: downvoted. i can see right off the get go you're one of those dirtbags that dodges when something is not going your way > so if nobody can swap role with you i'll just dodge. who gives a flying fuck if they have autofill ADC? it is just a role. if you don't like it then don't help them but dodging is just being an asshole to the other 9 players. and the only thing you get from it is a saved ego with a side of dodge timer.
If it's ranked, dodging is a legitimate strategy to reduce the likelihood of tanking your MMR. I generally only dodge if I see early toxicity in champ select, but I think it's fine for others to dodge if they think the game is likely a loss. Leaverbuster prevents this from happening a ton anyway so it's just for extreme situations.
: Thanks. Now I remembered R107 Games and I'm sad.
{{sticker:sg-kiko}} What happened to that guy? Haven't seen him on the boards in a while.
Sydney26 (EUW)
: Duo has no place in a SoloQ! Your Opinion?
I personally don't want to have to rank up in two different queues. I duo a lot and also play solo a lot. Nice that I don't have to go to flex when one of my friends is around. People don't take flex queue as seriously either (maybe that would change if that's the only way you could play with friends?) so I don't really want to play it.
AudioElf (NA)
: Accelerate the speed of the NPC fights
Amazing post. I too feel my mortality weighing on me during Braum pillow fights. XD
: It feels really shitty when you don't hit Stage 4-5 when you're trying to win.
I personally prefer missions that are not auto-won just by playing the game the way I normally do.
: That's the thing though. Only a tiny percentage of players need to buy in hard-core for the profit model to work. And I see about the same # as you every game- 1-2 bought Little Legends. Probably about 20% of the playerbase has gotten one they feel is worth using; more may have spent who don't like the outcome and won't be using their result, and a tiny percentage will whale into the hundreds and thousands to get what they want. Gambling is extremely profitable for little effort on the company's part. That's why they will keep exploiting addicts, children, and regular old poor impulse control until the practice is made illegal. Lootboxes are still legal in the US so Riot's only transgression is an ethical one at this point. If I could have bought the moon-tipped hushtail outright I absolutely would have. But I'm not going to spend a cent gambling for it.
Man it would be nice to just buy the one I want in the store. I am one of those people with poor impulse control so I've bought 3 of the 10+1 bundles and a couple of stand-alone eggs. I'd rather just spend my money on exactly what I want. :(
: Permabanned for a while now, update
Way to go!! Love hearing stories like this. Keep up the positivity! <3
Speeedy (NA)
: Role Selection Change Pick 5 Roles
Interesting idea. I see you're using queue order to determine role selection. There are a ton of different ways to optimize, though: 1. Maximize number of people playing their #1 pick (so 3 people would be super happy on the hypothetical team, the jg would be fine since 2nd choice, but the supp would be bummed bc 4th choice) 2. Minimize number of people playing their least liked roles (player 3 would not be thrilled to get supp, but everyone else would have a top 2 pick) 3. Use historical data for longer-term optimization (e.g., if players 1-4 all had their top picks in the last 3 games but player 5 did not, maybe that would mean player 5 gets 1st choice) I feel like this could all get really complicated, though, and I also wonder if adding that layer of complexity would yield better results. The existing system *should* result in Player 1: mid or fill as supp, Player 2: mid or fill as supp, Player 3: bot, Player 4: top, Player 5: jg. These are different from the two results you gave but would also be either a 1.8 or 2 on average. Just some thoughts!
: You're only allowed to play one champion for the rest of your life.
{{champion:40}} Never get tired of narrowly escaping death and turning a battle.
: I feel like these games are out of my control whether I win or lose.
Sounds like you don't focus top as much as bot and mid. My best friend is a top main and she tells me all the time how the jg presence makes or breaks the top lane fiesta these days. It's hard to play safe against a counter so my recommendation is that if your top laner gets counterpicked, you help them with pressure top so they don't get smashed. Bot lane should have the ability to play safer in that 2v2; top is where the insanity seems to happen these days. Glhf!
: Why does Riot continue to invest on E-Sports/ Pro play when it's not even close to be profitable ?
Oh hello, friendly neighborhood gaming business development manager here at your disposal! In general, we treat esports as a marketing cost rather than a revenue generator. The goal (for the developer, at least) is not to make money, but to hopefully break even, with the expectation that gains will be re-invested in the marketing initiative. I understand why you might think it would be better to invest in fixing bugs and whatnot, but the esports marketing budget is usually completely separate from the development budget. Both departments are critical to the success of the game, and each are staffed and budgeted for accordingly. I hope this is helpful to you!
