: How to improve to beat a diamond?
Biggest thing to work on when trying to main support is map control and lane presence. Lane presence is one of the biggest reasons you will end up losing lane, especially in low elo. You have to be up in the lane, put some pressure on the opponent. Let em know you aren't scared to get down and dirty. Enemy adc runs up to cs? Hit em with a combo. Even just autoing them adds up quickly. Play towards the river side of the lane and keep a ward at all times. Communication is also key. If you're planning to hard engage, make sure you spam ping so your adc knows to get into position. If you know the enemy jungler/mid might be bot, ping to back up. One of the biggest mistakes i see even in Plat games is supports trying to play to their adc's dumb decisions. It's not worth it to die as well just because your adc doesn't pay attention and stays overextended. Learn ward placement. Watch replays of the games you lose to see where the enemy team had vision. Learn how they ward so you know where to sweep. Always keep 2 pink wards in your items AT ALL TIMES! As Aphromoo once said, it's better to have 2 pink wards in your inventory than full build on a support. Learn where engage points are on the map (such as, instead of warding their immediate entry for gank potential, try warding deeper instead to get earlier vision for a clean escape. Keep track of summoner spell timers. Enemy jungle had to flash for the gank? He flashes at 7 minutes, simply type "Jungle f 12:00". If they use inspiration with cosmic insight, type "Jungle f ~11-12". Making sure your team is aware of those cooldowns is very important, as it could mean the difference between a kill or a death if that jungler is being chased. Learn when to roam. If you know the enemy bot lane just reset, take a chance to get a kill mid, or get a deep vision ward on red/blue buff. Supports in higher elo's are accustomed to being 1-3 levels below their adc depending on how often they roam/deep ward. If you don't think it's safe for a deep ward and no opportunity is available mid, help your adc shove to turret so you can reset with minimal losses yourself. As soon as your support quest is completed, swap trinkets to sweeper. 3/4 wards + pinks is more than enough vision per reset, vision denial becomes key at that stage. Always try to keep a pink on dragon after first reset if they have an early clear jungler (Shyvana, Shaco, Nunu). This alerts your team so you can collapse, or at least get pressure elsewhere on the map if contesting isn't safe. If you see an enemy on a ward, ping for your team so they know. Don't be afraid to spam it until the game stops you from pinging. Better that you tried to help than didn't do anything at all. I'm far from a top player, but these are pretty standard things that will set you apart from the other people in your elo. If you have any questions feel free to add me in-game :)
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: hack or bug?
I am personally inclined to call it a bug. Riot's hitboxes have been known to be extremely wonky for a long time. A really good example of this is when very large champions try to clear nid traps/teemo shrooms with sweeper will randomly "walk" on it even though they are autoing it without moving. The main example i can think of is the hook through minion dilemma. Basically, champions have square/rectangle hitboxes that will overlap a minions hitbox if you're standing on top of it. Would personally claim that one as a bug. Riot definitely needs to review hitboxes lol
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