: Platinum sucks or maybe it just me
Your a genius brother {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Platinum sucks or maybe it just me
I tried i told darius to go bot since we took it in 8 mins he said no. Then he dies up there to irelia and i dont what ww was doing i told him to play safe cause we as in bot was so far ahead but darius and him kept taking bad fights and brought them back into the game.
: The best I've ever played was 5 Kenches vs 5 Sions. 1 sion would try to fight 1 kench, then both teams would ult over to help out. And since both sides were insanely tanky, by the time to killed someone and got a 2nd to near death, the first person was respawned
The best I've ever played was a 5 vlad vs 5 vlad. Everybody just sucking each other and pooling at the same time toxic but glorious
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: Troll int throwers should be autobanned
I second this but probably nothing going to happen them and those whites knights well u should just 4v5 or maybe they having a bad game. Highkey trolls suck
: Yuumi is a big too strong still. HOWEVER this is fantastic, as she works well with the two "safe" picks that my lane partners sometimes choose because they saw me declare Orianna support. I get saddled with one of those cowardly ADCs who pick uber safe and expect me to 2v1 the lane while they stay far away from the enemy? Pick Yuumi. Either my carry starts gradually growing a pair once he has Manamune (a good Ez) or he continues to play passive and farm the lane (a bad Ez). Once I know if my carry is good or not I can decide who i'm going to be backing up for the rest of the match. Should I hop on our assassin/tank jungler and make him an inescapable killing machine/unstoppable frontline? Maybe our top lane tank got fed and I can enable him to 1v5? With Yuumi I can't be made useless by having a crap lane partner. **Someone** on the team is carryable, and with Yuumi I don't feed and become unable to help them. So basically I pick Yuumi for the same reason my carry picks Ez/Sivir: no faith in the lane partner. Thanks Riot, for finally making a "no faith in the ADC" support champion to match the "no faith in the support" ADC champions.
I think Yuumi is kinda easy to beat if u pick an engage champ supp (Nautlius,Leona,Ali) and beat her early game but it is kinda hard to win agasint and Ez/sivir but she is freelo if u dont first pick her cause if he you do its an L if they pick one of those 3. Tbh just counter pick supps and its so easy to climb
: That akali must have been 3 star. If she did that, and the other team had cursed Blade, she wouldn't have even gotten her skill off....
no she was 2 star with 3 items with assassin buff
: Cursed Blade can reduce FOUR levels?!
Thats not broken my friend team of 7 assassins his akali one shoted my whole team with her ability for 14k dmg now that's the definition of insanity
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: > [{quoted}](name=Noblewind,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=XO8cqI1Z,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-06-11T20:59:06.308+0000) > > Always found them to be pretty cool but I'd rather the client just bring me straight in. Not something I'm going to miss in any meaningful way tbh I will just miss the music... the music they compose for champions, you have to admit, is REALLY GOOD and even though you can look it up somewhere else, that first week logging in to a new champ and hearing there music honestly makes me wait before logging in I.e pykes was one of the most strangly cool compositions ive heard in a long time and id always take an extra minute or two to grasp the feel of the character by listening to there theme (especially if I liked it)
The only i like was the Kayle and Morgana vgu and Neeko those were fire


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