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: Rewards for positive play
Can you post my chat logs from my recent Heimerdinger game? {{champion:74}}
mcpw (NA)
: If this doesnt solidify the fact that katarina needs an enormous nerf, I don't know what will...
She doesn't need a nerf. I see Kat as an ap version of Master Yi. No cc. She can't stun, slow, silence, anything. That's her weakness. As soon as Kat even made an appearance Irelia should've Q'd, then E for the stun. Leona and Syndra could've followed up with her stuns and Lucian could've killed her. One could argue that everything happened too fast or Cooldowns were on but hey. That's my take.
: Champion and skin sale: 08.01. - 08.04.
The Illuminati is here! RUN! {{item:3187}}
: The Doom Bots of Doom have come


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