Herethicc (EUW)
: I was planning on making an account to spamm every game: Pls dont KYS ur important, and at some point come here and complain that the bot just read the KYS part and not the entire sentence, just to prove them their system is complete shit. I still wanna do it
The bot will ban you for it. Unlike the ML sys that understands context, the ZT part of the system is a word search, so the use of kys there will indeed get you banned.
: yeah but when i log into the client this is the only game in the log, and clearly it isnt extreme, it may possibly be bad, but defiantly not extreme toxicity
Consistency my friend, consistency. Also, the reform card only shows you 1-5 recent games as examples of unacceptable behavior, doesn't mean you were punished for 1 game alone. If you write to Riot support, they will be able to tell you how many recent games you were validly reported.
031902 (NA)
: My friend just got canned LMAO
That's an edited picture. Look closely at the color of the text box after the words, there's a very faint darker shade border around it.
: Im just going to leave this hear i said aboslutly nothing toxic to personally attack anyone lmao
So ... The system doesn't punish based on one game of severity alone. It punishes based on consistency x severity, meaning you can be punished for 1 game of extreme toxicity or many many games of mild toxicity. Judging from your chat logs, you probably have a habit of harassing others by asking for reports and calling people trash. It's the consistency that got you punished.
Zullar (NA)
: Forum Mods Are Out of Line. How Do I Report Them?
There should be an explaination on why your post was deleted. Why was it deleted?
: You know that a report does nothing right?
I did not know that. In fact, I don't think I'll ever know that, especially when I see people complain about being punished everyday.
: Some changes to the current systems (Punishment, Honor, etc...)
You know that 1 report triggers a review already? That's the same for all reporting categories.
: add 1 specialized vote report that you can use once a season
I'm going watch those people use their super vote on some dude with a bad game and watch their super vote fizzle away. Then they will come on the boards on complain. Nothing changes from now and after the implementation of the super vote.
Revech (NA)
: Bring back harsher punishments for afks and dcs in ranked UPVOTE
: I was recently chat banned and lost my rewards a couple weeks back
> [{quoted}](name=ResetRina,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=TlX3Qj2L,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-10T12:17:46.338+0000) > >I didn't flame anybody > . > > Mahou JoJo Rem: guess your new to league > Mahou JoJo Rem: we cant > Mahou JoJo Rem: cause they will 1 shot > Mahou JoJo Rem: you must be knew to league
: Apparently me asking people over and over to not be toxic is perma-bannable. Plat Account gone
Passive aggressiveness is also toxic. But since you are going to uninstall. Why bother posting here?
Kuponya (NA)
: Not sure if in the right section but...
It does give you that message, and probably intended, as 1 report is enough to flag the system to review the game. More reports within the same don't make people punished faster or likelier. This also means that it's useless to ask for reports. It does nothing other than count against your account as harassment.
SenyorNu (EUW)
You sure can file a lawsuit. Be prepared to shell out 10x the amount you spent on your account and not get anything in return.
: lol why the hell implement this honor system in the first place when honoring does nearly nothing
Much better recognition from the old Honor system.
Probliss (NA)
: How Does Riot Deal With Racist Behaviour?
Ticket reports are slow compared to the post game report screen, plus you won't recieve instant feedback when you use tickets. I only use tickets when it's something I need to report from out of game. Also, there's no need to take screen shots and or videos to submit to them as evidence. Riot already has all the chat logs, all the vods, they even have a more detailed of the vod, where they can see people's click location, their click speed, panning methods, timing of scoreboard usages and what not.
: gee, how can i rep trolls if there is no such categories? griefing isnt trolling, feeding too, so trolling is now means being a negative one? lol > But you'll still get people with bad attitudes when you climb up. In fact, you'll probably get more people with attitude problems as you climb higher. thank you, Mr. obvious can you jsut get my point? ok? I always do things for winning my team don't even do by quarter- thats all i wanna say, and if they dont do it it means why in the hec should i play with these guys???
Trolling is the intentional act of pissing people off. Griefing is the intentional act of losing the game. You can report trolling as such and will be fine. Feeding is the act of dying multiple times, but most the time, the act of feeding alone is not intentional. When it is done intentionally, it is classified as griefing. Goes back to the point of you not being able to differentiate between trolls and people whom are bad. Trolls do it purposefully, while people whom are bad aren't being bad purposefully.