: Am I the only one who doesn't mind Auto-fill? (poll included)
As a supp main, I am generally unaffected by autofill. That said, I think it's kind of awful when people have to play an off-role in their promos, so it might be a good compromise to at least disable autofill during promos.
NoazySh (EUW)
: Master's Thesis on eSports spectating motives
Done! Crying a little that I fall into the oldest demographic. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Janori (NA)
: New Players Greeting By Toxicitiy
I'm sorry you're experiencing some of the toxicity in this community. :( There are a lot of good people here too who just want to have fun! As Sona Ping noted, some of it does get better after you hit level 30 as a lot of new accounts are either smurfs who think they know everything or people who got banned so had to start a new account. Hang in there! Or just play TFT. :)
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Toxicity levels in this game are off the roof.
Agreed. Been playing TFT exclusively for a bit now as it's been overall more fun/playful chat and there are no teammates to rip you to shreds for every mistake (including their own which they blame you for). I'm sure I'll go back to SR at some point but it's been nice to actually have fun playing a game again.
: I have a question
Following. I think ap doesn't do anything for these champs but it's kinda sad when, for example, there is a champion you want on the carousel but she's holding a rod and you also want the rod, but for someone else it works on.
hunzilla (EUW)
: TFT My Varus Becomes an Enemy Unit
This is a crazy bug. Kind of hilarious but I would be so mad
Flintlock (EUW)
: A possible fix for when the game does not load and you have "game in progress" in the client.
Worked for me, thanks! Tip for anyone this is not working for: at the top of the list it will show a different app that says something like "League of Legends 32 bit" and this is not the right thing to close. If you click "More Details" and scroll down through Background Processes, you should find the correct process of "League of Legends (TM) client" to close.
: does TFT have any impact of honor level?
There is a report option so you can definitely lose honor. I would speculate that means you can slowly gain honor as you play and are not reported since that's how lol works (as long as you are neutral, even if you are not honored, you still gain honor as you play).
: I have found playing a round of TFT really helps after a rough ranked loss. It's such a chill game.
Right?? I do the same thing. The randomness is actually calming since it's like, okay, there's only so much I can here so I can't stress too much about it. :D
: > [{quoted}](name=Kattzy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=biWEbu5E,comment-id=0000000000040000,timestamp=2019-07-15T18:44:37.378+0000) > > Wait, really? I don't see it on the sidebar so now I am wondering if I am blind. Did they rename Gameplay+? > > Edit: or did mods remove that section or something? Not sure how far their powers extend, tbh. The board mods were the ones who removed it due to some bs. Pretty sure there is a post somewhere around about why they removed it as I've seen it before. Also just to clarify mods are not rioters, they are people who volunteer to so this with no pay whatsoever (that we know of at least).
: People troll my games because I pick Vel'koz support.
Ugh, I totally hear you. I'm a supp main and vel supp is so effective if you're good at him, but some players just don't understand that. To commiserate: yesterday I hovered Lux supp (second best win rate supp in my elo at the moment) and my midlaner said "No, she sucks, play a tank." I said no, I want to play Lux, so he picked Braum and told me to go mid. I was like, um, no, I am supp... Fast forward to a loss. He blamed me. Why do teammates think they should get to decide your pick for you, and then troll if you don't do as they say? And not that it should matter, since you can pick any champ you want, but Lux and Vel are both meta enough supps that it's so bizarre to me how these people have reacted.
: > [{quoted}](name=FSRER,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=biWEbu5E,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-07-14T05:23:58.925+0000) > > And then there are posts of very high quality about balancing (which deserved to be at gameplay+ that Riot removed and replaced with RANT) and not a single Rioter will answer or say his opinion or if he disagrees or agrees with the ideas. That is how you know when a company stops hearing it's playerbase and it is all going downhill Riot did not remove that section. If you are going to make claims like these actually make some minute amount of research.
Wait, really? I don't see it on the sidebar so now I am wondering if I am blind. Did they rename Gameplay+? Edit: or did mods remove that section or something? Not sure how far their powers extend, tbh.
: Playing with locked or unlocked camera?
