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: Two different departments, two different hiring processes. That's how company hiring works. In all honesty, not enough people are going into programming these days.
cuz the industry is crap and most of them get worked like slaves then tossed aside.
: Morde stealing 20% attack speed from Taric
it happens to draven too actually. idk if its suppose to reduce ur stats by the amount stolenb but if u get ultid by morde as draven while bloodrush is active u literally cannot auto him, its like u were withered by nasus.
: game is unstable lately and is getting worse
sorry for the wall of text, its just frustrating not even being able to win an aram now with how much more im fighting the client than the opposing team. the minimize bug is still in the game, which is kinda ridiculous on its own, and if something isnt done about the rest of these bugs soon its bound to be bad for business.
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Mianta (NA)
: A **_meaningful chat_**?? 😂 Yeah ok.
yea dont have any meaningful chats unless you want ghost/cleanse nunu support {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
PuttriQ (NA)
: The issue with low elo support players
ppl will play things like that as support for a few reasons one of which is that lets say with ezreal ur lane is fairly passive but with a lux pelting the adc constantly with his superior range and mobility it can be quite oppressive. have you ever laned against xerath and caitlyn? it can be incredibly frustrating ESPECIALLY if your own lane partner never engages on them or is not in position to do so if the jungler does. another reason is that in low elo alot of league personalities unfortunately advise people to pick a carry mage as the support, because your adc is going to be trash so you just have to carry them by owning your equally bad opponents. the problem with that is that in low elo the person playing the mage support trying to carry is bad as well XD so they get hooked by blitz/nautilus and just feed to the point the lane becomes unwinnable. its a really crappy situation and as an adc player i feel your pain, but at the end of the day league is all coinflip, if the guy is going to feed on one champion he will probably feed on all of them.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kàtárìnã,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mE2gpHP1,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-10-29T15:29:20.463+0000) > > as long as you dont kill yourself 3 times in a row then blame me mid or the jungler and start spamming GG FF ill add you right now lol i just want 1 reliable team mate that isnt going to make me kill myself irl eventually I'm pretty good about not over extending or being too aggressive when I need to and I'm not a toxic person to play with lol all I want is an adc that isn't trash XD
: why do i get supports too low rank to duo with me and griefers every game?
case in point i just played a game and i get this guy who locks in jinx support dies six times in lane and tries to steal every cannon minion. his passive aggressive bullshit attitude is not bannable even tho hes an inting loser thats just trying to get a rise out of people, demote them, and get them banned. i have had enough of this garbage, it is out of control at this point. why should i frustrate myself trying to win and get better when some jack off with 50 banned accounts can just make or buy a new one and ruin my day every day? what is the point? im legit having a mental breakdown over these clowns and im the one whos getting punished. i dont understand what i did to deserve this honestly but im convinced its not coincidence anymore. maybe its just latent paranoid schizophrenia kicking in but it honestly feels like im being targeted for griefing at this point.
: So, just so you're aware, the borders around people's frames isn't indicative of their current season's ranking. So if you see a Bronze border in your Gold ranked, that's not their current standing, it's what they finished at last year. I don't believe it's even possible for someone who's placed in Bronze to be playing with someone in Gold, even if their MMR is that good. Additionally, tis the (end-of) season for everyone to rush to ranked. The 2019 season ends Nov 18, so everyone is rushing to get to Gold before season's end to earn their rewards. You're getting all kinds of skill levels of people trying to last minute this, so you've good ones mixed in with the bad ones, and you're also going to be getting lots and LOTS of trolls who will try their damndest to drag people backwards and deny them gold and also goad them into getting punished so they lose all of their rewards. It's a pretty lousy time of year to be trying to progress in ranked, so honestly, if you're already at Gold, just throw in the towel and do norms until the season's end so you don't drop and miss your rewards. Also, DO NOT flame or do anything that could jeopardize your rewards, because there's not enough time now to recover your honor should you get punished.
i check profiles after bad games, they were bronze. im not going to say its supposed to happen all im saying is it did. also im honor one so i dont think ill get ranked rewards anyway i just like playing the game. id play normals but those games are even worse quality as my mmr from what i was told is in the high plat region for whatever reason so the game gives me even worse teammates and better opponents to compensate for that as well.
: define "feeding"?
dying intentionally makes you an inter. dying or backing badly enough to give ur opponent a 2+ lvl advantage makes you a feeder. u dont have to die to feed, if ur opponent has 100 cs and 2 lvls on ur they basically laned against a bot and thats still feeding.