: i am not frustrating myself both in game and in here, i am jsut a bit upset people have become flabby and dont want to see the game as a way to improve the skills, people jsut think somtehting of the sort like - its jsut a game, should i really tryhard or improve myself in process ..,, no- And its a perfect excuse for everthing, like you are noob- yes i am but its jsut a game why not, you are are troll? why not, some people can troll if they wanna to, you do afk at 20 min? pffff izi pizi, its just a game really, why should i care about people's time wasted- its JUST a GAME dont take it serious, right? For me those people who disrespect the others are just self assured cads. Its not about gaming as it is, its all about people who first think about themselves like the world's their our place to live
You still aren't separating the unskilled and the trolls. You are describing the trolls in your post, which they should get punished. Don't clump the people that are bad at the game with people whom have bad attitudes to the game. They aren't the same. If you want to see people with better skills, climb and you'll see people whom are better. But you'll still get people with bad attitudes when you climb up. In fact, you'll probably get more people with attitude problems as you climb higher.
Arammus (EUW)
: i couldnt find anything in the faq/google. maybe it does give honor progress. i was sure i read somewhere it doesnt...
I know Tantram said that you'll get honors progress by just playing games. Just not sure it's at the same rate as SR.
: Honor rewards
There's no set number. It depends on your In-Game behavior, whether you get validly reported and team honors bonus. If you play lots of games but get validly reported, it will still take forever to progress honors level. If you play moderate amount of games, use chat to encourage and uplift others, get team honors bonus frequently, you'll progress very quickly. For reference, ImaQTPie got from h1 to h2 in 3 weeks, and he plays maybe 15 games a day while most people aren't reporting him. A Boards user said they got from h1 to h2 in 3 months playing around 10 games a week, probably getting validly reported occasionally. Notice that I didn't mention anything about you being honored. You getting honored is the least important part of progressing honors.
: [Clash] Players are playing in their smurfs. Should it be punished?
You report them so Riot can do a review and then dish out proper enforcement under their discretion. That's what a report does, flag a review. Not start a player punishment.
Arammus (EUW)
: didnt riot say it does NOT give honor levels?
If they did I missed the post. Got a link?
: Behavior Factions
The barbarian, the paladin, some dude whos name skips my mind and lord DGAF is fine.
Arammus (EUW)
: hey kei. i didnt but about 3 months seems right. which isnt saying much either as there are several days where i dont play and then there are days where i play up to 6-8 games. but honestly i think IT TAKES A LONG TIME if you arent playing 24/7. even with riot reducing the effort it takes. i also think if you start the season off at h1 you will need to be somewhat active all season to reach h5. and if you start with 0, i think the max you can get is h4 timewise.
Heh, I'd really test that theory out but I'm currently testing the theory on whether TFT gives honors progress.
: i am talking about both categories
I know you are, but you seem to confuse the two together. Trolling is punishable but being bad isn't. People can troll by looking bad, but bad players are not necessarily trolling. You can getting into all these disagreeable debates with others because you aren't able to distinguish between the two. Because of that, you'll end up frustrating yourself, in-game and on these boards.
: How about adding(getting back) a new (old) report categories ?
There's a huge difference between unskilled players and trolls. You need to learn the difference.
Arammus (EUW)
: 3rd time in season 9 im seing this screen
Say, did you ever record how many games it takes for you to go back to h2?
: I feel like you wouldn't understand considering you aren't in a higher elo (No offense). In one game I got doubles from an enemy jungle invade and top solo killed his lane twice. ANY OTHER SUPPORT PLAYER the game was auto won, but our MF was 90 cs down playing against a cait soraka alone, and I was Orianna against a zed with a 3 level lead. It just completely fucks the game if the enemy team has half a brain. The only reason he sometimes wins is that you CAN win 4 v 5s. Like it's the same thing is having a jungler having a horrible game and doing no damage. You can still win just highly unlikely. The difference is it's like if the mid laner FORCEFULLY made the jungler have that much of a horrible game. Also the only reason why he's even in this elo is because the season 9 ranked system rewards people for investing thousands of games. It's why people who have 4k games and have been d5 for 6 years magically become d1. He is one of these people, as you can see by his I would ADORE riots opinion on the matter or get in contact with one of their behavior specialists to revert my ban, as I think any human being with eyes would see that it is 100% UNDESERVED.
