who's being an asshole, you're still disruptive to the game even if you're not being traditionally toxic. > > And that's the thing that people don't understand. "But my chat logs weren't even that bad!" Right...but was there **any fucking point** to what you were saying in your "defense" that will get you closer to destroying the enemy nexus? No. You're arguing with an asshole and continuing to disrupt the game for everyone else instead of **shutting up and letting assholes be assholes**. Your point has been said many times. I'm season one. Don't for a second think I don't get where this game has gone. But don't for one second think that I will ever accept that your rationalization (which is pretty spot on for RIOTs as well) is acceptable from the viewpoint of a free and speaking individual that was born and raised in the US of A. This isnt North Korea, China, Cuba, I have the right to say what I want, how I feel and express my Observable and (subjective) view point. It won't be shared by all, and it won't (but sometimes is) always be 'right'. That isn't and wasn't my point. My point was simply that Riot puts far too much trust and stock in its automated-system while defending and deflecting blame about its mistakes. I can't say it any simpler. I know i'm not incorrect in a lot of my observations; and I know i'm not alone in my annoyance about the current staus-quo about its acceptance. I'm a small potato; all I can do is use my RIGHT to speak my mind on this forum about my (perceived) injustices and to once again..... Never spend a dime on the game meanwhile.
If you're a real American, you should look up what freedom of speech actually means. Claiming you have some sort of right to spout whatever comes to mind with no repercussions makes us all look like a bunch of ignorant assholes. You do have the right to share your perceptions on these boards. However, they're baseless. Expect extremely little support.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jo0o,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=a4E3FhtB,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-03-31T03:13:02.107+0000) > > Not often, no. But you've got plenty of bad games in your match history, same as the rest of us. No i dont, most of them were win lane lose game matches
Let's not do the game-by-game analysis, okay? You've got plenty of games with low single-digit kills and double-digit deaths. You wanna call those games where you won lane and then died a whole bunch because of your team? Fine, I'm not gonna comb through each one to prove you wrong. What I'm getting at is this: There will be a percentage of games where, no matter how good you are, you're gonna get dragged down by a heavy team and lose. Complaining about those games gets you nowhere. To climb, you need to win the games that ARE winnable, and to do that, you need to focus on your own performance, not that of your team. Pick up your CS numbers, make better macro plays, transfer your won lane advantage across the map.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jo0o,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=a4E3FhtB,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-31T02:42:37.263+0000) > > What absolves you of the blame in these games? That i dont feed
Not often, no. But you've got plenty of bad games in your match history, same as the rest of us.
: I could do the work for you but reading their forums and reddit posts for the last 2 years kind of back it up. Google for 10minutes and its there. (As well as every single other person that has noticed this, every other post about the same thing.) Like I said it's not a Democracy, we should all strive to NEVER SPEAK in game chat...because one heated moment, one single game where you said something that set off a person in a 4man team and they all troll-report you..that gets you on riots algorithms radar so to speak. I'm confused if you are denying that troll reports never happen, or never hurt the community as a whole? Because I assure you, troll reports happen; and troll reports do in fact hurt individual players on a daily basis: "as taken into the context of their automated systems penalties".
No, that's not how it works. You want to make a point, you back that point up. Otherwise, you're just ranting.
: In fact, you have a better chance of not having a feeder on your own team than the enemy team.
Eh, if we're discounting intentional feeders, that's not strictly true. Anybody is capable of getting outmatched and feeding hard, no matter how experienced we are or smart we think we are.
: Ban for x days or forever? Riot doesn't care.
Yeah, I don't buy it. Would it be great for Riot to judge based on context and absolve individuals who were provoked, tricked, baited, or otherwise maneuvered into toxic chat in such a way that should be forgiven? Yeah, maybe. But that's fucking impossible, and I challenge you to come anywhere close to articulating how a system would function in such a way. The current system is fair: Flaming is against the rules, period. And you know what? I like that. Because fuck anybody with such a fragile ego that they need to flame out in a game where I'm trying to actually win, and they can leave their "but he started it" bullshit on the third-grade playground where it belongs. Can Riot do a better job detecting trolls? Sure. But does their automated system make mistakes? You claim it does, but I haven't seen it. Feel free to show your work and provide some examples.
: Bad teams?
What absolves you of the blame in these games?
: Idea: Feeders lose more LP in ranked mode
Encourages selfish play to guard one's KDA. Also encourages identifying a weak link on the enemy team and camping them into oblivion to destroy their LP. Also encourages AFKing as a preferable alternative to getting killed more. As Gatekeeper said below, the punishment for hard feeding (not inting) a game is losing LP and rank. It may not be solace enough for the teammate who suffers the presence of an unskilled player, but such is life. You'll get an equal number of games gifted to you by having bad players on the opposing side.
: RIOT is on a ban hunt at the moment. There's a spike in 14 day bans for accounts with cards; everyone should just stop talking for 60-90 days and wait for it to blow over.
What makes you say that?
: Hey, you noticing the trend of 2 years ago?
Now that you mention it, yeah. Am I missing something that happened? Did Riot announce another unban experiment or something?
Tupaquia (NA)
: perma ban
This is a remarkably similar thread to the one directly below you, except you clearly take no responsibility nor indicate any reform. I can't imagine why you'd think anybody would see this and think to make a special case of leniency for you.
: ban
Two years is certainly enough time to reform, change, and grow up. If that's the case with you, good job doing so. That's something to be proud of, truly. Changing is difficult, and recognizing the need to change even more so. Riot doesn't overturn permanent bans unless they were found to be in error. The only real exception to this is the very rare instances when they conduct experiments with unbanning players to monitor the potential to reform. I believe only two such experiments have happened: One several years ago, and one only a few months ago. The first experiment was a colossal failure, and the second is supposedly ongoing. All this to say, it's virtually impossible that you'll get your account back. You're welcome to demonstrate your reform and newfound maturity on a new account.
Weeboos (EUNE)
: Unfair.....
Chat logerinos por favor.
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