: If you’re ever looking for a support in soloq, hit me up. I main Naut, but play a wide variety of supports. Only catch is that I’m Silver 3
as long as you dont kill yourself 3 times in a row then blame me mid or the jungler and start spamming GG FF ill add you right now lol i just want 1 reliable team mate that isnt going to make me kill myself irl eventually
: > [{quoted}](name=Kàtárìnã,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mE2gpHP1,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-10-29T15:09:44.896+0000) > > ive been soloing flex queue on and off just to see if its any more bearable than normal ranked. my most recent game was solo/duo which i am gold in, and fyi flex is even worse my team is bronze in soloq while my opponents are plat and diamond. When you join a flex queue, what you and everyone else are in solo queue don't matter. When you join a solo queue, what you and everyone else are in flex queue don't matter. Flex and solo are completely separate and do not influence each other.
im aware of that. i was doing it more to see the players attitudes than the ranks theyre at just thought id mention the ranked disparity is far wider than bronze to gold. u r a part of the problem imo. why comment and downvote my thread if you dont even look at my solo rank. u see one flex game and "DUHR UR SILVUR NOW I SAY OBVIOUS TINGS ABOUT MATCHMAKING" pls go away.
: Because you've been playing flex queue, where you're silver 4 not gold 4
ive been soloing flex queue on and off just to see if its any more bearable than normal ranked. my most recent game was solo/duo which i am gold in, and fyi flex is even worse my team is bronze in soloq while my opponents are plat and diamond. id like to know why u even commented after looking me up as a lvl 35 unranked account...
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: Permanent Ban - Think it's fair or not?
nope. this is what happens when no1 keeps score and every1 gets a trophy, you get banned for "arguing". its a joke honestly and i just cant fathom why riot doesnt understand that this game frustrates people and sometimes u just gotta get the poison out. other than they dont actually play the game as much + the Riot tag in their name obviously makes people in their games behave differently when they do play. they got ur money tho so they just dont care. my advice, make a new account, turn off game chat, and never spend a dime on a riot games product ever again.
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S1N Wake (NA)
: Using Frostfang strategy botlane will cause you to gain support LP
why not just farm like the game intended instead of cheesing gold on a champion that is already tailor made to abuse a gold rune.
: Why do people feed?
because they got solo killed, threw their lane phase in the dumpster, and dont want to play anymore.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hayaishi2,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=r5izt4hZ,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-02-28T22:15:30.738+0000) > > Vayne is a ball of stats, i've no idea why Riot allows this champion to even reach 49% win rate. She should stay in gutted tier like Azir. > > Think about it. Everytime Vayne is good is not because she is outplaying (if Vayne could actually outplay she wouldn't sit in trash tier everytime she isn't meta). She is just 3 shotting everything, this champ literally only ever works when she can reach her bullshit state faster than every other champion. > > Who hasn't seen a 1 and a half items Vayne kill everything in around 6 autos? Vayne needs a rework and to remain gutted while she waits for it. you just described ADC's, ADC's in general are stat check champions which can't be outplayed cuz right clicks
{{champion:107}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:238}}
: I can int as long as i not playing on my main and trying new champions in ranked, best logic
: Jinx at 54.69% Win rate with a 15% pick rate in Platinum+
why complain about jinx when lucian can go legit anywhere and win without trying? im all for mixing things up but id rather not get back to the point where the only things u can do bot lane is play lucian/cait/kai'sa or kill yourself, which we are already fairly close to as it is. did we all forget when bot was nothing but yasuo bruisers and karthus? i get that people like to deathball and just run at people like apes but there has to be some kind of answer to that no?
: Mid is unhealthy as fuck right now
kat definitely doesnt win all matchups, she gets murdered by diana and vlad without them even trying + people seem to have a thing for taking bruisers mid now which feels really bad as kat since most of them have some way to negate your burst then proceed to butt pound you.
: "ADCs are broken!" "They 2-shot!"
i 2 shotted a guy this morning as draven and all i had was ie
zecastar (NA)
: AP Zac & AP Shyv Are WORSE Than Before
ap shyvanna has always been absolute fucking trash and if youve ever played it you trolled your team mates hard af
: well, they either burned their flash to get you, you have little magic resist, you wandered too close to a dangerous champion, blindly explored unwarded territory, have no crowd control or let me put it this way for pantheon...if mid or late game ever comes around, he becomes nothing but a stun bot with little damage except what his items can provide
"wandered too close to a dangerous champion" yet all of those champions have ranged attacks, so tell me, what is too close? being behind your caster minions, being outside your towers attack range, being outside the fountain? most champs cant lane against these champions without assistance and that is bullshit.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kàtárìnã,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EAYZKonl,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2018-05-16T16:26:57.305+0000) > > malphite mid is fucking aids dont say tanks mid is fun cuz its not If you are playing Malphite mid as a tank, you are probably playing it as a counterpick against AD assassins. Because he is terrible against mages if you build him tanky. If you are playing Malphite mid with fully AP items, then he is not a tank, but a burst mage/assassin with strong nuke.
a burst mage assassin with tank per lvl scalings. hes aids.