Yes, I don't understand how the stereotypical high ELO player have their egos out of the roof that they somehow need to become so much more toxic when playing the game. Never want to be in that boat. Also, did you know that asking for reports is also considered a harassment? Bet you do that relatively consistently.
So how about we look at your whole behavioral history and see why you got 14-day banned and why you decided to ignore your warnings that your next punishment is a permaban? I bet that Nubrac wasn't the only one you were toxic to.
: in 10 years riot can't fix is own ban system..............
Removing the toxic people is one of the fixes. EDIT: lawl, talk about upvote manipulation. In the time (30 seconds) I typed this message the upvote count went up by 14. Hey dude with 50+ accounts, why don't you show yourself.
: Will We Get a Response to Bot (Automated Script) Farming Issue?
We had responses from long time ago and the response hasn't changed. Leveling Bots get banned in waves, it makes it harder for the developers to know what got them detected. In the mean while, we just have to live with them. Riot also does try to match the bots together in attempts to reduce the damage done to real players, it works most the time, but some of the bots still get matched with players, especially during the low playrate times of the day. Make sure you report them, so they can match the bots with other bots.
: then its best to remove game? literaly you cant type you cant play you type every game only 2 words gl Hf gg and ^^ i love metal gear, and you get ban for spam or negative LMAOO, u don t type anything u still not progress
You still progress with neutral chat, just that positive chat speeds it up by alot. Also, your roleplay chat only becomes negative if you do it excessively and people report you for it. If people don't report you, your excessive spam is still a neutral chat.
: does it take same time if i donf type never. or if i type gg or i like to play metal gear solid etc". I am in control.""Vengeance is only a step behind you."
The system identifies when you use positive chat and speeds up your progress. Your role playing speech is neutral at best, will be considered spam at worse when you over use it.
: Who's at fault
So the system doesn't punish based on severity alone. It punishes based on consistency x severity, meaning you can be punished for 1 game of extreme toxicity or many many games of mild toxicity. If you got punished for telling someone that "their mother regrets adopting him from the pound", then there has to be other other toxic behaviors within your behavioral history. Remember, just because you didn't get punished this time doesn't mean it won't count towards your behavioral history. Then again, if you aren't frequently toxic, then eventually this game of yours will be diluted by all the other neutral/positive games you have.
: Suspended permanently but not sure why.
Relog and you should see the reform card. They don't send out emails anymore.
: Why the current banning system of League of Legends is abusable and unjust.
It would be the "ping it or gay" would probably seal this deal. Although your chat was more about a derailment of the game and useless spam. Just because you are in flex queue, you are still teamed with strangers and they won't necessarily understand your humor. Tribunal was already super slow with the whole population. Limiting it to 2% of the population would not improve thè performance of the tribunal.
: a honor level
It depends on your ingame behavior, and games played, and whether you are getting team honors bonus. If you get validly reported, it will make your honors progress super slow. If you get team honors bonus, it will speed up the honors progress a bit. For reference, popular streamer ImaQTPie got from h1 to h2 in 3 weeks.
: riot machine scans for the word report its also against the rules to ask for reports multiple reports don't really do much, unless it is for intentional feeding and that has to be spread over many games
Only the ZT part of the system is a word search. ML system reads through the whole chat to determine whether the whole chat was used in a insulting/harassment manner.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Is this ZT?
Boomer, referring to the baby boomer generation, now is just a way to call some old. Just like how calling someone a kid can be insulting and dismissive, calling someone a boomer is the same.
: oh I see so I cant say jerk either ty very much for helping me!
Technically you can. The system punishes based on consistency x severity, meaning you can be punished for 1 game of extreme toxicity or many many games of mild toxicity. If the only thing you did was call someone a jerk, then it will probably take hundreds of games before you get punished. However, if you have many more lines within the game to harass and insult others, then the toxicity severity of that game increases drastically.