Same, always play locked. I've tried to switch over to unlocked but apparently my natural mouse movement is too chaotically uncontrolled and I lose track of myself constantly lol
: Not gonna happen. Riot's way too afraid to damage that part of the playerbase. If such an option existed and a sizable number of solo-players decide to opt out, then the people that often play in a group have their queue lengths heightened. You might of course have the opinion of "screw'em, I'm not having fun, and I'm just as much a customer as those people" but riot values people playing with their friends much, much more than a person playing solo. A person who's playing in a premade most likely set up that group by pulling someone who probably doesn't even play (or want to play) league to begin with which means that, that person effectively is recruiting a new/skeptical player and increasing the playerbase count. Which means they are adding potentially monetizable customers to the game. It also makes it harder to lose a player since asking a friend to play with you forces them to commit time to playing the game to satisfy a friend. It's why riot literally forced dynamicQ for a year even though from the beginning everyone hated it (everyone being, literally every part of the player base including pro players) and collectively asked riot to remove it. It sucks of course, for the individual player that riot caters to the business/investor/market side when it comes to game decisions like this, but it's the cold reality and decisions like this have been happening for years. At best we can hope they do what dota did to premades and make it so if the premades are acting toxic, that reporting one member of the pre-made counts as a hit against all of them (which vastly discourages premade toxicity against non-group-members).
I liked dynamic queue. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: They're not helping or the damage has already been done. If you tell them to do something nicely or give them advice and they ignore it, then they weren't doing much to begin with. They know they messed up, and so does everyone else in the game. Does that mean they should get away with losing the game for 4 other people? Berating them won't help, but clearly, just playing things out isn't working. At that point, they've already proved that they're detrimental and need to be carried. I see people stop trying after they mess up, and then give up because they can't solo carry. You want people to go "it's ok, you messed up, everyone messes up, it's just a game. NEXT"? People who want to win don't act like that when you've wasted 3 games worth of their time due to your screwup. Because you lost a game you should've easily won due to someone else, you need to win 1 game to get back the lost lp, and another one to make up the win that was thrown by the teammate. And, of course, there's the rest of the current game that has already been thrown. Pretty natural for someone to get pissed off at another person for wasting 3 games worth of their time. Any decent, normal person would do that. Going back to the analogy, if someone's not working in the group project, they probably are aware of it. Does that mean you "don't rub salt in their wound" and just let them do whatever they want?
You make playing League sound like a job instead of a game, dude, lol. I play to win (every single game, I try my best), but it's still a fun game to me, even if we are losing. I think it can be helpful to try to remind yourself about the things you like about the game regardless of the current score. Also, if winning is very important to you, I think it is also good to internalize the knowledge that flaming makes a comeback less likely. :)
rujitra (NA)
: A signed contract will always take priority over any form of verbal contract. Period. Full stop. No matter what. Given that the Terms of Use are enforceable as a signed, written contract (much case law to confirm this), it takes priority over any statement by any Rioter. Further, I’ve proven to you that selective enforcement is permitted so long as it is not based on a protected class. Period. Full stop. If you continue to parrot this misinformation I will be asking moderators to delete your posts because your comments have a high likelihood to cause actual harm to people who read them and become misinformed as to legal matters because of them. At a minimum, your posts may cause someone to attempt to retain a lawyer, costing real money, just to be told “well, you won’t win”, which is not something that should be permitted on the boards. I’ve responded here to attempt to get you to admit you’re incorrect on your own, but it seems clear that you will not on your own.
Thank you for your clear explanations. I feel like I actually learned a lot today! <3
Shädäm (EUNE)
: I would make Teemo an exception. I also look down on intentional troublemaking in the champ select, and would never bann someone's champ, unless its Teemo, and especially if its Teemo on any lane other than top, or when its picked into a losing matchup. I know I dont have the right to decide what other paly, or take away their chance to play what they want... but people should stop playing that shiet.
I seriously don't understand the hate for Teemo. My best friend mains Teemo and now she can't even hover him because it's so likely someone on our team will ban him. If she plays Teemo and we lose, even if she was the best player on the team, everyone will blame her for picking Teemo. Please stop it with the hate. Teemo actually has over 50% win rate in most elos right now. There is no rational reason to piss off your top laner (especially when that top laner is an OTP Teemo... lol when she has to play someone else).
