: For every post that says toxicity isn't punished, there's at least three others complaining about "unfair" punishments. If you were a regular on these boards you'd see it for yourself.
I'm not a regular of these forums. No. I'm a regular of the game who's been around long enough, literally years at this point, to see this game at it's msot toxic, it's rise to being an almost positive environment, and it's slow decline over the last year back into, admittedly pettier, but still toxic behavior. I'm not saying Riot does nothing. I know they do something. At one time they actually gave you feedback when someone was punished with the reporting system so obviously they do something. But why is no change actually being effected? And for the record, saying that people who are punished talk louder and make more posts is like saying rain is wet. That's how humans work. Edit: On the subject of Rior actually doing something. Yea, they've taken a lot of measures to do something. Look at the honor system actually rewarding people for honor. I'd know. I'm sitting at honor 4 about to push into 5. I kind of wish I could honor the enemy team like we used to be able to though. That was a good feature.
: Did you even glance at the posts on these boards before making yours? Or did you go "toxicity exists and that means riot isn't doing anything about it"?
I glanced through some of the posts. I didn't see anything that discouraged me from making this. Whatever Riot is doing, at least on the NA server, doesn't really seem like enough. I can't attest for the mileage you get on EU. Edit: That said if there was a better forum for this type of thing, I would have put it there. I didn't see one with a cursory glance.
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