: > [{quoted}](name=Quáx,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=9fsXp4Kc,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-12-05T18:35:10.936+0000) > > I checked out the twitch channel(You forgot to cover that) and honestly, this dude is fucking disgusting, checked him out for 10 minutes and was about ready to report his ass on Twitch, should def be banned. Sorry, you had this guy in your game. i didnt forget XD also, the best part is on his twitch and youtube channel hes promoting a sight for buying league accounts, how is he not banned already?
If you want to report someone with out of game evidence, please use a support ticket.
: Thank you for posting options here but none of them are really good.. i know what ZT words are thanks and none were used. I mean, i don't like the ZT words in the first place. Second, i don't see how an entire year of playing sportsmanlike would not drop a tier, thirdly, idc if riots eyes don't see this as active but average 2 hrs for 4 days a week minimum is DEFINITELY active.. fourth, the system isn't actually 99.9% accurate, not sure where you got that but i can tell you it isn't. Fifth, i should be the "0.1%" since this is absolutely ridiculous, I've been nice for a year, no punishments, lvl2 honor, i shouldn't get insta permed after 1 game. 6th, someone elses i saw did include multiple game chat logs, so it can. I have been trying to ask riot things but they're ignoring me. No response for 6 to 7 hours so far. Which is failing to do the 1 thing they are supposed to but hey what can you do. The system banned me when i shouldn't have been banned, riot knows its unfair but doesn't want to deal with admitting it so they ignore me.. probably not true but seriously- they really need to respond...
Ya, as I mentioned before, the reform card can show up to 5 games, but rarely does so. Riot has found that showing games past recent memory just ends up confusing other the punished player, so they opt not to show more than 5 recents games within the reform card. 99.9% accuracy is a Riot Tantram stat. You can go through his old posts and find his comment. Out of curiosity, can you label the categories of ZT words so we know you didn't miss any? If you did, we can narrow down what caused your punishment. Riot also response within 24-48 hrs. So 8 hrs is too soon in expecting a response. Remember not to bump your ticket, as that sends your ticket to the back of the queue, and you'll need to wait longer. Lastly, which account was the one that you got banned on? I'd like to check the game history to verify the playtime.
: Well again you don't need to talk about ME because then you worry about whether i am lying or not.. now, no it is not consistent. I said no punishments nearly a year, last one was late December early January. What about that tells you consistent? I even got back to honor 2, what about that is consistent? They listed only 1 game on card, not 2 like usual chat restrictions would. Again, what about that is CONSISTANCY. To me, it's nothing. There's also no ZT words so it isn't that either. You don't have to agree but what I'm saying is how it is, just based on that you give your opinion, not based on if I'm lying or hypothetically i am consistent or anything, just based on what's listed what do you think? Because reading it off.. to me it's unfair and needs reverted. Beside, i made a whole nother account anyway. So if i really am toxic, I'd just end up chasing new players away by flaming in low levels. Which, I'm not because i reformed. Nobody is a saint who is never ever toxic ever. 1 game should not result in perma after nearly a year of good behavior. That's my opinion.
The reform card only shows you 1-5 recent games as examples of unacceptable behavior, doesn't mean you were punished for 1 game alone. There's typically many games in the behavioral history that wasn't shown in the reform card. You can ask Riot support how many games you were validly reported. --- --- --- A few things that could have happen in regards to the behavioral system giving you a permaban; 1. You say you play a decent amount of games, but in Riot's eyes it's not that active and it wasn't enough games to drop a punishment tier. 2. You think there's no ZT words, but there actually is. So you dropped a (or two) punishment tier but skipped punishment tiers and got straight to permaban. 3. A known bug where the reform card has problems deciding which games to show you. Chosing between the most severe ZT game or the most severe ML game, it ends up showing your the most severe ML game instead. 4. You were at the edge of dropping a punishment tier but just got punished and permabanned. 5. There was a punishment error, but keep in mind the system is 99.9% accurate. But hey, you never know, this might be one of those 0.1% cases. Regardless, we can help you understand the system, but we can't do anything to your account. If I were to take a guess, I'd put my money on #2, where there were things you said that are part of the ZT phrases, but you didn't know about it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kei143,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=eVELE62a,comment-id=00000000000100000000000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2019-12-04T11:54:32.872+0000) > > Showing 1 game as example doesn't mean the review wasn't over many games to analyze tenancies. > > Sure, they can punish for 1 game, but that's because they've already established the baseline skill of that player and know they are capable of much more. So you're saying that they punish players for playing poorly. Ok
I guess you are misunderstanding me. If someone's tendency is they don't know how to play mid game (e.g. they just wave clear down mid and chip at the enemy mid tower and back of then when there's no wave), then the system will take note of that behavior. If they push down mid without any vision, get ambushed and die, that would be a bad player. The system won't punish such player as it recognizes the player is just trying to do what he always does. So not sure why you are trying to replace what said with something else.