Hotarµ (NA)
: > You say no player has the power or right to decide a game. The trolls/griefers who give up and start forcing their other 3/4 teammates that are locked into the game to AUTOMATICALLY lose regardless of anything beg to differ. I meant it more literally in the sense that one person doesn't get to decide that a game is over when 3-4 other people disagree with that claim. If your team doesn't want to surrender, you don't get to AFK. That's how things work, especially in a team game. >I know you want to desperately uphold that sacred summoners code Let me stop you right there, because every single one of my responses on the matter has had more to it than just "It's against the rules!" I've provided plenty of alternative reasonings to discourage people from AFKing or at the very least explain how and why it is against the rules in the first place. So with all due respect, go _read_ what I said instead of trying to make it seem as if I just parrot the same response over and over. >but you should not expect anyone who’s queued up with the intention of winning to then sit through constant failed surrender votes and a guaranteed loss just because the rules say so. Anyone who actually intends to win wouldn't give up at the drop of a hat like so many people do today. You want to win? Play smart. Play games out to their full duration and focus on how you can scale to win teamfights or splitpush. Don't get discouraged because someone made a mistake or multiple. But most importantly: You want to win? **_Stop AFKing._** >The rules also say you shouldn’t troll or grief but nothing has been done to combat that either. Except, you know, an entire ruleset and automated system based on punishing intentional feeders, flamers, AFKers, and trolls. This is the part where you or someone else tries to tell me that Riot doesn't punish those players and then I refer you to any number of posts made on the Boards where they were punished, then ask that you provide a better solution because it couldn't possibly have been thought of before. > I agree with op, I refuse to sit hostage in a video game meant for fun because some mental case gets off on ruining others experience. That's fine, you're free to leave whenever you want, but don't be surprised when you start tanking in rank, waiting 20+ minutes to get into a game, and potentially lose your account.
Just popping in to say thank you for patiently explaining your reasoning on this thread. I pretty much completely agree with you. I find it very frustrating that people complain about being "held hostage" when they are the ones in the minority of the ff vote. You agreed to play a game with 4 other people, so please just play it out if the majority votes to keep going. Another thing that bugs me is how people will say "go next, this is a waste of time." A lot of us don't have the luxury of queuing up for multiple games a night, so if you decide to tilt/troll/flame/afk, you've ruined that one game for someone. Please try to remember that this is a game, it's supposed to be fun even if you're losing, and empathy is a good thing!
: I have extremely bad luck today and yesterday, it's almost unbelievable (RANT)
I feel this. You are not alone. Sorry you've had such a bad streak of teammates but hopefully it will get better soon! And please make sure you report them so other people don't have to deal with them. :)
rujitra (NA)
: I'm a Player Behavior board specialist, it only shows up on that board.
rujitra (NA)
: So, yes and no. Should you gank a losing lane for pressure? Almost always not. When you gank a lane, the enemy jungle may look to “make up for it” by ganking shortly after (or even counterganking). Thus, if you’re ganking a losing lane for no reason other than to poke, do a bit of damage, make them miss part of a wave, or any other form of “pressure” gank, then it’s neutral at best, and possibly harmful. Plus, keep in mind that if the lane is losing, it’s harder to gank to begin with given the enemy will be in a stronger position overall (items, levels, vision, etc). Should you gank a losing lane when there is a good opportunity to either get kills or set up for an objective? Hell yeah. Let’s say your botlane is losing hard, but an infernal dragon is spawning in 15 seconds. If you can get in there and do enough damage to cause their ADC and support to back for low health/mana/whatever, then you can get dragon and your botlane can either help you get drag if you really need it, or get turret/plates otherwise. Similarly, there is value in ganking a losing lane to save your own objectives such as towers or dragon. If you aren’t in a position to get dragon at the time (let’s say mid’s MIA, ADC/support is MIA also, and you don’t know where they may pounce on you), but you can gank bot and get them off your turret, that’s also useful. So, TLDR, sometimes yes, sometimes no. Ganking just to gank in a losing lane is not helpful. Ganking for good reasons is always helpful.
Hey man, what happened to your specialist (or was it herald? or mod? can't remember atm) tag?
koshkyra (NA)
: Not only this but it also makes it significantly easier to detect wintraders.
I don't know much about wintrading. Can you help me understand what anonymous pings do to help wintraders?
: What triggered this 25 game chat restriction? (text below)
I report someone in most games, and honestly I would not have reported you. You communicated well early game, you actually tried to give constructive feedback when a play did not go well, and the worst thing I see you say is "mr 4-5 cant land a w" and like... it's one slightly negative line. My guess is that you must have had some other negative behavior in recent games so even though this incident was very minor, it triggered a punishment (last straw). Pretty lame if you ask me.
: i dont know where the future of gaming is going but imagine 30-40 yrs from now when we are old and retired still be playing games. bitching about the damn kids with all their virtual reality games or whatever
lol too true. I'm also 36 (and a woman, oooooh snap) and grew up with NES and onward. I even work in the games industry! These kids should not be surprised that adults don't suddenly stop enjoying video games. Most of my friends who have stopped only did so because they had kids and don't have as much time now (and some of them are back now that their kids are a little older).
: Okay cool but what if the supp is autofilled or is just the typical brainless bot we find every now and then? Do i try to farm and scale without his help?
Check op.gg to see if your supp is skilled on the champ they are picking. If not, go with a safer pick like Ez, Xayah, Sivir.
: Is this game really about CARRYING or is it about if your team WANTS to be CARRIED?
