: > [{quoted}](name=Just Say Monika,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ds4c51AK,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-12T00:28:23.468+0000) > > I even wrote a ticket where a Rioter told me they would punish them to the best of their ability This is not true. Either that, or a Riot support agent broke their process and gave you information that they shouldn't have. As someone who has submitted a ticket before, I can tell you the response is that "We cannot share the outcome but will look into it."
Sorry they said that he'll personally look into the persons profile and make sure tue appropiate action is taken
: let alone you clearly are bias in this cuz you "use to play with him" "was on your friends list" so something happen and now you are trying to act as if you only want this cuz to better the community and not out of spite for some personal petty reasoning
I'm not reporting out of spite. I'm reporting because I think enough is enough. Even if he didn't block me I would've reported him. The ticket I wrote because the reports aren't helpful, but I know that when writing a ticket it helps to report in client as well.
: 10 games though? it takes more reports then that for people flat out being verbally toxic to get banned.
no it doesn't. My friend got banned for writing hoes mad in a game. 10 games in less than a month is abandoning a game every 3 days. Every other game I've played has a legitimate punishment system that isnt just waiting an extra 5 minutes for a game. But keep defending riots lack of punishment that from looking at the boards, is widely known to be incompetent.
: well you are wrong. afk dont equal permaban it will effect low priority queues, lost of honor rewards
which once again, it doesn't. Thats the issue. AFK absolutely should be ban worthy. Ruining games is ruining games. I'm glad you can sit in here and take riots cock and do nothing about it, but i want to actually see something change and people be held acountable for their toxic behaviour, because leaving over 10 games in less than a month is ridiculous.
: 10 games of afk isnt = to a ban get over it
Thats why im here, because it absolutely should be.
: > and blocked me on discord/league Oh there's way more to this story than you're telling us. What happened between > after going 0-2 and > abandoned the game and blocked me on discord/league ? I imagine you had some choice words for this person.
Honestly I thought we were fine we had talked before the game fine, he was playing lucian cause' of a YT video and I didn't do so hot right away and we got repeat ganked by their jg. he abandoned the second he died the second time, I was 0-3 at that point and our kayn was showing botside when he died. I wasn't able to really say anything to him, because he left my server and blocked me before the game ended and I didn't realize it until after the game. If I had to guess he probably just thinks im bad at league and wanted to stop because of that, and me and a few friends all ready were on his ass about abandoning games and told him if he continued to do it we'd stop playing with him. so maybe he is doing this on some narcisstic self righteous gain thinking it's making him right i dont know honestly. I just want this dealt with properly cause' it isn't fair that someone can abandon games whenever they want with no punishment, especially an easily winnable game.
: i say we as a community and player base require that riot holds publicized executions of players who we report. regardless of evidence or infractions.
not sure what you mean, I'd say riot should hold leavers SLIGHTLY accountable for their actions, but over 10 games in a month is a bit ridiculous. That should be ban worthy, especially cause' their account is flagged to be perma'd over any sort of toxic behaviour, all ready.
: LeaveBuster never send you a notification and support will never tell you if someone is punished or not. There is no way to stalk someone's account to see LPQ. Usually Leavebuster allows everyone some leniency of a few afks before hitting them with LPQ. So how do you know he is not in LPQ if he is no longer in your friend list?
well, when he was in my friendlist we never queue issues, and i know people who know him
: Were you in pre-made with them? How do you know they were not in LPQ? How are you in games with them for more than 10 times to report them?
they were a duo. They were someone I thought was a friend, but after going 0-2 in lane they abandoned the game and blocked me on discord/league. and I decided enough was enough and wrote a ticket but nothing happened.
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