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: Red buff actually gives level 2 for some reason. I don't know why.
the jungle item changes gives you "Extra" bonus xp for your first large monster kill, so the buffs will still give you level 2.
: Because u will be behind with your level and can´t gank that powerful.
your laners will have no sums and die 1v2 because u chose to farm instead of gank early then farm.
: What do the 8.10 Jungle Changes Mean?
this is going to make junglers far MORE aggro imo. why farm when your gains are shit? you can go from lane to lane fucking up the game for everybody THEN do your camps. shaco is going to be a god.
: Am I the only one who thought nimbus cloud was a good rune?
: Riot, thank you for this change to Banner of Command
malphite mid is fucking aids dont say tanks mid is fun cuz its not
2IGT89 (NA)
: phreaks dumb voice announcer in summoners rift
the only thing that would make me keep the phreak announcer on is if every time he started to say something he got cut off by "YOU HAVE NO MANA" followed by the sound of {{champion:119}} getting a kill
: [RANT] Stop losing on Difficult Champions while hating Simpler Champions
simple champs are hated specifically because of that reason. no1 wants to play against braindead garbage especially if they talk shit lol. jax i dont really get because he does have things to his kit that require some thought. but we all know of champions that dont really need to be in the game. example: if ur rank 7 on pantheon, annie, or malzahar and flash ur emote for any reason outside of a bot game u deserve to be flamed.
: Can someone explain to me how "smurfing" is actually fun?
i see alot of comments here against smurfing. complaining that its impossible to climb when you get denied silver promos (silver for gods sake) because a diamond smurf dominated the game. allow me to remind you all of the golden rule, in any competitive game, what is the most reliable way to get better? the answer is having your ass pounded repeatedly by somebody better than you. make all the excuses you want you will not improve by playing against shitters all the time.
: "Never in my life have I ever needed something so much and never known until I received it."
there is one glaring difference between diana and maria tho maria was a dumb kient {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Shyvana Bot doesn't work properly
the rammus bot will use powerball while hes running from you then literally spin in place until he is dead
: The obvious solution is to not allow Ranked to give out BE, level ups, or chests. The more people resist this obvious solution, the longer and more painful this is going to be.
what? some1 thats actively trying to get people banned probably doesnt care about rewards in any queue.
: I hate the report button so fucking much.
i agree completely, too many times have i been harassed and abused only to be reported by these people and punished for "arguing". like really? idk how many junglers ive had go buff to buff and run it down mid repeatedly just because "kat is aids and u deserve it" but i get punishments for calling them f-ing losers. youd think riot games would learn from the whole dunkey fiasco but nah lets protect the fun gaming experience of these people who are obviously just trying to get a negative response so they can report you.
: Can someone explain to me how "smurfing" is actually fun?
also, smurfing depends on the kind of person too. alot of people make accounts to place them and climb again with a better track record or get out of the rut their main is stuck in. i made mine to just play one champion and get better at it. unfortunately their are losers who purposely throw games to keep an account in gold silver or even bronze elo when they can play at a much higher level. in that particular case i have to agree with you.
: Can someone explain to me how "smurfing" is actually fun?
i played like 3 games with actual new players when i made this account and that was it. there has to be some form of smurf detection in place because my opponents now are usually far better than i am. maybe not at the champ or role theyre playing but the game as a whole for sure. mostly practicing a new champ or something but you get the occasional high diamond or masters guy on his main just dicking around with lower elo friends. these games are such a huge learning experience that i often get accused of smurfing on my MAIN account in ranked after a warmup game or two on this one lol. that being said id actually recommend making a smurf account as there is alot to learn from these people. most of them are toxic assholes hardly worth even talking to but you do learn alot of new (arguably cheesy) techniques from these games. and cheese or not knowledge is one of the keys to winning imo. nothing in this game feels worse to me personally than not knowing what to do. which happens to be the biggest problem in lower elos btw, people dont seem to know what to do at most stages of the game. edit: also dont name your account after the champion you play unless you want to be camped by the jungler AND ganked by every other lane repeatedly.
: Can we all just agree on that Yasuo's kit is extremely toxic and the most unfun to play against?
no? ask yasuo mains how they feel about master yi? ask anybody how they feel about akali? hes a joke and not even a challenge unless "challenged". edit: if you want toxic and unfun gameplay try laning against {{champion:126}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:8}}


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