: ***
Showing 1 game as example doesn't mean the review wasn't over many games to analyze tenancies. Sure, they can punish for 1 game, but that's because they've already established the baseline skill of that player and know they are capable of much more.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kei143,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=OV7GRW9d,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-12-04T10:59:36.171+0000) > > AFAIK, cursing family is not part of the ZT phrases, but it is part of the ML algorithm. > > Meaning it's not an Instagram action, but continued use of it will get people punished. Wow so wishing dead family members is ok ..... My god my eyes burn.. Well ty kei
I just realized autocorrect changed instaban to Instagram... now the meaning of my msg totally changed. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} And being on the ML algorithm already means it is _***~~not ok.~~***_ It's just not as severe as direct hate speech and encouragement of self harm.
: Riven
AFAIK, cursing family is not part of the ZT phrases, but it is part of the ML algorithm. Meaning it's not an Instagram action, but continued use of it will get people punished.
: All it clearly does is make people start a new account... its obvious that banning an account is not the solution.. All it is is makes people like me Not spend money.. also.. Like i said.. it only shows what i said.. it doesnt SHOW ANYONE ELSES messages or words.. .. so explain that one.. its ok to be forced to play a game and get shit talked by mid but i get banned because i dont want to play an unfair game?
> [{quoted}](name=TSW Stryken,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=aurbGGLb,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-12-04T03:20:47.924+0000) > > it only shows what i said.. it doesnt SHOW ANYONE ELSES messages or words.. .. so explain that one.. Sure. Think of the behavioral system like a health bar (or tension meter) in music games. When you hit the note at an off beat, your tension meter increases. When you completely miss a note, the meter increases by alot. When you hit the note at good timings, it reduces the meter. Riot's behavior system works the same way, as in we all have a toxicity meter attached to our accounts. When players are mildly toxic, it goes up a tad. When people use hate speech, it pretty much fills up the meter. of course, clean games reduce the meter. Now understand that the system punishes based on consistency x severity, meaning you can be punished for 1 game of extreme toxicity or many many games of mild severity. The reason why other's chat isn't shown is because Riot wants you to understand and evaluate your words alone, and not compare it to others. Other people's toxicity won't increase your toxicity meter and their toxicity will add to their toxicity meter. Keep in mind that it is possible for playerA to get punished and playerB not to, even though playerB was waaayyyyy more toxic . Let's say playerA started the game with the toxicity meter at 95% and playerB's at 35%. Ingame, playerB said some pretty nasty shit and playerA responds with something mild. After the game, playerA gains 10% toxicity and playerB gains 50%. Now playerA is at 105% toxicity and gets punished, whereas playerB is at 85%, and not punished in that specific game, even though playerB was found to be 5x more toxic than playerA in that game.
: So riot thinks its fair to ban people for being upset getting stuck with people who intentionally feed and afk in ranked games... But its Clearly Not ok to say something about it!
Yes. Cos at this point your money is irrelevant to them. Your consistent disruptive behavior causes other people to leave the game and they lose more money by keeping you around. This is Riot's way of saying you aren't welcome in their game anymore.
Proxhawk (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kei143,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=eVELE62a,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-12-04T02:22:17.049+0000) > > What's your definition of a troll? someone who doesn't try to win a game and/or intentionally goes to ruin the game for others. (i mean i know trying can be an unknown variable trying a new build or new to a champ or maybe new to a role or just having a bad game are normal procedures of the game and i can't get mad at someone for it) i mean its hard to narrow down trolling because there are many forms of it but the type that a mute button won't fix just irritate me.
Can you describe the troll's actions and how often do you see them in your games?
Proxhawk (NA)
: Why is Trollmas a thing?
What's your definition of a troll?
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