Agreed. I see this happen so often: one lane is crushing and one lane is feeding. Feeding lane gives up because they don't seem to understand that if they just sit back and play conservatively, we will still win. (Or maybe they just don't want to play the game if they aren't playing well, but uh, it's a team game and sometimes you have to suck it up.)
momomaster1 (EUNE)
: Lost 40 lp uppon failing the promotions
I believe if you win 1 and lose 2, you lose 25 LP, but if you lose 2 and have no wins, you lose 40 LP. That has happened to me.
: so it happens? doesn't mean it will always happen most people are too lazy and cowardly to escalate things to court
You asked for examples so I gave you some lol {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: to be fair i never heard that someone went to prison out of being doxxed for a death threat if there were cases like that i'd like to hear about them you have to consider that what someone sent you might be from the other side of the planet so your legal complaints might not even be realistic
Here are a few examples: https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/10/democratic-staffer-arrested-dox-wikipedia-senate-republicans-personal-information-online.html https://www.justice.gov/usao-dc/pr/new-york-man-sentenced-24-months-prison-internet-offenses-including-doxing-swatting http://www.startribune.com/canadian-teen-sentenced-after-swatting-doxxing-across-north-america/318537651/
Tanerian (NA)
: Grade isn't based on some predefined score. It's how you match up vs other players using the same champ around your same mmr and also factors in game length. Theoretically you could have this exact same score in the same length game and get and S+ or a B a month from now. It all depends on how well other players do with that champ.
Why doesn't anyone seem to understand this lol
: Rito wont do this. they cant even make HUD goes transparent. but be ready for more lux skins
: how to get out of gold 4
But I'm still trying to get into gold 4 XD Good luck, friend!
: I can only play a couple of games in the evening...
I completely agree that it's really frustrating when someone on your team bans the champ you are hovering. I think that allowing people to trade pick order would solve some of this so that if you're low in the pick order and want to play a high pick/ban champ, your own team won't just ban it since the other team would probably take it first. That said, I wish teammates would be more respectful of other players' agency. My best friend mains Teemo top and takes a lot of grief for this in champ select. Just let her play Teemo, guys; she's good at him and banning her champ just pisses her off and starts the game off on a bad foot.
Saezio (EUNE)
: You save tons, especially for low BE champions. You need like 3k to upgrade while the shard gives like 100 xD Doesn't matter at all if you own all champs tho cause BE keeps adding up and adding up and just feels pointless. Every Emporium I spent 50k+ on chromas I'll never use xD
Me too! And while I am of course so happy we get a bunch of stuff for free, it would be cool if the BE emporium had a few more items available or at least was open more often. I will say though, having so many champ shards makes me think about widening my champ pool so I can use them for mastery.
: I mean, I believe it. Silver is rough. It's like Plat Jr...everyone thinks they know better than you, and everyone starts being dumb af when they don't get their exact way. >.> Plus, there's a lot of disparity with matchmaking currently...ever been matched with an Iron 3 in your silver 2 promos? My friend did a few months back, and I was 3 LP away from my own promo to Silver 1. That's enough to tilt freaking anybody. Either way, you all need to chill with the accusations. Silver doesn't need to look for trouble. Trouble is in every game. Only question is if it's *our* trouble, or *the enemy's* trouble.
Too true! Matchmaking has been rough for me lately, as well (on both sides - either my team stomps or the enemies do; not enough close matches these days, it feels). That said, how amazing is it when you get a friendly team and it's hard to decide which amazing person to honor at the end? Best games (even if they aren't wins, honestly).
Cathanne (NA)
: They actually do, it's just the one report is all that is needed for a review technically. So even if you report 9 people every game, if you report someone who says the n-word twice while no one else does, they will get 14 day as per the zero tolerance policy.
Per Riot Tantram, there are no report weights anymore: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/4ZhxeyVg-where-can-i-make-two-players-banned?comment=00020000000200000001
Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
Cathanne (NA)
: All you are doing is lowering your report weight when you babyrage report people every game. People say they report all the time but nothing ever happens because their reports are worth absolutely nothing and have no weight due to repeated inaccurate reports. If they don't say anything that would trigger the IFS or is otherwise inappropriate, reporting them is quite literally useless. Which is why I always laugh when sensitive crybabies report over things like GG EZ, ping spamming, passive aggression, or criticism that does not use trigger terms or phrases.
To be clear, I am familiar with Riot's reporting and punishment policies, and I do not report unless someone has clearly crossed the line. Also, Riot does not utilize report weighting.
: Jesus you report a lot. I cant even remember reporting 2 people in a single match, but you do it quite often. Now i wanna request account data.
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